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There is no substitute for quality: the Ipsen original furnace chain.

As furnace chains are amongst the most severely loaded furnace components, they must be extremely reliable, because their failure can lead to the loss of an entire charge and hence be extremely expensive. Due to the unique importance that chains have for furnace operation, Ipsen has always taken great care in respect of both the development as well as the manufacture of its furnace chains. Original furnace chains from Ipsen are not only perfectly tailored for use in Ipsen sealed quench furnaces, they are also notable for their particularly high reliability and long service life.

New: The standard chain, more resistant, but at a lower price. For the first time, Ipsen has selected a manufacturing process for its new standard chains, which greatly increases the chain fexibility. The bolts are no longer welded but riveted, the result is lower loading of the chain links in day to day operation and consequently a greatly increased service life. A further welcome side-effect: as the new manufacturing process is more efficient, we can offer our customers the new standard chain at a very favourable price. It is available with 76 or 100 links.

The Ipsen standard chain

A classic: the universal chain. This fact is based on comprehensive and elaborated tests, which our chain designs must undergo; because we have to be sure so that you can be sure. Proven for charge weights up to 1.5 t. The welded Ipsen universal chain has been tried and tested over many decades and comprises a cold and hot part.

Ipsen 8 2010

Can I load a bit more? The reinforced universal chain for charge weights up to 2 t. This universal chain is also welded and comprises a cold and hot part. Thanks to its robust design it can be used for charge weights of up to two tons.

As good as new! Servicing Ipsen original furnace chains. Under daily heavy loads, even an Ipsen original furnace chain can distort, glaze or its individual links can crack. However, if the general condition remains satisfactory, servicing is often a more economical solution than buying a new chain. Our experienced specialists repair your chains, ensuring they are again fully serviceable. They will clean them, remove any glazing, replace defective links and carefully measure and realign the whole chain.

The Ipsen PLUS guarantee: Ipsen guarantees all wearing parts for nine months. For non-wearing parts the guarantee runs for 30 months from the time of installation by an Ipsen Service Technician.

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The reinforced universal chain for charge weights up to 2 t

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