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Mouwasat Hospital

BMIT/CMCF 5103: Information Technology for Managers

Assignment #1 Prepared By: Amani Saeed Al-Alaiwat ID: 51100709 Dr. Taher Qaed

Information Technology Department

IT VISION IT department aims to be in the forefront of E-health services in a paperless environment. With the use of latest technology, deliver high quality services and strengthen patient safety and information security IT MISSION Increase the quality of service, patient safety and reduce medical errors by improving health care process in Mouwasat Hospital, and through adopting more modules of Mouwasat Hospital Management Information System with new technologies and updating technical infrastructure. IT OBJECTIVES AND GOALS: The key objective of IT department in the hospital is supporting the efficient use of Information Technology facilities and systems in order to achieve the needs of patients, staff and the management of Hospital. The main objectives are: To assist the management in identifying new business solutions for the future use. To support and maintain operational systems and trains hospital staff in the use of information technology.

To implement systems that will support the hospital business processes. To deliver high quality of comprehensive patient information at the point of care. To safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of patient health information. To deliver high quality of IT service (i.e. Patient information). To continuously improve procedures and implementations of electronic communications that leads to a paperless work. To operate, support, maintain and improve all hospital existing systems. To develop and implement new modules of Hospital Information Management system. To ensure that health information systems are efficient and effective. Implementation, Maintenance and enhancement of Hospitals Intranet/Internet Website. Management, enhancement and support of the Hospitals local networking infrastructure. Providing users support to Hospital staff including relevant system documentation and access to IT Helpdesk. Procurement of all IT; hardware, software and consumables required by the Hospital.

Information Technology Organizational chart of AL-

Chief operating Officer


Chief Information Officer

IS Section

IT Section




Security Admin

Network Admin

End User Support PACS. Admin

System Admin

Data Base Admin




Financial Medical Admin Hardware

Dispensary Dammam

Dispensary Hafof

Financi al

Medic al


Business Object

Medical Admin Hardware

Financial Medical Admin Hardware



The Roles and Responsibilities of Security admin:

o o

Proxy Server Bluecoat. Firewall

o Monitoring the Anti-Virus Server (Mcafee ePolicy Console) that runs in the network for daily updates. o Insures timely delivery of service for all users to have the proper updates. o Perform regular security audits and take corrective action as required.
o o

Administered Mail, Anti-virus, Proxy Server (Blue Coat)) Support IT Hardware team

The Roles and Responsibilities of System Administrator:

o Monitoring and maintain domain controller Server o Monitoring and maintain backup Server o Managing and handling exchange server

o Managing and handling bluecoat system o Managing and monitoring MacAfee server o Monitoring network buffer usage or over flue packets o Handling group policy object o Handling and monitoring DNS Service o Handling and monitoring DHCP Server o Monitoring replication services between Servers o Creating users with specific privilege

The Roles and Responsibilities of Network Admin:

o On 24/7 on-call service support. o Monitor and maintain the performance of the network and its components. o Ensures that all network equipment is in proper working order o Designs, installs, upgrades, configures, and repairs local and wide area network hardware and infrastructure.

o Monitor all back-up schedules and check the integrity of each data. o Monitoring and Coordinates with all branches with regards for Network and Server. o Supervise installation and testing of computers and related network hardware in a networked environment. o Monitoring and managing user accounts, log-in restrictions, directory and file trustee rights, file attributes, server access control and workstation security. o Supervise the Hardware Division to prioritize and manage support calls which are relate to Level I and Level II support. o Arranges for and coordinates all necessary maintenance services with regards to all hardware, and networks related issues.

The role & Responsibilities of Hardware Technical:

o Troubleshooting all computer and printer issues o Maintenance for all computer and its related equipments o Computer and Printer installation and configuration

o Support user for network connection. o Assist users for computer and printer issues

The role & Responsibilities of Database Administration:

Support all Mouwasat sites Riyadh Hospital

Oasis PROD Database (Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster) Oasis TEST Database (Oracle 10g) Oasis DUMMY Database (Oracle 10g) Recovery Manager Database (Oracle 10g) Asset Plus Database (Oracle 9i) Hummingbird File Archiving System (Oracle 8i) Time Attend Server (SQL Server) Report developments using Oracle Forms and Reports.

Note: Oasis is the Hospital information system(HIS) used in AL-Mouwasat Hospital.

The Services that IT department provides to the organization

1-The primary service provided by the IT Department is an integrated data network of computing resources. This network is designed for the efficient storage and retrieval of information to improve the services provided to the patients of the hospital. All users of the network are expected to use it in a responsible and professional manner and make no intentional use of these services in an illegal, malicious or obscene way. All users have a responsibility to make sure that all information contained in and disseminated by the network is accurate.

2-The IT Department may provide email services and accounts to Mouwasat employees or authorized users. Any email system operated by the MIS Department and its contents are the property of Mouwasat hospital and may be released, under certain circumstances and in accordance with applicable regulations to Mouwasat officials. The purpose of the hospital email system is to assist in the performance of Mouwasat hospital business. 3- The MIS Department may provide email services and accounts to Mouwasat employees or authorized users. Any email system operated by the MIS Department and its contents are the property of Mouwasat hospital and may be released, under certain circumstances and in accordance with applicable regulations to Mouwasat officials. The purpose of the hospital email system is to assist in the performance of Mouwasat hospital business. Incidental personal use of the email system may occur, but such usage must not interfere with efficient and timely completion of business activities or negatively impact the performance of the network. 4-The IT Department will operate a unified anti-virus service. The purpose of this service is to protect the hospital data network from data loss or operational slowdown from a computer virus infection. Users should remain alert to the possibility of receiving a computer virus and notify the MIS Department immediately if they suspect a virus or received notification about a virus. Users should not


attempt to circumbent or disable any aspect of the anti-virus service, nor should any user knowingly spread or create a computer virus.

5-The IT Department will host, operate and maintain an official web site for Mouwasat hospital. This web site will provide most of, and act as a central point for, Mouwasat electronic and web based services. Individual departments or Mouwasat branches will not maintain any other websites unless authorized by Mouwasat Hospital management and the MIS Department. The MIS Department and designated "Webadministrator" are the only person authorized to post or change information on the web site. Links to other web content not located on the Mouwasat web site should not point to content that would embarrass that hospital or degrade the hospital's positive image. The web site should be kept up to date with a consistent look and feel to all pages. A consistent and standardized navigation scheme will be used to allow users to quickly find the information they seek.


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