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The vineyard labourers’ duty is to take action against error....

Your task is to stand up for the truth you receive from Me. If I inform you of things which are erroneously presented
otherwise you are duty bound to support the imparted spiritual knowledge and not quietly tolerate it if you are being
opposed by misconceptions. I emanate the light of truth to earth precisely because I want to invalidate falsehood and error,
since they are a danger to people if they continue to be ignored and thus exist side by side with the truth. Try to understand
that it is not irrelevant whether the truth is bestowed upon you or not, try to understand that you cannot find the path to Me
with an error and that you will have to discard it.... if not on earth then in the kingdom of the beyond…. and as long as you
do not know the complete truth there cannot be any bliss for you. Therefore I also require fighters who always highlight the
truth, who do not shy away from informing their fellow human beings of their knowledge, so that everyone can chose
between error and truth…. You don’t know how much error exists in the world, but I know and therefore cannot tacitly
tolerate it. But since I do not compel any person into accepting the truth I can only educate fighters for Myself who will
speak on My behalf and also fight against error where it becomes distinctly evident…. For as a rule it hides behind a mask
which conceals My adversary….

The greatest evil consists of the fact that he works in the same way in order to extinguish Me and My light…. This is why it
cannot be fought rigorously enough, and anyone who knows himself to own the pure truth should always uphold it, because
he receives a most important gift of grace which makes his battle considerably easier, for he can substantiate everything and
need not be afraid that My adversary will be superior to him, for faced by the light he will always give up the struggle. And
I give you light in abundance so that you can easily recognise the origin of the spiritual knowledge which opposes the light
from above. And thus you must not tacitly tolerate it, for that which opposes the truth is a lie, and I declare war on untruth.
People don’t know in what mass of misguided spiritual information they live. And anyone who cannot free himself from it
on the basis of the pure truth conveyed to him will be burdened by it on entering the kingdom of the beyond, unless his
degree of love will assure him instant realisation, yet in that case he will already be able to recognise the error in his earthly
life and dismiss everything that does not correspond to the truth. For love enlightens him and he will instinctively refuse to
accept wrong spiritual knowledge. The closer it gets to the end the more supposed ‘Word-recipients’ will show up, and they
will all want to spread their wrong messages, and then it is important to differentiate between the spirits, for they will
include truly satanic messengers who work on instruction of the one who wants to corrupt the world and tries to completely
prevent people’s path of return to Me. But you, who want to serve Me, will recognise them and know what to make of these
messages. You should never accept these messages for the sake of tolerance, for anyone who does not fight against
falsehood allows himself to be ensnared by it, it will confuse his thinking and he will no longer be able to recognise the pure
truth. And it is My adversary’s intention to also create spiritual confusion in those who want to separate themselves from
him in order to get control over them again…. For no means is too evil and no cunning too despicable if he is to reach his
goal…. Amen

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