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I write this today in the hope that it will be received with an open mind and a generous spirit.

I am a finance major, with a background in manufacturing, attempting to substantiate my possible worth to the field of communication. However, my subsequent hope would be that my desire for experience in the field will be deemed more important than the focus of my studies thus far. Throughout my academic and professional careers I have always taken an interest in communications. Communication is an integral component in the inner-workings of all other specializations and it will most definitely play a significant role in any career I might choose. More specifically, I believe a masters degree in communication from UNO would allow me the opportunity to work in a field I have long desired to find a place in, broadcasting and journalism. If I were allowed to pursue the aforementioned degree, a possible specialization in New Media appeals to me. I have enjoyed all opportunities I have been afforded in the past that allowed me expression of creativity in audio and visual communication. My work in sales and marketing included the creation of video and print advertisements and the writing of script for brochures and commercial shoots. My interest in journalism includes all manner of publication, but news reporting and editorial writing are of particular interest to me. After finishing a masters in communication at UNO, I would hope to find work in television, or as a writer. I am interested in the ongoing search for truth, and am often astounded by the scope and profundity of the influence we allow popular media in the shaping our society and its views. During my lifetime I would hope to be part of a movement that reforms our media. The role that popular culture plays in some of the more prevalent issues afflicting my generation is of great interest to me. I am also interested in researching why members of my generation have spent most of their formative years concerned more with fitting in than establishing any sense of self-identity or creating any lasting change for our posterity. I am aware that intensive study in a specialized field, especially one somewhat foreign to me, will be a difficult task. But I strongly believe that those who have to work harder for something will always have a greater appreciation for what it is they do. I believe myself to be a capable student in any field, as I hope my academic record would prove, and I would be forever grateful for the opportunity to prove so in the graduate studies program.

John Clayton Evans