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e business has changed the way people do business. Its never been easier to succeed in this wired new e world. And its never been tougher. If you have an idea, you can make it work. But staying a step ahead of the thousands who have ideas of their own, needs a partner. A guide. IBM literally runs the e-world. Even before we had over 20,000 companies incorporating the web into the way they do business, we invented the entire computer business. That was way back in 1924 but we just didnt stop there. We have been associated with every major significant advancement in the computer business since then. On the way we also came to be synonymous with computer. The numbers are even more compelling. 70% of the large systems around the world are IBM mainframes. We are present in over 160 countries around the world with a total strength of over 3,00,000 people. Our revenues have already crossed 100 billion US dollars. And for the eighth consecutive year, IBM filed the most number of patent applications with the US Patent Office, in 2000. But all these numbers only mean one thing. Something that your heart and mind will no doubt agree with. Who better to prepare you for e - world than IBM itself?

IBM LEARNING SERVICES Ever since IBM conducted its first course at New York, way back in 1928 education and training have become an important part of IBM. Today, IBM Learning Services is the worlds largest computer training organization with more than 2000 instructors, training centers in more than 56 countries and a repository of more than 6000 courses that cover virtually every single aspect of Information Technology. Every year, more than 2,00,000 people attend at least one IBM class!. THE COURSE IBM Advanced Certificate in Software Engineering (ACSE) IBMs Advanced Certificate in Software Engineering (ACSE) is an intensive program designed by IBM to train graduates in the latest and most industry relevant technologies and tools. This program enables the students to become most sought - after professionals, equipping them with the skills required for the present and next generation application development. ELIGIBILITY Graduates/ Post Graduates seeking a career in IT. FEES : Rs. 48,000/-


INSTRUCTIONS TO FILL IN THE APPLICATION FORM Please fill correctly and legibly in block letters. E.g.


Please affix your photo in the space provided. Please do not staple or pin. NATIONAL ENTRANCE TEST DETAILS General Aptitude test for a duration of 90 minutes which will evaluate candidates in analytical abilities, logical skills, fundamental mathematics and basic English abilities. The test will have 75 objective type questions with no negative marking and will begin at 10:30 am. All candidates are requested to be at the test venue by 10:00 am. Contact the Centre where you purchased the prospectus for details of the test venue. PLACEMENT RECORD

IBM Advanced Career Education students have found acceptance among the best IT companies in the country and are working on cutting edge projects with these companies. IBM e-Graduates are already highly sought after by giants like TCS, Wipro, Infosys, LTITL, Satyam, ICICI, Infotech, Aztec, IBC, I-flex, Oracle, HCL-Perot, Motorola, Churchill, Newgen, Datamatics, Kale Consultants, Mascot Systems and of course, IBM among many more. DATES TO REMEMBER Last Date for submission of Application Forms National Entrance Test Date Announcement of the Test result

: 10th / 17th / 24th June 2004 : 13th / 20th / 27th June 2004 : 14th / 21st / 28th June 2004

Last Date for payment of Course Fees : 18th / 25 th / 30th June 2004 Class Commencement : 30th June 2004

IBM Advanced Certificate in Software Engineering (ACSE) Curriculum in detail Linux Basics Duration: 32 hours Introduction to Linux, Using the system, Linux documentation, Files and directories, Using files, File permissions, Shell basics, Using shell variables, The vi editor, Processes, Customizing the user environment, Linux utilities, and Additional shell features. Introduction to Programming through C Duration: 56 hours Introduction to Computing, Algorithms, Introduction to Computer Program, Need of Programming Language, Levels of languages, Programming in C, Building a Strong Foundation in C, Decision Control Structure, lterative Constructs, Programming with Arrays, Storage Classes, Multi Dimensional Arrays, Structures, Unions functions, Recursion, Pointers, Advanced Pointers, File Handling in C and Additional features of C. Data Structures and Algorithms Duration: 32 hours Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Types and Data Structures, Algorithms and Complexity, Linked List, Doubly Linked, Circular Linked List, Stack, Applications of stack, Queues, Graphs and Trees, Heap and Hash Table, Searching and Simple Sorting, Advanced Sorting.

Computer Architecture and Operating Systems Concepts Duration: 28 hours Computer Organisation, digital logic, number systems, representation, CPU and memory organization, Input/ Output organization, RISC/ CISC architectures. Overview of Systems Programming, Machines and Languages, Language Processors, Assemblers, Macros, Linkers and Loaders, Overview of Operating Systems, Process Management, Memory Management, File Management, Device management. RDBMS Concepts Duration: 32hours Introduction to RDBMS, Entity Relationship Diagram, Database Normalization, Structured Query Language (SQL), RDBMS Architecture, Creating and Managing Database Objects, Data Dictionary, Database Access and Security, Managing Database Access using Views, Database Programming. TCP/ IP Network Programming Duration: 24 hours ISO OSI Layers, Internet Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol, Network and Application Layer Protocols, The TELNET Protocol (FTP), HTTP, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Network File System (NFS), Sockets and Remote Procedure Call, Socket programming, Network Devices, Network Management Fundamentals, Network Security. Web Programming Duration: 56 hours Introduction to HTML, HTML Features, HTML Authoring, JavaScript Fundamentals, JavaScript Object Model, Advanced features of JavaScript, VB Script, VB Script Fundamentals, Advanced VB Script, Perl and CGI Fundamentals, Web Application Development, Database Access, ASP Fundamentals and ASP Intrinsic objects, ASP Applications and Default Components, Accessing Data with ASP. Core Java Duration: 88 hours Overview of Java, Java Features, Java syntax, Operators, Expressions and Control Flow, Classes, Objects and References, Inheritance, Abstract Classes and Interfaces, Packages, Exception Handling, Raising and Handling Exceptions, Files and Streams, Object Serialization, AWT Components and Containers, Layout Managers, Event Driven Model and Event Handling, Writing and Deploying Applets, Applet security, Creating Threads, Thread Synchronization, Network Programming, Collection API, JDBC, Advanced JDBC, Reflection API, Advanced, MVC Architecture and Swing Classes, Swing Components.

Software Engineering Duration: 24 hours Software Engineering Fundamentals, Software requirements specifications, Structured system analysis and design, Software metrics and Planning, Software Measurement, Metrics, Software Quality Assurance, SQA, ISO, CMM model, Software Testing, levels of testing, techniques of testing. OOAD Using UML Duration: 16 hours OOAD concepts, Motivation for the study of OOAD, Unified Modeling Language (UML), importance of modeling, structural Modeling, class diagrams, object diagrams, Behavioural Modeling, Use Case Diagrams, Interaction Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Architectural Modeling collaborations, design patterns, Object Oriented Testing Methodologies, Object oriented metrics. Enterprise Application Development using XML Duration: 38 hours Introduction to XML, Advantages of XML, Use of XML for E-Commerce, Document Type Definition and XML, XML Namespaces, XML Schema, XML Schema Vocabulary, XSL Transformations, Xpaths, Basics of Xpaths, Document Object Model, Parsers, DOM Interfaces, Simple API for XML (SAX), Case Study, Databases and XML, Using XML in an N-tier Application, XML Query Language, Comprehensive problem. DB2 Programming & Stored Procedures Duration: 40 hours DB2 Programming Using Java, JDBC vs SQLJ, DB2 Application Building Concepts, Db2 Triggers, Embedded SQL DB2 Stored Procedures and SQL/PL, Stored Procedure Builder, DB2 Stored Procedures and Java, Programming Structure, UDT, and UDF, Using Large Objects, Concurrency Control and Protocols, Log-Based Recovery, Writing Efficient Database Application, Distributed Databases, Distributed Transaction processing, Deadlock, Comprehensive database problem.

E - Business Technology Fundamentals Duration: 16 hours Basics of E - Business Technologies, E - Business Building Blocks, Different kinds of e-business applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), E-Commerce, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Supply Chain Management (SCM) Business Intelligence, Data warehouse and data mart, Decision support tools. J2EE Programming for WebSphere Application Server Duration: 72 hours J2EE overview, J2EE components, Standards and Services, J2EE Containers, MVC architecture. WebSphere Platform Overview, Messaging with JMS, JMS API, Servlets, Servlets in an Enterprise application, Session management, Servlets in WebSphere Application Server (WAS), JavaServer Pages (JSP), WebSphere JSP implementation, XML syntax for JSP elements, advanced features of JSP, EJB Container, EJB specification, Session beans, Entity beans, Container Managed Transactions, Bean Managed Transactions, Application clients and J2EE communications, deploying J2EE applications to WebSphere. Project: The students are required to carry out the project using enterprise computing technologies and IBM tools for e-business application development and integration. Other Courses : IBM Systems and Networking Administrator 3 months IBM Linux Systems Engineer for e-business 3 months IBM Application Development 6 months IBM Techno Management 3 months IBM Global Web Technologies Short Term Rs. 12,000/Rs. 12,000/Rs. 38,000/Rs. 8,500/-

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PALMSOFT TECHNOLOGIES (P.) LTD Willys Centre, 2nd Floor, Balmatta, Mangalore 575001 Ph: 0824 2433988, 5255988 e-mail: IBM ACE (IBM Advanced Career Education) programmes are offered by a network of Business Partner who are independent parties, provided with IBM approved course material, training and certification.