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Investor Behavior in Mutual Funds

Dear Sir/Madam This survey, a part of my academic Term IV SYBBA summer project, is a study of investor behavior and awareness in mutual funds. Highly seeking your cooperation in answering this questionnaire..

1. Do you save a portion of your income? Yes No 2. How much of your income do you save? 10% or less 11%-20% 21%-30% Personal Needs Childs Education 40% & above

3. What is your saving objective? Retirement Uncertainties All of the above

4. What kind of investments do you prefer most? (Please rank the following parameters if there are more than one option, with 1 being the highest & 10 being the lowest) Saving account Fixed deposits Insurance Shares Real Estate Mutual Funds Post Office-NSC, etc Gold/ Silver PPF/PF Bonds/Debentures

Others (Please Specify) ____________________ 5. Currently what are your investment needs? Retirement Corpus Childrens Education/Marriage Medical Emergencies All of the above 6. Do you invest in mutual funds? Yes No Familys Financial Security Wealth Creation Tax saving

(*Skip to question 9 if answer to the 6th Question is a YES) 7. If no then, what be the reasons for not investing in mutual funds? Lack of guidance Risky Investment Lack of knowledge No particular reason

8. Do you intend on investing soon? Yes If yes, then you shall invest Within the next 6months Within the next one year Not decided No

9. How many years have you been investing in mutual funds? Less than 3 years 4 yrs.7 yrs. 8yr 11 yrs. 12 yrs. & above

10. How aware are you about mutual funds? Fully aware Partial knowledge of Mutual funds Aware only of those schemes you have invested in No idea

11. How did you learn about mutual funds? Newspapers Television Magazines Agents Internet Employee/Friend Referrals

Others (Please Specify)__________________________

12. Which feature of the mutual funds allures you the most? Rank the following on a scale of 16, with 1 being the HIGHEST & 6 being the LOWEST Diversification Better return and safety Reduction in risk and transaction cost Regular Income Tax benefit Professionally managed

13. Which asset class did you invest in? Equity Liquid Debt Gold Balanced Hybrid

14. Which type of funds do you prefer to invest in? Open-ended Close-ended Interval

15. How would you like to receive the returns every year? Dividend payout Dividend re-investment Growth in NAV

16. By whom are the schemes managed? Advisor Third party Self Others

17. In which companys Mutual Funds you have invested in? Please tick (). SBI-MF HDFC ICICI Prudential Fund Birla Sun Life Sundaram BNP Paribas Others *Others, Please Specify__________________________ DSP Black Rock Reliance Kotak Franklin Templeton

18. When you invest in Mutual Funds which mode of investment do you prefer? One Time Investment Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)

19. On what basis is a fund selected? Funds reputation Advisors advice Schemes Returns Income/Dividend Past Performance Record Schemes Expense Ratios Tax benefits Portfolio of the Brand

20. How much of a risk-taker are you? Mild returns Capital gain & steady returns No capital gain/loss & low returns Aggressive returns


Name:_________________________________ 20yrs-25yrs 35yrs-40yrs 25yrs-30yrs 40yrs & above





Marital Status: Married


Academics Qualification: High School Graduate Post-Graduate Professional Degree

Occupation Professional Salaried Retired Business

Others (Please Specify) ___________________

Annual Income: Below Rs 100000 Rs 300000-Rs 500000 Rs 100000-300000 Rs 500000 & above

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation and for taking time to complete this questionnaire