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Transaction Codes

Daily maintenance SM12 Lock entries SM21 System Log SM37 Check the batch jobs SM50/51 Show all processes on one server / all servers SM66 Show all active process on the system ST11 Display developer-traces ST22 ABAP-dumps ST06 OS Monitor ABAP Related SE11 ABAP dictionary SE16/SM30 Data browser/Table editor SE37 Function builder SE38 ABAP editor SE41 Menu painter SE51 Screen painter Background job related RZ04 Operation modes SM36 Create background job SM37 Show background jobs SM63 Operation mode calendar SM65 Check backgroundjob-settings SO15 Distribution list creation SM62 Event creation Useful admin tcodes AL11 SAP directories DB01 DB Exclusive locks

DB02 Database performance: Tables and Indexes PFCG Profile generator RZ10 Profile maintenance SARA Archiving SCC4 Client change options SE01 Transport organizer, use SE09 for ABAP-transports, SE10 forcustomizing transports SE06 (4.x up) System change options, see SCC4 for Client change options. SE71 Maintain Layout-sets also known as sapscripts SM02 System message SMGW Gateway administration SMLG Define logon-groups SMLT Language administration SPAM Support Package Manager SPAU ABAP-dictionary assistant during supportpackage-import SPDD Data-dictionary assistant during supportpackage-import STFK Search the customersystem that have an open connection to Walldorf SM01 Lock transactions SO01 SAP Office Workplace RSPRECADMIN BW Precalculation Service Status SAP R/3 Transaction Codes V2 Altert Monitor Transactions AL01 SAP Alert Monitor AL02 Database alert monitor AL03 Operating system alert monitor AL04 Monitor call distribution AL05 Monitor current workload AL06 Performance: Upload/Download AL07 EarlyWatch Report AL08 Users Logged On

AL09 Data for database expertise AL10 Download to Early Watch AL11 Display SAP Directories AL12 Display table buffer (Exp. session) AL13 Display Shared Memory (Expert mode) AL15 Customize SAPOSCOL destination AL16 Local Alert Monitor for Operat.Syst. AL17 Remote Alert Monitor f.Operat. Syst. AL18 Local File System Monitor AL19 Remote File System Monitor AL20 EarlyWatch Data Collector List ALDB Logical Databases Database Monitor Transactions DB01 Analyze exclusive lockwaits DB02 Analyze tables and indexes in DB DB03 Parameter changes in database DB11 Early Watch Profile Maintenance DB12 Overview of Backup Logs DB13 Database administration calendar (Backup). SAPDBA In Unix DB14 Show SAPDBA Action Logs DB15 Check the sizing of the objects in DB DB16 Trigger/browse infcfgcheck protocols DB20 Check the size of one specific table Operating System Monitor Transactions OS01 LAN check with ping OS02 Operating system configuration OS03 O/S Parameter changes OS04 Local System Configuration OS05 Remote System Cconfiguration

OS06 Local Operating System Activity OS07 Remote Operating System Activity OS11 Spare Part Indicators OS12 Material Provision Indicators OS13 Item Categories OS14 Material Types Allowed in BOM Item OS15 Variable-Size Item Formulas OS16 BOM Item Object Type OS17 Explosion Types OS18 Relevancy to costing OS20 BOM Usage OS21 BOM Usage Default Values OS22 Copying Defaults for Item Statuses OS23 BOM Statuses OS24 Material Types Allowed in BOMs OS25 BOMs with History Requirement OS26 Laboratory/Office OS27 Modification Parameters for BOMs OS28 Defaults for BOMs OS29 User-Specific Settings for BOMs OS30 Application OS31 BOM Usage Priorities OS32 Alternative BOM Determination OS33 Alt. Determination in Inventory Mgmt OS34 Alt. Determination in Costing OS35 Alt. Determination in Production OS36 Alt. Determination in SD OS37 Alt. Determination in PM OS38 Alt. Determination in MRP OS40 Generate BOM Transfer File

OS41 Transfer BOM without Long Text OS42 Process Transfer File OS43 Copy BOM changes OS44 Copy BOM variants OS45 Copy BOM with description OS51 Change Master Statuses OS52 Change Master Matchcode OS53 Number Ranges for Change Masters OS54 Change Master Control Data OS55 Material Revision Level Sequence OS56 Change Types OS57 Document Revision Level Sequence OS58 Object Mgmt Record Change Types OSC1 Appoint. diary: Maint. appoint. type OSC2 Appoint. diary: Maint. destination OSFI File names OSG Command file for customizing graph. OSP1 Settings for Repet.Manufacturing OSP2 Repetitive mfg profile OSP3 Backflush Data for Repet.Manufact. OSP4 Repetitive mfg: distribution functn OSP5 Repetit.Manuf: Cost Log OSP6 Create Cost Collector Strategy OSP7 Withdrawal sequence OSP8 Number Range for Backlogs OSP9 Number Range for Document Log OSPA Customizing Distribution Function OSPB Customizing Production Order Type OSPC Customizing Goods Movements OSPD Customizing Planning Periodicity

OSPE Maintaing No. Ranges for RS Header OSPF Repetitive Manufacturing Line Texts OSPG Copy Repet. Manufacturing Line Text OSPI Number Range for Backflush Discrep. OSPJ No.Range Interval for Document Log OSPK Storage location search OSPL Movement Types OSPM Background Job Reprocessing REM OSS1 Logon to Online Service System OSSC Appoint. diary: Maint. appoint. type OSSZ CPP Authorizations OST1 CS Transport C Tables TCS21/TCS22 OST2 CS Transport C Tables BOM Usage OST3 Transp. Customizing tabs T418F,T418G OSU1 su: Display Export Filter OSU2 su: Display page formats OSU3 su: Display Postscript fonts OSU4 su: Display screen fonts OSU5 su: Display colors OSU6 su: Display shapes OSU7 su: Display line types OSUR su: Customizing profile OSSN1 SAP FTP desde donde se puede acceder a SAP. Computing Centre Transactions RZ01 Job Scheduling Monitor RZ02 Network Graphics for SAP Instances RZ03 Presentation, Control SAP Instances RZ04 Maintain SAP Instances RZ06 Alerts Thresholds Maintenance

RZ08 SAP Alert Monitor RZ10 Maintenance of profile parameters RZ11 Profile parameter maintenance RZ12 Maintain RFC server group assignment RZ15 Read XMI log RZ20 CCMS Monitoring RZ21 Creating and changing CCMS properties RZE1 Central rules per object RZE2 Where-used list: Central rules RZEN Where-used list central rules System Menus S000 System Menu S001 Workbench Menu S002 Menu Administration Systems Transactions SA01 Number range maintenance: ADRNR SA02 Academic title (cent. addr. admin.) SA03 Title (central address admin.) SA04 Name prefixes (centr. addr. admin.) SA05 Name suffix (centr. addr. admin.) SA06 Address or personal data source SA07 Address groups (centr. addr. admin.) SA08 Person groups (centr. addr. admin.) SA09 Internat. versions address admin. SA10 Address admin. communication type SA38 ABAP/4 Reporting( Secuence of chaging values at SAP startup). SA39 SA38 for Parameter Transaction SABB ABAP/4 Manual: Flight Booking SAD0 Address Management call

SADC Address: Maint. communication types SADP Init.scr. addr.maint.person in comp. SADR Address maint. Group required! SADV International address versions SADX Directory exchange SALE IMG Application Link Enabling SAMT ABAP/4 Program Set Processing SAR Maintain Transaction Codes SAR0 Display Standard Reporting Tree SAR1 Structure of an archive object SAR2 Definition of an archive object SAR3 Archiving: Customizing SAR4 Definition of the archive classes SAR5 Assignment of archive classes SAR6 Archive events: Generation program SARA Archive management SARL Call of ArchiveLink Monitor SARP Reporting (Tree Structure): Execute SART Display Report Tree SAX4 Addresses: X.400 addresses generated Client Administration Transactions SC38 Start Report (Remote) SCA1 Cannot be executed directly SCA2 Cannot be executed directly SCA3 Cannot be executed directly SCAL Factory Calendar with GUI SCAM CATT Management SCAR Record CATT procedures SCAT Computer Aided Test Tool

SCC0 Client Copy SCC1 Client Copy Special Selections SCC2 Client transport SCC3 Client Copy Log SCC4 Client Administration SCC5 Client Delete SCC6 Client import SCC7 Client import postprocessing SCC8 Client export SCC9 Remote client copy SCCL Client import postprocessing SCD0 Change Documents for Utilities SCDN Change Documents for Number Ranges SCDO Display Change Document Objects SCOA SAPconnect: Administration SCOM SAPcomm: Configuration SCON SAPconnect: Configuration SCPF Generate enterprise IMG SCT1 Logical imports overview SCU0 Table Analyses And Comparison SCU1 Table Comparison Export to Tape SCU2 Table Comparison Against Tape SCU3 Table History SCUI Communicate system status to SAP Workbench Transactions SE01 Transport and Correction System SE02 Environment Analyzer SE03 Transport Utilities SE06 Set Up Workbench Organizer (Change the write system status)

SE07 Transport System Status Display SE09 Workbench Organizer SE10 Customizing Organizer SE11 ABAP/4 Dictionary Maintenance SE12 ABAP/4 Dictionary Display SE13 Maintain Technical Settings (Tables) SE14 Utilities for Dictionary Tables SE15 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE16 Data Browser SE17 General Table Display SE30 ABAP/4 Runtime Analysis SE32 ABAP/4 Text Element Maintenance SE35 ABAP/4 Dialog Modules SE36 ABAP/4: Logical Databases SE37 ABAP/4 Function Modules SE38 ABAP/4 Editor. Export-Import objects, sequence changed values SAP startup. SE39 Splitscreen Editor: Program Compare SE40 MP: Standards Maint. and Translation SE41 Menu Painter SE43 Maintain Area Menu SE44 Hierarchy Display SE48 Program Analysis: Call Hierarchy SE49 Program Analysis: Table Manipulation SE51 Screen Painter SE52 Parameterized screenpainter call SE54 Generate table view SE55 Internal table view maintenance call SE56 internal call: display table view SE57 internal delete table view call

SE61 R/3 Documentation SE62 Industry Utilities SE63 Translation SE64 Terminology SE65 R/3 Doc. Short Text Statistics SE66 R/3 Documentation Statistics SE68 Translation Administration SE71 SAPscript layout set SE72 SAPscript styles SE73 SAPscript font maintenance (revised) SE74 SAPscript format conversion SE75 SAPscript Settings SE76 SAPscript Translation Layout Sets SE77 SAPscript Translation Styles SE80 ABAP/4 Development Workbench SE81 SAP Application Hierarchy SE82 Customer Application Hierarchy SE84 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE85 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE86 ABAP/4 Repository Information System SE87 Data Modeler Information System SE88 Development Coordination Info System SE89 Maintain Trees in Information System SE90 Process Model Information System SE91 Maintain Messages SE92 Maintain System Log Messages SE93 Maintain Transaction Codes SE95 Customer Enhancements to AEW Objects SEPS SAP Electronic Parcel Service

SERP Reporting: Change Tree Structure SEU Object Browser System Maintenance Transactions SM01 Lock transactions SM02 System Messages SM04 User Overview SM12 Display and Delete Locks SM13 Display Update Records SM21 System Log. Errors and inconsitencies (alert<SIG>.log.) SM22 Errors and inconsistencies in the operation modes. SM28 Installation Check SICK SM28 SM29 Model Transfer for Tables SM30 Call Up View Maintenance SM31 Table Maintenance SM32 Maintain Table Parameter ID TAB SM33 Display Table Parameter ID TAB SM34 Viewcluster maintenance call SM35 Batch Input Monitoring SM36 Define Background Job SM37 Background Job Overview SM38 Queue Maintenance Transaction SM39 Job Analysis SM49 Execute Logical Commands SM50 Work Process Overview SM51 List of SAP Servers SM54 TXCOM maintenance SM55 THOST Maintenance SM56 Number Range Buffer

SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) SM61 Display Background Processing Components SM62 Display/Maintain Events SM63 Display/Maintain Operating Mode Sets, Scheduling. SM64 Release of an Event SM65 Background Processing Analysis Tool SM66 Systemwide Work Process Overview SM67 Job Scheduling SM68 Job Administration SM69 Display/Maintain Logical Commands SMEN Dynamic Menu SMGW Gateway Monitor SMLG Maintain Logon Group SMLI Language Import Utility SMLT Language Transport Utility SMME Output control Message Block Table SMO1 Repository Information System: SMOD SMO2 Repository Information System: SMOD SMO3 Repository Information System: SMOD SMO4 Repository Information System: SMOD SMO5 Repository Information System: SMOD SMOD SAP Enhancement Management SMPC Translation Interface PC R/3 SMW0 Maintain World Wide Web Objects SMX Display Own Jobs Spooling Transactions SP00 Spool and Related Areas SP01 Output Controller SP02 Display Output Requests

SP03 Spool: Load Formats SP11 TemSe directory SP12 TemSe Administration SP1T Output Control (Test) SPAD Spool Administration SPAM SAP PATCH MANAGER (SPAM) SPAT Spool Administration (Test) SPAU Display modified DE objects SPBM Monitoring parallel background tasks SPBT Test: Parallel background tasks SPDD Display modified DDIC objects SPH1 Create and maintain telephony server SPH2 Maintain outgoing number change SPH3 Maintain incoming number change SPH4 Activ./deactiv. telephony in system SPH5 Define address data areas SPH6 Server description is lang.-dep. SPH7 area texts are lang.-dep. SPHA Telephony administration SPHC Customizing telephone integration SPR1 Delta Customizing for Project SPR2 Delta Customizing for Enterprise IMG SPR3 Upgrade Customizing for Project SPR4 Upgrade Cust. for Enterprise IMG SPR5 Transport enterprise IMG SPR6 Transport Project: Status/ SPR7 Transport: Project notes SPR8 Print WinWord IMG notes SPR9 Display Structure: System install. SPRA Display structure: Ext. Refer. IMG

SPRB IMG note editor switch SPRM Update settings SPRO Initial screen: Customizing SPRP Project Management SPRQ Start of a transaction Tuning Transactions ST01 System Trace ST02 Setups/Tune Buffers ST03 Performance,SAP Statistics, Workload ST04 Select activity of the databases ST05 SQL Trace ST06 Operating System Monitor ST07 Application monitor ST08 Network Monitor ST09 Network Alert Monitor ST10 Table Call Statistics ST11 Display Developer Traces ST12 Application Monitor ST14 Application Analysis ST22 ABAP/4 Runtime Error Analysis ST62 Create industry short texts STAT Local transaction statistics STDR TADIR consistency check STMS Transport Management System STP4 Select DB activity STPC Test Workbench, Start test package STTO Test Organization STUN Menu Performance Monitor STVR WB: Transport Utility R/3 > R/2

User Maintenance Transactions SU01 Maintain User SU02 Maintain Authorization Profiles SU03 Maintain Authorizations SU05 Maintain Internet users SU10 Mass Changes to User Master Records SU12 Mass Changes to User Master Records SU20 Maintain Authorization Fields SU21 Maintain Authorization Objects SU22 Auth. Object Usage in Transactions SU23 Load Tables in TAUTL SU24 Auth. obj. check under transactions SU25 Copy initial defaults SU30 Overall Authorization Checks SU50 Maintain User Defaults SU51 Maintain User Address SU52 Maintain User Parameters SU53 Display Check Valuesn (Authoritation values) SU54 Maintain User Menu SU55 Start User Menu SU56 Analyze User Buffer SU80 Archive user change documents SU81 Archive user password change doc. SU82 Archive profile documents SU83 Archive authorization docs. SU84 Read archived user change documents SU85 Read archived password change doc. SU86 Read profile change documents SU87 Read authorization change documents SU96 Table maint.: Change SUKRIA

SU97 Table maint.: Display SUKRIA SU98 Call report RSUSR008 SU99 Call report RSUSR008 SUB Internal call: Submit via commnd fld SUCH Translatability CHECKs SUCU Table authorizations: Customizing SUIM User Information System. All about user reports/info. Others FB03 To see the FI documents, see archiving. FILE Archiving Path. MB61 Material Documents FCG Authoritations. SF01 Give a logic name to a file. SSCR Software changing registration. VF03 Invoice documents ZB12 Screen refresh. OAM1 Optical archiving mirroing SPOV Print Request Overview