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Chapter Part of Speech 1 pronoun 1 pronoun noun 1 (indeclinable) 1 adverb 1 adverb 1 conjunction 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 verb (1) verb (1) verb

(2) verb (1) verb (1) verb (1) verb (2) verb (2) verb (1) verb (1) verb (2) verb (2) verb (2) verb (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1)

Latin me quid nihil, n. non saepe si

Wheelock's Vocabulary English me, myself what nothing

not often if to love, like (amabo te: please (I will love amo, amare, amavi, amatum you)) cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, to think, ponder, consider, plan cogitatum debeo, debere, debui, to owe; ought, must debitum do, dare, dedi, datum to give, offer erro, errare, erravi, erratum to wander, err, go astray, be mistaken laudo, laudare, laudavi, to praise laudatum moneo, monere, monui, to remind, advise, warn monitum to be well, be in good health (salve and salveo, salvere, -, salvete: hello) servo, servare, servavi, to preserve, save, keep, guard servatum conservo, conservare, to preserve, conserve, maintain (stronger conservavi, conservatum than servo) terreo, terrere, terrui, territum to frighten, terrify valeo, valere, valui, to be strong, have power; be well (vale and valiturum valete: good-bye, farewell) video, videre, vidi, visum to see; observe, understand voco, vocare, vocavi, to call, summon vocatum fama, -ae, f. rumour, report; fame, reputation forma, -ae, f. form, shape; beauty fortuna, -ae, f. fortune, luck ira, -ae, f. ire, anger nauta, -ae, m. sailor patria, -ae, f. fatherland, native land, (one's) country pecunia, -ae, f. money philosophy (Greek philosophia: love of philosophia, -ae, f. wisdom) poena, -ae, f. penalty, punishment (idiom, poenas dare: to

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noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (1) adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective conjunction conjunction interjection preposition noun (2) noun (1) noun (1) noun (2) noun (1) noun (1) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (1) noun (2) adjective adjective adjective preposition preposition adverb adverb verb (2) verb (1) noun (2)

poeta, -ae, m. porta, -ae, f. puella, -ae, f. rosa, -ae, f. sententia, -ae, f. vita, -ae, f. antiquus, -a, -um magnus, -a, -um meus, -a, -um multus, -a, -um tuus, -a, -um et sed O sine ager, agri, m. agricola, -ae, m. amica, -ae, f. amicus, -i, m. femina, -ae, f. filia, -ae, f. filius, -ii, m. numerus, -i, m. populus, -i, m. puer, pueri, m. sapientia, -ae, f. vir, viri, m. avarus, -a, -um pauci, -ae, -a Romanus, -a, -um de in (+ abl.) hodie semper habeo, habere, habui, habitum satio, satiare, satiavi, satiatum basium, -ii, n.

pay the penalty) poet gate, entrance girl rose feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence life; mode of life ancient, old-time large, great, important my much, many your (used when speaking to one person) and ( both...and) but O!, Oh! (commonly used with the vocative) without (takes ablative) field, farm farmer friend friend woman daughter (dative and ablative plural, filiabus) son number the people, a people, a nation boy; boys, children wisdom man, hero greedy, avaricious few, a few (usually plural) Roman down from, from; concerning, about (takes ablative) in, on (takes ablative) today always to have, hold, possess, consider, regard to satisfy, sate kiss

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noun (2) noun (2) noun (1) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (1) noun (1) noun (indeclinable) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective noun (2) adjective verb (1) verb (irregular) noun (1) noun (2) noun (2) noun (1) noun (1) noun (2) pronoun adjective adjective adjective adjective conjunction enclitic

bellum, -i, n. consilium, -ii, n. cura, -ae, f. donum, -i, n. exitium, -ii, n. magister, magistri, m. magistra, -ae, f. mora, -ae, f. nihil, n. oculus, -i, m. officium, -ii, n. otium, -ii, n. periculum, -i, n. remedium, -ii, n. bellus, -a, -um bonus, -a, -um humanus, -a, -um malus, -a, -um parvus, -a, -um stultus, -a, -um stultus, -i, m. verus, -a, -um iuvo, iuvare, iuvi, iutum sum, esse, fui, futurum adulescentia, -ae, f. animus, -i, m. caelum, -i, n. culpa, -ae, f. gloria, -ae, f. verbum, -i, n. te liber, libera, liberum noster, nostra, nostrum pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum sanus, -a, -um igitur -ne

war plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgement, wisdom care, attention, caution, anxiety gift, present destruction, ruin schoolmaster, teacher, master school mistress, teacher, mistress delay nothing eye duty, service leisure, peace danger, risk cure, remedy pretty, handsome, charming good, kind pertaining to man, human, humane, kind, refined, cultivated bad, wicked, evil small, little foolish a fool true, real, proper to help, aid, assist; to please to be, exist youth, young manhood, youthfulness soul, spirit, mind; (plural) high spirits, pride, courage sky, heaven fault, blame glory, fame word you, yourself free our, ours beautiful, handsome; fine sound, healthy, sane therefore, consequently (postpositive) question (introduces questions the answer to

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preposition adverb adverb adverb, conjunction adverb, noun (indeclinable) adverb verb (1) verb (1) verb (2) verb (2) verb (1) noun (1) noun (2) noun (1) noun (2) noun (1) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) adjective noun (2) adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective conjunction, enclitic conjunction adverb, conjunction adverb adverb

propter cras heri quando satis, n. tum ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatum culpo, culpare, culpavi, culpatum remaneo, remanere, remansi, remansum maneo, manere, mansi, mansum supero, superare, superavi, superatum dea, -ae, f. deus, -i, m. discipula, -ae, f. discipulus, -i, m. insidiae, -arum, f. liber, libri, m. tyrannus, -i, m. vitium, -ii, n. Graecus, -a, -um Graecus, -i, m. perpetuus, -a, -um plenus, -a, -um salvus, -a, -um secundus, -a, -um vester, vestra, vestrum -que sed ubi ibi nunc

which is uncertain) on account of, because of (takes accusative) tomorrow yesterday when (si quando: if ever) enough, sufficient (-ly) then, at that time; thereupon, in the next place to dine to blame, censure to remain, stay behind, abide, continue to remain, stay, abide, continue to be above, have the upper hand, surpass; overcome, conquer goddess god learner, pupil, student learner, pupil, student ambush, plot, treachery (always plural) book absolute ruler, tyrant fault, crime, vice Greek a Greek perpetual, lasting, uninterrupted, continuous full, abundant, generous safe, sound second; favorable your, yours and (enclitic) (appended to the second of two words to be joined) but where, when there now, today, at present

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verb (irregular) possum, posse, potui, tolero, tolerare, toleravi, verb (1) toleratum noun (3) amor, amoris, m. noun (3) carmen, carminis, n. noun (3) civitas, civitatis, f. noun (3) corpus, corporis, n. noun (3) homo, hominis, m. noun (3) labor, laboris, m. noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) adjective preposition preposition verb (2) verb (1) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) littera, -ae, f. mos, moris, m. nomen, nominis, n. pax, pacis, f. regina, -ae, f. rex, regis, m. tempus, temporis, n. terra, -ae, f. uxor, uxoris, f. virgo, virginis, f. virtus, virtutis, f. novus, -a, -um post sub audeo, audere, ausus sum, neco, necare, necavi, necatum Cicero, Ciceronis, m. copia, -ae, f. frater, fratris, m. laus, laudis, f. libertas, libertatis, f. ratio, rationis, f. scriptor, scriptoris, m.

because of which thing, therefore, wherefore, why to be able, can, could, have power to bear, endure love song, poem state, citizenship body human being, man labor, work, toil; a work, production a letter of the alphabet; (plural) a letter, literature habit, custom, manner; (plural) habits, character name peace queen king time; occasion, opportunity earth, ground, land, country wife maiden, virgin manliness, courage, excellence, character, worth, virtue new; strange after, behind (takes accusative) under, up under, close to (takes ablative with verbs of rest, takes accusative with verbs of motion) to dare to murder, kill Cicero abundance, supply; (plural) supplies, troops, forces brother praise, glory, fame liberty reckoning, account; reason, judgement, consideration; system; manner, method writer, author

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noun (3) noun (1) conjunction preposition preposition adverb adverb verb (3) verb (1) verb (3) verb (2) verb (3) verb (3) verb (3) verb (3) verb (3) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) pronoun pronoun pronoun adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective conjunction preposition adverb

soror, sororis, f. victoria, -ae, f. dum ad ex, e numquam tamen ago, agere, egi, actum demonstro, demonstrare, demonstravi, demonstratum disco, discere, didici, doceo, docere, docui, doctum duco, ducere, duxi, ductum gero, gerere, gessi, gestum

sister victory while to, up to, near to (takes accusative) out of, from, from within; by reason of, on account of (takes ablative) never nevertheless, still to drive, lead, do, act; pass, spend (gratias agere: to give thanks) to point out, show, demonstrate to learn to teach to lead; consider, regard; prolong to carry, carry on, manage, conduct, accomplish, perform

scribo, scribere, scripsi, to write, compose scriptum traho, trahere, traxi, tractum to draw, drag, derive vinco, vincere, vici, victum to conquer, overcome place; passage in literature (loca, -orum, n.: locus, -i, m. places, regions) morbus, -i, m. disease, sickness studium, -ii, n. eagerness, zeal, pursuit, study hic, haec, hoc this; the latter; he, she, it, they ille, illa, illud that; the former; the famous; he, she, it, they that of yours, that; such (sometimes with iste, ista, istud contemptuous force) alius, alia, aliud other, another (alii...alii: some...others) alter, altera, alterum the other (of two), second neuter, neutra, neutrum not either, neither nullus, -a, -um not any, no, none solus, -a, -um alone, only, the only totus, -a, -um whole, entire ullus, -a, -um any unus, -a, -um one, single, alone uter, utra, utrum either, which (of two) enim for, in fact, truly (postpositive) into, toward; against (takes accusative or in (+ acc.) ablative) nimis, nimium too, too much, excessively

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noun (1) noun (3) noun (1) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3) adjective conjunction preposition verb (4) verb (3i) verb (3) verb (3i) verb (3i) verb (4) verb (4) verb (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) pronoun pronoun pronoun pronoun adjective adjective conjunction conjunction conjunction adverb adverb verb (3)

amicitia, -ae, f. cupiditas, cupiditatis, f. hora, -ae, f. natura, -ae, f. senectus, senectutis, f. timor, timoris, m. veritas, veritatis, f. via, -ae, f. voluptas, voluptatis, f. beatus, -a, -um quoniam cum audio, audire, audivi, auditum capio, capere, cepi, captum dico, dicere, dixi, dictum facio, facere, feci, factum fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitum venio, venire, veni, ventum invenio, invenire, inveni, inventum vivo, vivere, vixi, victum caput, capitis, n. consul, consulis, m. nemo, neminis, m. or f. ego, mei tu, tui is, ea, id idem, eadem, idem amicus, -a, -um carus, -a, -um quod neque, nec autem bene etiam intellego, intellegere, intellexi, intellectum

friendship desire, longing, passion, cupidity, avarice hour, time nature old age fear truth way, road, street pleasure happy, fortunate, blessed since, inasmuch as with (takes ablative) to hear, listen to to take, capture, seize, get to say, tell, speak; name, call to make, do, accomplish to flee, hurry away; go into exile; avoid, shun to come to come upon, find to live head; leader; beginning; life; heading; chapter consul no one, nobody I you this, that; he, she, it (demonstrative) the same (demonstrative) friendly dear because and not, nor (neque...neque (or neither...nor) however; moreover (postpositive) well, satisfactorily, quite even to understand

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verb (3) verb (4) noun (3) noun (2) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (2) noun (1) noun (3) noun (1) noun (2) adjective preposition adverb adverb verb (3) verb (3) verb (1) noun (1) noun (2) noun (2) pronoun pronoun pronoun adjective adjective adjective conjunction adverb preposition adverb verb (3) verb (3) verb (3)

mitto, mittere, misi, missum sentio, sentire, sensi, sensum adulescens, adulescentis, m. annus, -i, m. Asia, -ae, f. Caesar, Caesaris, m. mater, matris, f. medicus, -i, m. medica, -ae, f. pater, patris, m. patientia, -ae, f. principium, -ii, n. acerbus, -a, -um pro diu nuper amitto, amittere, amisi, amissum cado, cadere, cecidi, casurum

to send, let go to feel, perceive, think, experience young man year Asia Caesar mother doctor, physician doctor, physician father suffering, patience, endurance beginning harsh, bitter, grievous in front of, before, on behalf of, for the sake of, in return for, instead of, for, as (takes ablative) for a long time recently to lose, let go

to fall ('casum' is an alternative fourth principal part) creo, creare, creavi, creatum to create divitiae, -arum, f. riches, wealth (always plural) factum, -i, n. deed, act, achievement signum, -i, n. sign, signal, indication, seal myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself ipse, ipsa, ipsum (etc.); the very, the actual (intensive) quisque, quidque each one, each person (indefinite) sui himself, herself, itself, themselves (reflexive) doctus, -a, -um taught, learned, skilled fortunatus, -a, -um lucky, fortunate, happy his own, her own, its own, their own suus, -a, -um (reflexive possessive) nam for ante before, in front of; previously per through (takes accusative) olim at that time, once, formerly; in the future alo, alere, alui, altum to nourish, support, sustain, increase, cherish diligo, diligere, dilexi, to esteem, love dilectum iungo, iungere, iunxi, to join

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verb (1) noun (3i) noun (1) noun (3i) noun (3i) noun (3i) noun (3) noun (3i) noun (3i) noun (3i) noun (3) noun (3i) noun (1) noun (1) noun (3i) noun (3i) preposition preposition verb (1) verb (3) verb (1) verb (2) verb (1) noun (1) noun (1) noun (3) adjective adjective adjective preposition adverb verb (irregular) verb (irregular) verb (irregular) verb (irregular)

iunctum sto, stare, steti, statum animal, animalis, n. aqua, -ae, f. ars, artis, f. auris, auris, f. civis, civis, m. and f. ius, iuris, n. mare, maris, n. mors, mortis, f. nubes, nubis, f. os, oris, n. pars, partis, f. Roma, -ae, f. turba, -ae, f. urbs, urbis, f. vis, vis, f. ab, a trans appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatum curro, currere, cucurri, cursum muto, mutare, mutavi, mutatum teneo, tenere, tenui, tentum vito, vitare, vitavi, vitatum Italia, -ae, f. memoria, -ae, f. tempestas, tempestatis, f. centum mille miser, misera, miserum inter itaque committo, committere, commisi, commissum exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatum iacio, iacere, ieci, iectum eicio, eicere, eieci, eiectum

to stand, stand still, stand firm a living creature, animal water art, skill ear citizen right, justice sea death cloud mouth, face part, share Rome uproar, disturbance, mob, crowd, multitude city force, power, violence away from, from; by (takes ablative) across (takes accusative) to speak to, address (as), call, name to run, rush, move quickly to change, alter; exchange to hold, keep, possess; restrain to avoid, shun Italy memory, recollection period of time, season; weather, storm a hundred thousand; (plural) thousands wretched, miserable, unfortunate between, among (takes accusative) and so, therefore to entrust, commit to look for, expect, await to throw, hurl to throw out, drive out

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verb (irregular) adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective, cardinal adjective,

timeo, timere, timui, unus, -a, -um duo, duae, duo tres, tria quattuor quinque sex septem octo novem decem undecim duodecim tredecim quattuordecim quindecim sedecim septendecim duodeviginti undeviginti viginti viginti unus viginti duo

to fear, be afraid of, be afraid one two (always plural) three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen (literally two from twenty) nineteen (literally one from twenty) twenty twenty-one (also unus et viginti) twenty-two (also duo et viginti)

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cardinal adjective, viginti tres cardinal adjective, viginti quattuor cardinal adjective, viginti quinque cardinal adjective, triginta cardinal adjective, quadraginta cardinal adjective, quinquaginta cardinal adjective, sexaginta cardinal adjective, septuaginta cardinal adjective, octoginta cardinal adjective, nonaginta cardinal adjective, ordinal primus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal secundus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal tertius, -a, -um adjective, ordinal quartus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal quintus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal sextus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal septimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal octavus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal nonus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal decimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal undecimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal duodecimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal tertius decimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal quartus decimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal quintus decimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal sextus decimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal septimus decimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal duodevicesimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal undevicesimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal vicesimus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal vicesimus primus, -a, -um

twenty-three (also tres et viginti) twenty-four (also quattuor et viginti) twenty-five (also quinque et viginti) thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth eleventh twelfth thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth (literally two from twenty) nineteenth (literally one from twenty) twentieth twenty-first

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adjective, ordinal vicesimus secundus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal vicesimus tertius, -a, -um adjective, ordinal vicesimus quartus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal vicesimus quintus, -a, -um adjective, ordinal tricesimus adjective, ordinal quadragesimus adjective, ordinal quinquagesimus adjective, ordinal sexagesimus adjective, ordinal septuagesimus adjective, ordinal octogesimus adjective, ordinal nonagesimus noun (3) aetas, aetatis, f. noun (3) auditor, auditoris, m. noun (1) clementia, -ae, f. noun (3i) mens, mentis, f. noun (1) satura, -ae, f. adjective acer, acris, acre adjective brevis, breve adjective celer, celeris, celere adjective difficilis, difficile adjective dulcis, dulce adjective facilis, facile adjective fortis, forte adjective ingens adjective iucundus, -a, -um adjective longus, -a, -um adjective omnis, omne adjective adjective, noun (3) adverb verb (3) noun (2) pronoun adjective adjective conjunction adverb adverb verb (3) potens senex, senis, m. quam rego, regere, rexi, rectum libellus, -i, m. qui, quae, quod caecus, -a, -um levis, leve aut cito quoque admitto, admittere, admisi,

twenty-second twenty-third twenty-fourth twenty-fifth thirtieth fortieth fiftieth sixtieth seventieth eightieth ninetieth period of life, life, age, an age, time hearer, listener, member of an audience mildness, gentleness, mercy mind, thought, intention satire sharp, keen, eager; severe, fierce short, small, brief swift, quick, rapid hard, difficult, troublesome sweet; pleasant, agreeable easy, agreeable strong, brave huge (genitive ingentis) pleasant, delightful, agreeable, pleasing long every, all able, powerful, mighty, strong (genitive potentis) old, aged; old man how to rule, guide, direct little book who, which, what, that blind light, slight, easy, trivial or (aut...aut: either...or) quickly also, too to admit, receive, let in

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admissum verb (irregular) -, coepisse, coepi, coeptum cupio, cupere, cupivi, verb (3i) cupitum verb (2) deleo, delere, delevi, deletum desidero, desiderare, verb (1) desideravi, desideratum incipio, incipere, incepi, verb (3i) inceptum navigo, navigare, navigavi, verb (1) navigatum neglego, neglegere, neglexi, verb (3) neglectum recito, recitare, recitavi, verb (1) recitatum noun (3) flumen, fluminis, n. noun (3) genus, generis, n. noun (3i) hostis, hostis, m. noun (2) ludus, -i, m. noun (3) probitas, probitatis, f. noun (1) scientia, -ae, f. adjective clarus, -a, -um adjective mortalis, mortale adverb cur adverb deinde verb (3) fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluxum verb (3) lego, legere, legi, lectum misceo, miscere, miscui, verb (2) mixtum moveo, movere, movi, verb (2) motum verb (2) videor, videri, visus sum, noun (2) argumentum, -i, n. noun (3) auctor, auctoris, m. noun (2) beneficium, -ii, n. noun (1) familia, -ae, f. noun (1) Graecia, -ae, f. noun (3) iudex, iudicis, m. noun (2) iudicium, -ii, n. noun (3) scelus, sceleris, n. pronoun quis?, quid? adjective qui?, quae?, quod?

began (only used in the perfect system) to desire, wish, long for to destroy, wipe out, erase to desire, long for, miss to begin to sail, navigate to neglect, disregard to read aloud, recite river origin, kind, sort, class an enemy; (plural) the enemy game, sport; school uprightness, honesty knowledge clear, bright; renowned, famous, illustrious mortal why thereupon, next, then to flow to pick out, choose; read to mix, stir up, disturb to move; arouse, affect to be seen, seem, appear proof, evidence, argument increaser, author, originator benefit, kindness; favor household, family Greece judge, juror judgement, decision, opinion; trial evil deed, crime, sin, wickedness who?, whose?, whom?, what?, which? what?, which?, what kind of?

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adjective adjective adjective conjunction conjunction preposition adverb verb (1) verb (1) verb (1) noun (2) noun (4) noun (4) noun (4) noun (4) noun (4) noun (3i) noun (4) noun (4) noun (3) noun (4) noun (4)

certus, -a, -um gravis, grave immortalis, immortale at nisi contra iam delecto, delectare, delectavi, delectatum libero, liberare, liberavi, liberatum paro, parare, paravi, paratum coniurati, -orum, m. cornu, -us, n. fructus, -us, m. genu, -us, n. manus, -us, f. metus, -us, m. mons, montis, m. senatus, -us, m. sensus, -us, m. servitus, servitutis, f. spiritus, -us, m. versus, -us, m.

definite, sure, certain, reliable heavy, weighty, serious, important, severe, grievous not subject to death, immortal but; but, mind you; but, you say if...not, unless; except against (takes accusative) now; already, soon to delight, charm, please to free, liberate

to prepare, provide, get, obtain conspirators (always plural) horn fruit, profit, benefit, enjoyment knee hand, band; handwriting fear, dread, anxiety mountain senate feeling, sense servitude, slavery breath, breathing; spirit, soul line of verse common, general, of the community, for the adjective communis, commune community adjective dexter, dextra, dextrum right, right-hand adjective sinister, sinistra, sinistrum left, left-hand to be without, be deprived of, want, lack; be verb (2) careo, carere, carui, cariturus free from (takes ablative of separation) defendo, defendere, defensi, verb (3) to ward off; defend, protect defensum discedo, discedere, discessi, verb (3) to go away, depart discessum verb (irregular) -, odisse, odi, osurum to hate prohibeo, prohibere, to keep (back), prevent, hinder, restrain, verb (2) prohibui, prohibitum prohibit pronuntio, pronuntiare, verb (1) to proclaim, announce; declaim; pronounce pronuntiavi, pronuntiatum noun (1) casa, -ae, f. house, cottage, hut noun (1) causa, -ae, f. cause, reason; case, situation; (abl. causa

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noun (1) noun (3i) noun (3i) noun (2) noun (3i) noun (3) noun (1) noun (2) noun (1) noun (2) adjective conjunction adverb verb (2) verb (2) verb (1) verb (3i) verb (3) verb (4) verb (3) noun (5) noun (2) noun (5) noun (3i) noun (2) noun (5) noun (5) adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adverb adverb,

plus a preceding gen.) for the sake of, on account of fenestra, -ae, f. window end, limit, boundary, purpose; (plural) finis, finis, m. boundaries, territory gens, gentis, f. clan, race, nation, people mundus, -i, m. world, universe navis, navis, f. ship, boat salus, salutis, f. health, safety; greeting Troia, -ae, f. Troy vicinus, -i, m. neighbor vicina, -ae, f. neighbor vulgus, -i, m. the common people, mob, rabble asper, aspera, asperum rough, harsh atque, ac and, and also, and even iterum again, a second time contineo, continere, continui, to hold together, contain, keep, enclose, contentum restrain iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum to bid, order, command laboro, laborare, laboravi, to labor, be in distress laboratum rapio, rapere, rapui, raptum to seize, snatch, carry away relinquo, relinquere, reliqui, to leave behind, leave, abandon, desert relictum scio, scire, scivi, scitum to know tango, tangere, tetigi, tactum to touch dies, diei, m. day ferrum, -i, n. iron; sword faith, trust, trustworthiness, fidelity, promise, fides, fidei, f. guarantee, protection ignis, ignis, m. fire measure, bound, limit; manner, method, modus, -i, m. mode, way res, rei, f. thing, matter, business, affair spes, spei, f. hope aequus, -a, -um level, even; calm; equal, just; favorable felix, felicis lucky, fortunate, happy incertus, -a, -um uncertain, unsure, doubtful Latinus, -a, -um Latin medius, -a, -um middle quondam formerly, once ultra on the other side, beyond (takes accusative)

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protinus immediately cerno, cernere, crevi, cretum to distinguish, discern, perceive eripio, eripere, eripui, verb (3i) to snatch away, take away; rescue ereptum he says, he said (defective verb placed after verb (irregular) inquit, -, -, one or more words of direct quotation) tollo, tollere, sustuli, verb (3) to raise, lift up; take away, remove, destroy sublatum noun (3i) arx, arcis, f. citadel, stronghold noun (3) dux, ducis, m. leader, guide; commander, general noun (2) equus, -i, m. horse noun (1) hasta, -ae, f. spear noun (1) insula, -ae, f. island noun (3) litus, litoris, n. shore, coast noun (3) miles, militis, m. soldier noun (3) orator, oratoris, m. orator, speaker noun (3) sacerdos, sacerdotis, m. priest pronoun aliquis, aliquid someone, somebody, something pronoun quisquis, quidquid whoever, whatever adjective magnanimus, -a, -um great-hearted, brave, magnanimous adverb umquam ever, at any time educo, educare, educavi, verb (1) to bring up, educate educatum gaudeo, gaudere, gavisus verb (2) to be glad, rejoice sum, ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, verb (3) to exhibit, show, display ostentum verb (3) peto, petere, petivi, petitum to seek, aim at, beg, beseech premo, premere, pressi, verb (3) to press, press hard, pursue pressum opprimo, opprimere, verb (3) to suppress, overwhelm, overpower, check oppressi, oppressum verb (3) verto, vertere, verti, versum to turn; change noun (3) Carthago, Carthaginis, f. Carthage (a city in North Africa) noun (1) fabula, -ae, f. story, tale; play noun (3) imperator, imperatoris, m. general, commander-in-chief, emperor power to command, supreme power, noun (2) imperium, -ii, n. authority, command, control noun (2) perfugium, -ii, n. refuge, shelter noun (2) servus, -i, m. slave noun (1) serva, -ae, f. slave

preposition adverb verb (3)

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noun (2) noun (3) prefix conjunction adverb verb (3i) verb (3i) verb (3i) verb (3) verb (3) verb (1) verb (3) verb (2) noun (1) adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adverb adverb verb (irregular) verb (3) verb (2) verb (1) verb (4) verb (1) verb (3i) verb (1) verb (1)

solacium, -ii, n. vulnus, vulneris, n. re-, redut (+ indic.) postea accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptum excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptum recipio, recipere, recepi, receptum pello, pellere, pepuli, pulsum expello, expellere, expepuli, expulsum narro, narrare, narravi, narratum quaero, quaerere, quaesivi, quaesitum rideo, ridere, risi, risum lingua, -ae, f. ferox fidelis, fidele geminus, -a, -um sapiens ultimus, -a, -um dehinc hic ait, -, -, credo, credere, credidi, creditum iaceo, iacere, iacui, nego, negare, negavi, negatum nescio, nescire, nescivi, nescitum nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatum patefacio, patefacere, patefeci, petefactum puto, putare, putavi, putatum spero, sperare, speravi,

comfort, relief wound again, back just as, when afterwards to take (to one's self), receive, accept to take out, except; take, receive, capture to take back, regain, admit, receive to strike, push, drive out, banish to drive out, expel, banish to tell, report, narrate to seek, look for, strive for; ask, inquire, inquire into to laugh, laugh at tongue; language fierce, savage (genitive ferocis) faithful, loyal twin wise, judicious; (as a noun) a wise man, philosopher (genitive spientis) farthest, extreme; last, final then here he says, they say, assert (or aiunt) to believe, trust to lie, lie prostrate, lie dead to deny, say that...not not to know, be ignorant to announce, report, relate to make open, open; disclose, expose to clean, trim; reckon, suppose, judge, think, imagine to hope for, hope

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verb (1) noun (1) noun (2) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3i) noun (2) pronoun, adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective preposition adverb, conjunction adverb verb (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective

speratum suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptum cena, -ae, f. forum, -i, n. lex, legis, f. limen, liminis, n. lux, lucis, f. mensa, -ae, f. nox, noctis, f. somnus, -i, m. quidam, quaedam, quiddam pudicus, -a, -um superbus, -a, -um tristis, triste turpis, turpe urbanus, -a, -um prae quam tantum invito, invitare, invitavi, invitatum delectatio, delectationis, f. nepos, nepotis, m. sol, solis, m. diligens dissimilis, dissimile gracilis, gracile humilis, humile maior, -ius primus, -a, -um quot similis, simile superus, -a, -um utilis, utile melior, -ius peior, -ius

to undertake dinner marketplace, forum law, statute threshold light table, dining, dish, course (mensa secunda: dessert) night sleep (pron.) a certain one, certain thing, someone, something; (adj.) a certain, some modest, chaste arrogant, overbearing, haughty, proud sad, sorrowful; joyless, grim, severe ugly, shameful, base, disgraceful of the city, urban, urbane, elegant in front of, before (takes ablative) (after comparatives) than; (with superlatives) possible (e.g. quam fortissimus, as great as possible) only to entertain, invite, summon delight, pleasure, enjoyment grandson, descendant sun diligent, careful (genitive diligentis) unlike, different slender, thin lowly, humble greater, older; (plural) ancestors first, foremost, chief, principal how many, as many as (indeclinable) similar (to), like, resembling above, upper useful, advantageous better worse

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adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective adjective verb (3) verb (1) noun (2) noun (4) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3) adjective adjective conjunction adverb, conjunction verb (3) verb (1) verb (2) verb (2) verb (1) verb (2) noun (2) noun (2)

more (NB no masc. and fem. or dat. sing; abl. sing. plure, gen. plur. plurium, neut. pl. plura) minor, minus smaller prior, -ius former superior, -ius higher optimus, -a, -um best maximus, -a, -um greatest pessimus, -a, -um worst plurimus, -a, -um most minimus, -a, -um smallest summus, -a, -um highest, furthest supremus, -a, -um highest, last pono, ponere, posui, positum to put, place, set probo, probare, probavi, to test, approve, recommend probatum arma, -orum, n. arms, weapons (always plural) cursus, -us, m. running, race; course luna, -ae, f. moon occasio, occasionis, f. occasion, opportunity parens, parentis, m. or f. parent stella, -ae, f. star, planet evening (genitive singular may also be vesper, vesperis, m. vesperi) mortuus, -a, -um dead chief, foremost; (m. or f. noun) leader, princeps emperor (genitive principis) in order that, so that, that, in order to, so as ut (+ subj.) to, to; (with indicative) as, when not; in order that...not, that...not, in order not ne to cedo, cedere, cessi, cessum to go, withdraw; yield to, grant, submit dedico, dedicare, dedicavi, to dedicate dedicatum egeo, egere, egui, to need, lack, want expleo, explere, explevi, to fill, fill up, complete expletum praesto, praestare, praestiti, to excel; exhibit, show, offer, supply, furnish praestitum taceo, tacere, tacui, tacitum to be silent, leave unmentioned fatum, -i, n. fate, death ingenium, -ii, n. nature, innate talent plus

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noun (3i) noun (1) noun (2) noun (3) adjective adjective adjective adverb adverb adverb adverb adverb adverb verb (3) verb (3) verb (4) verb (1) verb (2) verb (3) noun (3) adjective adjective adjective adjective adverb adverb adverb adverb adverb adverb, conjunction verb (3)

moenia, moenium, n. nata, -ae, f. osculum, -i, n. sidus, sideris, n. dignus, -a, -um durus, -a, -um tantus, -a, -um denique ita quidem sic tam vero condo, condere, condidi, conditum contendo, contendere, contendi, contenditum mollio, mollire, mollivi, mollitum pugno, pugnare, pugnavi, pugnatum respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsum surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectum honor, honoris, m. ceteri, -ae, -a quantus, -a, -um ridiculus, -a, -um vivus, -a, -um furtim mox primo repente unde bibo, bibere, bibi, -

walls of a city (always plural) daughter kiss constellation, star worthy, worthy of hard, harsh, rough, stern, unfeeling, hardy, difficult so large, so great, of such a size at last, finally, lastly so, thus indeed, certainly, at least, even (ne...quidem: not...even) so, thus so, to such a degree (tam...quam: in truth, indeed, to be sure, however to put together, put into, store; found, establish to strive, struggle, contend; hasten to soften; make calm, make less hostile to fight to answer to get up, arise honor, esteem; public office the remaining, the rest, the other, all the others (always plural) how large, how great, how much laughable, ridiculous alive, living stealthily, secretly soon at first, at the beginning suddenly whence, from what, from which place, from which, from whom whether...or to drink

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verb (3) verb (3) verb (3) verb (1) verb (3) verb (3) verb (1) noun (3) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (2) noun (1) noun (3) noun (2) adjective conjunction preposition adverb adverb verb (2) verb (4) verb (3) verb (3) verb (3) verb (3)

cognosco, cognoscere, cognovi, cognitum comprehendo, comprehendere, comprehendi, comprehensum consumo, consumere, consumpsi, consumptum dubito, dubitare, dubitavi, dubitatum expono, exponere, exponsui, expositum minuo, minuere, minui, minutum rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatum as, assis, m. auxillium, -ii, n. digitus, -i, m. elephantus, -i, m. exsilium, -ii, n. invidia, -ae, f. rumor, rumoris, m. vinum, -i, n. mediocris, medicre cum apud semel usque doleo, dolere, dolui, doliturum dormio, dormire, dormivi, dormitum fero, ferre, tuli, latum

to become acquainted with, learn, recognize; (in perf.) know to grasp, seize, arrest; comprehend, understand to consume, use up to doubt, hesitate to set forth, explain, expose to lessen, diminish to ask an as (a small copper coin, roughly equivalent to a penny) aid, help finger, toe elephant exile, banishment envy, jealousy, hatred rumor, gossip wine ordinary, moderate, mediocre (with subj.) when, since, although; (with indic.) when among, in the presence of, at the house of (takes accusative) a single time, once, once and for all, simultaneously all the way, up (to), even (to), continuously, always to grieve, suffer, hurt, give pain to sleep

to bear, carry, bring; suffer, endure, tolerate; say, report adfero, adferre, attuli, allatum to bring to confero, conferre, contuli, to bring together, compare; confer, bestow collatum (se conferre: betake onself, go) offero, offerre, obtuli, to offer oblatum

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refero, referre, rettuli, relatum invideo, invidere, invidi, verb (2) invisum occido, occidere, occidi, verb (3) occasum noun (1) custodia, -ae, f. noun (4) exercitus, -us, m. noun (3) paupertas, paupertatis, f. adjective dives adjective par adjective pauper conjunction dummodo adverb longe adverb libere adverb pulchre adverb fortiter adverb celeriter adverb acriter adverb feliciter adverb sapienter adverb facile adverb bene adverb male adverb multum adverb magnopere adverb parum adverb diu verb (irregular) malo, malle, malui,verb (irregular) nolo, nolle, nolui,verb (3) verb (2) verb (2) pateo, patere, patui, -

to carry back, bring back; repeat, answer, report to be envious; to look at with envy, envy, be jealous of to fall down; die; set protection, custody; (plural) guards army poverty, humble circumstance rich (genitive divitis or ditis) equal, like (genitive paris) of small means, poor (genitive pauperis) (with subj.) provided that, so long as far freely beautifully bravely quickly keenly happily wisely easily well badly much greatly little, not very (much) for a long time to want (something) more, instead; prefer to not...wish, be unwilling to be open, lie open, be accessible, be evident

praebeo, praebere, praebui, to offer, provide praebitum promitto, promittere, promisi, verb (3) to send forth; promise promissum verb (irregular) volo, velle, volui,to wish, want, be willing, will noun (2) initium, -ii, n. beginning, commencement noun (3) ops, opis, f. help, aid; (plural) power, resources, wealth noun (2) philosophus, -i, m. philosopher noun (1) philosopha, -ae, f. philosopher

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noun (3) noun (3) noun (2) pronoun adjective adjective adjective enclitic, conjunction interjection adverb verb (1) verb (3) noun (1) noun (3) noun (3) adjective adjective interjection verb (1) verb (1) verb (2) verb (3i) verb (2) verb (1) verb (3) verb (4) verb (3i) verb (3) verb (3i) verb (3) verb (1) verb (2)

plebs, plebis, f. sal, salis, m. speculum, -i, n. quis, quid candidus, -a, -um merus, -a, -um suavis, suave -ve heu subito recuso, recusare, recusavi, recusatum trado, tradere, tradidi, traditum anima, -ae, f. remissio, remissionis, f. vox, vocis, f. adversus, -a, -um talis, tale vae arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum, conor, conari, conatus sum, cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum egredior, egredi, egressus sum, fateor, fateri, fassus sum, hortor, hortari, hortatus sum, loquor, loqui, locutus sum, molior, moliri, molitus sum, morior, mori, mortuus sum, nascor, nasci, natus sum, patior, pati, passus sum, proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum, rusticor, rusticari, rusticatus sum, sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessum

the common people, populace, plebians salt; wit mirror (after si, nisi) anyone, anything, someone, something shining, bright, white; beautiful pure, undiluted sweet or ah!, alas! (a sound of grief or pain) suddenly to refuse to give over, surrender; hand down, transmit, teach soul, spirit letting go, release; relaxation voice, word opposite, adverse such, of such a sort alas, woe to to judge, think to try, attempt to increase to go out to confess, admit to encourage, urge to say, speak, tell to work at, build, undertake, plan to die to be born; spring forth, arise to suffer, endure, permit to set out, start to live in the country to sit

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verb (3) verb (1) verb (3) noun (3) noun (1) noun (3) noun (2) adjective verb (3) verb (3) verb (3) verb (1) verb (1) verb (2) verb (3) verb (3) verb (2) verb (2) verb (2) verb (3i) verb (4) verb (2) verb (2) noun (3) noun (3) noun (3) noun (2) adverb adverb verb (3)

sequor, sequi, secutus sum, specto, spectare, spectavi, spectatum utor, uti, usus sum, aestas, aestatis, f. ianua, -ae, f. pectus, pectoris, n. praemium, -ii, n. iratus, -a, -um antepono, anteponere, anteposui, antepositum foveo, fovere, fovi, fotum ignosco, ignoscere, ignovi, ignotum impero, imperare, imperavi, imperatum miror, mirari, miratus sum, noceo, nocere, nocui, nocitum nubo, nubere, nupsi, nuptum parco, parcere, peperci, parsurum pareo, parere, parui, persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasum placeo, placere, placui, placitum sapio, sapere, sapui, servio, servire, servivi, servitum studeo, studere, studui, subrideo, subridere, subrisi, subrisum cupido, cupidinis, f. lector, lectoris, m. lectrix, lectricis, f. vinculum, -i, n. cotidie fortasse accedo, accedere, accessi, accessum

to follow to look at, see to use; enjoy, experience summer door breast, heart reward, prize angry to put before, prefer to comfort, nurture, cherish to grant pardon to, forgive to give orders to, command to marvel at, admire, wonder to do harm to, harm, injure to cover, veil; (with dat.) to be married to, marry to be lenient to, spare to be obedient to, obey to make sweet to, persuade to be pleasing to, please to have good taste; have good sense, be wise to be a slave to, serve to direct one's zeal to, be eager for, study to smile upon, to smile down upon desire, passion reader reader bond, chain, fetter daily, every day perhaps to come (to), approach

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verb (3) verb (3) verb (3)

carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptum cogo, cogere, coegi, coactum

to harvest, pluck, seize to drive together, bring together, force, compel to despise, scorn to beat, crush, bruise, destroy to care for, attend to; heal, cure; take care to decide, settle, decree to drive out, force out, exact; drive through, complete, perfect to occur, happen, become; be made, be done to please, amuse, delight; pass time pleasantly to speak, plead; beg, beseech, entreat to restore, revive; refresh, cheer to seek, ask for, miss, need, require to make clear, brighten; cheer up, soothe Athens (always plural) house, home (NB 3 special uses and endings: domi -at home; domo from home; domum to home) ground, earth, soil road, route, journey the country, countryside Syracuse (always plural) absent, away (gen. absentis) pleasing, agreeable; grateful suitable, fit, appropriate unmoved, unchanged, unrelenting out of doors, outside to go to go away, depart to go to, approach to go out, exit to go in, enter to go up against, meet; die

contemno, contemnere, contempsi, contemptum contundo, contundere, verb (3) contudi, contusum verb (1) curo, curare, curavi, curatum decerno, decernere, decrevi, verb (3) decretum exigo, exigere, exegi, verb (3) exactum verb (irregular) fio, fieri, factus sum, oblecto, oblectare, oblectavi, verb (1) oblectatum verb (1) oro, orare, oravi, oratum recreo, recreare, recreavi, verb (1) recreatum requiro, requirere, requisivi, verb (3) requisitum sereno, serenare, serenavi, verb (1) serenatum noun (1) Athenae, -arum, f. noun (4) noun (2) noun (3) noun (3) noun (1) adjective adjective adjective adjective adverb verb (irregular) verb (irregular) verb (irregular) verb (irregular) verb (irregular) verb (irregular) domus, -us, f. humus, -i, f. iter, itineris, n. rus, ruris, n. Syracusae, -arum, f. absens gratus, -a, -um idoneus, -a, -um immotus, -a, -um foris eo, ire, ii, itum abeo, abire, abii, abitum adeo, adire, adii, aditum exeo, exire, exii, exitum ineo, inire, inii, initum obeo, obire, obii, obitum

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verb (irregular) pereo, perire, perii, peritum verb (irregular) redeo, redire, redii, reditum interficio, interficere, verb (3i) interfeci, interfectum verb (irregular) licet, licere, licuit, peregrinor, peregrinari, verb (1) peregrinatus sum, requiesco, requiescere, verb (3) requievi, requietum verb (3) soleo, solere, solitus sum, noun (3) arbor, arboris, f. noun (3) dignitas, dignitatis, f. noun (3) dolor, doloris, m. noun (2) odium, -ii, n. noun (3) opus, operis, n. noun (3) oratio, orationis, f. noun (3) pes, pedis, m. noun (3) sator, satoris, m. adjective firmus, -a, -um adjective infirmus, -a, -um adjective mirabilis, mirabilie adjective pristinus, -a, -um adjective sublimis, sublime conjunction etsi preposition erga adverb libenter impedio, impedire, impedivi, verb (4) impeditum verb (3) metuo, metuere, metui, verb (3) queror, queri, questus sum, recognosco, recognoscere, verb (3) recognovi, recognitum suspendo, suspendere, verb (3) suspendi, suspensum vendo, vendere, vendidi, verb (3) venditum noun (2) aedificium, -ii, n. noun (1) iniuria, -ae, f. noun (3) mulier, mulieris, f. noun (4) transitus, -us, m. noun (2) ventus, -i, m. adjective cupidus, -a, -um

to pass away, be destroyed, perish to go back, return to kill, murder (impersonal) it is permitted, one may to travel abroad, wander to rest to be accustomed tree merit, prestige, dignity pain, grief hatred a work, task; deed, accomplishment speech lower leg, foot sower, planter; begetter, father; founder firm, strong, reliable not strong, weak, feeble amazing, wondrous, remarkable ancient; former, previous elevated, lofty; heroic, noble even if, although toward (takes accusative) with pleasure, gladly to impede, hinder, prevent to fear, dread to complain, lament to recognize, recollect to hang up, suspend; interrupt to sell building, structure injustice, injury, wrong woman passing over, transit, transition wind desirous, eager, fond; (with gen.) desirous of,

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adjective adjective adjective adverb, conjunction verb (1)

liberalis, liberale necesse vetus quasi

eager for of or relating to a free person; worthy of a free man, decent, liberal; generous necessary, inevitable (indeclinable) old (genitive veteris) as if, as it were

ambulo, ambulare, ambulavi, to walk ambulatum experior, experiri, expertus verb (4) to try, test, experience sum, to pour a libation of, pour a libation on; to verb (1) libo, libare, libavi, libatum pour ritually; to sip, touch gently verb (irregular) oportet, oportere, oportuit, - it is proper, right, necessary oppugno, oppugnare, verb (1) to fight against, attack, assault, assail oppugnavi, oppugnatum verb (1) orno, ornare, ornavi, ornatum to equip, furnish, adorn pernocto, pernoctare, verb (1) to spend the night, occupy the night pernoctavi, pernoctatum transeo, transire, transii, verb (irregular) to go across, cross; pass over, ignore transitum noun (3) aes, aeris, n. bronze noun (2) dominus, -i, m. master (of a household), lord noun (1) domina, -ae, f. mistress, lady noun (1) lacrima, -ae, f. tear noun (1) meta, -ae, f. turning post, goal; limit noun (2) monumentum, -i, n. monument noun (2) nasus, -i, m. nose noun (2) saxum, -i, n. rock, stone noun (4) vultus, -us, m. countenance, face adjective iustus, -a, -um just, right adjective tot so many (indeclinable) besides, except; beyond past (takes preposition praeter accusative) yes question (introduces questions expecting adverb nonne the answer yes) no question; whether (introduces questions adverb num expecting the answer no; introduces indirect questions and means whether) adverb omnino, adv. wholly, entirely, altogether adverb postremum after all, finally; for the last time adverb quin indeed, in fact

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verb (1) verb (1) verb (1) verb (1) verb (4) verb (4)

explico, explicare, explicavi, explicatum fatigo, fatigare, fatigavi, fatigatum for, fari, fatus sum, opinor, opinari, opinatus sum, reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum vereor, vereri, vertus sum, -

to unfold, explain; spread out, deploy to weary, tire out to speak (prophetically), talk, foretell to suppose to find, discover, learn, get to show reverence for, respect; be afraid of, fear