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Install the Operating System: Screen Shots : Put the OS CD and boot the server First we have to tell

AIX which screen we are installing from. AIX sends a messa ge to each screen whether it is a tty or lft (low function graphic terminal) with a number. Press that number followed by the Enter key. The other displays clear and AIX continues with the selected scre en

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Installation Settings .13.254 -nsrvaddr xx.13.000 -gateway xx.1 netmask 255.Network Configuration: #smitty mktcpip #netstat -in ï € show the status or ip address with numeric address #netstat â rn ï € show the status or Tcp ip routes with numeric ip address To assign temporarily alias #ifconfig en0 192.168. Fs #mkvg -y #mklv -y #crfs -v : <vgname> -s <pp size> <pv name> <lvname> -t jfs2 <vgname> <no of pp> <pvname> jfs2 â d /dev/lvname -m <fs name> -A yes Increase the file system size: #chfs â a size=+1G /fs Install the Powervm Set padmin credentials ï € username : padmin password : admin license â accept Change the date and settings: chdate -year 2012 -month 03 -day 25 -hour 10 -minute 15 Check the Ethernet lsdev | grep ^ent mkgencfg -o init mktcpip -hostname vioserver -inetaddr main.14. lv.0 alias Vg.250 -interface en0 -start -netma sk 255.71.11 -nsrvdomain my.1.255.71.

5. SEA creation in VIOS: Create SEA on VIO server 1 with failover attribute: $ mkvdev -sea ent0 -vadapter ent2 -default ent2 -defaultid 1 -attr ha_mode=auto ctl_chan=ent3 Assign an ip address to SEA on VIOS1: $ mktcpip -hostname vio1 -interface en4 -inetaddr 9.5. Create SEA on VIOS2 with failover attribute: $ mkvdev -sea ent0 -vadapter ent2 -default ent2 -defaultid 1 -attr ha_mode=auto .Initial setup of the server: Ip address of the service processor : 169.255. EX: (ent2) a.2.0 -gateway -nsrvaddr 9.3.255 .2 -nsrvdomain itsc. c. EX: (en t3): a. Give the virtual adapter a higher trunk priority. Do NOT check the box "access external network". EX: "99" b. Give the virtual adapter the same VLAN ID (PVID) as VIOS1. c.3.254. Check the box "access external network".austin.147 or 169. b. Shutdown. EX: "2" Create another virtual adapter to be used as a Control Channel on VIOS2.3.136 -netmask 255.. Activate VIOS2 or run cfgdev from VIOS command line if created with DLPAR. It provides ASMI screen username : admin password : admin in ASMI we can change the network settings and CuOD activation. then in a browser type -start Create a virtual adapter to be used in the SEA adapter on VIOS2. EX: "1" .140 Once the POST is completed. Give this new virtual adapter the same unique VLAN ID (PVID) as the control c hannel on VIOS1.146 set our laptop ip address as

3.4.3.austin.41 -nsrvaddr 9.137 -netmask 255.0 -gateway -start .5.255.ctl_chan=ent3 Assign an ip address to SEA on VIOS2: $ mktcpip -hostname vio2 -interface en4 -inetaddr 9.255 .ibm.5.3.2 -nsrvdomain itsc.