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14th Main, 1st Cross
Bangalore-560 050
PHONE: 98865 23104


To become a competent professional and wish to work in a challenging and creative

environment, to attain goals of the organization by fusing the skills, knowledge and my
creative instinct.

Experienced Claim processing executive of Health Insurance claims. Recognized by

Team member’s as subject matter expert & in mentoring junior’s batches to ensure
quality work.

Current Working Papers are:

1. Topic: Project Appraisal and Financing
Industry: Telecom Infrastructure Company.
This paper deals with the process of identifying, analysis, selecting and financing
investment projects whose returns are expected beyond one year.
2. Topic: Strategic Financial Management.
Paper: Applying Behavioral Finance to Merger and Acquisitions
This paper uses the concepts of Behavioral Finance and applies them to Mergers &
Acquisitions. (Paper is yet to be completed).
3. Topic: Strategic Financial Management
Paper: Corporate Restructuring for Royal Challengers Bangalore
This Paper deals with the concept of Auction theory, Corporate Strategy & Corporate
Professional Experience

1. Tejas Networks Ltd, Bangalore 1st April 2007-Jan 5th 2008.

Designation: Analyst
My responsibilities include:

- Tracking expired PO's

- Estimating the annual maintenance charges for the current fiscal year.
- Drafting letter to the Customers requesting follow-up for payments.
- Sending Weekly status report to the Director – Managed Services.
Significant Achievement
Problem Input Output
To create a Database of Created a Webpage using • It helped the
Purchase basic HTML tags for the Managed Service
Order so that the whole Managed Service Team team to keep track of
Company has the access to which contains the details its Customers.
view the process of of the process. • It helped in Quality
Managed Services Team. audit process.

2. H.T.M.T, Bangalore 15th Sep 2003-09th March 2007.

Designation: Claim Processing Executive.

My responsibilities include:
• Processing Health Insurance Claims i.e. Hospital & Medical claims.
Significant Achievements
Problem Input Output
Lot of Errors from Junior Took refreshers on The quality of the junior
employee’s Hospital & Medical employee’s improved
claim. significantly.
Engaged in creative
claim processing
scenario for junior
To Improve the Quality Made error analysis of The quality of the
for one of the major the whole process & particular account
accounts for the client that of each individual improved & the Client
processor & wrote was happy with the
action plan to reduce efforts taken by the team.
the error.
Team never made it to Took the Captaincy of the For the first time under
the Finals of the Team. my Captaincy the Team
Knowledge Management made it into Finals & we
Contest(also called as were runners up.
Everest Cup) for the past
FIVE years
Pilling up of Rework Learnt the process of Dedicated rework team
Claims. It slowed the Rework claims & taught handled the whole
process of Production of to the Team. rework process.
New Claims. Headed the team for Improved the production
Rework claims & of Fresh claims & the
streamlined the process. burden of rework claims
was taken from the team.
Achievement in Knowledge Front
• Auditing & Mentoring of Junior Batches.
• Presented & taught Hospital claim processing skills & techniques.
• Took refreshers on various topics on Hospital & Medical claim
• Made power point presentations on certain topics of Hospital claim
• Utilized software including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Professional Recognition

 Got the best Mentor award for the month of September 2004.
 Team recognized as the most workaholic member of the Year 2005.

Bangalore University
Bachelor of Science
Major: Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.
Passed out year is 2000
Possess the basic Knowledge on Statistics & Economics.

Currently pursuing Distance Learning Programme on Finance course. The Programme

name is Certified Finance Manager.
The programme comprises of four papers
1. Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management.
2. Projects.
3. Treasury & Forex Management.
4. Strategic Financial Management.

Personal Profile

Father’s Name : Subba Rao K.G.

Date of Birth : 26th December 1979
Age : 28 yrs
Sex : Male
Martial Status : Single
Languages Known : English, Kannada & Hindi.

Place: Bangalore