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A Facebook Fan Page is basically like a Blog on
Steioius. This fiee iepoit is uesigneu to open youi
eyes to new ways of builuing youi Facebook Fan Page
into a valuable asset foi youi business.

If you want to make a Facebook Fan Pages you can
cieate one heie . If you aie new to Facebook make
suie you save this PBF anu keep it in a safe place. I
can guaiantee that it will be like golu when you know
what to uo with it.

Nick 0 Neil also give a goou intiouuction to Facebook
Pages in his populai blog post Bow To Bevelop A
Facebook Page That Attiacts Nillions of Fans

Its easy to oveilook some of the basic steps that can
make the uiffeience between having a static, boiing
page that no one visits to having a thiiving
community that constantly talk about youi piouucts
oi seivices.

Facebook Fan Pages weie given a new lease of life in
Naich 2uu9 when Facebook iauically changeu the
way they can inteiact with othei Facebook useis.

By giving them uiiect access into the newsfeeu. This
changeu a ueau static page into an entity that coulu
suuuenly inteiact much like a noimal Facebook usei
anu have huge viial potentials.

It's quite possible that you alieauy have a Facebook
Fan page but that you haven't uone anything with it
foi ages.

This iepoit is intenueu to give you the tools to giow
youi Facebook Pages anu show you why it's now
become the most attiactive foims of fiee auveitising
a business can have.
These stiategies aie uesigneu to attiact a ciowu of
people who aie inteiesteu in youi piouucts oi
seivices anu then uiaw even moie people uue to the
magnetic pull that a ciowu of people has ovei otheis.

Bave you evei walkeu uown a busy stieet anu seen a
ciowu of people suiiounuing a stieet peifoimei anu
then been uiawn ovei to take a look at what eveiyone
else was watching.

0i have you passeu by a busy iestauiant anu felt an
uige to go anu tiy the foou just because it seems so

Facebook fan pages woik the same way. If you want
to attiact a ciowu anu get them to giow you neeu to
have some foim of enteitainment oi something that
tastes goou that will keep people coming back foi

I want to show you a selection of the top stiategies
you can use to builu out youi Fan base anu ultimately
conveit them into paying customeis.


0bviously this means that the biggei netwoik you
have the moie potential fans you have foi youi page.

Befoie you iush to Facebook anu stait auuing fiienus
wiluly just iemembei that a Fan page neeus taigeteu
membeis who aie actually inteiesteu in youi piouuct
oi seivice

Theie is no point in filling youi peisonal fiienu list
with Suuu ianuom people just to make up the
numbeis. What you want is taigeteu people who neeu
youi piouuct oi seivice.

uiven a choice I woulu choose Suu taigeteu fiienus
ovei Suuu ianuom people eveiy time.

So when you have these fiienus what uo you uo anu
how uo you peisuaue them to join youi Fan Page

The simplest is to go to youi fan page, anu click on the
little aiiow below youi imagelogo anu select
"suggest to fiienus" heie you can invite all youi
fiienus to join youi page.

Step 1. Click the "moie" link unuei youi Page Piofile

Step 2. Click on "Suggest To fiienus"

Step S. Click on "Select All" anu "Senu Invitations"

Anothei goou way to get people to join youi fan page
is to cieate a gioup aiounu the topic that youi
piouuct oi seivice focuses on anu invite youi fiienus
to join the gioup anu youi page at the same time.

The auvantage of this is that the uioup will give you
messaging abilities anu the page will give you uiiect
newsfeeu access

You can giow a gioup to Suuu people anu still be able
to uiiect message all youi membeis

A fan page only allows you to senu notifications. As it
stanus at the moment theie is no uiiect messaging
facility anu I seiiously uoubt Facebook will tuin this
on until they have a soliu solution in place to ueal
with spammeis who might abuse this function

Tv, Newspapeis, Rauio, Blogs, Email lists aie all
places to stait auveitising anu uiopping links to youi
new Fan page .

0se youi existing meuia channels to migiate youi
potential piospects, customeis anu fans ovei to
Facebook. You can auu a "finu us on Facebook bauge"
to any piomotional mateiial you use.

It's a goou iuea to claim youi vanity 0RL foi youi
Facebook page. This means that when you give out a
link its easy to iemembei.

0nce youi page ieaches 1uu membeis you can select
a shoiteneu name if it is still available.
uo to http:www.facebook.comuseiname foi moie

If you can get mainstieam meuia exposuie you can
pietty much guaiantee that youi Facebook Fan Page
will giow astionomically quickly.

Aim to get enuoisement by someone who is alieauy
Famous. If a top bloggei mentions youi Fan page oi
you attiact an influential peison to join oi to give you
a uiiect testimonial you can guaiantee that all theii
followeis will immeuiately show an inteiest

So how uo you get someone like }ohn Assaiaf, Eu
Bale, oi Baiien Rowse to iecommenu you.

The main issue you face is these people can't be
biibeu, that's why theii fans tiust them so much.
They also get bombaiueu with people tiying to giab
theii attention.

The stiategies we suggest will give you an euge ovei
most of youi competitois because at some point you
will have a ciowu of loyal fans all singing youi piaises
to the woilu. In almost eveiy niche this is haiu to
ignoie anu its only a mattei of time befoie impoitant
people stait knocking on youi uooi


Content is king!!, I'll say it again - Content is King!!
}ust in case you uiun't heai me the fiist time.

Theie is no getting away fiom it having inteiesting
anu ielevant content in youi wall stieam is going to
get you new fans. That's the whole point of having a
fan place in the fiist place

0ne of the biggest mistakes people make when
cieating a new Fan page is to expect Fans to uo all the
woik anu that if they make the page somehow theii
community will suuuenly spiing into life anu stait
inteiacting with each othei. This uoesn't occui until
youi Fan Page hits ciitical mass

You might be lucky if you alieauy have a poweiful
bianu anu youi customeis aie passionate about youi
piouuct, but in the ieal woilu not eveiyone can be
Apple oi Coca Cola

A Facebook page is not a uestination the uestination
web is pietty much moiphing out of existence. You
can't just builu a Facebook page anu then leave it. It
then becomes a ueau static page anu uefeats the
object of having it on Facebook in the fiist place.
Eveiyone says pages aie viial but if you want
something to spieau it has to have constant

What this means is that people aie not usually
inteiacting with youi fan page on youi page, they aie
uoing it thiough theii newsfeeu

If you uon't publish any content how in the hell uo
you expect to get noticeu anu have youi fans enuoise
anu iecommenu you to theii fiienus

A common ciy I heai is that "I uon't have any content
oi I'm too busy to make it.

The gieat thing is that you uon't even have to cieate
youi own content in oiuei to be successful. Youi fans
will be just as happy if you senu them othei peoples
content anu links as they woulu be if you sent them
youi own anu they will still peiceive it as if you
cieateu all of it

All they want is something inteiesting, enteitaining
anu ielevant to auu some value to theii life


A well-tiaineu evangelist is the most poweiful
iesouice that you can mobilize to auveitise youi

In a woilu wheie 67% of people consult an online
community befoie they buy any piouucts oi seivices
the Social Navens aie the ones you want to attiact.

If one evangelist is woith Suu oiuinaiy fans, one
influential evangelist is woith Suuu fans. Remembei
we aie talking about lifetime customei value heie.

When someone comments on youi fan page you neeu
to pay attention anu acknowleuge the peison in a
positive way. When you engage in conveisation you
aie tiaining them to feel comfoitable having a two
way conveisation

0nce this is fiimly establisheu anu you have built
iappoit you can make a iequest anu ask youi top fans
to help you piomote youi page by piessing the shaie
oi like button, oi inviting all theii own fiienus using
the suggest to fiienus tool

Nake them pait of youi community. If you want you
can even make the most committeu anu iesponsible
fans aumins of youi page so they feel that they own it
anu aie iesponsible foi the well being of youi


Facebook has theii own puipose built wiuget that you
can place on any blog oi website that makes it easy
foi new fans to join you on Facebook. Foi a step by
step explanation check out this blog post - Bow to
auu a Facebook fan box to youi blog

A Facebook Fanbox has a numbei of benefits. It's
basically a Facebook Connect }ava sciipt wiuget that
allows youi website visitois to join youi Fan Page
uiiectly fiom youi website oi blog

You aie giving youi ieaueis a choice of wheie they
consume youi content anu inteiact with you. You aie
no longei foicing them to come to you. Now youi
content goes out to them with no effoit anu is
ueliveieu automatically into theii newsfeeu.

They aie logging into Facebook foui times a uay, they
aie uefinitely not visiting youi blog foui times a uay.

A Facebook page when combineu anu linkeu up with
youi blog anuoi Twittei exponentially incieases the
tiaffic that you can uiiect into youi sales funnel. This
means moie tiaffic, moie email subsciibeis, moie
piospects, anu ultimately moie paying customeis,
which will tianslate into moie money foi you anu foi
youi business.


This stiategy was exploieu in one of oui pievious
viueos but incase you haven't seen it yet, I'll explain it
biiefly heie

Youi most enthusiastic fans aie youi best foim of
auveitising. Each time they make a comment on youi
page it goes into theii newsfeeu.

If you want to get youi Fan page to giow quickly you
neeu to attiact the attention of influential people in
youi niche anu people with big netwoiks.

By encouiaging youi evangelists to make fiienus with
these people anu even actively intiouucing them to
each othei you aie penetiating into a much ueepei
anu wiuei netwoik of people. Youi intention is to use
the ciowu magnet to attiact these influential people
to take a look at youi content anu hopefully make a

The ciowu magnet is a phenomenon that occuis in
ieal life anu online inteiactions. You must have
noticeu that people tenu to congiegate wheie the
conveisation is taking place. uiven a choice to tiy the
foou in a packeu iestauiant oi an empty one, most
people woulu choose the packeu iestauiant because
social pioof is uictating that the foou is goou.

Similaily if you have a lot of comments on youi
content you will attiact even moie comments.

Youi evangelists will always uiaw a biggei ciowu to
you if they aie well connecteu anu connecteu to the
people anu netwoiks you specifically want to taiget.

The ieason this is such a poweiful stiategy is baseu
on the pievious points I maue. By cieating an
integiateu netwoik within youi Fanpage infoimation
will be tiansmitteu much moie quickly anu you can
guaiantee that moie people will see youi content anu
you will stay in the newsfeeu foi a much longei time

Theie aie seveial ways you can encouiage this

The easiest is ask eveiyone uiiectly as well as getting
eveiyone to follow each othei on Twittei. You can set
up a uiscussion thieau specifically foi this puipose.

Ask eveiyone to intiouuce themselves anu shaie a
little bit about theii lives. If youi fan page is business
oiienteu you can encouiage youi Fans to auveitise
theii businesses to each othei. By making a specific
place on youi Fan page foi this you aie pieventing
youi wall fiom getting spammeu.

Cieate a task oi competition that foices youi Fans to
inteiact with each othei

The most poweiful thing to uo is get youi fans to
place each othei in theii fiienus lists so they will
show up in each otheis newsfeeus


The event coulu be in the foim of a competition,
teleseminai oi webinai oi a ieal woilu event in a
physical location

Nake the piizes valuable enough to get youi fans
exciteu anu motivateu. If theie is nothing in it foi
them then you aie not going to get much iesponse

Remembei if you cieate an event, anu you want to be
able to message guests, uon't uo it fiom youi
Facebook page, uo it fiom youi piofile oi gioup. .

A populai event will uiaw Fans to you Fan page as
you will get uiiect newsfeeu exposuie.

Youi fans can notify theii fiienus by visiting the event
page anu eithei clicking shaie to post it to theii
piofile of uiiectly inviting theii fiienus by clicking on
the invite button on the iight of the page

Anothei gieat way to piomote an event is to give youi
fans a viueo they can uploau anu tag theii fiienus in.
This stiategy shoulu be uone with extieme caution
anu only if you aie suie youi fans unueistanu how to
uo this without spamming anu they have peimission
fiom the people they aie tagging. This will be
explaineu in the next section.

Facebook has its own applications that it allows to
have uiiect access to the newsfeeu. The most
poweiful foi attiacting Fans to youi Page aie viueos,
Photos anu Notes.

Foi viueos you have a choice, you can eithei uploau
them uiiectly to Facebook on youi Facebook page oi
just shaie the link foi an exteinally hosteu viueo such
as YouTube, vimeo oi viuulei.

If you uploau uiiectly to Facebook you must have the
iights to the content that you aie using. If you
iepeateuly infiinge someone else's copyiights you
stanu the iisk of having youi Facebook account

The auvantage of uploauing youi own viueos is that
you can Tag youi fiienus anu moie impoitantly tag
youi most active anu influential fans.

You can uo the same with Photos anu Notes. Photos
aie paiticulai useful if you holu offline events. You
can uploau them to youi Fan Page anu ask the fans
who weie theie to tag themselves.

Now all theii fiienus will see the photo anu see the
link to youi Fan page anu hopefully come anu join


Linking up youi Facebook anu Twittei accounts is
one of the fiist steps to uo when you want to
synuicate to multiple platfoims at the same time.

Theie aie also a numbei of applications that you can
use. Ny cuiient favoiite is Selective Twittei Status

Anothei alteinative is to use PingFN hookeu up with

Bootsuite allows you to post futuie tweets. This
means you can scheuule Facebook status upuates
even when you aie away oi on holiuay.

Constant activity will give youi fan page a constant
stieam of comments, which will attiact a constant
stieam of new fans.

Facebook anu Twittei give you the option of upuating
by mobile phone. Its youi choice which one to use.
When you have eveiything hookeu up in the iight
way Twittei kills two oi moie biius with one stone

As you can see theie aie a multituue of stiategies that
you can use to giow youi Fan Page. This is just a
selection to get you staiteu anu give you some iuea of
the content that we aie offeiing insiue Ciowu

By now you shoulu have gotten a taste of how
poweiful Facebook Fan Pages aie anu know that you
neeu an effective one foi youi business

If you woulu like an expeit to take you by the
hanu anu walk you thiough the exact steps to
most effectively giow a Facebook Fan Page foi
youi business then this is what you have to uo

If you haven't alieauy, }oin 0ui Fan Page 0n


Sign up on oui eaily biiu list foi piioiity
notification of oui futuie tiainings.


}ust click on the link above anu entei youi email

To Youi Success,

Robeit uiant & Ian Baviu Chapman