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Lesson 3

New Dimensions in Spiritual Understanding and Practice

Copyright (c), 1975, by Dr. Paul L. Masters


The only thing that prevents a person from taking action on an idea
is self-doubt. People that do act are acting on a spiritual premise,
for they are acting on FAITH. That faith may be expressed as God by
some, or the Higher Mind by others, but the principle is the same.
It is a belief in SOMETHING within oneself. It is that certain some-
thing extra which every human being possesses. In Metaphysical
Science, we identify It as our Higher Mind, or God-Mind. By identi-
fying It, the mind has a better focal point for concentration in
one's consciousness to make It more real, and thus, more effective.
You have within you that EXTRASOMETHING. It is YOURFAITH in It
that takes you beyond self-doubt and uncertainty to the surety of
putting your ideas into action.

There are two sel ves that exi st in eVi=r'L person. .One i$. the temR9,=-a.D
self that has been 6'eated by the conditionings of society, and whic~
usually _has.a Hinited appreciation or itseif or its possibii ities.
Theother _i s the REAL SEL[~that .spark of 1i fe. whi ch causes you to
have 1i fe. That spark is part of One Tnfi ni te Rea1i ty tti'a-t- e'xi sts 1 n
all thlngs and is the Ultimate or True Self of your Selfhood. To put
your ideas into action, as a student of meditation, you should IDEN-
TI FY COMPLETELY wi th your True Self or Hi gher Mind. When you do,
there is a faith in yourself that, indeed, you do have that extra
something that can make your ideas realities.
Most people do not act because of a feeling they have of being alone
in what they want to do. Daily meditation and a constant affirming
of one's Higher Selfhood, eventually makes that Selfhood a Reality in
one's mind. QaJLJQY--~9pe_begins to realize that the personal minq
~COMP~NIQ.~~Il.-1h~Jtigher-or j~od~r.Hnd. IB-Y.-keepfngaftlTnea to the
£RE.S.BKLQf one~;;.-1!ig.tle.LS~lfhoQ9,_t~.L.~aliz..a.tiQO_c.ome.s :th.aL~ re
not a lone. thaLY-9.u._.a~e be i ng ..d i,.. It i s th i sinner
knowing that there is a Higher Power at work that inspires people to
take ACTION in their life.


Action brought forth from the

inspirational silence of meditation,
should be the key to one's life. The "Action Guideline" set forth in
this lesson, should be read over every day until it becomes a part of
oneself. Its purpose is to help one start doing something with the
valuable ideas that fill one's mind: By following the outline, the
personal mind should become stimulated by the Higher Mind to take
I action~, What follows automatically is greater success and happiness
and the fulfillment that comes from putting forth the ideas of onels
I own soul.


I -Physical realities come forth as a result of your thinking.

have a creative idea or inspiration
As you
surface to your conscious mind,
imrediately say to yourself, liMyHigher Mind puts this into action
I immediately. II ,.
-Doubt in yourself is the only thing that holds you back from taking
I ACTION. Take the pressure off yourself
of meditati on, that the same Higher Mind that
your mind is READY to help you succeed' in it.
by realizing, as a student
caused the idea in

I -As you go about acting out an i~ea, tell yourself that it is not you
(personal self) that is doing it, but your Higher Mind. .

I -If you have to speak to someone in order to activate your idea,

think to yourself beforehand and while seeing that pers1n, that it
is not you but, your Higher Mind that will communicate with that
I ;

-Another reason people fail to act, although having a gooa idea, they
feel that they may not have follow-up ideas with which to help the
I initial idea succeed. Again, it is the Higher Mind that gives one
the idea in the fi rst place, and It. wi11 follow-up with addi-
tional ideas to help you succeed, '

I -A person who takes action does so out of FAITH. That faith 'may not
be in ones per,sonal self, but it should be in onels Higher Self,
which is more than equal to any task.
I -Constantly visualize that throuah ~ollr Higher Mind a~elf. YOUare
already enjoying and living the idea in your mind '-- as an ALREADY
fulfilled fact. --
I -Donlt take a defeatist attitude when there is a momentary dip in
the conditions of your action. Remember, when you start something
I new, there wi11 always be adjustmE;nts/readjustments
that must be

I -Each day, while meditating, think that your Higher Mind is constantly
guiding and directing you to the fruition of your idea.

-Consider that negative thoughts that come into your mind, creating
l doubt or hesitation,
them immediately.
are part of your old personal self. Nullify
These thoughts will prevent you from having the
type of life that you desire. Treat them as such. Tell yourself
I constant 1y_t.hat_you_ are a NEWPERSONwith a ne~_way of 1eadi nq your
r 1fe.
IT you do this-c'bntfhualTy-;'yolir--suDconsci ous mind wi11 come
it, and you will soon find yourself automatically 1iving
it by taking action with your ideas.
I 3-2
I -Each day, say to yourself: "Success and happiness are ideas put
into action in my life." lilt is not I, but my Higher Mind, that
I does the work, perfectly!
-Whenever someth"i ng good takes place in your 1 i fe, ; mmediate 1y qAve ~
I credit
to your Higher Mind. This ractice each da
rei nforce the true "sel -lmage of your bei n9..Lw.hich i <:;the
will con- "

foundatlon Of succ~ss in9 hHP..Qfri.ii~_~i

I -Some people hesitate in approaching others t9 activate their ideas

because they feel' shy or awkward. Remember,H i's your' Higher Self
that is the doer and acts it out. Your Der~onnlmind should beco~~ _
I as a bystander that watches and praises the wisdomcoming fQrth from ~
YOUI Ht.9.her llilld. ltlS"-not you, in a personal sense, that communi-
cates but again, your Higher Mind. Keep this in mind before seeing
someone and continue thinking of it while in their presence.
I -Self-confidence, to the student of meditation, is confidence in
one's True Self, Higher Mind, or God. Those who don't think in this
I way are filled with doubt and don't take the action needed to bring
about what they want in life.

I -Each day, tell

life, made possible
to be REAL in life,
yourself: "REALITY is
by my Higher Mind~
success and happiness
Whatever one truly
in my

I -Don't ever feel limited or incapable of putting your ideas into

action. Once again, it is not you, but your Higher Mind, that is
doing the work. Each day, say to yourself: "My Higher Mind does
I everythi ng and is unl i mited~what
-~Iaintaining a positive
it-ean do "
attitude creates a conscious state of mind
that better allows your Higher Mind to ACTIVATEyou. Be positive in
I the Presence of your Higher Mind, each day. Regard your Higher Mind
as the TRUEand the REALPRESENCE of your selfhood.

I -Each person in this world is unique; each person has a special pur-
pose. If this were not so, they would not exist. This includes
YOU! Consider that the PURPOSEof your life is to acti vate and

I bri ng forth your uni queness, that in some way, it may be expressed
and shared with others.
-In the laws of nature and the scheme of the Universe, you exist to
I succeed with your individual purpose for being.
You are NOTincon-
Whatever action you take sets up a chain reaction that
travels around the world. You are valuable to life! St3 and accept

I that value of yourself and you will find the inner motivation .to
take the action needed to bring you success and happiness, and thus,
the fulfillment of your own soul~


"V.i.v-ine. oft mg Highvr. God-Being at; the. c.ent:Vt oft my m-ind, tL6
tjou a.U the. ftoJtc.u a..mJ. pOwe..Jt.6.ur. na.:tu.Jte. day, .60 I
I 4ha.Jte. -in the. ACTIVATING POOlEROF YOUR PRESENCE .m mg .md.i.v.i.du.a..l
«6e.. My though..t4 a-te. .i.n4p-iAe.dby You, a..mJ.YOURPOWERac..t4 them out:
tlvtough mg p«4ona..l m.ind and bodIJ day. FoJt t.h.W Jtea.Li..zauoYl,
I 3-3
UQiverslty of MetapQyslcs
BacQelors Bcgree IMIQlsters, 'ractltioQers Bipl0l118S
Study Lesson Exam



1. What is the only thing that prevents any person from taking action?

2. What is the nature of the two selves that exist in every person?

3. What can a person do to realize that their mind is not alone in its efforts?

4. As a creative idea or inspiration surfaces to your conscious mind, what should

you immediately say to yourself?

5. What should be done if old negative thoughts enter your mind creating doubt
or hesitation?

6. Whenever something good takes place in your life,. what should you give credit
to and why?

7. Whyshould you never feel limited or. incapable? .

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