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AIM :1. To design a 3-stage, direct coupled common-emitter amplifier circuit. 2. To verify its voltage amplification action. COMPONENTS USED IN MULTISIM :S.NO COMPONENTS 1. 2. NPN TRANSISTORS RESISTORS RANGE MODEL 2N2221 600 60 10 5 500 3. 4. 5. CAPACITORS 0SCILLOSCOPE BATTERY SOURCE 1 F QUANTITY 3 1 3 3 4 6 7

2-CHANNEL WITH XY FEATURE 1 DC 10 V AC 0.707 V GND 1 1 3 15-16




The amplifier with two or more amplifier stages is known as multistage amplifier. The gain of the single stage amplifier is not sufficient to amplify a signal from a weak source such as a microphone to a level which is suitable for the operation of another transducer such as loudspeaker. In such situation it is necessary to cascade number of amplifier stages. An another important aspect that makes cascading necessary is impedance matching. For faithful amplification, amplifier should have desired voltage gain, current gain and it should match its input impedance with the source and output impedance with the load. Many times these primary requirements of the amplifier cannot be achieved with single stage amplifier, because of the limitation of the transistor parameters. In such situations more than one amplifier stages are cascaded such that input and output stages provide impedance matching reqirements with some amplifications and remaining middle stages provide most of the amplification. In the 3-stage ce-amplifier, the output of the first stage is connected to the input of the second and output of the second is connected to the input of the third stage. Voltage gain of multistage amplifier is the product of voltage gains of the individual stages.


The Multisim software was developed by National Instruments. It is an electronic schematic capture and simulation program which is a part of a suit of circuit design programs. It has a virtual bread board on which various circuit components can be placed to form the circuit and get the result by simulating it.

PROCEDURE :We perform the following steps to find the 1. Switch ON the computer and open the multisim software. 2. Open the file within which the experiment has to be performed. 3. Connect the circuit as shown in circuit diagram using the components given in multisim. 4. Place a oscilloscope. Connect one channel of the oscilloscope to the input terminals of the circuit. Connect the other channel to the load connected across the output terminals.

5. Simulate the circuit for observing the output waveform. 5. Calculate amplification factor.


RESULT :Voltage magnification factor = 3