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Thailand vs India

Special focus on Government policy and trade linearization

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Group members:
Project by Kumarsen Choudhury. Aniket Langal Suruchi Singhania Monojit Banik

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Introduction.5 Objective of study. 6 Why Thailand?...................................................7-8 Basic information of two countries9 Economic and trade comparison Timeline of economics (1950-2010) Conclusion Definitions of index used Bibliography

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We want to say special thanks to Professor Anirban Mukharjee for his guiding.

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Asian economy of 21st century is important for Worlds future. India ,Singapore, Thailand , Indonesia and many other east Asian countries are ready to challenge of last centurys market leaders. Here I want to quote by famous Economist Thomas gray Commerce changes the fate and genius of nations. Yes its true. Often Asian countries was under dog but today countries like India & Thailand not only share a large share of worlds population but also share a huge share of world GDP.

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Objective of stady:
Commerce is a game of skill which everyone cannot play and few can play well. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Objective of the study was to aim what went wrong (and right)with us (i.e. India) vis--vis Thailand.

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Why did we choose Thailand ?

There are so many common factors between Thailand and India. For example India & Thailand is highly depended on nature : Yes agriculture , forestry, mines , rivers &sea are the main or we can say principle source of income of the two countries. Both has some very old & almost similar culture : Formerly known Saim ( now Thailand ) share a rich cultural similarities with India. For example Indias one very famous national epic Ramayana is also the national epic of Thailand called Ramakian.

A seen of Rammayana (Indian version)

Ramakian (Thai version)

Above 50% of Indian land falls in same heat zone as of Thailand : Thailand fall in 10-20 degree north temperate zone . In the same zone almost five large state & 3 union territory is falling. As Thailand India has a long coastline many

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island is falling.

Same temperate area of Thailand and India. Corruption perception index : this is very interesting that according to this important index India score 3.4 and Thailand score 3.5 . So both of us is very close and somewhere Thailand is more corrupted than us. These are the some reason why we go for comparative study with Thailand & India.

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Particular Political system Population Human Development Index GDP per capita Literacy rate Corruption perception index Unemployment rate Religion export

India Federal republic 1,148,000,000 0.609

Thailand Constitutional monarchy 65,493,300 0.786

$2,900 us 61% 3.4

$8,700 us 92.6% 3.5

6.8% Hindu ( major), Muslim(2 ) Petrolium products, textile goods, gems&jewelry, engineering goods, chemicals, leather manufactures


Buddhist(highest), Muslim(2

Textile& footwear, fishery pr rubber, jewelry, computers & appliances

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Timeline of economics (1950-2010)

1950s India: India started her first five year plan. Main focus of this plan was on agriculture and basic infrastructure development. During this time project like DVC was done. India has fixed exchange rate during this time. India did poor international trade as she imposed high import export tax. 1950s Thailand: there was severe restriction on trade and foreign exchange upto year 1947. After this year Thailand introduced multiple exchange rate system. But this system was not a very scientific one. Upto year 1955 Thailand do relaxsation on trade policy. They feel the wrong side of multiple exchange rate system. This system was creating another black capital market . Where people can earn just by dealing with foreign money. They gradually remove this system during 1955-61. Aiming FDI they created Board Of Investment (BOI) just to look after FDI. 1960s India:

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