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Name : Address:

1) Experience in cement dealership?

1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years above 10 years

2) How long have you been a Anjani dealer?

1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years above 10 years

3) What do you feel about Quality of Anjani Cement?

Very Good Good Satisfactory Poor

4) Which factor enables you to be the dealer of Anjani Cement?

Promotional Scheme Quality Company Policy Margin

5) How much of your business volume is accounted for Anjani Cement?

24% or less 25% - 49%

50% - 74% 75% or more

6) How much of your profit is derived from Anjani Cement?

24% or less 25% - 49% 50% - 74% 75% or more

7) How frequently do you place orders to Anjani Cements? Less than 1week 2-4 weeks 5-8 weeks 9-12 weeks More than 3 months

8) Whether the expected quantity of Anjani cement is supplied to you in time?

Yes No

9) What do you feel about credit period given by Anajni Cement?

Very Good Good Satisfactory Poor

10) Are you aware of NIRMAAN SANJEEVANI implemented by Anjani Cement in East Godavari and West Godavari? YES NO

11)Do you think NIRMAAN SANJEEVANI if implemented in Hyderabad would help in

increase of sales? YES NO 12)Which one among the folowing do you like the most about Anjani Cement? Anjani Studio

Corporate Social Responsibility Nirmaan Sanjeevani BVRICT(B.V.Raju Institute of Cement Technology) 13) What do you feel about the employees dealing with you in Anjani?

Highly Satisfied Satisfied Average Dissatisfied

14)On average, which of the following best describes Anjani management's

timeliness in response to your requests and inquiries? Very timely Somewhat timely Mixed Somewhat slow Very slow

15) Overall, how confident are you that Anjani will gain additional market share in the cement industry in the coming year? Very confident Confident Somewhat confident Not sure Somewhat doubtful Doubtful Very doubtful

16)In which of the following area should Anjani Cement improve?

Advertising Production Maintaining relationship Delivary on time

17)Is Anjani Cement able to meet market demand?

Always Sometimes Never 18) How is the behaviour of truck drivers with you? Good

Average Poor 19) How much time does it take to unload the truck (in hrs.)? Less than 1 hr 1-2 hr 3-4 hr More than 5 hr

20) Do you get message about the truck processing your order? No Yes Frequent if yes, how much is the time between message receiving and order getting? Less than 5 hrs 5-6 hr More than 6 hrs 21)In which season demand is more? January March April June July September October December

22)Is logistic a problem with ACC?

Yes No

If yes ,specify

23)Presently, how much time does it take you to get the material?

2 day 3-4 days 5-6 days More than 6 days

24) What is the mode of payment? Cash Cheque Both.

25) How often do you get supply? Daily Weekly 15 days Monthly

26) Do you like to give any suggestions to anjani cements