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VxWorks Command Cheat Sheet

Task Management Related commands

sp (entryPt, args) sps (entryPt, args) td (taskName or Id) ts (taskName or Id) tr (taskName or Id) Spawn a task with default parameters Spawn a task and leave it suspended Delete a task Suspend a task Resume a suspended task

Task Information Commands

checkStack (taskName or Id) Show stack usage for the task Example: checkStack "showtime" or checkStack 0x19c8f1 i ti (taskName) tt (taskName) tw (taskName) Display synopsis of all tasks Show detailed infofrom TCB (Task Control Block) Show stack trace Find info about the object the task is pending on

System Information/Modification Commands

devs lkup "symbol" d (hex_address) m (hex_address) printErrno(n) List all devices known on the target List vxWorks symbols from the system symbol table Display memory Modify memory Describe the most recent error status value with n=0 being latest

h |size| help cd "dir" pwd ls CTRL+X or reboot ld < filename unld < "moduleName" bootChange logout

Display command history default size is 20 Display summary of commands Change directory Present working directory list the directory Reboot the processor Load a file Unload file Modify the saved boot parameters Log out of the target

Object Information Commands

taskShow seqShow semShow List info about the tasks from TCB List info about the sequencers(EPICS state programs at LIGO) running on the target Show info about semaphore

moduleShow Show info about loaded modules (object files/programs)

Memory Information Commands

memShow memPartShow semShow Display allocated/free memory Show memory partition Show info about semaphore