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ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH As a leading naval electronic house ATLAS ELEKTRONIK stands for maritime and naval solutions both above and below the surfaces of the world's oceans. With the help of technical innovative products the electronics specialist encounters the conventional and asymmetric challenges of the maritime sector and increases safety of harbours, coastlines and trade. The company with its headquarter in Bremen was founded in 1902 and is now a joined company of ThyssenKrupp and EADS with more than 1700 employees. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK holds an undisputed "pole position" in all fields of naval technology. With an extensive world-wide customer base ATLAS ELEKTRONIK supplies the complete product range based on the "sensor-to-shooter" concept divided into the sections of Surface Vessel Systems inclusive Mine Counter Measures, Submarine Systems and Services. The portfolio implies:
All variants of sonar systems for submarines, antisubmarine warfare and minehunting Integrated command and control systems for submarines, surface vessels and mine countermeasure boats Heavy-weight torpedoes and small size anti torpedo weapons Mine disposal vehicles and AUV's

Submarine Systems: ISUS 90 - Submarine Combat System The ISUS 90 Submarine Combat System is an advanced and sea proven fully integrated sensor, command & control and weapon engagement system. It integrates the acoustical sensors with optical and electronic sensors to allow for a comprehensive command and control in the submarine system, as well as control of long range, wire guided torpedoes and missiles.

Systems for Surface Ships: ANCS - ATLAS Naval Combat System The company provides command and control systems for OPVs, corvettes and frigates as well as integrated navigation systems. The Atlas Naval Combat management System (ANCS), our latest-generation combat system, has a modular design that allows it to be adapted to all customer requirements, and has all required interfaces to sensors, shooters and communication facilities. This in turn ensures its integration in a full network-centric warfare (NCW) configuration. IMCMS - Integrated Mine Countermeasures System The ATLAS Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS) is a multirole MCM Weapon System which covers the complete process of Mine Warfare including Minesweeping, Minehunting and Minelaying as well as supporting functions such as hydrography, environmental assessment and surface and air surveillance. The system is based on open architecture and is operated from multi-function consoles allowing the control of each sub-system, such as the hull-mounted sonar, the self-propelled variable depth sonar, the autonomous underwater vehicle and the remotely controlled surface drones. SeaFox - Mine disposal system The SeaFox system is a mine disposal system which is based on the "Expendable Mine Disposal Vehicle" principle (EMDV). The SeaFox I, a small, reusable and unmanned underwater drone, is used for inspection, identification and training purposes, while the identical combat vehicle SeaFox C directly disposes long and short tethered mines, proud ground mines and floating mines. The four independent, reversible motors plus one hover thruster ensure high manoeuvrability and exact positioning for firing the shaped charge. ForcePro - Protection against terrorists and other asymmetric attacks ATLAS ForcePro System offers the possibility of building up complete sensor-weapon chains, fusing all information from surveillance radars, optronic surveillance systems, and diver detection sonars. The ForcePro is based on the ANCS-technology and can be used against piracy, smuggling, terrorist or other

As the only company in the world ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is able to deliver all components of a modern Submarine Combat Suite including heavyweight torpedoes and torpedo counter measures

Multifunction Console OMADA with ANCS (Combat Management Scenario)

The image shows the SeaFox C, a fibreoptic guided, one shot mine disposal vehicle with the sonar antenna HMS-12M and the IMCMS Multi Function Console (MFC)

ATLAS ForcePro is a system for the fusion of all Information (optronic, sonar and radar sensor) in a certain area of a terroristic/asymmetric threat

The AUV SeaOtter MkII at service trial for WTD 71 (German Navy) for testing sonar sensors

asymmetric threats. Moving targets can be displayed on the land and sea map display, while the functional sensor-to-shooter chain ensures the capability for rapid action against threats from land, air, sea and underwater. Services: In-Service Support ATLAS ELEKTRONIK provides a continuous support effort which is based on an individually tailored balance between the three key factors: affordability, availability and capability. The In-Service Support covers all areas, from hot-line support through engineering and on-site services, spares, training and documentation services. All services are also offered for external products.

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Hafen- und Kstenschutzsystem ForcePro

By europolice on 22. September 2009 [wehrwirtschaft] Auf der DSEI in London prsentierte ATLAS ELEKTRONIK weltweit zum ersten Mal das

ForcePro-System zum Schutz von Hfen, Ksten und Schiffen. Das neu entwickelte ForcePro dient mit unterschiedlichen Sensoren und Effektoren im zivilen Bereich dem Schutz vor Piraterie oder Schmuggel und kann im militrischen Bereich beispielsweise zur Abwehr terroristischer oder asymmetrischer Gewalt verwendet werden. Es ist vor allem fr den Ksten- und Hafenbereich ausgelegt, wo durch geringe Wassertiefen, dichten Verkehr und geringere Geschwindigkeiten die Bedrohung asymmetrische Gewalt besonders gro ist. ForcePro basiert auf der Technologie ANCS (ATLAS Naval Combat Management System), dem neuen Fhrungsund Waffeneinsatzsystem, das auf der neuen Fregatte F125 der Deutschen Marine eingesetzt wird. Die Konsolidierung und Verarbeitung des Datenmaterials innerhalb des modularisierten Lagezentrums ermglicht die unmittelbare Analyse und Bewertung von Informationen, die Beurteilung von Bedrohungen und die notwendige Reaktion darauf. Im ForcePro-System ist die firmeneigene Sensor-to-ShooterPhilosophie realisiert, die

durch die Funktionskette vom Sensor ber das Fhrungs- und Waffeneinsatzsystem bis zur Waffe eine unverzgliche Handlungsfhigkeit gewhrleistet. Wegen der Informationsberlegenheit und Fhrungsfhigkeit kann auf Gefhrdungen aus der Luft, von Land, von See und unter Wasser in krzester Zeit semiautomatisch und bedienerkontrolliert reagiert werden. Unter Beteiligung der ATLAS ELEKTRONIK hat die Wehrtechnische Dienststelle (WTD 71) der Bundeswehr mit dem LEXXWAR-Demonstrator bereits das Referenzsystem fr ForcePro entwickelt, geprft und testweise eingesetzt. Das ForcePro-System von ATLAS stellt somit ein erprobtes und flexibles Instrument zur Sicherung jeder kritischen Infrastruktur dar. Source: wehrwirtschaft 19/2009 21. September 2009 Posted in Militaer, Software/ IT m_force

Offering a wide range of sensors and effectors, the newly developed ForcePro system provides protection in the civilian sector against piracy or smuggling. For military applications it can be used to defend against terrorist or other asymmetric threats. It is primarily intended for monitoring ports and coastal zones, where the shallow water, dense traffic and low speeds mean that the threat of asymmetric violence is par-ticularly high.

ForcePro is based on the technology of ANCS (ATLAS Naval Combat Management System), the new command and control system selected for the F125 frigate of the German Navy. ForcePro offers the capability of data fusion for sea surveillance radars, optronic surveillance systems, and diver detection sonars. With the aid of object detec-tion software, moving targets can be tracked by the command and control system and displayed on the land and sea map display. Consolidation and processing of the sen-sor data in the modularized operations room permits immediate analysis and assess-ment of information, evaluation of threats, and initiation of the most suitable response. The ForcePro system implements the sensor to shooter philosophy of ATLAS. The functional chain from sensor through the combat system to the effector ensures a capability for rapid action. Thanks to its information dominance, the system is prepared for threats from the air, from land, from the sea and underwater and is able to respond semi-automatically, while controlled by an operator, in the shortest time possible. With the support of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, the Technical Centre for Ships and Naval Weapons (WTD 71) of the Bundeswehr has already developed, tested and imple-mented with the LEXXWAR demonstrator a reference system for ForcePro. As a re-sult, the ForcePro system of ATLAS offers a proven and versatile instrument for secur-ing any critical infrastructure. bersicht von Rolf Mller


Innovation Manager Naval Systems bei Atlas Elektronik


Product Manager Surface Combat Systems bei Atlas Elektronik System Designer Naval Combat Management Systems bei ATLAS Elekronik GmbH System Designer bei EADS
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Test and Integration Manager
Public Company; 10,001+ employees; DT; Information Technology and Services industry

February 2000 September 2001 (1 year 8 months)

Test and Integratation Manager for the CSCI Action Plan Synthesis. A scheduler for the Anti Air Warfare Weapons Systems of a major combatant which includes scheduling of own ship weapons (terminal defence to local area defence) as well as a scheduler for FORCE Command. The APS Software part includes scheduling of the ressources of the Multi Function Active Phased Array Radar APAR for weapon assignment (tracking, guidance and illumination, as well as kill assesssment support). Support of test and integration activities of Thales at Den Heler and EADS at Ulm.

Public Company; 10,001+ employees; DT; Information Technology and Services industry

February 1999 January 2000 (1 year)

Responisible for internal Test of Electronik Warfare software modules. Support of internal tests for the software simulators for multi function radar, long ranges Air surveillance radar, Mk-31 and Mk41 launcher.

ATLAS ForcePro is a system for the fusion of all information (optronic, sonar and radar sensor) in a certain area of a terroristic / asymmetric threat. The reference system had been deployed and tested by German authorities.

ATLAS ForcePro is a system for the fusion of all information (optronic, sonar...

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is the only company in the world able to deliver all...

The German heavyweight torpedo design sets the standards as the main weapon...

The high degree of integration depth regarding the various...

With its services unit, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers extensive in-support services...

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