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BONDING SUMMARY, Special Boon(s)* Dark Naga £210 Will ves Tmamunity (Black Cloud) Darmantle 710 Listen +20 Initiative Deinonyehus 42 10 Survival Tmmunity (Babble & Made) ——} [Dero Blindight feat +H to Natural Amour Destrachan Eto Listen “2 to Fontitude saves Digester “£2 19 Fortius saves “2 to: Concentration [Dire Animals “12 40 Fortitude saves ‘Ant, Giant “to Fonttude saves Dog +3 to Constitution Ant, Harvester “2 to Constitution [Dog Riding “#2 0 Reflex soves ‘Ape 2 to Climb Donk 2 9 Fortitude and Reflex saves ‘Aranea *F20 Climb lganger “10 Bluffand Disguise ‘Arrowhawk “2 fo nitiatve Dragon Turle “2 to Fortiude saves ‘Assassin Vine #20 Fortitude waver Dragonie Tenmunity (Roar) ‘Atha “12 1p Fortitude saves Dueraar 219 Move Silent ‘Azer Immunity (Heat) Dust Mephit #20 Initiative Baboon “to Rellex saves tem #210 Reflex saves and Spot Badger “£3 to Reflex saves {Bah Mapai “#2 Fortiude saves Barabest “210 Hid fret Tnumunity (Heat) Basilisk Tovmunity (Petiiving Gaze) Elamosiunis #2 0 Swim Bat 73 to Listen Flephant “3 to Fortitude saves Bears 20 Ponitude saves [Ethereal Filcher $210 Sleight of Hand Bobi “210 Fortitude saves ihercal Marauder +3 to Initinive Bee, Giant “£20 Reflex saves and Spot Etereap “+1 Hide and Spot Boe, Honey 13 Dexterity Fire Beetle, Gig “2 to Fortitude and Climb Bede, Scar “20 Strength Fire Mephit “#20 Reflex saves Behir F210 Climb Flesh Golem “HT Natural Armour Belker “#210 Reflex saves Forest Gnome #210 Hide Bison +2 w Fortitude saves Formian, Worker 210 Reflex saves and Craft (any one) Black Dragon +2 to Swint and Immunity [Fornian, Warrior “HI to Climb and Move Silently Frightfut Presence) Fomiian, Taskmaster +210 niiatve Bink Doz, 21g Will saves. Gargoyle 7H to ie, lve Dragon +2 a Intimidation and Inawunity | [Chast Tarumunity (Stench & Paralysis (Fsightfut Presence) [Ghoul Immunity Paralysis) Boar “£3 to Fortitade saves [Gibbering Mouther Immunity (Gibberingy | Bombardier Beetle, Giant +2 to Fortitude snes [Gold Dragon +2 10 Swim and lnmuaity (ghia Brass Dragon ¥2 to Gather Information and —“Fresence) Inumyoity (Frighiful Presence) Gorgon F210 Fortitade snes Bronze Dragan “2.0 Swimand Immunity (Fright | [Grey Render “Fro Fortitade saves ful Presence) (Green Dragon 7210 Swim and lonvaity (ight Presence) Crick Zio Climb (Griffon “FH 1o Jump and Spot $2 to Survival Grim[ook 710 Reox saves Centipede, Tiny. 72 to Dexterity [Gynosphinn +2: Concentration Centipede, Small 2 to Fortitude wid Chim Tarp Tnumunity (Captivating Song) ‘Centipede, Other 42 10 Fortitude: Hawk +3 to Spot in bright ight ‘Chaos Beast 2 wo Escape Anis Hell Hound “FT to Hie and Move Silent ‘Cheeta 2 to Rellex saves Hieracosphinx “#210 Spot Chimera “FT to Listen and Spot Tippogni™ E10 Spot ‘Chaker 2 to Cimb, Homuneulos to Dexteny Chuul 20 initiative Horses “F710 Fortitude saves ‘Cloaker “F110 Hide and Move Silenly Howler Tmmanity (Howl) Cockatrce Timimunity (Petifaction) ee Mephi 210 Toitative ‘opper Dragon FE To Tim and Tamp and Invisible Sale “1 to Move Silenly and Spot Immunity rightful Presence) asm “210 Appraise ‘Crocodile -F2 0 Fortitude saves Kiwé #2 Wisdom and Survival Grospainx [72 to Intimidate [Krenshar Tumunity (Scare) Encyclopaedia Arcane Lamiliars J. Miller Contents Credits Introduction 2 Editors Familiars — An Overview 3 Richard Neale ‘The Summoning 7 Line Developer Consequences of Bonding B Paul Tucker The Infusion 9 Cover Art Unbound Mages 3 Anne Srokes Training Famiiars 35 Interior Illustrations : Anne Stokes, Dave Allsop, Gillian Pearce, Familiar Feats 39 Marcio Frio ‘The Masters ~ Bound and Unbound 42 Production Manager Spells of the Master 34 ‘Alexander Feanel ‘The Art of Familiar Maintenance $7 Proof-Reading Familiar Creatures 9 Andrew Wilson Rules S 6 . ules Summary Playtesting Licences 64 Mark Howe, Daniel Scothorne, Mark Sizer, Michael Young, Mak Billanie, Daniel Haslam, Jamie Godfrey, Alan Moore Open Game Content & Copyright Information ‘Eneyelopacdia Arcane - Fumiliars is 12003 Mongoose Publishing, All rights reserved. Reproduction of memlpen Garme-Cartzat of this work ‘any meats without he wiaepemision of he pushers expres frbaden, Encyclopaedia Arcane Fallen posited wt she Oper Gams and D20 Licenses. Se pags 68 fr the texto thes heenece Al xt paairaphs and ables mien game rehire and states deraive of Open Ge Conta anh Str Referee Dosunet a considera a Be Open Gabe Comet. Alt ther get harater res paces tee af nd tet herein ar copyrighted by Mogae Pabiing. Al a reere8°40 Sytem ed he 220 ‘sysen lego ar Trademarks owed by zat fhe Coss and ae used scoring othe ns ofthe 0 Sytem Leas version 3.0. copy ths Licence can be founda rewind, The mcton af oe eferce any company o daa nese apes nt chalet the eadenak or eppight consumed. Dungeons & Dragon i zat ofthe Coss ue Reistere’ Tatas of Wars fhe CSS, dare usa wih Permission. Pred nthe US. MONGOOSE PUBLISHING Mongoose Publishing, PO Box 1018, Swindon, SN3 1DG, United Kingdom info@mongoosepublishing com