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FOR NOMINATIONS The Women Transforming Cities Best Practice 2013 Awards recognize outstanding achievement in designing cities for the advancement of women that leads to transformation of cities. The 2013 Awards will showcase good practices, policies and programs at the municipal level, that illustrate success, encourage institutional change and improve urban life. WTC 2013 Award objectives: Publicize details of practices and initiatives that are working. Promote initiatives that include a womans focus. Build capacity for women to participate in civic life. Gather knowledge and benchmark progress. WHAT IS A GOOD CITY FOR WOMEN AND GIRLS? A good city for women and girls encourages participation and leadership in civic life and local decision-making processes; provides safe, secure and affordable housing and transportation; implements prevention strategies which reduce violence against women, designs safe public spaces; has accessible childcare; promotes community partnerships; and enhances economic stability. AWARDS A total of 28 awards will be given, 12 Canadian and two international initiatives will be awarded for each sector: A: Municipality and Local Government B: Non-governmental Organizations including Corporations Entries to be in one of six categories: 1.Leadership & governance; 2. Safety, planning and design for public spaces 3. Housing; 4.Transportation; 5.Childcare; 6. Economic empowerment Winners will be announced at a special event in June 2013. The winners will be announced at the event, results will be published on the Women Transforming Cities website, and information will be disseminated through various media and newsletters. A Compendium documenting results of the competition will provide a description of all winning projects, a summary of shortlisted projects and a synopsis of all nominations. This will be available from the website. All nominees will be part of a data-base which will provide a benchmark for progress. Winners will be positioned as leaders in a

network of practitioners, with exposure to a national and international audience. Each winner will receive a commemorative certificate and gift. Their work will be highlighted on our website and at the June event. ELIGIBILITY Municipal governments. Womens, youth and community organizations, educational, academic and professional organizations, business groups, foundations, media agencies, etc. Entries can be projects, activities, programs and policies from any size community. Entries must include two letters of support from outside the organization. CRITERIA Winners will be selected based on demonstration for women and girls of: 1. Empowerment, participation and leadership 2. Capacity Building for individual women, groups, and communities. 3. Partnerships, innovative, principled and equal, with other groups such as higher level government, community groups, schools, banks, etc. 4. Inclusive Community Development, recognizing local heritage and everyday life experiences. 5. Diversity, understanding of the cultural context and diverse perspectives of women. 6. Outcomes, clear evidence of positive outcomes. SUBMISSION PROCESS Please complete application from our website and submit entry via email to: Written applications are to be 10 pages or less. Applicants are also encouraged to submit supporting materials: media articles, powerpoints, videos, photographs, graphic, brochures, websites reference, etc. If applicants are unable to send their entries by email, or wish to add supplemental materials, applications may be mailed to: Women Transforming Cities, 2592 Wall St Vancouver BC, V5K 1A5 Applications may be in English or French and must be received by March 8th, 2013. Mailed applications must include submission on disc for computer data formatting. By submission, applicants are allowing the material to be shared on the Women Transforming Cities website. SELECTION PROCESS An independent jury of Canadian experts in the field will receive all submissions meeting the entry requirements. For more information contact: Women Transforming Cities Best Practices Committee, @womentcities