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Customer Interaction Manager Value Summary

What are the key features of the NexxPhase Customer Interaction Manager? 1. Fully featured, cloud based, on-demand, SaaS Contact Center Service offering 2. SaaS offerings are rapidly displacing premise based solutions 3. Provided over a broadband connection, browser, and softphone 4. Supports multiple customer access channels Voice, Email, Chat, SMS, and web 5. Delivers comprehensive functionality ACD, IVR, CTI, Routing, QA, Reporting 6. Integrates enterprise data into a Unified Agent Desktop What do we do for you? 1. NexxPhase Customer Interaction Manager improves Customer Satisfaction and reduces Customer Support Costs 2. Eliminates Capital, Maintenance, Support, Upgrade costs of premise-based solutions 3. On-demand Billing Client pays for only the time used No licenses No minimums 4. Support local, remote, seasonal, at-home, and part-time staffing 5. Customers access Support Services HOW, WHEN, and WHERE they want 6. Unified Desktop improves Agent performance and First Call Resolution rates 7. Highly customizable and configurable Fits the way you do business 8. Application Development Tools rapidly implement new features and requirements 9. Keeps pace with changing businesses in changing environments 10.Reporting and Dashboards provide comprehensive management and operations tools Cost benefit Minimizes and simplifies cost per agent and cost per interaction On-demand service delivery aligns cost with actual usage Increased First Call Resolution Rates reduce overall Customer Support costs Resource utilization is aligned with the value of the interaction Operations benefit Comprehensive feature set supports all customer, agent, supervisor and management requirements Integrated system and data interfaces maximizes agent effectiveness by serving up all related enterprise and external data to provide a 360 view of the customer Customer Experience benefit Customers access support services using the device of their choice Customization and integration tools ensure that all customer relevant information is available at the time of interaction. Customer experience and agent effectiveness are maximized. Risk benefit Eliminates on-going and ever increasing maintenance, support, and upgrade costs Agile customization tools keep pace with your changing business New processes and features are implemented in weeks not month On-demand Service Pay for what you use No licenses No minimums
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