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(A) Observations
1. Instance focus on the customers: In this we observe that how company or business or firm are deal with there customers. AL-MERAJ BAKERS have well in making proper department of goods or make separate cabin of for each kind ok goods but they have in sufficient staff to manage the work. They have 6 boys staffs who manage the customers but this is not enough. They also have a good reception where customer goes and billed his goods which he buy and after this, bill show to the head of department and he collect the money. They have normal in service not too good. They also decorate the bakery on special events to attract the customers. And staff covers his hand with gulfs when they are managing the fast food customers.

2. Concern for continual improvement:

Their aim is not to compromise in the quality of foods and Cakes. Because the goods are hygienic nature so the quality is most important. They make fresh foods and cakes as well. They also have a sequence in the managing and decorating the goods and beverages. If there is any complain

against foods or cakes or any other goods which are made in bakery they also replaced. They are have a big name in Gujranwala city in making cakes and have separate counter for cakes, fast foods, cookies, chips, breads, etc The bread of AL-MERAJ BAKERS is also having a big name and retailer purchased breads from here for selling purpose and they discounted the retailer having van service.

3. Process focused:

process focued, they use fresh raw material for making cakes, fast foods, and beads. They have backing and cooking department which is located is back of the bakery and interlinked with bakry inside. When the goods were made they transfred those goods into the bakry as soon as required, then the adjust into the counters for selling. They also made PIZZAs but not too much perfect because they are making PIZZAs some few months. Skilled and train person they have in backing department and also check the quality of that foods which they are made. I tell above they have a good name in breads, so every morning they sold a lot of breads in all over the city.

4. Improvement in the quality of everything:

Their mission is not compromise in the quality of everything. They have unique taste is making cakes and cookies. And also have a good name in making breads. They have freezers for cold drinks, ice creams, and more. They have all kind of beverage which is todays customer need (Red bull, sting, 7up, Pepsi, coke, marinde, and much more). They are innovating the cakes style and cookies. Made different types of fast foods and use fresh raw material to satisfy the customers and to attract new customers. They have printed shopper as well with bakery name. They also have quality check control system which depends upon number of person who randomly checks the quality of everything which is made in the bakery.

5. Empowerment of employees:

If any employee make any mistake the manager and other senior staff do not angry with him but also tell about him what to do or how to do? They also tell them how to manage the customer in such circumstances. They have 8 hours sifted system (i- 6am to 2pm, ii- 2pm to 10pm) and it helpful for those who want to do part time job. They provide secure jobs to their employees.

(B) Are they match with our Standard

1. Instance focus on the customers: They were well in this but I think that they have in sufficient staffs to manage the work and responsibility. Sometimes the customers comes in a large numbers not sometimes more times it happen and the staffs consists of 5 or 6 boys which is not enough. And other thing is to be that about the quick service the boy are shown lazy when they are out from there managers eye. They are well in decorating but they merge all things of one head on festivals which shown full cabin but this is not good. Decorate the cabin like in the picture

2. Concern for continual improvement:

If they want continual improvement then they should make different style or faces of cakes. They made cake to attract the children for making spider cake. To attract girls for making babies cakes. This is innovation in this field. And also make different kinds of cakes and cookies. They start schemes in breads to attract the childrens and childrens are also our customers. With the help of schemes the teen age

groups people are attract to buy the breads.

3. Process focused:
In process focused, they are also working like our standard having a store room and baking and cooking area. They are well in this. And also provide fresh material to its customers. And the main things they are not compromise in quality of everything. So they are well in this.

4. Improvement in the quality of everything:

In this they would make different types of cakes and cookies as well. They would have a Delivery service on some kinds of foods and cakes. With the help of this they will increase their selling. And attract a large number of customers. And also provide deals with on pizzas like Italian buy one get one or like free delivery.

5. Empowerment of employees:
They provide proper uniform to their workers. And also have an aftar party in Ramadan. And provide proper place for prayer and also write a name on his shirt attach with batch.

(C) Recommendations

They have good name in CAKES & BREADS so they must have a WEBSITE. They would be a credit card facility. They have a special kind of packing for those who order a cake or cookies. Price list must show on the front of every counter. They have a guard on the door that opens the door when customer comes. They provide uniform to their employees. Advertisement. Cake home delivery. (above 3 pound)