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The Madhya Pradesh Government goes online with the support of TCS

Madhya Pradesh Government

Industry Government

The Madhya Pradesh (MP) Government recognized the importance of ICT as a key enabler in its economic development and to improve the quality of life of the citizens in the state. It therefore decided to develop the MPOnline Portal, a website to serve its citizens by providing them with 24X7 online services. A joint venture between TCS and the MP Government was formed to develop the MPOnline portal. Through this portal, citizens could avail of government services (such as copies of land records, forms for professional examination board, birth/death/caste certicates etc) from the designated kiosks of MPOnline, Common Service Centres (CSCs) and through the internet. The portal has been very successful in allowing citizens access to government services from anywhere and at anytime and has also won several awards. MPOnline has generated employment, helped build capacity and motivated IT literacy in the state. MP is the only state where CSCs are viable and the state portal is running successfully.

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The government of Madhya Pradesh has embarked upon the ambitious task of establishing the state prominently on the IT map of the country. Foreseeing the opportunity for growth in this sector, the MP government developed its IT policy as early as in 1999. The governments vision is to use IT to improve the life of the common man by leveraging the strengths of e-Governance, and to attract investment in the sector that would contribute to the development of MP.
Business Context
Over the recent years, the Indian Government has increasingly espoused IT and has launched various e-Governance initiatives. Nearly all states in India have a presence on the web, and an increasingly large number of government offices are being computerized. As part of its e-Governance initiative, the Madhya Pradesh (MP) Government decided to launch its online citizen services portal called MPOnline. This portal was to serve the citizens of MP by providing them with G2C, G2B and B2C services online, and in the process do away with the need to physically go to the Government offices, thus saving time and money. The objective of the portal was to provide one-stop shop to all the citizens of MP, for all possible services, anywhere and at any time. Also, since the Digital Divide remains a significant challenge for the penetration of benefits of IT initiatives to the grass-root level, the portal was to function with an additional Assisted Access model, where trained personnel would be available to assist the citizens. The MP Government required a strategic partner who would be able to develop and deploy the portal as

envisaged, and also bridge the gap in capacity building at the government level, by providing support and training facilities as necessary. Given TCS strong capabilities and deep expertise in e-Governance initiatives across the country, TCS was chosen by the MP government to be its partner in this engagement.

TCS Solution
MPOnline, the joint venture between TCS and the MP Government, developed a web Portal that provided a one-stop service centre for any service at any place and anytime. Access was provided through authorised kiosks of MPOnline, Common Service Centres (CSCs) integrated with MPOnline, cyber cafes or directly from their homes. Citizens who were computer literate and/or had access to either internet banking or a credit/debit card could access MPOnline services directly via the portal, and make payments through the integrated ICICI Bank payment gateway. The portal also provided an Assisted Access model to deliver online services to citizens who were not computer-literate. A network of kiosks was set up through franchisees who were trained to help citizens use MPOnline services. Each kiosk provided connectivity, manpower with the appropriate skills to assist the citizens and worked on a prepaid model where the franchisees could top-up their account and provide services within their credit balance. As with the service delivery mechanism, MPOnlines payment methods were also designed to cater to both the experienced IT user and the computer novice, and thus bridge the Digital Divide. Payment could be made by credit card, via internet banking or by cash. With vast swathes of rural MP unused to ecommerce and online payments, TCS incorporated cash payments into the portal functioning, allowing such payments to be made only through authorized kiosks.


To counter the challenge of the lack of trained IT manpower in the public sector to implement and support such an initiative, MPOnline was offered as a BOOT model, providing full infrastructure and manpower support for the design, implementation and support needs as needed. This business model, with its unique delivery mechanism, ensured that the Government services were accessible to all citizens in the farthest reaches of the state. MPOnline has a presence in all 50 districts, in over 300 tehsils and in more than 280 blocks of Madhya Pradesh, with the aim of covering all tehsils, blocks and panchayats through either MPOnline kiosks or CSCs. This has been achieved without investment in infrastructure, without deploying trained IT personnel, and at no cost to any government department.

Increase in number of successful transactions from 5.54 Lakhs in 2008-09 to 25.53 Lakhs in 2009-10 an increase of 500% in business More than 130 G2G, G2B and G2G services Generated employment for over 10,000 citizens Only state in the country where CSCs are viable and the portal is running successfully

o NASSCOM / CNBC-TV18 IT Users Awards 2009 TCS was awarded the Gold Award for Outstanding performance in Citizen-Centric Service Delivery at the National e-Governance Awards for MPOnline o National Awards for e-Governance Golden Peacock Award 2010 for Citizen-Centric Services o Best IT for Masses Project of Madhya Pradesh 2009-10

The engagement with TCS provided the MP government with the following benefits: Anywhere, anytime delivery of government services to the citizens Increased citizen satisfaction due to - reduced processing time and waiting time - reduction in the number of interfaces between the Government the citizens - increased transparency - reduction in delays in decision-making - increased government efficiency Reduction in costs incurred by the departments Instant MIS reports for planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation Instant identification of delay points, enabling prompt administrative action Opportunity for generating gainful employment to the citizens via kiosks and CSCs Increase in turnover from Rs. 14 Lakhs in 2007-08 to Rs. 2.83 Crores in 2008-09 and to Rs. 10.71 Crores in 2009-10 Increase in collection from Rs 20 Lakhs to Rs 30 Crores in three years


About TCS Government Industry Solutions Unit

TCS' Government Industry Solutions Unit is primarily engaged in helping national and state governments to align their services with the changing needs of citizens and stakeholders. With the rapid pace of change in the IT industry, there has been a shift in focus from the traditional inputs of a production process to the processes involved in the creation, storage, dissemination and use of information. An IT driven system of Government works better, costs less, and is capable of servicing citizens' needs as never before. Analogous to e-commerce, which allows businesses to transact with each other more efficiently (B2B) and brings customers closer to businesses (B2C), TCS Government practice aims to make the interaction between government and citizens (G2C), government and business enterprises (G2B), and interagency relationships (G2G) more friendly, convenient, transparent and inexpensive. The resulting benefits are a higher revenue growth and reduced cost.

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