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Presbyterian Church of Victoria


Short Term Africa Mission Partners

Team Members ~
Back row: John Steendam, Sue Steendam, Judy Flett, Sarah Benfell, Dean Carroll, David Brown, Diane Brownley Middle row: Steve Front row:

Harris, Jim Burfoot, Mary Burfoot, Melody Telley, Paula Wilson, John Wilson (Coach)

Amy Bullin, Sandy Carroll, Emily Duke, Kylie ODonnell, Doug Brownley
Travel Dates: Departure from Melbourne Tuesday, 12 June Return to MelbourneThursday, 12 July

The Team:

The Pastors ~ John & David

John Wilson is the Coach and mentor for the short-term mission. He is conducting seminars for pastors as well as involvement in the Kabwe Crusade in Zambia. David is also conducting seminars for pastors and is team manager while John is in Zambia.

Orbus Ministries ~ John S

John is part of the Orbus Advisory Panel. He and Sue are travelling over to Malawi on 20th April to assist the CCAP ministry team at Orbus and allow Craig Manners and his family time away for a holiday. John will also be joining John Wilson in Zambia for evangelistic preaching in Kabwe.

Orphan & Aged Care ~ Sue

Sue will be assisting the teams at CCAP orphan day-care centres as well as visiting the sick and the frail, the aged and the chronically ill. She will also be joining John Wilson in Zambia for the Kabwe Crusade.

Building Team ~ Steve & Doug

Steve and Doug will assist the Synods building team to roof Churches at Mfungo and Nsungwi as well as replacing ceilings at Chigodi Womens Centre. These projects are possible due to the generous funding from Scots Church, Melbourne.

Youth Ministry ~ Kylie & Amy

Kylie and Amy will be working with youth leaders encouraging them with evangelistic tools so they can lead a bible study etc. They will be taken to schools to interact with the teenagers to share the Word of God and show the love of God, maybe 2 to 3 schools a day. Pray for energy.

Womens Ministry ~ Judy, Diane & Melody

Judy, Diane and Melody will reside at Chigodi Womens Centre Mon-Thurs each week taking daily devotions and encouraging the women in Gods Word. They will also be providing income-generating skills including sewing, knitting/crocheting, cooking, recycling, composting and conversational English. Goods sent over in the containers will be utilized in their programs.

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair ~ Jim & Mary

Jim is very skilled in mechanical repairs and will assist the Synod car mechanic team in whatever is necessary to repair and maintain the Synod vehicles. Parts and tools including a mechanical lift were sent in a container earlier this year. Mary will assist Jim and also be the designated team driver to transport members to and from their workplaces, as well as sourcing the scarce fuel for the teams hire car.

Community Health Work ~ Sarah

Sarah will be working in Malabada Health Centre for a week and also with the Synods Health Department in their various programs at Clinics as well as possible work at Mulanje Mission Hospital.

In Zambia ~ CCAP Zambia Synod & Kabwe Crusade ~ Dean & Sandy
Dean and Sandy will be assisting CCAP Zambia Synod in various ministries such as orphan care, preaching, eldership training, evangelistic outreach and ESL.

In Zambia ~ Ministry to Orphans & Kabwe Crusade ~ Paula & Emily

Paula and Emily will assist John Wilson at the Kabwe Crusade and then give special assistance to a church orphan family in Mazabuka, coaching them in their school studies.

We go to share the Word of God and show the love of God to all people

Members of our team will engage in ministry whenever invited and according to gifts. For example:

Other Ministries:

On Sundays 17th June, 24th June, 1st July and 8th July we will split into groups and be assigned to Churches. Each team member will be involved ~ preaching, childrens talks, Bible readings, prayers and testimonies. Helping out at Orphan Feeding Programs and assisting at Orbus. The women will be involved in Mvano Womens Guild meetings on Saturdays.

We will have a web-link that you can send the team messages and also read online about our activities and prayer requests. Go to ...

How Can You Keep in Touch?

How Can YOU Help?

Prayer ~
We are trusting that our Church, family and friends will support us in prayer and messages while we are working in our areas of service. Points for Prayer:

STA M PCV P is a prog Ch u ra eng age rches to m for m in sh join emb mis or sion e to wor t-term c gether rs of k in and ross Cen -cul tral t Afri ural ca.

Funds for Bibles ~

We have the hope of being able to give away lots of Chichewa Bibles while we are there. They cost around $9 Aust. each. Most people are far too poor to own a Bible. If you would like to help us share The Word please talk to any Team Member.

For our health, safety and energy levels That we will be good witnesses for the LORD and show His love to all That we might be an encouragement to the local Christians That opportunities will open up for evangelising

Relief Goods Containers ~

Please pray for safe passage of the three containers of precious donations sent earlier this year. Pray that they will be received intact in Malawi and Zambia by the end of May and that their contents will be a blessing to those that receive them.