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OR DERS AND REQUESTS introducing verbs: order, tell, ask

EXERCISE 1 Look at the blackboard, children! 1.- Kevin, dont touch my things again his brother said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 2.- Can you lend me your car for the weekend, Mum? Cathy said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 3.- Leave your umbrellas outside the museum, please the guide said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 4.- Dont park here, sir the policeman said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Her mother told Sue not to leave her things all over the place 5.- Could you show me that blue sweater in the shop window, please? the woman said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 6.- Will you come with me to Susans party, John? Mary said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 7.- Will you please not come with your dog into the restaurant? the waiter said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 8.- Dont say anything to your parents, ok? she said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 9.- Send me a copy of the contract, will you? the lawyer told Mr. Smith ______________________________________ ______________________________________ The boy told her mother to give him something to eat Dont close your mouth, Mr. Jones, please. 10.- Please, show me the photographs she said ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 11.- Stop smoking? the doctor told him ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 12.- Never unlock this door! he told his assistant ______________________________________ ______________________________________

The teacher ordered the children to look at the blackboard. Dont leave your things all over the place, Sue!

Will you take me out for a walk, please?

The dog asked me to take him out for a walk Mum, give me something to eat!

The dentist asked Mr. Jones not to close his mouth.

STATEMENTS introducing verbs: say, tell, explain, think, etc. ...
Sorry, Mr. Jones is out this morning.

1.- I think there is a bus at five oclock my brother said

______________________________________ ______________________________________

2.- She broke the glasses when she was washing up he said The secretary told me that Mr. Jones was out that morning.
You have to fill in this form and submit it in the office upstairs ______________________________________ ______________________________________

3.- They cant come because they are busy Susan said
______________________________________ ______________________________________

4.- Ill do my homework tomorrow the child told his mother

______________________________________ ______________________________________

5.- We have been to Paris twice she said The clerk explained to me that I had to fill in that form and submit it in the office upstairs.
______________________________________ ______________________________________

6.- The boys are playing in the garden now she said
______________________________________ ______________________________________

I have been promoted.

7.- I dont know your new boyfriend she told Sheila

______________________________________ ______________________________________

8.- Someone brought a parcel for you last week she told me The clerk told his wife that he had been promoted
I know the answer ______________________________________ ______________________________________

9.- Mary, your glasses are on the table her mother said
______________________________________ ______________________________________

10.- Tom is having dinner with us next Saturday he said

______________________________________ ______________________________________

The girl said that she knew the answer

QUESTIONS introducing verbs: ask, wonder, want to know

Whats your name and address, sir? EXERCISE 3 1.- Where do you live, Mr. Sallies? the policeman asked ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 2.- Are you busy, Tom? Mary asked ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 3.- Have you seen my brother? she asked me ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 4.- How are you going to Italy? he asked me ______________________________________ ______________________________________ He wondered where his coffee was. 5.- Do you like classical music, Sue? I asked ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 6.- How much did you pay for that car? he asked me ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 7.- When are you going on holiday? she asked her brother ______________________________________ ______________________________________ She asked Susan if she was coming to her party the following Friday. 8.- Did you close the windows last night, Terry? his mother asked ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 9.- Why are you still in bed? I asked her ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 10.- Who is that man? she wondered ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 11.- Did you buy those flowers, Mum? the girl asked ______________________________________ ______________________________________ 12.- Whose CDs are these? he wondered ______________________________________ ______________________________________ She wanted to know how many miles they had run.

The policeman wanted to know what my name and address was.

Wheres my coffee?

Are you coming to my party next Friday, Susan?

Did you see the match last night?

He asked me if I had seen the match the night before.

How many miles have we run?

EXERCISE 4 1.- Do you wear a uniform at school? Peter asked me ... 2.- Do these exercises for tomorrow, children The teacher told the children ... 3.- Harry, dont play with matches His mother told Harry ... 4.- There is a question I want to ask Sue said ... 5.- Well have a party next weekend She said ... 6.- Nobody knows the answer He said ... 7.- How many questions are there? John asked ... 8.- Have you been to Italy, Mary? Mr. Jones asked Mary ... 9.- Dont touch any of my things, Mark She ordered Mark ... 10.- Its going to rain soon I said ... 11.- I lost my handbag yesterday She said 12.- Listen to those birds in the garden Susan told her friend 13.- Could you do me a favour? Tom asked Susan ... 14.- Can you give me something to eat, madam? The beggar asked the woman ... 15.- How much is this box of chocolates? The customer asked me 16.- This exercise is a bit difficult, but you wont have any problem if you pay attention The teacher explained


17.- Can you keep this secret, Susan? Susans friend asked her ... 18.- When did you sell your old car? He wanted to know 19.- Can you tell me where the station is, sir? She asked the man 20.- Is this todays newspaper, Sue? Sues father asked her 21.- George, go to the blackboard and dont be a nuisance The teacher told George 22.- Those flowers are very nice. I like them Mary said ... 23.- Will you buy the paper on your way to work, please? My mother asked me ... 24 Can you buy some bread on your way back home, please? She asked me ... 25.- Dont switch off the radio She told me ... 26.- Where did you go on holiday? She asked me ... 27.- Look at him. Hes playing the fool again Susan told me ... 28.- Open the window. Its hot in this room His mother told him 29.- Give me a sandwich, please. Im hungry Tom told his mother ... 30.- Where have you been all day? My father asked me ... 31.- Dont drop those plates Sheila told her friend ... 32.-I know what you mean He said ...

1. 2. 3. 4. Are you going to study for the exam? - she asked Can you ride a horse, Sue? - he asked Can you wait for a while, please? - he said Did you enjoy yourself at the party last Saturday? - she asked him Did you go shopping last Saturday? - she asked Do you know my brother Harry? - he asked me Dont argue with me! - his father said Dont ask me any more questions, Mary - Susan said Dont laugh at him - my mother told me


21. I think she will be very happy in England - he said 22. I want to play with you, Sue - he said 23. I wont be able to finish it by tomorrow - he said 24. Ill finish soon - she told us 25. Im going to show you something very interesting - Susan told me 26. Ive got up at six oclock this morning and Im very tired - Terry said 27. It may be too late - he said 28. Learn all these new words for tomorrow - the teacher said 29. Mary, pass me the sugar, please - Harry said 30. She left the office two hours ago - he said 31. Show me your new CDs, David - I said 32. Soldiers, dont leave your position! - the sergeant said 33. Susan, stop crying - her mother said 34. The postman didnt deliver yesterday - she said 35. Theres been a terrible accident at the crossroads - John said 36. They are getting married next week - she said 37. This exercise is terrible. I cant do it now - she said 38. Tom, the phone is ringing - she said 39. Well go in this car - they said

5. 6. 7. 8.


10. Dont make plans for your holiday yet - he told us 11. Dont talk to me when Im studying - she told me 12. Everybody is hungry - she said 13. Have you got any brothers or sisters? - I asked him 14. Have you seen Peter today? - the teacher asked the students 15. How much is this sweater? - she asked the shop assistant 16. How old is your new boyfriend, Sue? - her father asked 17. I can run faster than anyone - the boy told his friends 18. I didnt break it - the child said 19. I havent finished eating yet - he said 20. I met him here two days ago - he said

40. Well visit you when we go to Scotland next summer - they told me

Anna told us that she had finished. Ive finished Anna told us


The little girl asked Susan if she was staying there all summer. Are you staying here all summer, Susan? the little girl asked The teacher told the children not to write on the blackboard. Dont write on the blackboard, children the teacher said


1.- Mary asked me where exactly I lived. 2.- Bill said he was going to be late. 3.- David said he had to be back by 3.30. 4.- Carol asked Ann what she had done the day before.

16.- She wondered if he would ask her out. 17.- She said she had been to the doctors two days before. 18.- She asked me who I had invited to my party. 19.- He wanted to know what had happened.

5.- Kate asked me how many books I had read. 6.- My teacher asked me if I would go to school the following day. 7.- Helen said she was going shopping. 8.- Paul said that he wanted to make a phone call. 9.- Tina told the teacher she had forgotten to do her homework. 10.- She said she liked swimming but she didnt go very often. 11.- He said he had written two letters to her. 12.- I asked my teacher what coy meant. 13.- I asked Sue when her birthday was. 14.- My mother asked me if I had tidied my room lately. 15.- She asked John to give her a lift to the airport.

20.- He explained that he had been late because of the traffic. 21.- She asked Jim if he had tried those cakes. 22.- He said that he would help me whenever I needed it 23.- She said she had to do an important exam the following day. 24.- The firemen told us to leave the place at once. 25.- I told Peter to be honest. 26.- She told us we had to call her Mrs. Willis 27.- They asked me not to come in with my shoes on. 28.- She said her friend had just had a baby. 29.- The policeman ordered him to come out of his car.

30.- He said that they had finished this exercise at last.

EXERCISE 1 1. His brother ordered Kevin not to touch his things again 2. Cathy asked her mother to lend her her car for the weekend 3. The guide told us to leave our umbrellas outside the museum 4. The policeman told the man not to park there 5. The woman asked the shop-assistant to show her that blue sweater in the shop window 6. Mary asked John to go with her to Susans party 7. The waiter told me not to go with my dog into the restaurant 8. She told me not to say anything to my parents 9. The lawyer asked Mr Smith to send him a copy of the contract 10. She asked me to show her the photographs 11. The doctor told him to stop smoking 12. He told his assistant not to unlock that door EXERCISE 2 1. My brother said (that) he thought there was a bus at five oclock 2. He said she had broken the glasses when she was washing up 3. Susan said they couldnt come because they were busy 4. The child told his mother he would do his homework the following day 5. She said they had been to Paris twice 6. She said the boys were playing in the garden then 7. She told Sheila she didnt know her new boyfriend 8. She told me someone had brought a parcel for me the week before 9. Marys mother told her that her glasses were on the table 10. He said Tom was having dinner with them the following Saturday EXERCISE 3 1. The policeman asked Mr Sallies where he lived 2. Mary asked Tom if he was busy 3. She asked me if I had seen her brother 4. He asked me how I was going to Italy 5. I asked Sue if she liked classical music 6. He asked me how much I had paid for that car 7. She asked her brother when he was going on holiday 8. Terrys mother asked him if he had closed the windows the night before 9. I asked her why she was still in bed 10. She wondered who that man was 11. The girl asked her mother if she had bought those flowers 12. He wondered whose CDs those were. EXERCISE 4 1. if I wore a uniform at school 2. to do those exercises the following day 3. not to play with matches 4. there was a question she wanted to ask 5. they would have a party the following week 6. nobody knew the answer 7. how many questions there were 8. if she had been to Italy 9. not to touch any of his things 10. it was going to rain soon 11. she had lost her handbag the day before 12. to listen to those birds in the garden 13. to do him a favour 14. to give him something to eat 15. how much that box of chocolates was 16. (that) the exercise was a bit difficult but they wouldnt have any problem if they paid attention 17. to keep that secret 18. when I had sold my old car 19. where the station was 20. if that was that days newspaper 21. to go to the blackboard and not to be a nuisance 22. those flowers were very nice and she liked them 23. to buy the paper on my way to work 24. to buy some bread on my way back home 25. not to switch off the radio 26. where I had gone on holiday

27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.

to look at him. He was playing the fool again to open the window because it was hot in that room to give him a sandwich because he was hungry where I had been all day not to drop those plates he knew what I meant

EXERCISE 5 1. She asked me if I was going to study for the exam 2. He asked Sue if she could ride a horse 3. He asked me to wait for a while 4. She asked him if he had enjoyed himself at the party the Saturday befor 5. She asked me if I had gone shopping the Saturday before 6. He asked me if I knew his brother Harry 7. His father ordered him not to argue with him 8. Susan asked Mary not to ask her any more questions 9. My mother told me not to laugh at him 10. He told us not to make plans for our holiday yet 11. She told me not to talk to her when she was studying 12. She said everybody was hungry 13. I asked him if he had any brothers or sisters 14. The teacher asked the students if they had seen Peter that day 15. She asked the shop assistant how much that sweater was 16. Her father asked Sue how old her new boyfriend was 17. The boy told his friends he could run faster that anyone 18. The child said he hadnt broken it 19. He said he hadnt finished eating yet 20. He said he had met him two days before 21. He said he thought she would be very happy in England 22. He told Sue he wanted to play with her 23. He said he wouldnt be able to finish it by the following day 24. She told us she would finish soon 25. Susan told me she was going to show me something very interesting 26. Tarry said he had got up at 6 oclock that morning and he was very tired 27. He said it might be too late 28. The teacher told them to learn all those new words for the following day 29. Harry asked Mary to pass him the sugar 30. He said she had left the office two hours before 31. I told David to show me his new CDs 32. The sergeant ordered the soldiers not to leave their positions 33. Susans mother told her to stop crying 34. She said the postman hadnt delivered the day before 35. John said there had been a terrible accident at the crossroads 36. She said they were getting married the following week 37. She said that exercise was terrible and she couldnt do it. 38. She told Tom the phone was ringing 39. The said they would go in that car 40. They told me they would visit me when they went to Scotland the following summer. EXERCISE 6 1. Where do you live exactly? 2. Im going to be late 3. I have to be back by 3.30 4. Ann, what did you do yesterday? 5. How many books have you read? 6. Will you come to school tomorrow? 7. Im going shopping 8. I want to make a phone call 9. Ive forgotten to do my homework 10. I like swimming, but I do go very often 11. Ive written two letters to you 12. What does coy mean? 13. When is your birthday, Sue? 14. Have you tidied your room lately? 15. Can you give me a lift to the airport? 16. Will he ask me out? 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. I went to the doctors two days ago Who have you invited to your party? Whats happened? Ive been late because of the traffic Have you tried these cakes? Ill help you whenever you need it I have to do an important exam tomorrow Leave the place at once! Be honest, Peter! You must call me Mrs Willis Please, dont come in with your shoes on My friend has just had a baby Come out of your car, sir! We have finished this exercise at last!

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