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Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund (GEEREF): Lessons Learned after Three Years of Investing in New

RE Funds in Developing Countries

Dr. Tao Ren Investment Officer, EIB Raising Funds and Matching Financing with Projects Asian Clean Energy Forum, 4-8 June 2012

European Investment Bank (EIB): EUs Long-term leading bank promoting European policies and priorities

EUR 1.2 bn for Asia and Latin America in 2011

Climate Action Focus at EIB

EUR 18.0 bn in 2011 or 31% of the total lending Climate action embedded in all lending activities Climate change lending is a key EIB objective: - Mitigation (energy efficiency, renewable energy investments, sustainable transport) - Adaptation projects - RD&I and technology transfer (support to ecoinnovation projects) - Others, i.e. water/waste, carbon and forestry Climate Action Operations: Christopher Knowles, Climate Action Policy & Safeguards: Peter Carter,

Luxembourg domiciled, SICAV-SIF Fund of Funds (indirect investment) Registered as ODA EUR 108m from the EU, Germany and Norway

Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a goal

Operational since January 2009

Advised by EIB Group

GEEREF Strategy

Targeting at ~8 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Funds

Africa, Asia and Latin America focused Project Finance (Hydro/Solar, EE, etc.) Small/medium size projects People, Planet and Profit

Funds signed

REAF: India and South Asia focussed

Evolution One: Southern Africa

DI Frontier Market: East Africa

CTLAF II: Latin America Fund pipeline: Ukraine (approved), Southeast Asia (approved), Latin America (approved) and Asian/Africa/LDCs (under DD) Hundreds of fund proposals screened Disbursed to 12 beneficiary projects Fundraising: EUR ~100m to be raised in 2012-2013

Lessons learned (1/3)

For first-time funds and fund managers:

GEEREF as an enabler (e.g. the first RE funds in Sub-Saharan and Ukraine)

Catalytic role - crowding-in private capital (~25-50% in the current portfolio funds) High leverage impact:

Factor of 1:50 at the project level so far

Lessons learned (2/3)

RE & EE infra funds and projects Young but growing asset class

Opportunities emerging in regions beyond just BASIC countries: attractive but much work is needed
Credibility and relationships with providers of debt and equipment established through first transactions Good teams (with equity cash) deliver even in supposedly competitive regions The need for suitable co-investors: strong limitation

Lessons learned (3/3)

Patience, patience and more patience GEEREFs first close in 2008 GEEREFs first funds in 2009 GEEREFs first beneficiary projects in 2010 A funds first KWh produced 1.5-2.0 years after closing

More capacity building and demonstration needed

Thank you!

For more information, please contact:

Cyrille Arnould, Head of GEEREF E-mail: - Tel: +352 4379 86664 Tao Ren, Investment Officer GEEREF E-mail: - Tel: +352 4379 85207 Website:


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