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Revised May, 2001


~,~, I

"Organizing a new unit is much

like putting together a

Jigsaw Puzzle.
I ;
'-.. i ~
Knowing how the pieces fit, and --'-r-- I
having a picture of what you want I .


that puzzle to look like in the end,

are the key components of t
organizing a new unit." "~-"~'l !
--Erik Nystrom, Regional Director
\ ,
Western Region, BSA t - - - - - i --! ' .
( j
The role of the New Unit Team (
Specialist is to put together the '~'-" !
pieces of a new unit and forever J I
lock in place the foundation (-'---'~j
_th_a_t_u~n_it~t_o_p_r_o_s_pe_r_an_d_g_ro_w_. --' f-~_\
l--f_o_r - I
\ '

/.....---... ,
i i

"Before We Can
The Golden Empire Council Strategic Plan outlines growth
objectives in membership through 2006. This New Unit Team Put Scouting)s
Specialists (NUTS) plan is a direct result of the Strategic Plan's
Values Into Youth)
It is the goal of the Golden Empire Council to have one unit per
We Have to Put
school; a pack serving every elementary school, a troop for every Youth Into
middle school/junior high, and a crew or post for every high school.
Scouting. ))
The NUTS Team concept was created to provide a coordinated Roy Williams,
effort by districts to organize new units and incubate them until they Chief Scout Executive, BSA
are we'" on their way to functioning on their own.

The NUTS Team concept draws experienced volunteer Scouters from their regular volunteer duties to a
short term assignment of organizing one or more new units, breathing ,life .into them, and providing
assistance to them until they are stronQl enough to be turned over to their full time unit commissioner for
on-going service.

NUTS Teams are ideally comprised of six members under the

leadership of a Team leader who works with the District "You have to
Membership Committee. Members attend an orientation
meeting, and then meet once a month during the spring and fall be Nuts to do
recruiting drives (April- May and August - November.)

The Team is on-call to start new Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout
this job. "
Troops and Venture Crews. They are responsible for Lee Martin,
conducting a parent orientation meeting and youth recruitment Scout Executive
activity; recruiting adults to fill' unit leadership positions; Long Beach Area Council
registering the unit on the membership roles of the Council; and
following up with the unit to ensure the unit's success and
Team members are recognized with a one-of-a-kind jacket that signifies the successful start of a new
unit. This guide is to be used in conjunction with the New Unit Organization Process No. 14-117.


District District District

Executive Membership Chair Commissioner

Webelos to Scout Spring Recruitment I New Unit Fall Recruitment ADC

Transition Chair Chair ~rganizationChair Chair New Units

Activities Unit
Leader Commissioner

The following manual's are used in conjunction with organizing new units:

.:. New Unit Organization Process, No. 14-117

.:. Spring Into Scouting Guide
.:. Fall Recruitment Guide
.:. "So You're a New Leader"
.:. "Welcome to the Cub Scout Adventure"


Concept: As it pertains to new unit growth, give leadership to

the New Unit Organization Chair to identify potential
chartered partners and start new units in the district.

Principle Responsibilities:

.:. Work with District Executive and New Unit Organization Chair
to identify new unit prospects (Chartered organizations, schools and geographic areas needing
.:. Ensures that 12-step new unit organization process is followed
.:. Responsible for recruiting NUTS Team leaders
.:. Serve as liaison between NUTS Teams and District Committee
.:. Recruit and train organizers for l,mits (new and reorgani,zed)
.:. Work with District Commissioner and District Training Team to provide new units with personnel
.:. Cultivate interest of potential chartered organizations and community groups
.:. Organize new Packs, Troops, Teams and Crews (Use Council Membership Campaign Plan)
.:. Serve as a member of the Council Membership Committee


Concept: Give leadership to NUTS Teams to follow the 12-step
process in organizing new units. Develop and execute
plans that will result in 'increased number of units, more
youth membership and greater support for chartered

Principle Responsibilities:
.:. Assume responsibility for new unit goal for Distnict
.:. Work with District Executive to map District and locate areas for new units.
•:. Identify new growth opportunities by completing the New Unit Prospect Profil'e Worksheet
.:. Identify and recruit NUTS Team leaders and assist with recruiting Team members for each new unit
.:. Promote membership and unit growth in Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing through the
use of the coordinated membership cycle: New units in the spring, additional youth in the fall.
.:. Work with District ExecuUve to cultivate community organizations, groups, associations that might
become chartered organizations or support Scouting in other ways
.:. Follows 12-step new unit organization process
.:. Track new unit formation on District New-Unit Chart
.:. Coordinate with the District Commissioner to provide unit commissioner support for each new unit
.:. Provide support materials for unit organizers
.:. Ensure completion of the new unit growth program by end of November

-----------------------~- --


Concept: Follow the 12 step process identified in the New Unit Organiz
to organize, register, and train the necessary volunteers t
program in a new Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop, or Ventur

Principle Responsibilities:
.:. Understand the need and role of membership recruitment and new unit organization
.:. Recruit and coordinate NUTS Team members consisting of an organizer, set up coordi
training coordinator, registrar, and unit commissioner
.:. Ensure the com pletion of all 12-steps of the New Unit Organization Process
.:. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed properly and submitted to the Council Service Center
.:. Coordinate visit with potential chartered organization, school, and District Executive
.:. Schedules recruitment event
.:. Work with District Commissioner 'in assigning or recruiting a Unit Commissioner before the recruitment event
.:. Should serve as the Organizer at the recruitment event
.:. Serve as coach to the new unit Committee Chairperson

Each NUTS Team should have a carrying case that includes the following information. It should be
maintained and updated with current information and enough materials to begin each new unit.
Display Only Display Only Display Only
Cub Scout Program Helps Boy Scout Handbook Venture Leader Guide
Cub Leader Handbook Scoutmaster Handbook Silver Award Booklet
Webelos Leader Handbook Troop Program Features I Ranger Book
How To Book Troop Program Features II vrr Program Development
Tiger Family Packet Troop Program Features III
Wolf, Bear & Webelos Book Troop Committee Guidebook Leader Giveaways
Pack Records Book Troop Record Book 1 Crew Start-Up Orientation
5 Silver Award Booklet
Leader Giveaways Leader Giveaways
5 Pack's First 3 Months 5 Scouting Magazines Sign In Table
5 Scouting Magazines 5 Boys'Life Magazines 25 Venture Applications
5 Boys'Life Magazines 10 So You're a New BIS Leader 10 Adult Applications
25 So You're a New CIS Leader 3 Attendance Rosters
Sign In Table
Sign In Table 25 Boy Scout Applications Presentation Materials
50 Cub Scout Applications 15 Adult Applications Receipt Book
25 Adult Applications 25 Mini Boys' Life Mags Recruiting Video Library
50 Mini Boys' Life Mags 3 Attendance Rosters
50 CIS Parent Guide Reference Materials
5 Attendance Rosters Presentation Materials 1 Popcorn Information
Receipt Book 1 Budget Guidelines
Presentation Materials Recruiting Video Library 1 Training Schedule
1 CIS Promise and Law Poster 1 Council Calendar
1 Receipt Book Reference Materials l' SS4 Application
1 Recruiting Video Library 1 Troopmaster Demo CD
5 Table Grade Tents 1 Popcorn Information
1 Budget Guidelines
Reference Materials 1 Training Schedule
Packmaster Demo CD ~ Council Calendar
Popcorn Information 1 SS4 Application
Budget Guidelines
Training Schedule
Council Calendar
SS4 Application


-:- Must be a top-notch recruiter -:. Responsible for collecting applications and
-:- Facilitates recruitment presentation fees and turning them over to the District
-:- Coordinates NUTS Team in conducting the Executive
presentation -:- Follows up with parents and boys that leave
-:- Conducts recruitment of parents and youth without turning in applications
-:- Schedules follow up meetings -:- Fields phone calls regarding meeting times,
-:- Assists new unit in creating a budget and dates, and locations
calendar, and opening a checking account -:- Serves as coach to new Committee
Members responsible for Advancement and
-:- Creates Unit Roster
-:- Responsible for preparing room at
recruitment event UNIT COMMISSIONER
-:- Orders and distributes recruitment flyers, (Position appointed by the District Commissioner)
posters, bulletin articles, etc.
-:- Maintains and distributes materials from the -:- Responsible for ensuring the success and
"Bag of Nuts" longevity of the new unit
-:- Coordinates sign in table -:- Works with NUTS Team through the first
-:- Serves as coach to Tiger Cub Den Leaders three months of the unit
-:- Assists in organizing first unit fundraiser and -:- Attends the recruitment event, Fast Start
next recruitment activity Training, and first three Committee meetings
to get to know the Unit Leader, Committee
ACTIVI:TIES LEADER Chairperson, Charter Representative, and
Institution Head
-:- Responsible for providing an activity for -:- Fulfills unit commissioner responsibilities for
youth at recruitment event the unit following the new unit's organization;
-:- Coordinates local Boy Scouts to assist with encourages leader training, roundtable
activities and become future Den Chiefs attendance, proper uniforming, etc.
-:- Teaches youth joining requirements -:- Turns over responsibilities to assigned unit
(Oath/Promise, handshake, salute, etc.) commissioner after 3 to 6 months
-:- Serves as coach to new Cubmaster,
Scoutmaster, or Venture Advisor in planning
first three months
"A well-organized NUTS
TRAINING COORDINATOR Team will ensure that
(This person should be a member of the District
Training Committee) every new unit gets a
-:- Responsible for conducting Fast Start healthy start by providing
Training within 1-2 weeks of recruitment

event all the parts necessary

-:- Coordinates attendance at BSA Basic for it to run smoothly,
Training, Roundtable and suppl'emental
training events prosper, and grow. "­
-:- Serves as coach to new Den Leaders in Charlie Rosser,
planning first den meetings Assistant Regional Director,
-:- Serves as coach to new Assistant Western Region, BSA
Scoutmasters, and Assistant Crew Advisors

NUTS PROGRESS CHART 0 Pack o Troop 0 Crew #
Chartered Organization: ~~~ _
Chartered Organization Meeting
I _
Recruitment Event
Parent Organization Meeting
[ -
Fast Start Training
1_­ I

1st Committee Meeting

1st Den Meeting: Tiger Cub Den

Wolf Den

Bear Den

Webelos Den

1st Pack Meeting


District Membership Chair

District New Unit Organization Chair I

District Commissioner I

District Executive

NUTS Team Leader

Organizer I

Set Up Coordinator
Activities Leader I

Training Coordinator

Registrar 'I

Unit Commissioner II



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