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Shads Billionaires Guide

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Dear Runescape Player, I want to thank you for supporting Shads Billionaires Guide. If you have bought Shads Billionaires Guide v5 a while ago, then this is a FREE update for Shads Billionaires Guide v5. If you just purchased Shads Billionaires Guide v5 today, then congratulations, because you have received an updated guide on your first purchase As you might have noticed already, there are two pdf files that came with your download. The one you are current reading is the new and updated content of Shads Billionaires Guide v5. The other PDF is the original Shads Billionaires Guide v5 which was released a few weeks ago. Instead of changing the original PDF, I decided to put the new information into this PDF. This is because double experience weekend is approaching. I have a strong feeling that the a few of the methods from Shads Billionaires Guide v5 that fell short of original profit expectations will once again perform on par with in the coming days. However, in the event that they dont, thats what this free update was meant for. So in this PDF file, you will find new methods that you can use to make TONS of money. I will also do my best to release another free update with new methods in 2-3 weeks (as of September 2nd). Be sure to look out for that, because after all, the update is FREE! Theres not a lot of free stuff (with value) that is available in the world these days :P Well, Im really excited to share these new methods with you. I worked really hard to research, test, and develop these methods, so I hope you enjoy. With that, I leave you with the rich content on this guide, starting with the table of contents.

Warmly, Shad

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Making Spined Helms
1. Background 2. Technique 3. Profits (6M-8M PER HOUR)

5 6 10

Chapter 2: Selling Tiaras to NPCs

1. Background 2. Obtaining Tiaras 3. Technique 4. Profits (3.25M PER HOUR) 13 14 15 16

Chapter 3: Dungeoneering Smuggling Glitch

1. Background 2. Technique 3. Profits (10M-20M PER HOUR) 17 17 18

Chapter 4: F2P Guide to Luring Rares

1. Background 2. Requirements 3. Method (various sub-sections) 19 20 21


Chapter 1: Making Spined Helmets

Background Spined helmet is an item in Runescape that can ONLY be made through an NPC in Runescape. Most people have never even heard of Spined helmet, because theres spiked helmet and Spiny Helmet (slayer item) that hog the spotlight. Spined Helmet is an item that can be worn my rangers for a significant ranging bonus. However, the only way to make them is to collect the materials and ask an NPC to create them for you. Very few people know about this, and yet, there is a demand for Spined Helmets by the ranging community. The range bonus for this head gear is significant, because at this level, this helmet is only second to Robin Hood Hat, which provides +8 range bonus, but costs a whopping 5M GP, whereas spined helms cost around 36K GP.

Thats why the Spined Helmets have a demand on the Grand Exchange. So this method will teach you how to making these Spined Helmets, and make a nice profit in the process. The requirement for this method is level 30 construction.

Technique Start off by buying 390 circular hides, 390 dagganoth hides, and 30 house teleportation tabs. Then go to a real-estate agent around Runescape and have your house moved to Rellekka (hence the 30 construction requirement). You can find a real-estate agent in just north of the Varrock Museum and another real-estate agent just east of the Falador furnace.

Once youve moved your house, go to the nearest bank. Equip any weight-reducing gear and a Ring of Kinship. Then withdraw your stack of 30 home teleportation tabs, 13 circular hides, 13 dagganoth hides, and a stack of coins (try to have a stack of 1M GP or more).

One last thing before you begin the runs to make spined helmets. Click on the house options button in your options menu, and select to arrive At Portal instead of In House. This quickens the process of getting to the NPC that makes the spined helmets.

Once you use the house teleport, follow the route below.

The NPC who will be making these Spined Helmets is Sigli the Huntsman. He is pretty much at the entrance to Rellekka, so you dont even have to run more for than 5 seconds before you reach him. See image below.

You want to talk to him as soon as you see him.

Talk to him about making Spined Armor. It will take about 4 dialogue screens before he gets to making the spined helmet. But after he makes the first Spined Helmet, you only need to click through two dialogue boxes to get him to make the remaining 12 helmets. Hell ask if you want to make more another spined helmet.

To that, you of course reply Yes until you have 13 Spined Helmets.

You should have 13 spined helmets in your inventory like in the image below:

Then use the Ring of Kingship to teleport to Daemonheim. You can also use Ring of Dueling to teleport you to Castle Wars, as the bank is closer and a one-click bank.

Once you bank, start withdraw another 13 Circular Hides and 13 Dagganoth Hides, then repeat the process. Lets see hwo much you can make by making these spined helmets.

Profits First lets calculate how long each run takes. It takes 5 seconds to run from the Relekka teleport area to the Huntsman. Then it takes 30 seconds to turn your hides into Spined Helmets. Banking takes 20 seconds (if youre slow) using a ring of dueling, and teleporting takes another 5 seconds. So in total, thats 1 minute per run. Ive done runs at a faster rate when my internet has a strong connection and Im really focusing. If you can do one run per minute, thats 60 runs per hour. Each run yeilds 13 spined helmets, so you are making (13 x 60) 780 spined helmets per hour. If you have a Pak Yak, then its possible to make close to 1000 Spined Helmets per hour. But for now, well assume that you have level 1 summoning.

So from the picture above, you can see that you can get Circular Hides for below Grand Exchange price, meaning that its relatively easy to purchase. The price spent on each circular hide was 20.1K, despite the higher Grand Exchange price. So well consider that it costs 20.1K to purchase circular hides. Then you need to purchase Dagannoth Hides. They cost 4238 GP each (GE Price).

You also need to pay Sigli a sum of 5000 GP for each Spined Helmet you want to create. Now lets take a look at the spined helmets:

And again, these helms sell well on the Grand Exchange, because they are only second to the Robin Hood hat for lower level rangers that are training to acheive higher levels. And since the robin hood hat costs 5M GP, many rangers turn to this helmet as an alernative. So lets consider the expenditures and gains on the next page, then figure out the hourly profits of this method.

So here are the hourly expenditures and gains.

Hourly Expenses (Total Value = 22,117,800) Item Coins Circular Hide Dagannoth Hide House Teleport Tab Qty 3,090,000 780 780 60 Hourly Gains (Total Value = 28,314,000) Qty Value 780 28,314,000

Value Item 3,090,000 Spined Helm 15,687,000 3,305,640 35,160

The hourly profits can be calculated by subtracing the hourly gains by hourly expenses: Hourly Gains x Hourly Expenses = Profits per Hour 28,314,000 x 22,117,800 = 6,196,200 GP PER HOUR!! So thats over 6 MILLION GP PER HOUR! And this is considering that you have only level 1 summoning. If you have higher summoning, you can make up to 8M per hour, because youll be making around 1000 hides per hour with the Pay Yak familiar.

Chapter 2: Selling Tiaras to NPCs

Background Tiaras infused with elements are some of the cheapest items on Runescape. Thousands of F2P players take tiaras and turn them into specific elemental types to get crafting exp, and the runecrafting exp associated with combining talismans with tiaras. In fact, making tiaras is the BEST way to train crafting on F2P worlds. But what happens after these tiaras are made in the amount of thousands? They are DUMPED on to the Grand Exchange in the thousands. Theyve been dumped on to the Grand Exchange so much, that the prices have become like this:

Oh but these people are FOOLS! If only they knew what you are about to know, they would have never sold a single tiara to the Grand Exchange. This method will teach you how to make up to 3.25M GP PER HOUR by selling these Tiaras to an NPC. This method has no requirements, and doesnt involve any P2P items or quests. So this method can even be done by a level 3 F2P player! It just requires some time to prepare this method, because youre going to be needing to a buy of items on the Grand Exchange. Tiaras have a limit of 100 tiaras every four hour, but you want to try to get 180,000 tiaras, because thats how many you will need to get an hourly profit for 3.25M. So lets find out how to obtain.

Obtaining Tiaras Well explain how to profit from this method in a few seconds. But first, lets see how we can get past the buying limitation for Tiaras. There is a Grand Exchange buying limitation of buying 100 tiaras every four hour, but there are MANY ways to get past that limitation. 1. Find people on the Grand Exchange to help you buy them. Just spam that youre buying tiaras and that you need them to buy some for you. Maybe pay them 1 GP more than the Grand Exchange price per tiara. If they seem like dedicated people, ask them to sell you some on a daily basis. If you can do this with multiple people, then you have a daily supply to thousands of Tiaras just within that group. And your buyers will be happy for it, because they make money just from keeping a buy offer on the Grand Exchange. 2. Ask your friends. Dont tell your friends about the method, but maybe mention to them that youre starting a Tiara collection. They will be happy to help, and sell you Tiaras. 3. Look on the Runescape forums marketplace section. Many times, crafters dont want to dump the Tiaras on the Grand Exchange, and would rather sell you thousands of Tiaras through trade. This works well, because Ive gotten over 100K tiaras just from one trade by looking on the forums. 4. Ask your clan mates to help you out. Use the same story from idea 3, and tell yoru clanmates that you are starting a Tiara collection. Then maybe offer ranks for people if its your own clan. 5. Make multiple accounts to buy tiaras on. Transferring accounts in-between accounts you own is looked down upon by Jagex, but its still doable. And even a level 3 f2p account can buy the tiaras, so its a good way to accumulate tiaras.

Technique Once youve obtained enough tiaras, take all of them out in noted form. Then head to the lumbridge general store. You can find it here:

Now trade the store owner and sell him your tiaras. No matter how many you sell to him, he will ALWAYS buy the tiaras at 20 GP each!

So you just right click on the tiara and keep pressing sell 50 Tiaras.

Its as simple as that, just some pain for your wrists though. Obviously this method can be botted once youve bought the tiaras, because youre just right clicking on the tiara and then pressing sell. But be careful, because botting is against the rules of Runescape.

Profits First lets calculate how many tiaras you can sell per hour. It takes 1 second to sell 50 tiaras. That means you can sell 3000 tiaras per minute, and 180,000 tiaras per hour. You make a profit of 17 GP per tiara (assuming the average is 3 GP per tiara). Since you can make 180,000 tiaras per hour with a profit of 17 GP per tiara, you can make an hourly profit of 3,060,000 GP. And because you can buy certain tiaras for 2 GP each (as shown in first page of this method), you can make up to 3.25M GP Per hour with this method!

Chapter 3: Dungeoneering Smuggle Glitch

Background Dungeoneering is a skill thats been filled with glitches since its creation. Due to the sheer complexity of the skill, it will take years before Jagex can figure out all the glitches associated with the dungeoneering skill. In fact, many of the dueling healing glitches were related to Dungeoneering, and those healing glitches allowed people to make BILLIONS on highstakes boxing and other types of staked duels. Dungeoneering glitches were even used to transfer unrestricted amounts of wealth from one account to another during Runescapes 4 year span of limited trade. And theres also been multiple dungeoneering exp glitches. This glitch will teach you how to smuggle item out of dungeoneering to make 10-20M GP per hour! Since the method is complicated and requires a lot of timing, this method will be explained in video. Technique Ive included the method as a video along with this guide. I uploaded the video to YouTube as an unlisted video. Only people with a link will be able to access it. The link is below, please do your best not to spread the link. If you do, the method will get patched. Link: As stated in the video and on The RSMG, it does require 2 people. So find a partner, or dual-log if you have two P2P accounts. Both accounts should have at least level 20 summoning and access to C6 dungeons. Its best to use Skype to get the timing right with a partner. The timing is a bit difficult at first, but you will get it down to a science after a couple of attempts. Dont get frustrated if you miss the timing on your first or second attempts. Its worth it

This glitch can make you anywhere from 10M-20M per hour. How? Well, Dungeoneering GP sells for 100 GP each - they don't have the same value as normal GP! You can smuggle up to 200k at a time, which takes approximately 15 minutes. That's 20M profit in 15 minutes! So under ideal conditions, you could make 80M PER HOUR!! But unless you're really experienced at this method, you will only be able to smuggle 100K at a time. So that cuts it down to 40M per hour. Then, you also have a chance of failing about 25-50% since it's a timed thing. So that cuts it down to 10M-20M per hour. So there's the math for it. So technically you can make 80M per hour under ideal conditions, but I'm not going to advertise it as 80M, because it would be unfair for me to say that when you can only make 80M per hour after becoming really experience with the guide. But you can still make a whopping 10M-20M PER HOUR!

Chapter 4: Lure Rares on F2P Worlds

Background There are some really good rare items that you can lure on F2P worlds. Partyhats are F2P, but they arent all too common on F2P worlds. However, there are still items worth 100200M on F2P worlds that you can lure pretty easily by using this method.

This method involves luring your victim into the wilderness using the Waka canoe. Not very many free players know about the Waka canoe or what it does. It was introduced to F2P worlds February of this year, and wasnt announced that much. Not only that, but F2P players dont have very many uses for the Waka canoe, so thats another reason that most F2P players have no idea what it is.

Requirements For this method, you will need two people. You can get a partner, or you can dual-log using two accounts if you have a fast enough internet connection. Both accounts will require 57 woodcutting. Well address one account as the talker, and the account as the killer. Your killer account will need to have a high magic level (85 or higher). It should have runes for casting teleportation block (now available for F2P), fire blast, and bind. It should also have a decent dungeoneering level, because you can receive good magic-related items from the dungeoneering rewards.

Your killer should have a Gravite Staff, Magical Blastbox, Arcane Pulse Necklace, Swanky Boots, and charged Druidic Mage gear (good for binding). Make sure your druidic mage gear is charged from fist of guthix points.

If you dont have the required dungeoneering tokens, you can always swap Gravite staff for a regular elemental staff, swap the blast necklace for amulet of magic, and the blastbox for an empty shield slot. Your killers inventory should have food (but not a lot, incase you need to chase your enemy), runes (to cast tele-block, fire blast, and bind), an alternative melee weapon, and wizard mind bomb to temporarily boost your magic damage. Your talker should have good Wizard (G) Robes worn, and a Red HWeen mask. In the inventory, the talker should carry a bunch of inexpensive rune armor (like rune chain bodies and rune plateskirts). They should be unnoted. The reasoning will be explained later.

Waka Canoe Basics

Since youre going to be using the Waka Canoe for this lure, its best that you understand how the canoe works, and how it can used for this lure. You will be using the Canoe Station in Lumbridge for this lure. Pick lumbridge because its where players first start off, and its the furthest away from the Wilderness. Thats why using this canoe station puts players in a false sense of safety, because they wouldnt think that they can enter the wilderness straight from Lumbridge. So heres how you use the Canoe to enter the wilderness. Follow the map below to get the station from Lumbridge Castle:

Then chop the tree that you see at the station

You dont need an axe. Barfy Bill will loan you an axe if you dont have one:

The tree will fall down and you can shape it into a canoe:

For this method, it will have to be shaped into a Waka Canoe.

Then select to Float Canoe.

As soon as you do, it will ask you which destination. Clicking on Wilderness Pond will take you to the wilderness.

But you will get a warning message:

However, if you toggle-warnings with the Doom Sayer

Find Wildnerness Wall and it will appear green at first.

Click on it and make it red.

This will turn off the warning that youre entering the wilderness. So as soon as you click on wilderness pond, you will be transported there without any way to exit out of the travel.

This will take you deep into level 35 wilderness.

And remember, this is all F2P stuff so far. Theres nothing P2P involved in this method.

The location you will end up in is level 35, near moss giants. This is great, because south of you, theres a giant wall. So if your victim tries to run south, they will be forced to go around the wall. Usually they wont bring food, but even if they do, the wall to the south will really slow down the victims goal of running further south.

So you are already kind of getting an idea of how this lure will work out. Lets delve deeper into the method.

Searching for a Victim The best place to look for victims is at the grand exchange. Head over to the Grand Exchange (talker account is doing this). Make sure you are wearing your wizard (g) robes and a rare item like hween mask or santa. Look for people in world 1 or other populated worlds, and find someone with a rare that you think the killer will be able to kill. Then look them up on the hiscores. If they have 57 woodcutting or higher (most rich F2P players do), then you will be able to lure them with this method. Trade them and try to loan your rare to make sure that their rare isnt loaned.

Establishing Contact You want to tell the victim to add you. Then PM them that youre quitting, and giving away stuff at a random F2P world that is less populated. First say youre going to give away the rune items for free, and that youll sell your rare for 20M lower than its bank value. Tell the victim that youre doing it for a quitting video. So for example, if you have a Santa Hat which is worth 120M, you tell the victim that youre going to sell it for 100M. Tell your victim that you will sell it to him for cash. Then your victim will either have the cash, or sell their rare to make the cash. If they dont seem interested, dont push them, just move on and try to find someone else with the rares. If you find a victim thats interested and has the cash, then ask them to meet you at Lumbridge, in a world of your choice, so that you can start making the quitting video. Just have them home teleport with you once you hop to a different world. Make sure that your killer is also on that world, and at the moss giants are that the Waka Canoe takes you to.

Talking Up Your Victim Have your victim follow you to the doom-sayer area. Tell your victim that you know a glitch to making money, and youll show it to him after you trade the stuff. But tell him for now, he should talk to the doom-sayer and turn all the warnings in green into red. This also works if you can take your victim to a foreign language world, as they wont know what warnings they are turning off. If your victim asks why he is turning off the wilderness wall warning or seems suspicious, assure your victim that you wont be entering the wilderness. Tell him youll stay in Lumbridge for now. Then have your victim follow you close to the canoe. Tell him that youll trade your rare for the agreed upon price, and ask something like So, do you have the money ready?

Then trade him to make sure he has it. Declined the trade, and then tell him youll give him some free stuff first say this is for separate quitting video that has a montage of you giving away rune stuff to random people. Then give him all the rune gear that can fit in his inventory (dont give weapons, just armor). This will gain his trust because youre giving him free stuff, it will also weigh down the victim when theyre trying to escape from the wilderness, and also they might be stupid enough to wear while getting attacked by the killer that is using magic (magic hits harder when someone is wearing rune armor). After giving your victim the items, tell them that you want a different scenario for the rare giveaway. Ask him to cut the canoe station and carve up a waka canoe and meet you at the most northern pond. If they are stupid, they will go right away. If they arent that stupid, then they will ask you why you want to meet at a location called Wilderness Pond. Just tell them that its the pond in Edgeville, right before getting to the wilderness. Tell them its faster than walking to Edgeville, and that they dont have to cross the wilderness ditch once you guys get there. If your victim clicks on the wilderness pond, hell immediately see this:

He wont be able to get out of the screen, and will end up in level 35 wilderness.

Killing the Victim Now the victim is in level 35 wilderness, and so is your killer. Make sure to tell your killer to drink a Wizard Mind Bomb, have Run on, Fire Blast on auto-cast, and any magic-boosting prayers activated right before your victim gets there. The killer should start off by casting bind on the victim, followed by tele-blocks until there is a successful one, then cast more binds and fire blasts until the victim is dead. Since coins arent protect in the wilderness, the victim will drop the 100M!

Safely Exiting the Wilderness with 100M+ This part is important, because your killer might die if hes not smart about carefully getting out of the wilderness with 100M. Make sure your killer is in a world that is not associated with wilderness activities (clans, high risk PvP worlds, etc). Before making a move, make sure your killer eats up to full HP if he was attacked. Also make sure that your killer has the log button ready to press at ALL times. Travel AROUND the wilderness volcano crater, because it has high level monsters where people train at. Once the killer reaches level 20 wilderness, the killer should teleport using runes or a Ring of Kinship. Then split the loot accordingly.

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