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Data Integrity Solution Provider Appoints Gustav Poola as Vice President of Pro ducts Guardtime announced today that

Mr. Gustav Poola has joined the company as Vice P resident of Products. Palo Alto, CA (USA), Tuesday - June 05, 2012 .com ) announced today that Mr. Gustav Poola ident of Products. Poola brings to Guardtime e and innovation based on more than 20 years xperience. -- Guardtime ( http://www.guardtime has joined the company as Vice Pres a robust track record of performanc of hardware design and managerial e

"Guardtime Keyless Signature technology represents a breakthrough in data valida tion for the enterprise, cloud, and telecommunications industries. I look forwar d to contributing to its widespread adoption, growth, and success," Poola said. For 12 years, Poola served as CEO of Artec Group, a leading provider of electric al engineering services with customers including STMicroelectronics and National Semiconductor. Under Poola's management, Artec Group grew to over 70 employees and engineered many successful products such as the Geode SoC-based ThinCan prod uct line, a reference design that revolutionized thin-computing in 2006. Prior t o Artec, Poola worked for ZF Micro Solutions, Fujitsu, and Cabelco Technologies. "I'm very pleased to welcome Gustav to the team," said Guardtime ( ) CEO Mike Gault. "Guardtime's technology is playing a critical role in providing independent validation of data and virtual machines in a cloud env ironment. Cloud computing is in its infancy, and aside from his general track re cord in creating successful products, we hope to leverage Gustav's experience in appliance design to extend our scope deep into the hardware level." Guardtime's patented Keyless Signature technology ( ) p rovides irrefutable proof of integrity for data stored on disk, residing in the Cloud, or in transit across networks. Keyless Signature-based solutions are bein g adopted by governments, telecommunications service providers, and cloud infras tructure vendors around the globe in order to enhance transparency and provide s takeholders an independent and irrefutable method of proving that the implemente d data security measures are working properly. About Guardtime: Guardtime was founded with the goal of solving one of the biggest problems in co mputing: how to be sure electronic data is authentic. Guardtime's Keyless Signat ures provide proof of origin and that not a single bit has changed since a speci fic point in time. The verification of the signature can be done offline without reliance on keys, secrets, or the existence of a trusted third party. Guardtime 's mission is to change the world to one in which Keyless Signatures are ubiquit ous and a natural part of the everyday data lifecycle, whether on disk, in trans it, or in the Cloud. Visit for more information about u sing Keyless Signatures for signing your data. All company names are trademarks of their respective owners. Press & Media Contact: Victor Cruz, Principal Inc Palo Alto, CA - USA +1 978-594-4134