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Case Study - Pro/E Integration

Balakrishna Shetty Solutions Architect Mercury Marine 1

About Mercury Marine

Worlds Leading Marine Propulsion Manufacturer Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corporation (BC:NYSE) BC is Forbes Best Managed Consumer Durable Goods Mfg

About Mercury PLM

More than 80 companies have benchmarked our PLM implementation
Process-focused PLM solutions include: Best practices PLM visioning Business process development PLM architecture and configuration Implementation support and training Clients include aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, and heavy equipment manufacturing

Embrace a human-centered approach based on a real manufacturers perspective to enable your PLM system.

Teamcenter at Mercury Marine
Pro/E integration at Mercury - journey Product Development Process at Mercury Large Assembly Management Product Structures/Engineering Bill Of Materials Strategies and Processes Lessons learned Questions

Teamcenter at Mercury Marine

Teamcenter applications in use:

Teamcenter Unified Teamcenter Visualization

Teamcenter Integration with Pro/Engineer (IPEM)

Teamcenter Community /SharePoint Integration

MRO, Schedule Manager *

Collaboration Context * Cortona and Teamcenter Integration *

~800 users across 10 locations

* proof of concept stage

Site has been consolidated


Teamcenter at Mercury Marine

Current Versions

WF4.0 M150


Unified 2007.1.5

* IPEM 8.3.0 and Teamcenter 8.3 are being tested now

Teamcenter at Mercury Marine


Hard Disks PPL


Engineering, QC, Purchasing, Tech Pubs, Manufacturing, Styling, Packaging


CAD files

Intranet Hard Disks

Specifications, Documents
(FEA, DFM, DFA, S Specs, M Specs, etc)

Bill of Materials

ERP Intranet

2D Production drawings

3D Lightweight viewable Product view


Pro/E integration at Mercury - journey

Pro/ Intralink
As is process mapping - understanding current processes and drivers for improvement

Requirements for migration (business and technical)

Formed a core team to test and validate CAD data management Data Integrity (Names, Status, Relationship consistency) and Cleanup
Pending rename (parent child relationships) Duplicate objects , missing files Family table (multiple references, version and status issues)

Worked with GTAC


Common challenges /Support

Phase 1
Assessment Documentation

Phase 2
Data Migration plan Data Analysis clean up

Phase 3
Data Migration Data Analysis UAT

Phase 4
Production Migration Roll out and Support

Good understanding of existing data and target data

Successful migration is a key Build confidence through communication and support Decommission Pro/I

SIG participation
September26, 2007


Large Assembly Management

Identifying the End models to be tracked during Product Development

Accurate CAD Assembly for each End Model configuration Maintenance of CAD Assemblies that accurately represents each Design Build Smart Assembly Structure to promote Collaboration and Concurrent Design Practices Define Roles and Responsibilities for Design Engineers


Product Development Process

CrossFunctional Program Attributes



CAE Data

Project Documents

Production Planning

Program Launch Plans

S h a r e P o i n t
Phase 1 Program Definition
Gate 1

Phase 2 Concept Development & Selection

Gate 2

Phase 3 Development & Gate 3 Design Validation

Phase 4 Process Validation & Readiness

Gate 4

Phase 5 Product Launch

Gate 5

T e a m c e n t e r

P a r t s

P l a n n i n g

JT Images Cost/ Weight Rollup

Selected Supplier Valid Product Cost/ Weight Rollup

Quoted Parts


Change Control

Cost/ Weight Targets

Analysis Report

Machine Programs Mfg Costs, Assembly Sequence

Locked Product Configuration 12

Large Assembly Management

LAM methods tested:
Stand-Alone Method ProE
CAD Engine Asm End Model A CAD Engine Asm End Model B CAD Engine Asm End Model C

CAD Spin-off Method

View End Model A View End Model B View End Model C

EBOM End Model A EBOM End Model B EBOM End Model C

CAD Engine Asm Master Model (Super-BOM) CAD Engine Asm End Model A CAD Engine Asm End Model B

EBOM Super-BOM EBOM End Model A EBOM End Model B

View Super-BOM View End Model A View End Model B

Tc Variants Method ProE

CAD Engine Asm Master Model (Super-BOM) EBOM Super-BOM EBOM End Model A EBOM End Model B EBOM End Model ...N

Modules Method


View Super-BOM View End Model A View End Model B View End Model C

CAD Engine Asm Master Model (Super-BOM) Common Module Option 1 Module Option 2 Module Option 3 Module

EBOM Super-BOM EBOM End Model ...N

View Super-BOM View End Model ...N

Option ...N Module


Product Structures/Engineering Bill Of Materials

Level 01 Outboard End Model Base Engine Peripherals Mid Section Electrical System Transom Level 02

Drive train
Cowling & Integration Mfg. Content


Product Structures/Engineering Bill Of Materials

LEVEL 1 Product Identifier: Project Name and/or Model END MODEL Base Engine Short Block Structure Cylinder Head System Cranktrain Valvetrain Drive Lubrication Delivery Peripherals Fuel System Intake System Peripheral Mounting & Drive Fluid Containment & Routing Electrical System Assembly Ignition System Charging System Starting System Sensors & Switch Control System Wire Harness Mid Section Driveshaft Housing System Adaptor Plate Assenbly Oil Sump Assembly Exhaust Tube Assembly Muffler Assembly Transom Mount system, trim system, Steering Mechanisms Drive Train Gearcase System Shift Mechanism Propeller Cowling and Integration Cowling Graphics and Decals
Cowls, Chaps, Latches, Mounting Hardware Gearcase assembly (Include water pump), Jet Drive Assembly, Geacase fasteners Shift shafts, linkages, , Neutral switch, Actuator Propeller
DSH,Bus hing,Grom m et,Water pick up tube, s crews

LEVEL 2 Primary Structure

LEVEL 3 Secondary Breakdown (Groupings)

LEVEL 4-X Typical components (Note: Screws and attaching hardware are implied with identified components)

Block, Crankcase, Liners, Scrapers, Thermostat Head, Head Gasket, Valvetrain, Cam Cover Crank, Rod, Piston Flywheel, Main Bearings, Flywheel cover Chain, Belt, Tensioner, Giides, Sprockets, Pulleys Oil Pump, Pressure control, piston cooling, Check Valves Pump, Filter, Seperator, Plumbing, Injectors, Fuel Sensors, regulator, vent, cooler Throttle Body, Ducting, Manifilod, Intake air filters, Boost System, Charge cooling, Charge sensors , IAC, Throttle Linkage Accessory Drive ,Belt, Tensioner, Brackets, Flywheel cover Water hoses, water filters, Oil Hoses, external oil cooling, oil filter

Spark Plugs, Coils, Mounting & Routing hardware Alternator, Regulator Stator, Mounting Starter, Mounting, Relay, Solinoid

ECU, Software, Mounting Harness, Mounting, Relays, Solenoids

Telltale,Gaskets, Cowl drain, Screws,O ring Oil Sump, Tank, Oil Plug, O ring, Screws Water tube, Hose, Seal ,Striner tube, Pipe, Screw Muffler, Hose, Clamp


Product Structures/Engineering Bill Of Materials


Product Structures/Engineering Bill Of Materials


Standard Product Template within Pro/E


Product Structures/Engineering Bill Of Materials


End user support


Lessons /Strategies and Processes

IPEM Validation




Strategies and Processes

Improvements in digestible chunks Continuous end user support ,communication & involvement Processes to help concurrent engineering Roles of Assembly Level Integrators

Roles of Project Integrators

Internal CAD Standards Model Check

Managing Personal Working Assemblies

Managing Working Directories Eliminating External References Drawing standards, Family Tables



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