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EXPLORING CREATION WITH ZOOLOGY 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day

Day 1 Day 2 Supplies Vocabulary

2 Blow-dryers, Glitter aquatic animals
or pepper, Long nekton
Read pg. 6-10
Read pg. 1-6 casserole dish, 2L benthos
Try This! pg. 7
Week 1 up to Current Events Bottle w/lid, Small sessile
Tell pg. 8
Explain pg. 5 balloon, Large box, plankton
Tell pg. 10
Blue paper to fully line brackish
box, Glue, Bowl, estuary
Styrofoam® cup, Pen,
answer What Do You
Blue & yellow food
Remember (WDYR)

Read pg. 10-16 dye, Spoon to stir with,

q. 1-14 pg. 16
Week 2 Explain pg. 12 Hot & ice cold water
Notebook Activities pg. 17;
Try This! pg. 15
Ocean Box
Experiment-Hot or Cold pg. 18

2 Pieces of cardstock, cetacean

Read pg. 24-32 Tape, 2 Cups, fluke
Read pg. 19-24 Name pg. 26; Tablespoon, Salt, beached
Week 1 to Whalers Explain Freezer, Person, 2 blubber
Explain pg. 21 Try This! pg. 28 Styrofoam® cups, pin, breaching
Try This! pg. 32 sharp pencil, 30ft. Of pod
100% cotton yarn melon
WDYR q. 1-16 pg. 38;

Read pg. 33-38 Notebook Activities pg. 39;

Week 2
Explain pg. 34 Ocean Box
Experiment-Telephone pg. 40

Big bowl of ice water, rookeries
Read pg. 44-47
large container of manatee
Read pg. 41-43 to Walrus Family
Week 1 Vaseline®, 4 latex dugong
Tell pg. 43 Tell pg. 45
gloves, timer clock,
Explain pg. 46

WDYR q. 1-11 pg. 53;


Notebook Activities;
Week 2 Read pg. 47-53
Ocean Box
Experiment-Blubber pg. 54

Chalk, Tape measure, reptile

Read pg. 61-67 Balloon, Box, amphibian
Read pg. 55-61
to Reptiles vs. Amphibians Teaspoon, Vanilla, 2 herp
to Eight Turtles…
Week 1 Try This! pg. 62 Tadpoles, 2 Identical brumation
Try This! pg. 57
Explain pg. 64 covered tanks, Lamp sea snake
Explain pg. 61
Tell pg. 67 w/50w or 60w bulb neurotoxin
WDYR q. 1-10 pg. 71;

Read pg. 67-71 Notebook Activities;

Week 2
Try This! pg. 68 Ocean Box
Experiment-Tadpoles pg. 72
EXPLORING CREATION WITH ZOOLOGY 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day
Day 1 Day 2 Supplies Vocabulary
Chalk, Tape measure,
Read pg. 78-84 Sea shell, Cheerio®, 2
Read pg. 73-78 Try This! pg. 78 Glasses, Container to
Week 1 Tell pg. 74 Explain pg. 80 mix water & dirt,
Tell pg. 78 Try This! pg. 81 Water, Dirt, 3 Small
Try This! pg. 83 disposable containers,
Cup of sand, Cup of
clay, Cup of soil from
12" deep in your yard,

Detailed shell, Plastic

WDYR q. 1-9 pg. 85;
Week 2 Experiment - Preserve pg. 86 spoon, 2c Plaster of
Notebook Activities
Paris, Cup of water,
Disposable container,
permanent marker
Goldfish in small bowl,
Lamp w/bendable neck
Read pg. 91-96 fusiform
Read pg. 87-91 to face down, Large
Week 1 to Do You See… camouflage
to Shaping Up bowl of ice water in
Describe pg. 92 schools
which to place the fish
bowl, thermometer
WDYR q. 1-10 pg. 101;

Notebook Activities;
Week 2 Read pg. 97-100
Ocean Box
Experiment-Fish pg. 102

Ruler, Large battery, 3 cartilage

Pieces of insulated spiracle
electrical wire, 2 Metal batoid
Read pg. 103-108 Read pg. 108-112
Week 1 nails, Electrical tape, megalodon
Explain pg. 105 Try This! pg. 111
Glass of distilled water, squaliform
Small light bulb holder

WDYR q. 1-12 pg. 119;


Read pg. 113-118 Notebook Activities;

Week 2 Try This! pg. 113 Ocean Box
Tell pg. 116 Experiment-Fresh or Salt
pg. 119-120

Markers, Blank file crustacean

folder, Set of index molt
Read pg. 121-126 cards, Dice, Animal maxilliped
Read pg. 126-132
Week 1 to Lobsters game pieces, Sea decapod
to Crabs For Christmas?
Tell pg. 126 monkeys or triops (see cannibal
course website for mutualism
where to purchase) barnacle
WDYR q. 1-12 pg. 138; lobe
Notebook Activities

Read pg. 132-138 Project - Animal Quiz

Week 2 Explain pg. 135 pg. 139-140
Try This! pg. 137 Ocean Box pg. 140
Experiment-Raise Triops
pg. 140
EXPLORING CREATION WITH ZOOLOGY 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day
Day 1 Day 2 Supplies Vocabulary
Several bottles of shellfish
Read pg. 147-152
different sizes, mantle
Read pg. 141-147 to Wentletraps
Week 1 Shoebox, Scissors, bivalve
to Swiftly Swimming Scallops Tell pg. 147
Glue, Cardboard, whelk
Tell pg. 148
Cotton batting foot
WDYR q. 1-15 pg. 156;
Notebook Activities

Read pg. 152-156 Ocean Box pg. 157;
Week 2 limpet
Explain pg. 155 Experiment-Resonance
Project - Make A Conchology
Box pg. 158
Small eyedropper,
Empty soda bottle
Read pg. 162-167 cuttlebone
w/lid, Glass of water
Week 1 Read pg. 159-161 to Seeing Eye To Eye shoals
Opt. google eye
Explain pg. 164 hood
Opt. pipe cleaner
Opt. double stick tape

WDYR q. 1-16 pg. 170


Read pg. 167-170 Notebook Activities pg. 171;

Week 2 Explain pg. 168 Ocean Box
Explain pg. 169 Experiment - Will it float?
pg. 171-172

5 Six inch segments of echinoderm

cotton string, 3c Water, regenerate
Read pg. 176-178
A lot of salt, Food crinoid
to Sea Urchins
Week 1 Read pg. 173-175 coloring, Wide- pinnule
Explain pg. 176
mouthed glass jar, Pan cirri
Describe pg. 178
of boiling water,
Wooden spoon

WDYR q. 1-15 pg. 182


Notebook Activities pg. 183

Read pg. 178-182
Week 2 Ocean Box pg. 184
Tell pg. 181
Project - Salty Brittle Stars
pg. 184

Read pg. 190-196 Glass baking dish, Hot polyps
Read pg. 185-189
Week 1 to Assisting Algae water, Fruit popsicle medusae
Explain pg. 187
Explain pg. 191 made from real fruit nematocyst
WDYR q. 1-12 pg. 199; smack

Notebook Activities anthozoa

Week 2 Read pg. 196-199 Ocean Box pg. 200 budding
Experiment - Movement coral
pg. 200
EXPLORING CREATION WITH ZOOLOGY 2: Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day
Day 1 Day 2 Supplies Vocabulary
Jar, Clipping from a cell
vine or a rose, Pond producer
Read pg. 207-212
Read pg. 201-207 water, 2 Water bottles, consumer
to Flatworms
Week 1 to Sea Squirts Black paint, 1c Water sessile
Try This! pg. 208
Explain pg. 205 mixed w/1tbls of salt, pinacoderm
Try This! pg. 212
Plastic tubing, Clay, osculum
Sunny spicule
window, Stack of tunicate
WDYR q. 1-12 pg. 216; books annelid

Notebook Activities planarian

Read pg. 212-216
Week 2 Ocean Box pg. 217
Tell pg. 213
Experiment - Desalination
pg. 217-218

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