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Yash Technologies Pvt.

Ltd Employee Declaration

I will abide by the Company policies, rules and regulations applicable to you that are in force for the time being or may be framed from time to time. I will not without the Companys previous written permission carry on any business, trade, profession or vocation or utilise any part of my time in any capacity the services of or be employed by any other firm, company or person, directly or indirectly and for gainful purpose or otherwise, unless otherwise approved by the Company in writing. I will devote my whole time and attention to my duties to promote the interests of the Company.
However I am engaged in the following activity which stands to be in contravention to the above mentioned employment clause 1. 2.

Request you to kindly consider the same and allow me to carry with the assigned responsibility. I understand that I will be completely responsible for all consequences that may arise in future as a result of the above declaration.

Thanking you, Yours sincerely, Name: Signature: Date: Place:

Yash employees are committed to the highest standard of ethical business and professional conduct. We are expected to conduct all interactions with our customers, vendors, and the community at large, in a manner which preserves and promotes our mission, vision, values, and interests. As brand ambassadors of Yash, all employees are responsible for acting in the best interests of Yash, for apprising themselves of policies and procedures governing conflicts of interest, consulting with leadership when questions arise about potential conflicts, and avoiding interactions which may give rise to the appearance of conflict. This declaration is intended to create a process by which real and potential conflicts can be identified and resolved in an appropriate manner.

Conflict of Interest Declaration 1. Employees under contract with Yash Technologies Ltd (Yash) are required to disclose to HR Department any activity, other than their employment with Yash, which they pursue for Wage or Profit. 2. Such disclosure is to be made according to the following schedule: A. Upon hire or the execution of an agreement to perform work for Yash; B. Annually, as part of performance evaluation and required policy and procedure review; C. Upon the commencement of any alternative employment or activity pursued for wage or Profit. 3. Employees under contract with Yash are required to attest, by signing this Conflict of Interest Declaration, they understand and agree to abide by Yashs conflict of interest requirements. 4. Supervisors and/or managers are to consult with their department head to evaluate any declaration received which indicates other employment or activity pursued by their staff for wage or profit. 5. Yash may, at its sole discretion, limit or end its employment relationship with any employee who continues employment or activity deemed to be in conflict with Yashs interests. Attestation: I understand that if I become employed or otherwise compensated for services by an organisation in the future, while employed at Yash, I will immediately report such employment or compensation to the HR Department. I further understand that if I engage in business activity (including making recommendations or referrals from which an individual or business, other than Yash, with whom I have a relationship benefit I must also report such engagement to the HR Department. Signature Date Employee ID# Please check all that may apply: o I am not employed or otherwise compensated for services by any other organization. o I am currently employed by an organization other than Allegiance (if applicable, please complete the following): o I am otherwise receiving compensation from an alternative business interest (if applicable, please complete the following):

Name of other employer or business interest Street address of other employer or business interest City, state & zip code of other employer or business interest Telephone number of other employer or business interest Nature of business or type of organization of other employment or business interest