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3d_tmc_road_extra_width=200 ; building_camera_distance_far=500 building_camera_distance_medium=50 building_camera_distance_near=10 disable_3d_labels=0 ; fade_distance_for_car=50 fade_distance_for_guidance_arrow=500 guidancearrow_contour ; guidancearrow_first_size=1.

1 ; scale of 1st arrow guidancearrow_first_alpha=24 ; transp of 1st arrow guidancearrow_second_size=0.8 guidancearrow_second_alpha=12 guidancearrow_skew ; guidancearrow_thickness ; guidancearrow_width ; guidancearrow_zoomfactor ; max_poly_distance_lower max_poly_distance_upper max_poly_segments_shown max_track_distance_lower max_track_distance_upper max_track_segments_shown min_poly_distance min_poly_segments_shown min_track_distance min_track_screen_ratio min_track_segments_shown road_clip_plane_camera_delta=50 ; road_clip_plane_to_camera_height= ; show_guidance_strip=1 show_guidance_arrows=1 track_screen_ratio use_all_building_textures=0 ; not? disable_roadsign_navigation_mode=1 roadsign_lines_per_screen=12 rotated_roadsigns=1 send_showphoneui_on_dial=1 autoset2donmap=1 autoset3doncockpit=1 hideroadaltname=1 overspeedrewarnbelow=1 SafeModeMinSpeed=40 autosave=1 bringtotop_afterresume=1 buildneworderlist=1 cache=2048 compass_type=2 disable_3d=0 ;disables 3d buildings and roads disable_outlookpoi=1 double_pixel_mode=2 ;3d mode fastdraw doublepixel_stable_frame_time=500 ;time in ms before leavin fastdraw earth=1

enable_buildings=1 enable_landmark_occlusion=1 enable_roadshadow=1 enable_roadsign=1 fov=40 gnome_dem_files=1 hide_itiner_crossing=1 join_dual=0 lang_registry_2006=1loop_sim=1 loop_sim=1 max_memory= mute_os_key=1 ; a value of 1 mutes the click noise from the OS when touching a t ouchscreen no_file_cache= 0? nortc=1 ; RTC = real time clock aka the devices internal clock pin_sets_start=1 poi_labels=1 replay_tmc=1 reserve_memory run_on_mio_mantas=1 screen_calibration=1 show_arrows_on_route=1 ; little arrows in direction of route show_device_type=0 show_gps_pos=1 ; this works again ;O) show_lane_info=1 show_ltn=1 show_multinode_maneuvers=1 show_oneway_3d=1 ; 3d arrows in one way streets show_oneway=1 ; show one way on or off show_pedestrian=1 show_performance=0 ; cpu / mem / whatever bars on top of screen show_plural=1 show_poi_areas=1 show_poi_boundingrects=1 show_priority_maneuvers=1 show_prohibited_maneuvers=0 show_rawdisplay_info=0 ; handy for seeing what igo chooses as display driver show_residentonly=0 show_speed_limit=1 show_turn_penalty=1 show_signpost=1 sim_speed_factor_max=8.0 skip_eula=1 ;skips the End User License Agreement at start-up (only happens on f irst run anyways) slowsim=1 smart_2d=1 sound_q_length=200 speedcam_enabled=1 split_dual=0 strap_waypoints=1 supress_highway_enter=0 supress_straight=0 supress_trivial_left=0 ; do not announce left turns that are just a slight bend in the road supress_trivial_right=0 ; do not announce right turns that are just a slight ben d in the road tmc_all_stations=1 topmost=1 traincrossing=1 tts_expected_engine_delay=1400 tts_getaway_time=200

tts_min_ready_wav=1 mainroadness=60 shortessness=50 simplificationness=40 type= MIOC210? ; force device type typeid=3 ;In Igo8.exe: MIO device detected, use KernelIOControl method text_guidance=1 signpost_coloring=1 tmc_event_coloring=1 tmc_traffic_side=1 app= %SDCARD%/iGO8? ; change this if applicable sdcardpath= \Storage Card exe= " data= \Storage Card\igo ;custom,save content= \Storage Card\igo\CONTENT textures= custom models= custom secondary_root= IPAQ\NAV background_navigation=1 logging=0 ; see also mydata.tracks ;port=2 ;baud=38400 ;source= nmea disable_advanced=0 ;default_latitude=48.857004 ;This and the following line determine the ;default_longitude=2.294760 ;starting postion on the map before GPS is found. angleoffset= autotilt=0 autotilt_minzoom3d=40 autotilt_maxzoom3d=1000 autoscroll_on_click=1 default_poi_icon= Contacts ; defaulttilt3d=75000 defaultzoom2d=1000 defaultzoom3d=500 disable_3dstick_labels=1 ; drive_carefully=0 empty_favorites=1 exit_on_restart=0 laneinfo_signpost_enabled=1 mapfontscale=130 ; for 2d and 3d map maxzoom2d=60000 ; zoom out level (disabled get you into space ;O) minzoom2D=40 ; zoom in level 2d minzoomglobe=100000 msgbox_max_width=50 newalignment=1 ; poi_show_all_btn=1 popup_info=1

resolution_dir= 320_240? ; tells what resolution to use in a multires skin screen_snap_distance=40 showselection=1 show_exit=1 ; obvious show_gps_config=1 show_minimize=1 show_orientation=1 show_timezoneslider=1 ; show_tmc_config=1 show_zoombar=1 ; also see zoomscale_disappearing shutdown_time=0 skin= ui_igo8? spec_fav_count=4 theme= skin\ use_big_lang_flag=1 use_spec_fav=1 waypoint_list_ignore_autosource=1 vga=1 Zoom2dpercent= show_only_ahead_of_car=1 default_icon=1 loading_bmp= loading.jpg progressbar_bmp= loading_progressbar.bmp progressbar_x=85 progressbar_y=134 show_progressbar=0 show_statustext=1 supress_straight=0 supress_highway_enter=0 supress_trivial_left=0 supress_trivial_right=0 text_align=1 ;Left=0,Center=1,Right=2 and Justify=3 text_fontcolor=xFFFFFF text_fontsize=30 text_w=600 text_x=100 text_y=400 traincrossing=1 ; Date Format: To select your desired format, delete the ; infront of the format you want and ; in front of the rest (or just delete all of the other lines) ; Dateformat = 0; YYYY-MM-DD ; Dateformat = 1; AAAA.MM.GG ; Dateformat = 2; YYYY / MM / DD (DEFAULT) ; Dateformat = 3; YYYY-MM-DD ; Dateformat = 4; AAAA.GG.MM ; Dateformat = 5; YYYY / MM / DD ; Dateformat = 6; DD-MM-YYYY ; Dateformat = 7; DD.MM.YYYY ; Dateformat = 8; DD / MM / YYYY ; Dateformat = 9; MM-DD-YYYY ; Dateformat = 10; MM.GG.AAAA ; Dateformat = 11; MM / DD / YYYY

2dheadup=1 3d_brunnel_shutdown= 3d_buildings=1 3d_buildings_distance=2 3dcarsizemin=5000 3dcarsizemax=10000 3dcarsizemul=30000 3d_dem=1 3d_dem_detail=2 3d_landmarks=1 3d_max_tiltlevel=7500 3d_max_zfar=500 3d_max_zoomlevel=2000 3d_min_zoomlevel=40 3d_roads=1 3d_scale_carmodel=1 3d_tunnels=1 alternative_roadnames=0 auto_nightmode=0 ; see also nightmode cross_border_routes=1 follow_gps=1 inertia_on_map_move=1 ; sets autoscroll on the map, tends to be buggy though som etimes doesn t stop. map_mode= 3D maxFovRatioForPoly=8 maxPolyDistances0 = 2000 maxPolyDistances1 = 3000 maxPolyDistances2 = 4000 maxPolyDistances3 = 5000 maxTrackDistances0 = 2500 maxTrackDistances1 = 3500 maxTrackDistances2 = 4500 maxTrackDistances3 = 5500 minPolyDistances0 = 500 minPolyDistances1 = 500 minPolyDistances2 = 500 minPolyDistances3 = 500 minTrackDistances0 = 500 minTrackDistances1 = 500 minTrackDistances2 = 500 minTrackDistances3 = 500 roadblockicon_maxzoom=2000 rotation= 0? shields=1 show_labels=1 ; show_oneway=1 ; turns on or off the arrows showing one way streets stop_rotate_on_map_move=1 terrain_in_2d=0 textured_poly=1 viewpreset_front1= 30,100,7200,10? viewpreset_front2= 140,7000,6000,10? viewpreset_front3= 140,7000,6000,10? viewpreset_top= 600,50000,225,10? zoomscale_disappearing=1 ; works with show_zoombar ; How does msdn work? Movies, Weather, Petrol prices, etc .. msnd.start=0

favicon= " max_favorites=16 max_histories=40 num_favicons=7 auto_track_visible=1 record_auto_track=0 tracklog_folder= " autoreplan_action= AUTO gps_pos_to_road=1 show_countrychange=1 show_current_city=1 sim_speed_factor=1.0 ;Determines how fast the simulation runs, 1=realtime skip_grab_viewchanging=1 demo_mode=1 driver= TAPI exe_path= \Windows\cprog.exe win_name= Phone enable_pois_before_080217=1 ;080217 is the date can be changed as needed multipoi=1 ;allows you to use more than one set of POIs at a time (will show dup licates though) backlight_day=100 backlight_night=54 backlight_slow_api=1 backlight_sync_with_OS=1 battery_warning_limit=10 powermgm_state=0 power_off_mode=1 power_off_timeout=300 skip_resume_process=1 skip_suspend_process=1 class= landscape ; adjusts the orientation, other options are rlandscape, portrait, square,wide driver=GX ;GDI or GX highres=0 screen_x=320 screen_y=240 stretch=0 allow_carpool=0 allow_charge=1 allow_ferry=1 allow_highway=1 allow_special=0

allow_unpaved=0 allow_uturn=1 correctness=80 ; we used to have a slider for that cross_border_routes=1 fast_car_multiplactor fast_car_speed motorcycle_multiplactor motorcycle_speed planned_route_weight=7 route_type= ECO scenic_highway_weight=4 scenic_scenic_weight=2 slow_car_multiplactor slow_car_speed tmc_weight=6 vehicle_type= truck current_background= default.bmp focus=1 focus_activator_key focus_color focus_followlinks focus_halign focus_sprite focus_type=2 focus_valign focus_list_keydown focus_list_keyleft focus_list_keyright focus_list_keyup focus_list_move_before_scroll menu_animation=0 nightmode=0 accident_map=1 accident_panel=1 accident_recalc=0 closed_map=1 closed_panel=1 closed_recalc=0 closures_map=1 closures_panel=1 closures_recalc=0 congestion_map=1 congestion_panel=1 congestion_recalc=0 danger_map=1 danger_panel=1 danger_recalc=0 heavy_map=1 heavy_panel=1 heavy_recalc=0 invalid_map=1 invalid_panel=1 invalid_recalc=0 police_map=1 police_panel=1 police_recalc=0

roadworks_map=1 roadworks_panel=1 roadworks_recalc=0 weather_recalc=0 weather_map=1 weather_panel=1 autozoom_address=100 autozoom_coord=200 autozoom_cos=200 auto_follow_on=1 auto_follow_time=10 auto_smartzoom_time=8 default_visibility_altitude=4000 enabled=1 enabled2d=1 maxangle=85 maxzoom=250 minangle=8 minzoom=60 overview=0 overview_distance=20000 overview_zoomlevel=10000 restore_smartzoom_on=1 use2d=1 ;use2d is to use separate smartzoom for 2d and 3d. Once this is implemen ted in a UI it should be set to 1. zoom_after_find=1 disable= _SUI , _GER , _AUT enable_at_startup=1 speedcam_sound= !alert1? usemio=-12,90,37,27 auto_mute=0 ding=0 device_bps= device_samplerate= device_stereo= dynamic_volume_maxspeed=100 dynamic_volume_minspeed=40 dynamic_volume_os_volume_max=255 dynamic_volume_type=1 dynamic_volume_voicemaxspeed=80 dynamic_volume_voice_volume_max=100 incomingcallsetting=0 queue_length=200 sound_volume=255 sound_muted=0 suspend_time=5 ;timeout for wavedev to goto sleep use_os_volume=1 voice_muted=0 voice_volume=255 ;auto_index=29 ;default_timezone=29 ; GMT+1 amsterdam ;index=29

manual_dst=0 reset_os_timezone=0 sync_os_timezone=0 sync_time=1 use_auto=1 auto_detour_calc=0 ;announce_total_route=1 baud=38400 ignore_all_events=0 port= COM,1? source= gns ;harman eten galik opentmc2 opentmc1 hyundai samsung amaryllo royaltek gns num_of_trips=4 ; default igo8 has only 3 always_say_road_names=1 announce_exit_directions=1 announce_street_name=1 priority= HIGH skip_exit_numbers=0 tts_buffer=131072 tts_logics=3 disable_on_startup=0 enable_on_shutdown=1 quitmap_msg_quits=0 approach_beep_distances=200 approach_beep_sound= !sectionbeepB max_section_time=240 overspeed_sound= !alert3? ; speedcam sound pedestrian_warning=0 pedestrian_warning_threshold=10 section_beep_distance=200 section_beep_sound= !sectionbeepA section_end_sound= !sectionend section_start_sound= !sectionstartA speedcam_maxdistance_from_road= speedcam_max_angle=20 speedcam_max_lookahead=400 speedcam_snap_distance=200 speedcam_soundtype=1 speedcam_visualtype=1 speedcam_warning=1 speedlimit_warning=1 speedlimit_warning_visual=1 speedlimit_warning_voice=1 speedwarn_alt_builtup_based=1 speedwarn_alt_limit speedwarn_alt_tolerance speedwarn_tolerance=110 speedwarn_alt_toltype speedwarn_toltype warn_distances=130:450,110:350,90:300,60:200,40:10 0 ;These numbers are apparent

ly in the format of Speed:Distance