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GSM Home Alarm System

with Photo-taking

Users Manual

For a better understanding of this product, please read this
user manual thoroughly before using it.

This Excellent GSM + Camera alarm system bases on the
GSM network, integrates the communication technology, can
automatically take photos of the intruders or burglars and
send it to cell phone, so the user can easily see who break
into their protected areas(home, office, factory, shop and so
on). This is the unique feature of the security products!

1. Adopt tri-band, GSM 900Mhz/1800Mhz/1900Mhz, alarm
remotely without the limit of distance.
2. Support GSM/CDMA, remotely control the main panel to
arm/ disarm/listen-in/photo-taking by SMS.
3. Support the motion detection function which Can capture
thief s photo and send to owners cell phone or email box,
or stored into the SD card for evidence.
4. The picture to be transmitted adjustable: QCIF (160x128),
CIF (320x240), VGA (640x480).
5. Can pre-set 5 groups of alarm Phone Numbers.
6. Listen-in function: Can clearly hear the voice, footstep,
and so on.
7. With password input, can arm/
disarm/listen-in/photo-taking the alarm system by remote
controllers and SMS.
8. Can control home appliances remotely through the relay
9. Main panel has two input ports, which can connect with
wired devices (normally open).
10. Siren port for shift between silence and siren.
11. Can work with wireless detectors or sensors like PIR
- l -
Sensors, beams, gas/smoke detectors, panic buttons and
so on.
12. All the alarm system with wireless signal transmission, no
need to connect to wire and easy for installation.
13. Especially suitable for storeroom, garage and the places
where have no telephone line.
14. Aesthetic metal cover with neat design, endurable and
stable application.

How to identify the ports of the main panel?

1. Power adapter socket, connect to 12V/ 1.2A direct
2. MIC: for listen-in function.
3. 10-pin ports: ANT; Vd; GND; SPEAKER; RELAYa1;
The first portSignal line, For enhancement of the
wireless signal of remote controller;
The second portPower output:12V 300MAH;
The third portGround lineblack line for siren;
The fourth port audio output, connect to sirenred
- 2 -
line for siren;
The fifth and sixth ports relay output(1,2), normally
open, Users can remotely control air-conditioner, electric
The seventh and eighth ports----relay output(3,4),
normally open and will close for three minutes when
alarm triggered, can connect to lampalso can remotely
control appliance.
The ninth and tenth ports----wire input ports, normally
open, short circuit closed will trigger alarm.
4. Camera: contain VD, Tx, Rx,GND.
5. Reset: The alarm system will come back to the original
settings when keep press the RESET button and then
power on the main panel, all coded information will be
deleted. original password is 123456.
6. SD card: for image information storage
7. LED light: green light show main panel under disarm
status; green light flash slowly show main panel under
arm status, while flash red light show alarm triggered.
8. SIM card: press the yellow point next to the SIM port, the
SIM tray will come out, put into the SIM card and insert
the tray.
9. Antenna: You should connect the antenna before power
on the main panel.
10. ON/OFF

How to start the base?
1. Delete all telephone Numbers and messages in the
SIM card memory or buy a new card. insert SIM card
- 3 -
into the base before power on it.
2. Connect Camera and antenna with the base.
3. Format the SD card in FAT32. Insert the SD card to the
SD card slot.
4. Connect to the 12V power supply, switch ON the main
panel, the signal status LED turns to orange, after
about 20 seconds, the signal status LED flash in
orange, main panel will start to check the SIM card and
search for GSM network.
5. LED light status:
Flash red quickly: check camera
Keep still in green: check OK, enter disarm state
Flash green slowly: under arm state
Flash red: alarm state
Flash red slowly: SMS sending
Flash red quickly: MMS sending

How to setup the alarm phone numbers and SMS?
1. you can send a SMS message to the base to setup the 5
groups of alarm phone numbers and 6 kinds of SMS .The
SMS format: password #operation code # content #
123456#51# 13905950001#. save first group alarm
phone number into the base.
123456#52# 13905950002#. save second group alarm
phone number into the base.
123456#53# 13905950003#. save third group alarm
phone number into the base.
123456#54# 13905950004#. save fourth group alarm
- 4 -
phone number into the base.
123456#55# 13905950005#. save fifth group alarm
phone number into the base.
2. you can send a SMS message to the base to setup 6
kinds of SMS
The first two message are for wired port I1, I2;
The third message is for motion-detecting on spot when
trigger alarm;
The fourth message for wireless detectors (door sensors,
PIR Sensors and remote controllers) when trigger
alarm( 1 to 16 defense zone);
The fifth is for emergency help triggered on remote
Every message cannot excess 10 Chinese characters or
20 English characters. If use the RESET button to reset
the main panel, all messages will back to the default
message as follows:
Port I 1 triggered, the message is: ZONE 1 Activated.
Port I 2 triggered, the message is: ZONE 2 Activated.
Spot motion detect triggered, it is: Image Activated.
Wireless detectors triggered, the message is: Wireless
Emergency help triggered, the message will be:
Emergency Activate.(it can be changed)
You can rewrite the SMS messages:
123456#81# Front door open #. save the first group
message instead of ZONE1 Activated.
123456#82# middle door open#. Save the second group
message instead of ZONE2 Activated.
- 5 -
123456#84# Camera working#. save the three group
message instead of Image Activated.
123456#85# Window open#. Save the fourth group
message instead of Wireless Activated.

How to test the base alarm ?
1. The main panel will default in Disarm status when
power on, you can arm it through remote control or
send SMS (123456#1#1#).Under the Arm state, with
green LED flash slowly, any wired input (I1, I2)
touches ground, or any wireless detectors triggered,
or move around on the spot before the camera, the
alarm system will start to take photos, send SMS and
dial out stored telephone numbers.
2. It will send SMS and MMS before dial alarm phone
numbers. If the SMS and MMS function has been
closed or limited, It will dial out the preset telephone
numbers only. you can through the disarm key on
remote controller to retreat from alarm state.
3. When there is alarm calling in, you can put through
the phone to listen-in, input 3# 1# on your phone to
make the main panel sound the siren and 3# 0# to
stop siren, 4#1# to listen-in on spot.

How to control the main panel by calling ?
Call in the base and input password 123456# , then input
the following commands to set the base:

- 6 -

Com Function Com Function
1#1# Arm 1#0# Disarm *
2# --#
Apply for pictures(120 optional), 2#1# means for 1
Start siren to sound
Stop Siren sounding
4#1# Start to listen-in 4#0# Stop listen-in
Set siren sound
when alarm *
Set siren not sound when
Set send SMS
when alarm *
Not Send SMS when
Set send MMS
when alarm *
Not Send MMS when
Dial phone
numbers when
alarm *
Not dial phone numbers
when alarm
Set picture size(02), 0 --for160x128; 1*-- for 320x240; 2
--for 640x480
Times of photo-taking when alarm(120 optional), 22#1#
means send 1 pictures when alarm *
Set the IR back
light on
23#0# Set the IR back light off *
24#1# Set camera motion 23#0# Set camera motion detect
- 7 -
detect function on * function off
Set the sensitivity of camera(199),.1 is high sensitivity
and 99 is low sensitivity, default 15 *
30# Show arm or disarm status of zones
31#--# Change password. Enter a new password (16 bit).
32#0# Set CHINESE version *
38#--# Set arm of zone (wireless zone: 116; wire zone: 2123)
Set disarm of zone (wireless zone: 116; wire zone:
40## Check MMS setup in the base (content of 41#----46#)
41#--# Set Access Point Node (APN):
42#--# Set MMS User name (User):
43#--# Set MMS User Password (Pass):
44#--# Set MMS Centre IP Address (IP):
45#--# Set Port of MMS Centre IP Address (Port):
46#--# Set MMS Homepage (MMS Home):
50## show preset phone numbers in the base
First group phone
Second group phone
Third group phone
fourth group phone
Fifth group phone

60## show Email address in the base
- 8 -
Set First Email
Set Second Email
80## show preset SMS in the base
First group
when wire port I1
Second group
Message(024bit) when
wire port I2 alarm
fourth group
when camrea alarm
Fourth group
Message(024bit) when
wireless alarm
for emergency

90## show Output status in the base
Set output(1,2) to
high (Relay close)
Set output(1,2) to low
(Relay open)
Set output(3,4) to
94#0# Set output(3,4)4to low
1. In above table, * stand for default settings.
2. In the above phone operation, one long beep shows
successful, two short beeps shows failed, you should try
3. In the above phone dialing-in operation commands, some
commonds operation also suitable for SMS input ( see

How to setup the Special function of the base by SMS?
- 9 -
You can send a SMS message to the SIM card to set the
base, format is:
Password # Command order #Parameter#.
Eg:123456#1#1#, remotely set the main panel into Arm
123456#21#2#, set the size of the picture is
640x480(big size).
123456#31#888888#, change the password into
After the host received the message,it will do the sets as the
message content and reply a message for confirmation, so
user will know the working status of the system.
The replied message as follows:
Disarm, Siren-ON, SMS-ON, MMS-ON, Phone-ON,
Pic-Middle; Pic-1,Infraled-OFF, Pic-Moniter-ON,

Set MMS parameter in the base.
As in CHINA ---- MMS settings :
Access Point Name(APN): CMWAP
Gateway IP (proxy) address(IP):
MMS Message (Relay) Server URL:
123456#41# CMWAP # Set GPRS Access point.
123456#42## Set MMS Uesr name. (empty)
123456#43## Set MMS Uesr Password. (empty)
- l0 -
123456#44# 010.000.0000.172# Set IP Address.
123456#45#9201# Set Port ,
123456#46#http:/ # Set
MMS Homepage.

How to code the detectors?
Power on the main panel, LED will keep green or flash
green, you can press the reset key until the LED change from
green to red. then you can start to register them. For door
sensor, just move the two parts of door sensor, it will beep or
flash red to show successful. And for PIR Sensors, turn the
switch to on and the system will beep or flash red to show
successful and then turn it to off to avoid wrong alarm. For
remote controllers, press any button on its panel, and the
system also beeps or flash red. For gas and smoke detectors,
there is a black switch on the left side, you can press it to
register it with base.

How to add more detectors?
You can add new sensors or detectors, such as wireless
door sensors, PIR Sensors, gas and smoke detectors when
you push the reset key untill the LED change from green to
red. You should trigger every sensor or detector, and the red
LED will flash every time you register a sensor or detector
with main panel successfully. After you finish it,you can push
the reset key again or waitting for 20 seconds, it will retreat
and automatically enter into working state.(with green LED)

How to cancel the lost detectors?
- ll -
In case of the coded sensors or detectors are lost, you can
cancel the coded information of these detectors so that they
can not control your alarm system.
Keep pressing the reset button, then power on the system.
one beep sound or LED flashes, shows reset is successful.
All registered detectors have been deleted from the main
panel. You can register them again with the above mentioned
System reset will not change the SMS message.

How to control the main panel with remote controllers?
There are four or three keys on the remote controller:
arm(Out arm and Home arm), disarm, emergency help.
1. When you press arm, the signal LED of the main panel
will flashing green. shows it is in arm status, now it will
alarm and dial out phone numbers if detector/sensors
triggered or somebody go across in front of the camera,
the LED will flashing in red.
2. When you press disarm, signal LED of main panel will
turn to green and keep still. Now it wont alarm and dial
out phone numbers when detectors triggered.
3. When you press Emergency help, it will alarm and send
MMS and SMS no matter it is under arm status or disarm
status. The Signal LED will be red with flashing, which
means it is alarming. .

- l2 -
Components list
main panel 1pcs
remote controllers, 2pcs
wireless door sensor 1pcs
wireless PIR detector, 1pcs
alarm siren 1 pcs
camera, 1pcs
GSM antenna 1 pcs
12v DC adaptor 1pcs
user manual 1pcs

The following sensors can be optional:

- l3 -
Optional sensors/detectors are packed separately. It includes
remote controllers,outdoor siren,transmitter, wireless PIR,
wireless gap sensor, wireless gas detector, wireless smoke
detector, panic button, baluster, etc. you may buy according
your specific requirements.

- l4 -
VII. Technical Parameters

Main Panel
Stand-to current: 50mA.
Working volt. : 9V-12V
Working temperature: -4085
Support GSM900, 1800, and 1900Mhz., three working
Support PHASE 2/2 agreement (including data business)
Sending power: Class10 (2 w)/ EGSM900 and CLASS
Receiving code: ASK
Receiving frequency: 315 and 433Mhz.
Remote distance: 100 meters.

Wireless Gap Detector (Door / Window Contact)
Power Supply: DC12V (inner 12V battery)
Static Current: 20 mA
Transmission Current: 15mA
Transmission Frequency: 315/433MHZ0.5MHZ
Transmission Distance: No obstacle 80m
Internal Distance: 15 mm
Working Condition: Temperature 10~+ 40
Humidity 90% rh

- l5 -
Wireless P.IR Detector
Power Supply: DC9V (inner 9V battery)
Static Current: 100 mA
Transmission Current: 20mA
Transmission Frequency: 315/433MHZ0.5MHZ
Transmission Distance: No obstacle 80m
Detective Speed: 0.3 - 3m/s
Detective Distance: 5 - 12m
Detective Range: Horizontal 110 Vertical 60
Working Condition: Temperature 10 ~+ 40
Humidity 90 rh

Remote Controller
Power SupplyDC=12V~8.4
Inside A23 DC=12V dry battery
Static Current11=0
Emission Current1215 mA
Emission Frequencyf=3150.2 MHz
Emission SpeedT1 second
Emission DistanceWithout obstruct 80m
Working Environment: Temperature -10+40
Relative Humidity90%

- l6 -
Symptoms Causes Remedies
Cannot alarm by
1. Hasnt armed
2. Less than 30
seconds after
3. Set wrong phone
4. The two parts of
door\window sensor
is installed too far
from each other.
5. Havent activated
6. Hasnt checked
1. Make arming
2. Operate after
30 seconds
3. Set the num
according to
the manual
4. Adjust the
place of the
door sensor
5. Activate the
6. Check code
Remote controlling
distance is too short
and the light
indicator is not on
strong enough
1. The battery of
remote controller
2. Low battery
1. Clean the rust
2. Change
Light indicator of
door sensor and PIR
is always on.
Low battery Change battery
Dial alarm num
The main panel has
stored others num
Set it again
according to the
operation manual
The main panel
cannot receive
accessories signals
Hasnt checked code
Check the code
Dont install the system beside the strongly disturbing equipments like
motor, computer etc.
Should be installed in a concealed place.
Should be plug firmly and ensure well dissipation
Only designed for indoor
- l7 -