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Data Dolphin Tech Note


Installing the Enfora Modem Module into the Model 400

This documents details the procedure for the installation and connection of the Enfora CDPD radio
modem module into the Model 400 datalogger package.

Figure 1: Enfora CDPD modem module

Tools Required
• A 7/64” hex key / Allen wrench / ball driver

Before Installing the Modem

þ The Enfora CDPD modem module and the Model 400 motherboard are sensitive to static
electricity. Take proper precautions to ensure that you are well grounded against static
electrical charges.
þ The following procedure assumes that you have an antenna connector cable (MMCX to TNC)
installed into the end plate of the Data Dolphin (Figure 5). Contact Optimum Instruments if your
Model 400 does not have a TNC connector cable already installed.
þ Make sure that the port end plate of your Model 400 is equipped with three (3) holes to view the
communication status LEDs of the Enfora modem module. These holes will be located to the
immediate right and slightly above the TNC connector. If your Model 400 does not have these
viewing holes, Contact Optimum Instruments immediately for a replacement plate.

1. Remove the Model 400 from its mounting surface and unplug any power connections.
Disconnect any wires from the input/output terminals.
2. Next, remove the endplate that contains the communication, power and TNC antenna ports by
unscrewing the four socket head caps screws (Figure 2). To remove these screws you will
need a 7/64” hex key, Allen wrench or ball driver.

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Socket head
cap screws

Communications port AC Adapter

TNC Antenna

Figure 2: Model 400 port end plate

3. Disconnect the Model 400’s internal battery pack connector. This will be the small white
connector to the immediate left of the power connector (Figure 3).
4. After successfully removing this end plate, carefully slide the Model 400’s motherboard out of its
slot in the bottom bracket of the aluminum case. Use care and take static precautions to avoid
damaging the sensitive electronics.

Internal Internal
battery pack battery pack

Model 400

Bottom case

Figure 3: Model 400 with port endplate removed

5. Turn over the motherboard over and rest it terminal side down on a flat surface.
6. Remove the Enfora modem module from its protective packaging, taking the appropriate static
7. With the label side facing up, rotate the Enfora modem module so that the LEDs are pointing
towards the communication port end of the Model 400 motherboard.
8. Gently align and plug in the two by five pin jack and three pin jack of the Enfora modem module
into the corresponding female connectors on the Model 400 motherboard.

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Model 400

Ten pin Three pin

connector connector

Enfora modem

Figure 4: Model 400 to Enfora Modem Module connections

9. Insert the MMCX connector of the antenna connector cable into the MMCX port of the Enfora
modem. If the Model 400 and modem module are rotated so the “enfora” label reads correctly,
the MMCX port will be located on the left side of the modem, towards the top corner (Figure 5).
The MMCX connector should make a gentle “snap” when it seats into the port.


Figure 5: MMCX antenna cable connection

10. Turn over the Model 400 with the newly installed modem module so that it is facing terminal side
up and modem side down. Gently slide the board into the top slot of the bottom bracket of the

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Model 400 case, with the end opposite the communication port going in first. As you do this,
gently fold the antenna connector cable into the space beneath the board and bottom bracket of
the case. Make sure the internal battery pack connector will be accessible when the endplate is
11. Reinstall the endplate and four socket head caps screws. Make sure all antenna
connections are complete before connecting the internal battery pack and any external
power sources.

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