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BIBLE EXAM REVIEW Mark introduction Gospel of Mark was written to the church in Rome Synoptic means see

see together Mark definitely got his details from Peter Mark was written in between 56 and 63 AD

Gospel of Mark The Trinity was present at Jesus baptism The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to be tested Jesus purpose is to preach New wine : Old Wineskins; Jesus : Judaism The function of the apostles is to be with Jesus Jesus says that those who do the will of God are his mother and brothers The emphasis of the parable of the mustard seed is the growth of the kingdom of God In Jesus parables in Mark 4, the seed represents the word The significance of Jesus healing of a leper is he touched the leper Corban is an example of the hypocritical attitude of the Pharisees The only thing that makes a person unclean is their heart When the SyroPhoenician woman asks Jesus to heal he daughter he first responds, I cannot feed the dogs before the children When Jesus saw their faith he healed the paralytic Jesus denies requests for miracles if they come from a place of unbelief Parables are used to reveal and conceal the teachings of Jesus On the Sabbath, Jesus picked grain which angered the Pharisees Jesus rebuked his disciples before he calmed the storm because they were afraid At the feeding of the 4000, Jesus only had 7 loaves and a few fish In Mark 8, Jesus means evil and corruption when he says yeast People say Jesus is Elijah, one of the prophets, or John the Baptist. But no one says he is The Christ (except for Peter and other apostles) The name of the demon inside the man is Legion Moses permits divorce because their hearts were hard From Genesis: The two shall become one flesh When the disciples try to stop people from bringing their children to Jesus, Jesus is angry The Rich Young Ruler asks Jesus: What must I do to inherit eternal life? The woman anointed Jesus with perfume to prepare him for his burial James and John request to sit at the right and left of Jesus in Heaven

The triumphal entry is important because Jesus publicly proclaims his messianic character Hosanna means save now Abba means daddy Jesus says the temple has been turned into a den of robbers The widow put all she had to live on in the temple treasury Mark 13 says the gospel must be preached to all nations When Jesus says I am (the Son of God) the high priest tears his clothes and says Jesus is a blasphemer When Jesus comes back, he will be in the clouds with power Pure nard is perfume Barabbas was released instead of Jesus When people questioned Jesus authority, he asks a question about John the Baptist Jesus was crucified (put on the cross) at the third hour (9 am) The swoon theory says that Jesus never died, he was in a coma-like state

SHORT ANSWER Definition of the Trinity: 3 separate persons, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are together but separate, seen together at Jesus baptism and the Transfiguration Lord/Liar/Lunatic theory: Lord-Jesus is Lord, the son of God, etc. thats why he can say son your sins are forgiven Liar- Jesus knew he wasnt God but he convinced people he was, in which case hes the greatest liar ever. Lunatic- Jesus thought he was God but he isnt, he was crazy but really believed he was the son of God. Wine and the Wineskins: Jesus is the new wine, Judaism is the old wineskins. Judaism cannot handle Jesus just like old wineskins will break if filled with new wine. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit: Only unforgivable sin, a complete denial of Christ, dont want to have anything to do with Christ. If the person turns back later in life and regrets their decision, they never committed blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Parable of the Sower: Rocky soil: No deep understanding of Jesus or deep faith, when persecutions come the plant (believer) dies. Seed on the path: The bird (Satan) eats up the seed and it never sinks in to the soil (believer). Weeds: The weeds are earthly temptations like money, and it chokes out the plant so the word never flourishes. Good soil: The word flourishes in the believer, reproduces 30, 60 or 100 times more seeds. The seed is the word Two memory verses of your choice The synoptic question: Did the three synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark and John) have a common source? Theories about the empty tomb: The swoon theory is that Jesus never died he was just in a coma. Some people think it was the wrong tomb that had the stone rolled away. Or, the body of Jesus

was stolen by either the Romans, the Pharisees, Jesus followers or random people. Or, Jesus actually rose from the dead. Three evidences for the resurrection: The tomb was empty with no body to ever be found, Jesus walked around Earth for 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus ascended to heaven. Mark 16 can we trust everything that is written here: Verses 9-20 were not included in the earliest manuscripts, so there is question as to whether or not Jesus actually rose from the dead. The other gospels however, say Jesus rose from the dead in reliable verses.