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C++ C++, in computer science, an object-oriented version of the C programming langua ge, developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early

1980s at Bell Laboratories and a dopted by a number of vendors, including Apple Inc., Sun Microsystems, Borland I nternational, and Microsoft Corporation. See also Object-Oriented Programming. ADA _Augusta ADA Byron (Lady Lovelace) _1979 _Derived from Pascal, used primaril y by the military. ALGOL_ ALGOrithmic Language_ 1960_ First structured procedural programming langu age, used mainly for solving math problems. APL_ A Programming Language_ 1961 _Interpreted language using a large set of spe cial symbols and terse syntax. Used primarily by mathematicians. BASIC_ Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code _1965_ Very popular highlevel programming language, frequently used by beginning programmers. C _Predecessor was Bell Laboratory's 1972 B Programming Language_ 1972_ Compiled , structured, programming language commonly used in many workplaces because its programs are easy to transfer between different types of computers. C++ _Advanced version of C. Developed at ATT Bell Labs. _1985 _C++ is used in n umerous fields, such as accounting and finance systems, and computer-aided desig n. Supports object-oriented programming. COBOL _COmmon Business-Oriented Language_ 1959 _English-like programming languag e, emphasizes data structures. Widely used, especially in businesses. FORTH _FOuRTH-Generation language (4 GL) _1970_ Interpreted, structured language , easily extended. Provides high functionality in limited space. Fortran _FORmula TRANslation_ 1954_ Initially designed for scientific and engine ering uses, a high-level, compiled language now used in many fields. Introduced several concepts such as variables, conditional statements, and separately compi led subroutines. HTML _HyperText Markup Language _1989_ Designed for publishing hypertext on the Internet. JAVA_ Sun Microsystems developers drank a lot of coffee when coding for this. _1 990 Originally developed for use in set-top boxes, transitioned to the World Wid e Web in 1994. LISP _LISt Processing _1960 _A list-oriented programming language, mainly used t o manipulate lists of data. Interpreted language, often used in research, genera lly considered the 'standard' language for Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects . LOGO _Derived from Greek logos, meaning word _1968_ Programming language often used with children. Features a simple drawing environment and several higher-lev el features from LISP. Primarily educational. Modula-2_ MODULAr Language, designed as secondary phase of Pascal (Niklaus Wirth devised both)_ 1980 _Language that emphasizes modular programming. High-level l anguage based on Pascal, characterized by lack of standard functions and procedu res.

PASCAL_Pascal Blaise , mathematician and inventor of first computing device _197 1 _Compiled, structured language, based on ALGOL. Adds data types and structures while simplifying syntax. Like C language, it is a standard development languag e for microcomputers. PERL _Practical Extraction and Report Language _1988_ It is a text-processing la nguage that looks like a combination of C and several Unix text processing utili ties. PILOT _Programmed Inquiry, Language Or Teaching _1969_ Programming language used primarily to create applications for computer-aided instruction. Contains very little syntax. PL/1_ Programming Language One _1964 _Designed to combine the key features of Fo rtran, COBOL, and ALGOL, a complex programming language. Compiled, structured la nguage capable of error handling and multitasking, used in some academic and res earch environments. SGML _Standard Generalized Markup Language _1986 _Designed as a metalanguage, it is used as an international standard for the description of marked-up electroni c text. SQL _Structured Query Language _1986 _Designed to be used for creating complex d atabases and accessing data in a relational database. VB _Visual Basic _1990 _Sometimes called the Rapid Applications Development syst em, is used to build applications quickly. XML _Extensible Markup Language _1977 _Used for creating arbitrarily-structured documents and Web pages; it is commonly associated with the Internet.