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Tackle the Toughest Civil Design Projects GEOPAK Does It All!

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GEOPAK offers the most complete civil design solution on the market today. Our customers tell us GEOPAK simply does it all. Thats why GEOPAK is the market leader in roadway design and engineering software. A Bentley Strategic Affiliate, GEOPAK builds its products on MicroStation and also develops Bentleys GeoTerrain and CivilDraft software. The flagship product in the GEOPAK 97 product line is the new GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite, a complete solution that addresses every phase of the project lifecycle, from concept to final design. Civil Engineering Suite supports true interdiscipline team design and ensures consistent standards. Everyone on the design team works from a central geometric road or site plan, with simultaneous read and write capability across multiple platforms. In a single package, the GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite provides modules for survey management, road, site, bridge, and drainage. GEOPAK 97 also includes single discipline products: GEOPAK Survey, GEOPAK Bridge, GEOPAK Rebar, and GEOPAK Site.

Theres no such thing as a cut-and-dry engineering project theyre all different. GEOPAK actually adapts to any situation. Chuck Lawson GEOPAK User

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GEOPAK analyzes plan and cross section design circumstances, makes complex decisions, and draws incredible cross section details. Multiple alignments and adjoining structures can be drawn simultaneously. No longer must you manually analyze each cross section and draw the details by hand. Only GEOPAK draws a complete cross section with complete details. The new 3-Port Viewer makes GEOPAK the only software that lets you work simultaneously in three separate yet synchronized plan, profile, and cross section files. Make fast work of correlating vertical and horizontal alignments, matching grades, analyzing slope stakes, resolving right-of-way encroachments, and more. GEOPAK Digital Terrain Modeling (DTM) has always been fast and comprehensive. Now GEOPAK takes DTM technology to the next level with dynamic, on-the-fly editing. See contours shift in real time as you modify a triangle vertex. Analyze water flow for entire TINs.

FAST digital terrain modeling with real-time analysis!

Automatic cross sections no more drawing by hand!

Easy, flexible viewing without shuffling drawings!

GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite

GEOPAK is simply the best road design package you can buy today. My favorite part is automatic cross sections because you dont have to mess with templates.
Frances Gallagher, HNTB Corporation

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For complete bridge modeling and plans production, GEOPAK is the first to provide capabilities to handle complex bridge geometry for all bridge types, from simple span to multilevel interchanges.

Powerful, friendly bridge modeling and plans!

Streamline your project with easy organization of files across multiple folders, directories even servers. Project management tools maintain standards and record project histories so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

Flexible project management and history!

Fully design, analyze, and visualize storm water flow with complete drainage features integrated with road and site design tools. Handle multiple drainage networks, comprising any number of topologically connected areas, inlets, pipes, and ditches.

Interactive storm drainage design and analysis!

Boost your concrete design productivity by 70 percent and eliminate redrafting time. GEOPAK Rebar improves detailing accuracy and transforms MicroStation into a powerful detailing and scheduling system for reinforced concrete structures. Dynamic visual editing lets you see the impact of changes immediately because quantities adjust automatically. Changing drawings is a snap even prior to final issue.

GEOPAK is developing Web browser technologies to let everyone on the design and review team access design information and participate from remote locations. For example, specialized Wizard browsers step novice users through easy input for road resurfacing. Or consultants can go online to view State DOT standards for road design. Its all part of GEOPAKs constant attention to improving the civil design and engineering process.

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GEOPAK is putting excitement back into the civil engineering software market with its rapid product development and excellent customer service.
David Weisberg Engineering Automation Report

Who is GEOPAK ?
GEOPAK provides civil design software with longevity on the market since 1984. The companys ability to leverage advances in technology and meet timely needs of its customers has made GEOPAK the fastest growing civil design provider on the market today. GEOPAK is now used by the Federal Highway Administration, over 400 engineering consultants, and 14 state DOTs nationwide, where installations average over 230 seats. More than any other product, GEOPAK is developed and supported by practicing civil engineers and land surveyors.


GEOPAK is a comprehensive civil project solution,
used concept through final design

No civil software vendor provides software with more care and better service than GEOPAK Corporation. Working with GEOPAK can give you the edge in meeting project schedules and reaching your bottom line goals.

GEOPAK is designed and supported by practicing

civil engineers who understand your needs

GEOPAK is renowned for continuous technological

improvements, driven by user requests

GEOPAK provides rapid product development and

delivery in line with evolving industry needs

GEOPAK is a Bentley Strategic Affiliate on the cutting

edge of MicroStation advancements

GEOPAK is the fastest growing product in the

industry and more broadly used across design and engineering departments than any other software Contact GEOPAK today to learn more about GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite and other GEOPAK 97 products.

GEOPAK Corporation
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