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Mastering Microsoft Configuration Manager 2007/2012 The IT Asset Management Bible "Professional Experience Distilled"

Over 100 chapters with complete guidance in how to set-up and configure IT Asset Management capabilities in Microsoft ConfigMgr 2007/2012
Using this book, we were able to move from a bare bones implementation of ConfigMgr to full use of its IT Asset Management capabilities and features. IT Director, Fortune 1000 Company With easy-to-follow instructions and screen shots With custom queries and scripts that are ready to use for IT Asset Management Step-by-step directions in how to configure ConfigMgr for license reconciliation purposes Contains best of contents from ConfigMgr blogs Includes extensive set-up and troubleshooting sections Supplements TechNet articles (which provide entry level detail) Where applicable, coverage of SMS 2003 topics Bonus Sections Include: MS-SQL Server Configuration Best Practices / Review of Add-On Tools for ConfigMgr IT Asset Management / How to Configure ConfigMgr Custom Reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) , and Other Topics

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1. An Explanation of the Asset Intelligence Views in the ConfigMgr Database (B1) 2. Description of AI Classes and Standard Reports that are Dependent on Them Being Enabled (B2) 3. A Primer on IT Asset Mgt ConfigMgr Database Tables and How They Map to the Data Collection (B3) 4. Limitations on ConfigMgr Asset Intelligence and Reporting (B4) 5. About Asset Intelligence Validation States with State Transition Examples (B5)

1. Q1 Query One -- Produces a Software List by Machine (Q1) 2. Q2 Query Two -- Processor Counts and Virtual Machine Identification -- MOF changes required (Q2) 3. Q3 Query Three -- How to Identify the Primary User by Machine -MOF changes required (Q3) 4. Q4 Query Four -- Relations Between Virtual Guests to Physical Host Machines -- MOF changes required (Q4)


(continued) 42. O28 -- How to Use ConfigMgr for Desired Configuration Management DCM 43. O28 -- DCM Example for Autodesk Software Detection 44. O29 -- Details on how to Automate the Creation of Collections O29 -- How to Pull Group Policy History via ConfigMgr 45. O30 -- More on Self Service Provisioning and Shopping Carts in ConfigMgr

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6. An Explanation of How SW Inventories are Gathered Using the HINV and SINV Functions within ConfigMgr (B6) 7. Info on the ConfigMgr Agent Footprint (B7) 8. An explanation of SMS_DEF.MOF versus CONFIGURATION.MOF (B8) 9. A Primer on SQL Server Reporting Services -- SRS (B9) 10. Comparing ConfigMgr 2007 and System Center Essentials SCE 2010 (B10) 11. Primary versus Secondary Sites -An Explanation (B11) 12. Comparing Asset Intelligence Functions within ConfigMgr 2007 and 2012 (B12) 13. What is WMI and How to Access its Raw Data on Clients (B13)


TO DEPLOY CONFIGMGR TO GET VALID AND RELIABLE DATA FOR A LICENSE RECONCILIATION REPORT 6. S1 -- Step One -- DNS Scavenging, How to Ensure Proper Inclusions of Machines in Future Reconciliation Efforts (S1) 7. S2 -- Step Two -- How to Discover New Devices Using ConfigMgr -- An Overview of AD, Network, Heartbeat and Other System Discovery Methods (S2) 8. S3 -- Step Three -- Option_1 -- How to Identify and Clean Up Obsolete and Inactive Machines (S3_1) 9. S3 -- Step Three -- Option_2 -- Check Machine Passwords Not Reset in X Days -- Cleans Up Retired and Past Inclusion of Improper MACHINES (S3_2)

46. O31 -- How to Identify 5. Q5 Query Five -- Checking System Terminal and Citrix Servers and Health -- e.g. HW SW Inv etc (Q5) Embedded OS Devices 6. Q6 Query Six -- Confirm Version and Edition of MS-SQL Server by 47. O32 -- How to Gather and Input Lease Info in Machine -- MOF Changes Required (Q6) ConfigMgr - Hardware Inventory 7. Q7 Query Seven -- Count of PCs Installed by Month.doc (Q7) 48. O33 -- How to Concatenate MAC addresses and IP 8. Q8 Query Eight -- Report of Users Addresses into their Own by Active Directory Name Tied to Columns Metered Usage (Q8) 49. O34 -- How to Retrieve Computer Monitor Serial O OTHER STEPS AND INFO IN Numbers for SMS 2003 HOW TO CONFIGURE AND USE 50. O35 -- Sizing (Database CONFIGMGR FOR IT ASSET MGT. storage) and Network Bandwidth Required when Asset Intelligence is Enabled 1. O1 -- How to BackUp and Restore a SMS SCCM Database and SRS 51. O36 -- How to Gather Physical 2. O2 A -- How to Collect Certain Files Memory Inventories and from Remote Clients -- SMS SP3 or Reporting SCCM 52. O37 -- How to Monitor 3. O2 B -- How to Collect Certain Hardware Changes in Registry or WMI Info from Remote ConfigMgr Clients -- Extending the MOF -53. O38 -- How to Perform a SMS SP3 or SCCM Software Inventory that 4. O2 B -- More WMI Info for Detects Uninstalled Software Triggering Menu Options in 54. O39 -- How To Configure and ConfigMgr Apply Software Restriction 5. O2 C -- How to Collect Policies Environment Variables from 55. O40 -- About and How to Use Remote Clients Management Information 6. O2 D -- How to Identify Specific Format (MIF) files for Services Running, Files Residing Extended HW Inventory Info and Other Info on Remote 56. O41 -- Other Steps or Info -Machines How to Replace Built-in 7. O2 E -- How to Collect Event Reports Template to Custom Viewer Info Template with Company Logo 8. O2 F -- How to Inventory the Client 57. O42 -- Other Steps or Info -Cache using ConfigMgr Hardware How to Find and List Inventory Machines in a Particular Active Directory AD Site 9. O2 G -- How to Gather MSI Installation and Other Add Remove Program Registry Info from Clients w WEB REPORTS FOR 10. O3 -- How to Search for Particular CONFIGMRG 2007 Executable Files (that have been

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10. S3 -- Step Three -- Option_3 -- How to Clean Up Inactive USERS (S3_3) 11. S4 -- Step Four -- Part 1 -- How to Ensure all Windows Machines have ConfigMgr Clients and Instructions on How to Deploy Them Where Missing (S4_1) 12. S4 -- Step Four -- Part 2 -- How to Manually Remove a ConfigMgr Client (S4_2) 13. S5 -- Step Five -- How to Install SCCM Clients using Group Policies (S5) 14. S6 -- Step Six -- How to Fix and Ensure No Duplicate Machine GUIDs (S6) Skip to Step Ten 15. S10 -- Step Ten -- Part 1 -- Enabling Asset Intelligence -- How To -- SMS SP3 or SCCM -- MOF changes required (S10_1) 16. S10 -- Step Ten -- Part 2 -- Enabling Asset Intelligence -- Monitoring, Logging, Cleaning Up, and Troubleshooting -- SMS SP3 or SCCM (S10_2) 17. S10 -- Step Ten -- Part 3 -- Enabling and using the Software Inventory Function within ConfigMgr 18. S11 -- Step Eleven -- Part 1 -- Enable Asset Intelligence Synchronization Point and Catalog Updates -- SMS SP3 and SCCM 2007 (S11_1) 19. S11 -- Step Eleven -- Part 1B -- How to Resolve Software Details Conflicts Upon AI Catalog Updates 20. S11 -- Step Eleven -- Part 2 -- Hotfix Rollups for Asset Intelligence in SCCM 2007 SP2 (NOT SP1) (S11_2) 21. S11 -- Step Eleven -- Part 3 -- How to Keep Collection Data Up to Date (S11_3) 22. S11 -- Step Eleven -- Part 4 -- Other ConfigMgr Hotfixes to Consider Installing (S11_4)

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gathered from remote clients) O4 -- How to Exclude Certain File Folders from SW Inventory Process O5 -- How to Collect and View Files Collected from Clients O6 -- Enabling WMI PreReqs O7 -- How to Determine Which Version of SMS or SCCM is Deployed O8 A -- Info on Add-On Tools and Plug-Ins for ConfigMgr O8 B -- Info with Screen Shots of SCCM Expert Add-On Tool for SCCM O8 C -- HP, Dell and IBM Asset Mgt Tools that Integrate with SCCM for Collection of HW Warranty Info etc O9 -- How to Identify Applications Uninstalled in last X Days O10 -- General Best Practices for Configuring and Maintaining MSSQL Server -- e.g. DB Backup, etc. O11 -- How to Compare Add/Remove Program Entries on Two Computers O12 -- How to Configure Asset Intelligence User Access and User Security for Asset Managers O13-- How to Extend HW Inventory for PNP Devices O14 -- How to Identify Decommissioned Client Records at the Primary Site for Configuration Manager Clients O15 -- How to Compare Software Installed on Two Systems O16 -- How to Identify All MAC and IP Addresses per Machine O17 -- How to Identify Missing Hardware Inventory Across Computer Collections in ConfigMgr O18 -- A Primer on How to Inventory and Track Microsoft App-V Applications -- Application Virtualization O19 -- How to Optimally Configure SQL2008 and SQL2008R2 for

1. W1 -- How to Change the Maximum Rows Returned in the Values List that is Defaulted to 1000 rows 2. W2 -- PreReqs for Add Remove Program Reports - Query Builder Values Box Cannot Display Large Item List 3. W3 -- Desktop Readiness Report within ConfigMgr 4. W4 -- Creating SMS Web Reports from SMS Queries 5. W5 -- Web Report for ConfigMgr 2007 -- How to Convert them to SSRS Reports

STEPS 1. T1 A -- How to Repair WMI Problems 2. T1 B -- How to Test WMI Connectivity 3. T1 C -- Other WMI Troubleshooting Steps 4. T2 -- Troubleshooting Issues When ConfigMgr Clients are Not Reporting 5. T3 -- Troubleshooting Client Push, HW Inv, SW Updates, SW Inv, Heartbeat Discovery, and SW Distribution 6. T4 A1 -- Monitoring Client Health in SCCM 2007 with CSR - Client Status Reporting - ConfigMgr 2007 R2+ 7. T4 A2 -- Monitoring Client Health in SCCM 2012 8. T4 A3 -- ConfigMgr 2007 Client Health Check Tool 9. T4 A4 -- Another ConfigMgr 2007 Client Health Check Tool

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23. S12 -- Step Twelve -- How to Enable and Use SW Usage Monitoring (S12) 24. S13 -- Step Thirteen -- How to Enable Windows and Exchange Standard CAL Tracking (S13) 25. S14 -- Step Fourteen -- How to Enable and Make Use of ConfigMgrs Native License Reporting (S14) 26. S15 -- Step Fifteen -- Handling Unidentified and Uncategorized apps -- More on Categories, Families, Labels, Tags etc. (S15) 27. S16 -- Step Sixteen -- Custom Reporting in ConfigMgr using MSSQL Reporting Services - SSRS (S16) 28. S17 -- Step Seventeen -- How to Create ConfigMgr SSRS Reports with External or BI Data (S17) 29. S18 -- Step Eighteen -- Creating Custom IT Asset Mgt Reports in ConfigMgr -- SQL View Info (S18) 30. S19 -- Step Nineteen -- Creating Custom IT Asset Mgt Queries in ConfigMgr (S19) 31. S20 -- Step Twenty -- Setting up IT Asset Mgt Dashboards and Alerts (S20) 32. S21 -- Step Twenty-One -- How to Determine the Correct Counts, Versions, Editions of MS-SQL Server in SMS SP2 (pre-AI) (S21) 33. S22 -- Step Twenty-Two -- How to Determine the Correct Counts, Versions, Editions of MS-SQL and Exchange Server in ConfigMgr (S22)



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ConfigMgr O20 -- How to Identify SCCM Client Versions by MachineName or SiteCode O21 -- How to Configure and Use a Client Agent for Offline and Remote Users O22 -- Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 Upgrade Checklist O23 -- Lenovo Model Number and Serial Number Issues O24 -- How to Update and Leverage the SCCM Documentation Library as well as Other Learning Resources O25 -- How to Submit AI Catalog Updates to Microsoft O26 -- How to Query for Certain Applications from Add Remove Programs and Other General Queries O27 -- Total ARP entries Plus Avg Executables per Machine Queries O28 -- How to Use ConfigMgr for Desired Configuration Management DCM O29 -- Details on how to Automate the Creation of Collections O29 -- How to Pull Group Policy History via ConfigMgr O30 -- More on Self Service Provisioning and Shopping Carts in ConfigMgr O27 -- Total ARP entries Plus Avg Executables per Machine Queries

as Startup Script 10. T4 A5 -- Client Health Other Options and Tools 11. T4 A6 -- SMS 2003 and SCCM 2007 SP Status Message Descriptions and Documentation 12. T5 -- How to Determine Which Machines Have ConfigMgr Agents 13. T6 -- Monitoring ConfigMgr Job Status 14. T7 -- How to Troubleshoot MS-SQL Server Settings and Activities for ConfigMgr 15. T8 -- General Troubleshooting Guide for ConfigMgr 16. T9 -- SCCM and SMS Documentation of Environment Script 17. T10 -- General Tools, Gadgets, Tips, Tricks for ConfigMgr 18. T11 -- List PC Collection on Last Known IP Subnet 19. T12 -- Site Recovery Task List 20. T13 -- How to Identify All SMS and/or ConfigMgr Sites 21. T14 -- Troubleshooting Steps or Info -- Viewing Hardware Inventory Files -- Viewing What Was Collected at the Site Server -

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