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System Information Messages

System Information Messages
 System Information Messages are relevant in all of the
states except for CELL_DCH state

 Mobile periodically listens to system information fro e.g Cell


 System Information Messages contain mostly UTRAN

related information and also some core network information
System Information
Messages (cont…)
message is 246 bits long

•It is sent on PCCPCH

•Sentevery 20ms a new

message is sent

frame of every system
information is System Frame
Number (SFN)
System Information
•System Information carries
11 different segment types

•SIB’s are arbitrary length,

they are segmented across
many frames

•Change Control: Allows UE

to quickly determine whether
SIB has changed


• Value Tag
• Timer

•Change Control Scope

• Cell
• Equivalent PLMN
Master Information
Block (MIB)
•1 MIB broadcast in a cell

•Transmitted every 80ms

•Has its own value tag

•Tellswhat types of PLMN’s

are supported

•Also contains references of

all SIB’s

•Justby reading the MIB the

mobile can quickly identify
whether any of the SIB’s
have changed
SIB Type 1

• Carries information specific to the core network

SIB Type 2

• Contains URA Identities

• For e.g. if a cell is a member of multiple URA’s its
going to be contain in this list
• Can be nested up to 8
SIB 3 & 4
•SIB 3 is used in idle mode

•SIB 4 is used in connected

mode if present. If not
present, mobile falls back in
idle mode and uses SIB 3

•Contains cell reselection

SIB 5 & 6
• SIB 5 is used in idle mode
• SIB 6 is used in connected mode
• Contains all information related to common channels
• Every thing the mobile needs to know in order to transmit on
these channels will be in SIB 5 & 6
• How are the physical and logical channels configured , and
what parameters to use etc. are found in these two SIB’s
• Is also called fast changing parameters
• Mobile before transmitting on PRACH he must have
up to date SIB 7
SIB 11 & 12
•SIB 11 & 12 are also related
to cell reselection, in
measurement in general

•SIB 11 being in idle mode

and 12 in connected mode

•Gives the mobile

information about how
frequently the mobile needs
to perform measurements

•Also contains neighbor cell

information and also for
SIB 11 & 12 (cont..)
SIB 18
is known as equivalent
PLMN list

•Contains information of the

neighboring cells of what
PLMN are the neighboring
Other SIB’s