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HR Policies Recruitment policy:a) To acquire personnel of right skills to right jobs at the required time at minimum cost.

b) To create right organizational climate for the career development compatible with the growth in skill requirements at various levels. c) To develop in the person requisite knowledge, skill and above all, job satisfaction to make him a total person capable of being highly productive. e) To encourage growth within, since experience in such a specialized and sophisticated organization, expertise gained cannot be suitably replaced otherwise. f) To ensure that the experience gained in the company is not used for jobs elsewhere but as means to career growth within. 2) Definition a) Company means --------------b) Employee means any person appointed by the Company.rained in his/her own interest in any work and who may not be paid any allowance or stipend during the period of training as may be decided by the Management from time to time, the permission being liable to be withdrawn by the Management at any time. The trainee will not have any lien or claim to be absorbed in the service of the company. f) Probationer is one who is provisionally employed for a specific period to fill a permanent vacancy of a sanctioned post. At the end of the probationary period, based on performance evaluation, management has the right to confirm, extend or to discontinue the probation. 3) Qualifications a) Minimum academic standards will be prescribed by the management for all posts. b) Academic standards and experience are relaxed in cases of candidates who are otherwise exceptionally good, including those of internal candidates. 4) Recruitments a) Recruitments to all categories will be made through advertisements released in the leading newspapers and subsequent written test and panel interview by appropriate selection committee. b) Normally it will take one year for a fresh hand to complete expertise in the post acquired and this will be treated as training period after this one has to undergo probation for a period of six months to acquire full expertise in the job and this will be treated as probation period. c) Depending on the performance appraisal the term of training/probation can either be terminated or extended by the management depending on evaluation of performance. Termination of training can take place during the period of training for poor performance and

extension/termination of probation can take place only at the end of probation after evaluation of performance. d) One who successfully completes the training/probation will get confirmed in the gob. e) Management has the right to reduce or avoid training/probation period for selected posts and candidates. 5) Appointment order English/Malayalam To be signed by the employee 6) Increments/performance evaluation a) Promotions to higher grades shall be done normally after a minimum satisfactory service of two years based on the performance evaluation results and discretionary powers of the management b) Were direct recruitment is resorted through advertisement existing employees of the company can also apply for the post advertised, provided they fulfill the prescribed requirements. c) Wherever necessary written competitive examinations/tests and or oral interview of candidate shall be done by the selection committee depending upon the status of the post to be filled. 7) Deputation Employees can be deputed to any assignments depending on the exigencies of requirements and it shall be made in Writing. In such cases employees are not entitled to any additional monetary benefits. 8) General terms and conditions a) Application for gob from a candidate, who is closely related to any employee of the company, should be so informed to the management. This will enable the management to consider the desirability in selection procedures. b) Employee can be subjected to periodical medical examination for determining their suitability for further continuance in the service as may be decided by the company. c) The appointment of any candidate in the services of the company shall be subject to his character and antecedents being verified and found satisfactory in the prescribed manner. d) On appointment in a particular post or grade seniority shall be determined with reference to the date of joining a company in a particular post in the regular scale attached to the post to which the individual is appointed in the case of candidates joining on a single day in the same post or grade, eligibility shall be determined according to the merit list drawn and the persons whose names figure first in the merit list will have seniority to the one whose name appears next to his and so on

e) All employees joining the company are liable to undergo theoretical and practical training for such period as may be prescribed by the company from time to time. Recruitment rules are liable to be modified / changed depending on the future needs of the company.