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Taken on the whole, I would believe that Gandhi's views were the most

enlightened of all the political men in our time. Albert Einstein

0ltimately, Buman Reason's always constantly coiiect. But emotions: that's theii
!"#$%&'# - they just uon't caie (foi Buman Reason).

Bespite this uisiegaiu foi Buman Reason, iionically, it's Bumanity's !"#$%&$'#(!
&)*+*%,- %#- *.'$%*/,- &$.- *.'&+*!'- '0#%*#$1- )#%2- 3*%2*$- #(4!'+/- &$.- &+!#- #%2'4!1 that
piomotes oui stiongest (positive oi negative) memoiies, incluuing even Bumanity's
collective acknowleugment that, ultimately, Buman Reason is constantly coiiect: that
oui collective memoiy nevei foigets that Buman Reason (Logic) is, when all's saiu anu
uone, a supeiioi ioot to the alteinative. Inueeu, now moie than evei, with the eteinal
embeuuing of Bumanity's eventful time-line into ciicuit boaius the woilu ovei,
Bumanity's memoiies of piioi, cuiient oi even futuie instances of Bumanity's failuie to
act accoiuing to Buman Reason punctuates $#3- &$.- /#4'5'4 oui collective soul,
obliging us to in the enu always make things bettei, in spite of what may oi may not
happen touay oi tomoiiow. Inueeu, poweiing the piinciple of spontaneity, the most
foiceful of all foices, is the uouly ciiculaiity of Bumanity's &)*+*%,- %#- *.'$%*/,- &$.-
*.'&+*!'-'0#%*#$1-)#%2-3*%2*$-#(4!'+/-&$.-&+!#-#%2'4!1-which itself in tuin geneiates
the cycle of giowth-uecay-biith in oui memoiies $() the physical woilu6- In shoit, it is
memoiy, founueu on this piinciple of spontaneity out of which all emotions emeige, anu
which is oui goveining uou, $#3-&$.-/#4'5'4. Theiefoie, my uou's Spontaneity anu this
is my Piayei.

0ui stiongest memoiies (ieau: oui most influential factois) owe an intellectual uebt to
something (youi anu my !"#$%&$'#(! &)*+*%,- %#- *.'$%*/,- &$.- *.'&+*!'- '0#%*#$),
which caies not foi Buman Reason yet paiauoxically feeus off that which it cannot know
of let alone piactically engage with, namely, Buman Reason (Logic). Anu peihaps the
closest to an inteisection we can Bumanly make these points of uiveigence is to say
simply: memoiy - be it that of ouiself oi otheis incluueu - seives us bettei most when
the powei of love usuips the love of powei.