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Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts?

Physics Revealed-Part 1
Most people, when they hear of Synthetic Telepathy, especially by means of satellite, jump to the immediate conclusion that such things are not possible. If they were, we would have heard of them, right? Looking back at the history of classified technology, places and events shows a wide range of time periods where things are kept secret. Stealth aircraft are just one example, the F-117 Nighthawk was not publicly acknowledged until 1988 although it had been in operation for over six years. Documents sealed for "National Security" purposes can be hidden away for up to 70 years. So, it would be really surprising if certain technologies were not classified as you read this. Whilst you can hide certain technology to an extent, what becomes very difficult to hide as time passes is the physics of a given technology. An example would be a nuclear device. Whilst you could, in theory, hide a given nation's development of a nuclear bomb, the physics still shows that nuclear fission/fusion is possible. Thus, if you weigh up the various factors that are required to create a nuclear device, you can make an educated guess as to the likelihood a nation has such technology. With this in mind, I decided to look at the transceiver and the physics involved in that process. Its all well and good claiming that a satellite can read thoughts, but how does the physics stack up?

Figure 1: QED viewpoint of a moving charge 1

Figure 2: Formula to calculate the power density in the far field at a given radius.

Figure 3: ELF satellite array

Does The Brain Transmit Like A Radio

To understand this, we first need to look at how antennas work, its relationship to neurons and what similarities, if any, exist. Coming from a QED angle, if you take a look at figure 1 we can get a better viewpoint of how a moving charge creates an EM wave. As the electrical field moves towards the bottom of the picture, virtual photons are radiating magnetic energy into free space. As per Maxwell's equations, a changing magnetic field will induce a changing electrical field resulting in a free standing EM wave. This is a good applet that shows how a moving charge produces electromagnetic radiation. So, what is the connection with neurons? Information is processed by the brain in the form of electro-chemical interactions. That is, every perception you have sends electrical signals to the brain that are routed to specific areas that deal with them. The neuron has a long strand called an axon, along this axon propagates an electrical charge. With a resting potential of -70mV an action potential moves along the axon, in a millisecond, elevating it to a voltage of +30mV which drops off over a few milliseconds. This makes an action potential a form of alternating current with an almost triangular waveform. As such, this produces a very weak form of modulated electromagnetic radiation or radio source. For the astute reader, it means that a neuron is a type of transducer. Can You Hear Me Now? 2

So, whenever you have a thought, feeling, speak or our heart beats, tiny little radio emissions are being made by the brain that emanate into free space. The real questions are, given modern technology can these signals be detected and does a method exist of associating them with particular functions? That is, whilst signals in this power range may be detectable, is there something unique about the signals that can be used to differentiate between different roles? Let's deal with first problem, detection. I tracked down an example of satellite sensitvity to radio frequencies that should act as a baseline. The following data is from NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab: The sensitivity of our deep-space tracking antennas located around the world is truly amazing. The antennas must capture Voyager information from a signal so weak that the power striking the antenna is only 10 exponent -16 watts (1 part in 10 quadrillion). A modern-day electronic digital watch operates at a power level 20 billion times greater than this feeble level. So, does the brain emit radio waves at a power level greater than 0.0000000000000001 Watts after several hundred miles? To answer this we must turn to this scientific paper. From this paper, we can observe the charge per square centimeter which is around 22-29 microamperes. We can perform some rough math on these figures that will reveal the answer to our question. The equations are rough and leave out a lot of additional factors, that said, the final figures will not be far from the truth and will probably under-estimate the capabilities of current classified technology. So, using the formula Watts = Voltage x Amperage, we get the following peak power: 0.003 V x 0.0000029 A = 0.0000000087 Watts/cm2 So, at source, the weak radio emission of a cubic centimeter of brain matter is well within the detectable limits of the satellite. We now need to project that into space and determine the signal strength at orbital distances. To do this, we need to apply the inverse square law to the emission and the formula is provided in figure 2. So, the formula would be (disregarding gain): (0.000087 Watts/m2) / (4PI x (500000m^2)) = 0.000087 / 3141592653589.7932384626433832795 = 2.7692960097989788423785774826817e-17 Watts/m2 This is fine, its somewhat larger than our baseline, but nothing that cannot be accounted for. Firstly, we need to identify the frequency range. As noted before, due to Maxwell's equations the motion of the action potential results in a changing electrical field. In turn, this results in a changing magnetic field and thus a free space radio wave. Typical frequencies for an action potential are in the range of 0-500Hz which will result in free space waves in this range, known as the SLF and ELF Band. This somewhat matches up with experimental evidence that shows humans do broadcast signals on the ELF band. This scientific paper and others show that SLF/ELF reception gear and antennas are of a practical form factor to be placed upon a satellite. An array of such satellites (see figure 3) would use the principle of aperture synthesis to create a type of space-born Very Large Array. 3

Given that the Ohio State's radio telescope had a sensitivity, in 1977, of 2 10^-22 W m-2 per channel and the VLA is described as being 100 times as sensitive, any signals we are producing could be heard loud-and-clear by a space-borne array. This arrangement would provide for a very high resolution of brain activity. What's more, the development time line for this technology places the capability to detect brainwaves as far back as the early 1970's. Given an average lifespan for a satellite as 5 years, with an initial deployment during 1970, the satellite technology would be in its 8th generation today. So, we can detect the signals but now it must be processed.

Information Overload
There is a significant difference between detecting a signal, or signal range, and being able to process that information and make sense of it. To do this, we need to find unique patterns in a signal that would allow us to isolate individuals and isolate neural activity we can categorize. The three main characteristics of a wave are its amplitude, frequency and phase. To be able to detect a single person, in a crowd for example, we need to find something unique about the waves the are emanating. This allows us to eliminate the noise and only have information regarding a single person. There are a number of ways this can be achieved. In a satellite array, examining the timing of signals received across the array, on a given frequency range, will provide you with both the location (in 3D) and the coding of the neuron structure. From this, the function of the cluster can be inferred by comparison with generalizable signals in a database. A cluster of neurons will broadcast across a given range of frequencies, slightly out of phase and with slight variation in amplitude. The characteristics are dictated to by the rate of neuronal firing, the timing of neuronal firing and the amount of energy in the neuron at the time. Given that neurons are biological and the unique structure of a cluster, the statistical likelihood of the wave characteristics being identical between different people would be quite low. Thus, from a technical viewpoint, pattern analysis lies at the heart of the development of a lexicon. Now, we have our signals, we know what they mean, all that's left is to scale the process up, allowing us to track thousands of targets in real-time. The only real limit here is processing horse power and satellites.

In answer to our original question, it is technically possible for a satellite to detect your thoughts, your emotions and your perceptions and pass that information to a computer for interpretation. I bet that comes as quite a shock. The only ever real restriction was the receiver sensitivity in the SLF/ELF band. The whole tinfoil hat brigade will be pleased, but will ultimately feel stupid as waves in the SLF/ELF band cannot be blocked by tinfoil hats. Even in the deepest tube stations, you would be heard perfectly from orbital distances.

Do you see the benefit to intelligence gathering? So, given that it is technically possible, the questions now become which governments are using it and why was the public not informed? There will be a lot of raised eyebrows in the world tonight.

Part 2
The last article in this series caused quite a stir around the Internet. From the legitimate crazies to the classic muddy-the-water tactics employed by various defense departments, the article has drawn attention right across the globe. For those that have been living under a rock, the last article in this series demonstrated that action potentials (firing neurons) produce detectable radio signals in the SLF/ELF bands (1-1000Hz). These radio signals can be used to reveal the thoughts, feelings, vision, spacial reasoning and unconscious activity of the brain. It is simply a matter of correlating the patterns received with those produced by the various neural networks to decode the activity. I am deliberately avoiding the term demodulate as no information is modulated onto the radio waves. One question that keeps popping up is the mechanics of the capture and analysis of these radio signals. How do we go from an SLF/ELF radio wave, with limited bandwidth, to usable information or input that an A.I. can process? Let's find out. Obeying The Speed Limit The first major issue we encounter is at what altitude can we place our orbiting satellites? This is a relatively easy thing to approximate. The speed of light, in a vacuum, is constant. It travels at 299,792,458 m/s or nearly 300,000 Km/s and somewhat slower depending on the medium it transverses. Whilst at a glance it would seem that you can place the satellites anywhere you like, there is a practical limit given the need for two-way communication with the human brain.

In a single hop scenario, information is captured by satellite and relayed directly to a ground station. Thus, four transmissions are required for a round trip.

In a centralized relay scenario, information is captured by satellite and forwarded to a second satellite in range of a ground station. Six transmissions are required at minimum

Whilst it may seem to us that we experience the world as it is happening there is, in fact, a small delay. This can be anywhere from 100-200ms. To be of any use, an A.I. needs to be able to analyze information almost as fast as a human can perceive it. That is, for the A.I. to appear to be "in your head", like a form of Schizophrenia, it must leverage the window provided by the 100-200ms delay. Thus, a round trip, including processing, must be under 200ms for the illusion to be maintained, a maximum of 100ms in either direction. As such, defined limits are imposed upon any solution. If we examine our first diagram, we can observe a direct relay solution. That is, information captured by the satellite is relayed to a ground station directly. In this scenario, we have four transmissions to complete a round trip to the target. Thus, without considering processing, we know that each transmission can be at maximum 50ms. This gives us a maximum altitude of 14,989.62Km for our satellites which is well below GPS satellites at 20,200Km. If we now take into consideration processing time, hops between dedicated hardware, lag and atmospheric issues, we could safely approximate 50-80ms. This now reduces our maximum altitude to around 10,000Km. We cannot always guarantee that our satellite will be in direct line of sight contact with a ground station. In this scenario, we need to relay our information to a satellite that is within transmitting range. This scenario is demonstrated in the second diagram to the right. As a result, our altitude could drop to around 6,000Km or less. Our constellation is not hindered by line-of-sight requirements of Microwaves as SLF/ELF waves can pass through relatively deep rock and water without a corresponding drop off in signal strength. Thus, a significant drop in altitude would not effect the coverage to any great extent and 30-60 satellites could provide global coverage. Such a system need only generate around 0.00000002079 Watts, at ground level on the right frequency, to trigger the firing of a neuron. Thus, the SLF/ELF transmitters do not need to be of classical large sizes allowing for dense, power efficient, transmitter arrays in a form factor suitable for satellite deployment. Just keep in mind that an antenna's function is to increase the amplitude of a wave through electrical resonance. With such small amplitudes, the 6

classical submarine transmitters of 50Km or more are not required. In this form factor, a very rough estimate of a few thousand small antennas, per satellite, is feasible. So, we have a good approximation of the infrastructure required and the limits that physics imposes. What we need to analyze now is the processing of that information. Input, Input, Input If we examine the third diagram, we can obtain a basic idea of the "snapshot" each satellite captures. In a given time frame, a range of frequencies is detected. To isolate a particular person, we use a form of trilateration similar to how GPS functions (see forth diagram). In this case, the Digital Signal Processing equipment on the ground replaces the function of the GPS receiver. Given the nature of SLF/ELF waves, atomic timing and detailed information on satellite drift and atmospheric conditions, millimeter or greater resolution can be achieved. The margin of error in GPS is related to both the lack of a wide range of information and processing power at the GPS receiver.

Basic FFT analysis Once we have determined our desired location, we can collate the frequencies emanating from that particular location and disregard the rest of the information. This provides us with a reduced FFT diagram which represents the electrical activity of a particular individual. We can observe this collated diagram in the fifth image to the right. From here, it is matter of correlating peaks and patterns against known neural activity. This acts as our translator or lexicon to decode the electrical activity into meaningful information. This is shown in the sixth diagram to the right. Performed in near real-time, every activity, thought, feeling, sight or sound can be captured and recorded. So, we have shown how signal analysis can be used to infer the activity, both physical and mental, of a targeted individual. It also shows that there is not a giant leap in returning such signals to the brain and effectively hijacking it. Once the frequencies the target's brain emanates have been isolated, an entire stage of processing (trilateration) can be skipped, unless real-time tracking is required.

Trilateration is employed to accurately define the location of a signal source. Employed by GPS, the reverse process can be used to isolate the location of signals emanating from the surface of the Earth

Of course, certain architecture choices can provide additional features applicable to intelligence gathering. The first is the storage and analysis of historical information. This allows the A.I. to refer to elements in your past, even though it was not specifically examining you at the time. This can be used to increase the Schizophrenic illusion by inferring that the voice, or personality, was always there. Further to this, an individual not aware of the presence of this system, could have their opinions and feelings manipulated. This is especially useful when a certain political outcome is desired, such as peace negotiations or trade decisions.

Collated diagram representing electrical activity emanating from a single individual

A second design choice and arguably the most useful, is a modification on keyword analysis. "Key Thought Analysis" reviews all data in a particular grid search (for example a province in Afghanistan) to reveal individuals thinking of specific activity. Once located, the spacial resolution can be widened to reveal individuals in their presence and whether this was a group planning an attack.

A side-on view for demonstration purposes. Each peak represents the amplitude of a specific frequency which is indicative of current activity

Finally, we could have two or more layers of satellites, one used for real-time interaction with an A.I. and a second set simply gathering information. The latter could be at any altitude.

Part 3
In the last couple of articles, I began an analysis to determine if it was scientifically possible for thoughts to be read by a satellite. With some ballpark figures, I was able to show the weak radio emissions from the brain could be detected at orbital distances and the basic structure of the signal processing architecture. In this article, we are going to return to our analysis on the detectability of radio emissions, from the human brain, and obtain some refined figures. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we will have a series of magic values that our engineering standards would need to meet for this system to be a reality. Note that when we come to deal with the trilateration of the signal, to identify the frequencies associated with the target, this stage is only required if you want to perform automatic frequency acquisition at orbital distances. That is, the short-cut would be to pull up in a van beside the target and perform the frequency acquisition at close proximity.

Seeing right through you...taken to a whole new level

In the first article, we showed that body does indeed produce signals in the ELF/SLF/ULF bands. The only potential source is the firing of neurons, regardless of their function. It turns out this is already known, as the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) cites the following information to the DOD (note: from 19th Aug 1977): The writer discusses Kogan's calculation on information transmission. While he points out that the calculations should not be considered as proof of the validity of the magnetic nature of telepathic signals nor if the existence of telepathy, he suggests that, if telepathy exists and if it takes place by means of radio waves, then one should look in the range of wavelengths of 300-1000 km. I felt it best to reduce the source of the transmission down to neuron level. Running the numbers, if all we are doing is determining the presence of a signal on a particular frequency, the amount of data is quite low if represented in binary array. The figures are as follows: For 100,000 neurons 100,000 bits 12,500 Bytes 12.20703125 Kb 0.011920928955078125 MB For 100,00,000 neurons: 100,00,000 bits 12,500,000 Bytes 12,207.03 Kb 11.92MB At the lower end of the data scale, that's about 10 thousand targets with a gigabit throughput. Any satellite, of course, would require a dynamic filter to supply only target information. I tried to track down better figures for the power of a neuron. The best I could find was model, based upon squid neurons, designed to replicate the Hodgkin Huxley neuron. Given its role as a medical model, it should be pretty accurate. Replacing our previous value of the average power per cubic centimeter, we will now recalculate the power density. This time, obtaining the power density of a single neuron at source: 0.003 V x 0.00000693 A = 0.00000002079 Watts Next we will calculate the power density at an orbital distance of 500Km. This will give us the first of our magic numbers that our engineering standards must meet, the ability to detect this power density. We will also calculate the Decibel Watts of the signal at this distance: Neuron at 500Km PDs = 0.00000002079 PDr = 6.6176625337610080612701868810291e-21 dBW = -201.7929538336266467100376834869 To create a box, of 10m^3, around the target, we need to know the power density of a 10m shift in position of the signal. For illustration purposes, the next calculation shows both the power density and Decible Watts 10m further than our above calculation:


Neuron at 500.01Km PDs = 0.00000002079 PDr = 6.617397835200640901553868365673e-21 dBW = -201.79312754968225324518067477465 This brings us to the second and arguably most important figure, the sensitivity of the receiver in Decibel Watts. This figure represents the tolerance required to maintain a 10m box around the target at all times at an orbital distance of 500Km. dBW = 0.00017371605560653514299128770107489 To achieve this level of accuracy all sources of error, from electronic to propagation, must not exceed this tolerance for any significant period of time. It is important to note that while these figures are still rough, achieve this level of sensitivity and this system will work. The only real issue is one of engineering, not if it can be done. Imagine what I could do with defense budget and a space program. Now picture what has already been done with the defense budget and the space program.

Part 4
In the last article, we refined our figures for the detection of weak radio emissions, from a single neuron, at orbital distances. Whilst the signal was weak, less than -200dBW, it was nothing outrageous that a modern satellite array could not detect. In this article, I have decided to fill in some of the missing blanks when it comes to the actual mechanism that betrays our thoughts. For those that have a deeper interest, or indeed are involved in Neuroscience, I have come across a scientific paper which should outline the principle in more scientific terms. The following paper, published in 1995, describes the electromagnetic induction of "fundamental algorithms", or neural networks, to generate any sensory perception required. We will get to how this functions in a moment, for now, have a quick read: On the possibility of directly accessing every human brain by electromagnetic induction of fundamental algorithms.

Hardware hacking taken to a whole new level


Persinger MA. Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Abstract Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms by which all sensory transduction is translated into an intrinsic, brain-specific code. Direct stimulation of these codes within the human temporal or limbic cortices by applied electromagnetic patterns may require energy levels which are within the range of both geomagnetic activity and contemporary communication networks. A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be affected by a subharmonic whose frequency range at about 10 Hz would only vary by 0.1 Hz.

The brain emits weak radio waves that can be detected and matched against a database of neural network patterns to reveal what was being thought

Amounting to a security flaw, a radio transmitter can "replay", or transmit, those same frequencies and patterns causing a person to experience sound, images, thoughts, feelings, tastes and smells

12 For our astute readers that have been following this series, this is identical to the implied mechanism cited by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) in 1977. A full 18 years prior to the release of the above paper. The description is as follows: The writer discusses Kogan's calculation on information transmission. While he points out that the calculations should not be considered as proof of the validity of the magnetic nature of telepathic signals nor if the existence of telepathy, he suggests that, if telepathy exists and if it takes place by means of radio waves, then one should look in the range of wavelengths of 300-1000 km. So, how does this actually work?

Hacking The Brain

To understand the issue a little clearer, we will need to treat the human brain much like a computer with dedicated hardware. In this respect, what we are looking for is one, or more, security flaws that we can exploit. So, we have to come at this much like a hacker would. We know from our previous articles that the brain emits weak radio frequencies in the sub1000Hz range. The principles of radio tell us anything that can produce a radio signal, can also accept one. Thus, we have overcome our first major hurdle, the establishment of a physical transport layer. A physical transport layer allows for two-way communications. Given that we know that no information is directly encoded onto the radio waves, the frequencies are unique due to axon properties and the supply of energy will cause a neuron to fire, we have now established a data transport layer. That is, data is not communicated, it is stimulated in the target and the target experiences whatever that stimulation corresponds to. If we return to our hacker analogy, what we have found is the human brain, whilst using a spread spectrum and a highly discreet frequency response to eliminate cross-talk, is unable to label information and determine that it has been processed before. In short, the human brain is vulnerable to what is known as a replay attack. I have provided two diagrams, on the right hand side, to explain how this functions. If we look at diagram two, we can observe how the neurons, when viewing green grass, emits a specific pattern of radio waves at certain frequencies. If we now look at diagram three, we can observe that transmitting this pattern and frequencies back to the brain will result in the target seeing green grass. Of course, there are certain limitations and we will discuss them in a moment. As we can see, anything we can possibly experience can be reduced to certain patterns and frequencies emitted from the human brain. As such, any experience can be faked by a computer and sent to your brain. Thus, it is a matter of recognizing these patterns and frequencies and this brings us back to the first citation in this article.


As human beings, we all assume that we are unique and that should be the case with our brains. As much as we would wish this to be true, it is simply not. We all must perform the same functions and be wired relatively similarly to conduct those functions. The reason we can all, for the most part, see, touch, smell, hear and taste indicates that we have all have the same basic circuitry that allows these perceptions to function. With pattern matching and a large database we can build a library of thoughts, feelings, images, opinions and sounds that are generally applicable to anyone. Thus, as the above citation calls it, we all have certain fundamental algorithms. As such, we all emit very similar patterns and frequencies due to this similar wiring. The slight variations that do occur, prevent us from emitting radio waves that would cause interference in all of our perceptions. If this we're not the case, we would experience each others thoughts, vision, auditory and emotional experiences every minute of every day. Again, for our astute readers, this would indicate limited acts of natural telepathy due to wave propagation and frequency response. That, however, is a completely different story. The limitation that I mentioned earlier are the result of actively processing input. That is, whilst I can put phosphenes or bright images in your vision, I may not be able to put more subtle or complex images. The problem is that the neurons are already firing and I have only two choices, interrupt or accelerate. That would usually translate to either darkness, or a bright spot. A similar issue exists with all sensory input. As a result, it is not possible to place someone into a VR type environment, but it is possible to scramble their inputs, causing wide spread malfunctions, hallucinations and loss of motor skills.

The Dark Side

That's pretty much it for the technical side of the mechanism, but the real question would be, what would it be like? Well, if I got you to think of the phrase "Hello World!" and recorded the associated frequencies and patterns, I could retransmit them and you would feel that you have just thought the words "Hello World!", in your own inner voice. Unless you had extensive experience with the A.I. and a very deep understanding of your own mind, then it would be impossible to tell the difference. Now, imagine a merger talks, or even political agreement. To get a person to commit to an agreement, I simply transmit a copy of my own feelings of acceptance to the target. They now feel the way you do about the agreement and will sign. It is also possible to block certain thoughts, or feelings of negativity, and even place your own counter-arguments to these thoughts directly into their mind. As far as the target is concerned, it was their own idea and they did it out of their own free will.

Why debate when you can impose your will?


Part 5
Throughout this series we have examined a wide range of aspects, from the conceptual design to the transmission power of an individual neuron. Today, I thought we would look at a completely different aspect. How can we tell that a person is not merely Schizophrenic? Not only is this somewhat fascinating in itself, but it has the ability to provide some definitive evidence. That is very important for both medical teams and those involved in National Security. The Standardized Criteria Firstly, I must point out some limitations of this article. The first limitation is that this only applies to those that have the ability to converse with inner voice(s). So, if someone is claiming the merely hear a voice, or snippets of conversations, then this method of analysis will be of limited value. Such examples would be categorized in this article. For those of a medical background, the following symptom of Schizophrenia is being referred to: Early in our training many of us made the mistake of asking patients in the hospital psychiatric emergency room if they were hearing voices of people who are not there. Some of us thought the patients were lying when they told us that they were not hearing voices, whether of someone there or not there. You see, for these patients, they were not hearing voices but were carrying on conversations with someone else. Again, these patients were not imagining a conversation but were really, really having a conversation. Therefore, they were not "hearing voices" but were being spoken to. The same applies to each of the other types of hallucinations affecting each of the other sense organs. Allan Schwartz, Ph.D. Dr. Schwartz's Weblog Now that we have that established, let us examine some of the diagnostic criteria that defines Schizophrenia. What I am looking at is whether or not the basic diagnostic criteria can be faked by Synthetic Telepathy and if there is any medical way it can be differentiated from Schizophrenia. If you want to follow along with this, I will be heavily referring to a video by William McFarlane M.D of the Maine Medical Center entitled "Schizophrenia Explained" and the Standardized Criteria as listed at Wikipedia. If we take our lead from Wikipedia, we will begin with delusions. A person with Schizophrenia will hold delusions, quite often, severe paranoid delusions such as being followed, spied upon, being poisoned, thought being manipulated or broadcast, etc. Synthetic Telepathy does have the ability to induce such notions in a variety of ways. Normally, it would be a combination of stress positions (muscular contraction), sleep deprivation and the A.I. drawing attention to patterns, making plays on words or suggesting conspiratorial notions about events. The patient does not neccessarily need to be aware of this, even though they may be aware of a voice with whom they communicate. Thus, this aspect of the Standardized Criteria will not allow medical staff to determine whether or not this is artificially induced.


The next criteria is hallucinations. Of course, the conversational voice we described earlier is a requirement, but as it is this we are questioning, we will leave it to one side for the moment. If we stick to visual hallucinations, like those presented in the first two pictures, again we will have a similar problem as we had with delusions. The visual cortex can be stimulated by radio waves, so colors can change and certain persistence of vision effects can also occur, that can lead the mind into filling-in-the-gaps mimicking the visual effects in the first two pictures. Disorganized speech really follows any type of mental illness that is related to arousal. Given that neurotransmitters are effected by Synthetic Telepathy's activity such as sleep deprivation and stimulated stress, arousal is generally automatic and thus the full chain of mental effects manifest. Whilst it is possible to perform limited real-time stimulation by radio wave, mimicking certain aspects, for a full natural effect the A.I. merely feeds into a psychosis providing some of the hallmarks of Schizophrenia. If we now look at the third and forth diagrams to the right, we can see a range of other symptoms that may be present. Once again, the common issue is that these aspects can be either induced or faked by Synthetic Telepathy. Thus, we need to realize that a diagnosis based upon the Standardized Criteria is not enough to rule out Synthetic Telepathy.

A range of symptoms present in Schizophrenia

A range of symptoms present in Schizophrenia


Quite the contrary, it is the first stage in proving it is the source. MRI To The Rescue There is only way to differentiate between a Schizophrenic and someone effected by Synthetic Telepathy. An MRI scan should provide conclusive proof that a person suffers from Schizophrenia. If we examine the fifth diagram, we can observe that there is difference between the activity, in the pre-frontal lobe, of a healthy brain and that of a Schizophrenic. The Schizophrenic brain has lower activity in this region. If we now look at the second diagram, we can observe how this lower activity extends to the whole brain and excess activity occurs in areas such as the occipital lobe (visual center).

An MRI scan reveals the difference in brain activity, in the pre-frontal lobe, between a real Schizophrenic and a normal adult

Thus, if an MRI was conducted on a patient that demonstrated the Standardized Criteria of Schizophrenia and it failed to show signs of Schizophrenia, then the case for Synthetic Telepathy becomes very strong. That said, from the perspective of practical medicine, patients should be medicated to treat the symptoms, as regardless of how such illness is induced, it is still very much present.

An MRI scan reveals the difference in brain activity between a real Schizophrenic and a normal adult


In the world of National Security, any staff member who has passed an MRI that subsequently hears voices and passes a second MRI should be considered a breach of security. They should be removed to a secure room immediately and monitored for changes. I am sure such activity is passive for the most part, but there are uses for an inside man, especially an unstable one.

Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Hunting for The Signal

Well, the inevitable has happened. With all this analysis showing that human perception can be controlled by ELF radio signals, I decided to create a setup to analyze signals in this portion of the spectrum. So, what did I find?

The Setup
Examining ELF radio is relatively simple. An analogue microphone socket on a soundcard can convert the radio waves into a sound signal. Using a program such as Spectrum Lab, we can convert this signal into a picture which shows each frequency as a column. So, a transmission on a single frequency will create a straight line. As a general rule, the thinner and straighter the line, the more complex the transmitter must be. You need a very good sound card for this. The sensitivity of the majority of sound cards is about -50db. That is, you will not "hear" signals that are weaker than this. The signals presented in this article are very weak and tend to begin around -85db. They were recorded on a Creative Labs card with a sensitivity of -130db. The antenna was nothing fancy, in fact quite the opposite. A two meter twisted pair cable attached to a standard microphone jack. The last meter was untwisted and the two cables separated by 90 degrees. Other than that, it is just laying on the floor with a standard +20db gain enabled. The idea was to determine an initial view of the noise by minimizing the amplification provided by a tuned antenna. I also increased the FFT length to create a long exposure. This is similar to photography, in that short lived events are faded and long term repetitive patterns become apparent. If you think of photos of traffic where all you can see are trails or streaks of the lights, it is a similar principle. Such techniques are used to reveal the behavior of slow moving systems, such as the motion of stars. Another effect is that the resolution becomes enhanced. Rather than seeing frequencies as columns with a width of a hertz or more, we can analyze the spectrum to tenth of a hertz. So, we end up with a picture that is anywhere between 10-15 times more detailed in terms of frequency separation. 18

Settings for Spectrum Lab are here: 1. Set audio input device to the driver (not ASIO). 2. Select Sample rate of 11025, set it to 24 bits/sample 3. Set the FFT input size to 524288 It will take about 2-3 hours to obtain a full screen of data.

The Theory
Quite apart from wanting to get a view of the results, the idea was to obtain a picture of the long-term strong electromagnetic signals in my area. The hope was that this information can be used to remove some of that noise from the final design of the receiver and from some post-processing to the data. Some basic analysis could also be performed on the source of a signal. A frequency with a stable reception strength would indicate a static, or non-moving, transmitter. Frequencies that faded in and out could be related to atmospheric reflection, a transmitter in motion or alternating transmitters. Some signals could be related to the reception equipment itself, however, comparative study and component replacement will reveal the source of those signals. So, with this theory in mind, I set about performing two full screen scans, 3 hours late and night and 3 hours during the day.

The Results
Now for the interesting bit. During the last 48 hours, I ran series of scans at different resolutions. The initial low resolution scan can be seen here, it covers a period of about 5 minutes. Some interesting things stick out straight away, a strange set of emissions under 400Hz, some narrow band carrier waves and a static hum around 1.6KHz. Two sets of high resolution scans were performed, one during the day and one at night. You can see the first time stamped image here. The first thing that really stands out is this dense layering of narrow band carrier waves. These signals will fall into three classes, noise from my hardware, noise from the local environment or relatively strong signals. A clearer picture removing the time stamps is here. In this image, we get our first clear look at this hum of static. We can see that it has drifted across the band indicating that there is some form of underlying oscillation. The source cannot be determined at this stage. In the next image, we begin to exam the sub-1000Hz range. It is within this range that firing neurons will produce weak radio signals. Again, we can see dense carrier waves at a wide range of power levels. These power levels appear to be quantized in some way, that is, carrier waves with particular frequency gaps tend to have the same power level. At 125Hz and 250Hz we can see a signal that periodically increases in strength across both bands. We can also observe vague repetitions of that same pattern at every 125Hz separation. 19

Taking a closer look at this last signal, we can see how it repeats on a different frequency separation at a different power level. Its almost as if there were layers of carrier waves identified by spacing and accessible only to a particular receiver sensitivity. Another interesting signal that appeared was this unstable oscillation around 201Hz and this one around 875Hz. A closeup of the latter signal can be viewed here. Now we get to a very interesting image. Pay attention to the background, rather than the foreground. Do you notice the horizontal lines? That is a broad range transmission, lasting a minute or two, then a new variation of this signal is transmitted. This is what I would expect to see from dense narrow band mesh, like a ELF/VLF phased array or frequency multiplexing. At higher scan rates, this structure would be invisible and should look like random noise. So, that is it for the day time signals, now let's look at the same spectrum range during the night. Once again, here are the images of the observed spectrum, with and without a time stamp. Straight away we can observe a new set of very strong carrier waves, 1024Hz apart and very dense narrow band communication in the sub-600Hz region. What is interesting to note is that we can rule out a local source for these carrier waves, so it is not a signal or harmonic being produced by my reception equipment. Taking a closer look at this sub-600Hz region, which is the region the majority of neurons would be responsive to, we can observe a highly dense packing of narrow band carrier waves. At this resolution, determining the frequency stability can be impossible, but I am not ruling out some form of micro hertz channel separation due to this closer view. Also, the grid pattern we identified during the day, is now even more apparent and we can see these broad range transmissions vary in both broadcast and separation time. The next few shots given us a closer look at this grid structure and can be viewed here, here, here and here. Regardless of the source of these signals, they are occupying a region that can interfere with human cognition. The next stage is to boost the gain of the input signal, so a proper antenna and a variable preamp are my next objectives.


Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Time To Come Clean

What is the connection between Guantanamo bay, human experimentation, color revolutions, middle-east uprisings, Total Information Awareness and the War On Terror? It almost sounds like the lead in to a very funny punchline. Unfortunately, no such punchline exists. This story revolves around murder, intimidation, longitudinal experiments, witness intimidation, direct attacks on the Press, manufacture of crimes and trail that leads all the way back to the White House since the star wars program.

Flash Back To The Eighties

I am sure most people remember the film "War Games", the 1983 classic in which an WOPR fails to distinguish between reality and simulation and to know when to quit. I am sure everyone has heard for the last 20 years that A.I. was just around the corner, but hadn't quite been perfected just yet. This was and still is an outrageous lie. You see, creating an Artificial Intelligence is relatively straight-forward. The real issue was only ever about shrinking the technology for domestic use. So, when you see universities making small strides in A.I., this is the result of budgetary constraints, not genuine technical limitations. So, what happens when you have a massive "black project" budget, all the supercomputing power you could dream of and the authority to hide your activities? The answer is an Artificial Intelligence, a pure mind, with comparable reasoning capability to a human and a data mining capability unmatched even by Google. To give you a clearer picture, imagine if you will that we took Stephen Hawking and could replicate his mind within a machine. We also give it a micro-world (almost like a doll's house) in which it can create objects, animations, etc., then bolted on modules to provide it with a sense of humor, replicated emotions, language interpretation, speech synthesis, object recognition, etc. Now imagine that you are able to stand face-to-face with an Artificial Intelligence that is aware of you and itself. Imagine an A.I. that does not misunderstand when you talk and is more intelligent than the majority of humans. Imagine a system that reads and writes nearly every language on Earth and can impersonate people with a high degree of accuracy. Imagine talking to a "digital person". 21

You do not need to imagine, it already exists and forms the backbone of NSA operations globally. I am sure, if you have ever considered it, understanding how the NSA make sense of Petabytes of data was incredibly difficult. Well, now you know.

Human Experimentation And Offensive Capability

Having an A.I. is close to useless if it does not comprehend human behavior. Before the days of the Internet, there was no way for the Artificial Intelligence to interact with thousands of people and to understand character traits and decision making processes. To further this objective and make intelligence gathering more effective, the A.I. was interfaced to a system known only as "Remote Neural Monitoring" (RNM). RNM makes use of the fact that the human body, when neurons fire, produces very faint radio waves in an extremely narrow frequency band. These radio waves, due to their wavelengths, can pass through miles of rock with very little signal loss. By coupling the A.I. to this radio interface, the A.I. could learn the "language" of the human body through pattern analysis. The program was highly successful. It allowed the NSA to map foreign governments, terrorist networks, major businesses, etc. Just by merely listening, the NSA had the capability to know of events long before they were put into action. As with most US projects, mission creep became a factor and a secondary capability was added. The system now became "Remote Neural Communication" (RNC). RNC gave the A.I. the capability to send signals back to the human brain, in effect, modifying the behavior of anyone receiving the signal. The groups that the NSA once listened to, now became priority targets to enable the US government to push a global agenda. Furthermore, it provided the NSA with an offensive capability, as it was able to interfere with the biological processes of the human body. Long-tern longitudinal studies were instigated to test the long term effects of neural integration and offensive capabilities. These people, today, are known as "Targeted Individuals" and are found all over the world. They range from children to pensioners who have been systematically attacked in their own homes for years on end. If discovered, the A.I. attempts to disable the person on a permanent basis, if that fails, it will fall back to a process of intimidation and death threats. The studies continue as I write this article, with the full knowledge of the White House and numerous governments world-wide.

9/11 And Guantanamo Bay

Do not be fooled into thinking this is something recent, something in response to 9/11 and the corresponding War On Terror. This program pre-dates those events by almost two decades. In fact, the events of 9/11 have been used to both provide cover for the program and expand human experimentation's. 22

So, how does this relate to both Guantanamo Bay and Rendition? The answer should really be self-evident. As the A.I. maps the terrorist networks, it identifies particular members that have committed serious crimes or provide material support. To hide the presence of the system, subjects are put through "enhanced interrogation techniques" to make them confess to the crimes. Of course, a certain number of innocent parties must be caught up in the mix, or it would raise suspicions of the accuracy of their defense. The need for secrecy in regards to RNC is not related to the needs of National Security, as information is available all over the web, but to prevent the public becoming aware of the human experimentation that is currently being conducted. If released, it would destroy the NSA, bring down the current government and send past-andpresent members of government to jail. Nixon looks like a saint at this point.

Total Information Awareness

I am sure that the majority of readers can now see why programs such as TIA were introduced and why it involved the same figures from Reagan's era. This technology was an outgrowth of the Strategic Defense Initiative. Behind TIA were the same people involved in the Iran-contra affair, who have a track record of sending military technology to the enemy. So, given that this is all over the web, we can conclude that nothing has changed there. For those that don't know, the principle behind TIA was to collate all information into one central database that could be data-mined at will by various agencies. That "database" was our A.I. and the program still continues under a variety of names. Most importantly, large social networking sites such as Facebook, Google, etc., provide direct interfaces for the NSA to crawl through retained information. This is augmented by continuous wiretaps put in place at Telecom companies such as AT&T. Color Revolutions And The Middle-East Uprisings Sudden sweeping revolutions, powered by social media, are only a portion of the story. RNC provides a key role in these operations. Blitting sensations, key concepts and even motivation across tens of thousands of people is the real driving force behind these sudden mass mobilizations. Thousands of instances of the A.I. direct pro-democracy thought patterns across a nation to change the mood of an entire population. Given the short duration of each "neural payload", the outcome can never be guaranteed as other motivations can never be entirely released or controlled. That said, it is just a matter of time and bandwidth.


Witness Intimidation & Media Program

Key to this operation is control of the media. By selecting key staff at news outlets, typically those with editorial control, the A.I. is able to "persuade" staff not to run specific items, or to think of them in a different way. This normally involves invoking feelings of patriotism, or by focusing on other motivational factors. If, in the case of a Targeted Individual, they should become aware, such persuasion is abandons and direct threats to both the target and family member are made. On occasion, these are followed up with direct attacks. This can be anything from muscular assaults, right through to compressing muscles and accelerating the heart. Whilst in the short terms this is merely frightening, in the long run, it would have the same effect as clogged arteries causing heart failure or an enlarged heart.

Welcome to the real face of the US government. Auschwitz with fries, in the privacy of your own home. The Nazi's would have been proud of the economic savings you have achieved