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Dear potential student, Thank you for your interest in University of Nordland The application deadline for non-European

Union citizens applying for a full degree is February 1st every year. The application deadline for European Union citizens is April 1st for the consecutive August admission. You can start sending in your completed application from October. Letters of admission will be sent out from April 1st. University of Nordland do have programmes conducted in English, it is not necessary for you to understand Norwegian but learning so would help with everyday living. We hold Norwegian class every semester. For programmes taught in English please see: Please note that the MSc in Energy Management and the MSc in Sustainable Management require students to go Russia in the 3rd semester, and that you will need to check the visa requirements for Russia as well as for Norway. For courses where the language of instruction is Norwegian, proficiency in the Norwegian language is also required. If you are an exchange student, please contact your home institution, as the application procedure will go through your International Office. For application deadline and application form for exchange students please see: If you are applying for a Bachelor's program, and already have a Norwegian ID number and/or permanent or renewable residence permit, please forward the application to the centralised application processing centre called Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS - Samordna opptak). The deadline is March 1st every year for August admission. A compilation of country-specific information called the GSU-list (formerly SIS list) states what level of education applicants from different countries need to meet for entry into Norwegian higher education, including any requirements concerning proficiency in English please see the GSU list:

Standard admission requirements are: Upper secondary school from your home country and 1 year of university studies. From some countries we also require National University Entrance Examination. In addition you need to document English language. Language requirements are for Bachelor level Test of English as a Foreign Language (Toefl) 500 (paper based) 170 (computer based) 60 (internet based) IELTS (International English Language Requirements), score of 5.0 Language requirements are for Master level Test of English as a Foreign Language (Toefl) 550 (paper based) 213 (computer based) 80 (internet based) (reading 20/writing 20/speaking 20/listening 20) IELTS (International English Language Requirements), score of 6.0 The test scores must be valid. Toefl and IELTS test scores must be issued by the test centres only. The University of Nordland Toefl institution code is 1648. Please ask the test centre to send your results directly to us. We require originals from HEIs.(Higher Education Institutes) not certified copies as before. The transcript must be forwarded from the relevant higher education institution in a sealed envelope to you. Please do not open the envelope. If you are applying for a Master's degree, you would need to enclose documentation of relevant Bachelor's degree or four years of relevant education. If you are applying to the "Norwegian Language and Society", please use the application form for international students and read the information given on requirements at the English website. Most international students are not given a permit for educational purposes based on the one year preparatory language and culture course alone, but must have a conditional offer to a study program after the one year at the same institution. When finished Norwegian Language and Society and have passed the Norwegian language exam, you have the opportunity to study ordinary Study programmes at Norwegian Universities but this of course depends on what program you want to study and what the chosen universities requirements are i.e. Grade C or better. However we recommend you to get the best grade (A) from the Norwegian for Foreigners-course. Poor results in Norwegian language, less/lower than C, will affect continued learning abilities/capacity.

There is no tuition fee except a registration fee each semester to be paid on arrival, which is currently 695nok. There are no scholarships on offer unless you have one before arrival. Scholarships are given to students under the following programmes; QUOTA: only to students from partner institutions and on a M.A. or PhD level. The quota places are given to students selected by the home institution, in agreement with the relevant international faculty coordinator at University in Nordland. The student must forward the application through their home institution. ERASMUS (students from Europe) North2North (students from member institutions of University of the Arctic) Barentsplus (students from the Barents region of Russia) Nordplus (students from the Nordic partners) Most international students are not eligible for a student loan, but must finance his/her stay. The Immigration Office requires documentation of a minimum sum of 90800, - Norwegian kroners to a deposit account, usually offered by the relevant higher education institution, in order to issue a permit for educational purposes, along with confirmation of housing and a study plan of at least 2 years. The 90800nok, - is meant to cover the living expenses during 10 months of study pr year. You must enclose a Bank Guarantee to your university application, showing proof of funding (requirement for non- European Union citizens). For questions regarding permit for educational purposes, please visit Please note that accommodation will be only provided for 1st year international students not returning students or international students who have already have residence in Norway. If you are not a 1st year international student you will need to contact the housing department at to arrange accommodation. We will also arrange collection from the airport and take you to your accommodation. Please forward the application in regular mail to the address indicated on the last page of the application form. For further information, please visit Contact information: Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the international office.