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CAT Cats are considered as "the perfect carnivore" with teeth and digestive tract in particular. Premolars and first molars to form a pair of fangs on each side of the mouth that works effectively as a pair of scissors to tear the meat. Although this feature is also present in the family Canidae, or dogs, but these traits are better developed in cats. Unlike other carnivores, cats do not eat nearly anything that contains herbs. Bears and dogs sometimes eat berries, roots, or honey as a supplement if there are cats only eat meat, usually freshly killed. In captivity, cats can not be adapted to a vegetarian diet because they can not synthesize all the amino acids they need simply by eating the plants; unlike dogs, are often fed a mixture of meat and vegetable products, and sometimes it can adapt to a vegetarian diet total. Despite its reputation as a reclusive animals, cats are usually able to form colonies in the wild but do not attack groups like lions. Each cat has its own territory (sexually active males having the largest area, is sterile males have the smallest area) and there is always the "neutral" where the cats can watch each other or meet in the absence of territorial conflicts or aggression. Outside these neutral areas, local authorities will pursue a common foreign cats, beginning with a staring, hissing, to growl, and when the cat's foreign remain, it will normally occur a short fight.

A. Kinds of cats: 1. Egyptian Mau This wonderful cat is the only natural kind of leopard cats. Originally Mesir.colour Silver, bronze, black, and blue. Temperament is very active, intelligent, entertaining 2. Mank Some people call it Rumpy. Its tail is short, brown fur and lavender color. Its loyal, friendly and smart. Color brown and lavender fur, and hair color most favored cats fan

3. Burmese This cat developed Dr. Thompson (USA) of the cat queen would wong (Burma) and Siamese. Sable brown, other colors are blue, champagne, lifa, red, brown, and blue turtles. 4. Ragdolls This cat is a cat the most obedient of all types of cats. Ragdolls are named because of their peculiar habits like lying in your arms. These cats are very affectionate and friendly so that our pets can be very good.

5. Ocicat is a cross between Abyssinian cats and chocolate point Siamese. This cat is similar to the striped cat home. Ocicat generally patterned striped with shades of dark spots and Kream basis. Short and shiny hair

6. Siberia The Cat from Siberia in Russia. This is a semi long haired cat, cherished for years with 'sweet and loving temperament.

7. Turkish Van Although they are independent, is a Turkish Van cat should be at home with family. Their feathers are beautiful silky makes us happy to take care of him, and their enjoyment of water play a very entertaining us. Turkish

8. Peterbald This cat came from Russia. They are not hairy, but instead actually more like very short hair. A pertebald has a sleek and elegant manner typical head: narrow and long with straight profile, almond-shaped eyes and large ears. They lose their hair and skin gene has the appearance of a gray color.

9. SIAM Siamese cats are from the country called Siam. You do not know that country? Now the country was named Thailand. Therefore Indonesia most people I know use the Siamese cat to call this type of cat.

10. Chinchilla Longhair This is the most graceful Persian cat. His ancestors are from England. Subdivided the two kinds of Chinchilla chin chilla bright colors (true) and a slightly darker (shades of silver).

B. Foods Of Cats Kind - Type of Cat Food 3 Types of Cat Foods, among others, Dry Food, Wet Food and Raw Food. DRY FOOD Dry Food and more we find the Pet Shop These foods often we use on our cats, dry food cat food is a type of cereal, without our knowledge there are not any good dry food for consumption because there are few dry food is not recommended by the local veterinarian to choose the dry food we must first look nutrients and proteins that need to cats.

WET FOOD Food Wet Cat Food is a type of corned beef or wet food, these foods we commonly use for a cat or kitten kecilo who can not eat dry food, this food is used to lure the cat's appetite to want to eat food prepared by mixing dry and wet food .

RAW FOOD Raw Food is a natural food that we can make without buying at the local pet shop, we can choose how to add a little meat on the vegetables, the way we cook steamed until cooked chopped into small lau at least get into the cat's mouth, raw food for cats because it is more natural for carnivorous cats.

C. Habits Of Cats Cats are animals that depend on the inhabited area and use the signs of the so-called aromatic Pheromones to help may develop and maintain the "hers". These odors are "signs" that are important to communicate with other cats and is emitted by a gland in the whole body for peace and affection. If he rub cheek into our bodies, meaning it does not just take or leave a scent mark, but also create a relationship based on physical contact. To mark "power region", the cat will use urine or known as the spraying. Spraying is usually done custom of male cat began to mature to adulthood due sexual function that is triggered by changes in hormonal function. Besides iu, also carried a female cat in heat as a form of invitation to males. Cats also will conduct spraying if it felt threatened and uncomfortable territory. The threat is usually from other animals, like dogs and wild cats. Faced with a common cat doing spraying, we must learn couses and do not need to punish him. Carefully we must overcome couses and clean smell of urine that leave use deodorizing pregnant ammonia odors. Ammonia smell will remind cats in their urine. (I used to use bleach costum Bayclin soKlin remedy or eliminate odors, one bottle of water plus one cup and then sprayed onto the affected part of the spraying.) If the custom would not stop spraying immediately consultation we have to vet the animal behavior expert. Usually the vet will give drugs to cope with a hanger or subtracting the stress on the cat's natural.

D. Cats Body Language Like humans, cats. Especially cats that are still puppies, have their own body language to show how her feelings to the environment in surrounding. Some examples of a cat's mood when viewed from the motion-gerikanggota body as follows: 1. And shaking his head tilted back, mean there are people who approached him. 2. Half-closed eyes and ears turned slightly to the side, it means the cat is comfortable with himself. 3. Leads to the front of the ears and eyes wide open, it means the cat is like therefore play, let the cat to play, wants invited to play, or given a toy. 4. Ear leaned back, closed my eyes, and slightly turned to the left or right, he was invited peace. Cats tells the owner that he was harmless and had hoped to get the same treatment from people who have surrounding. Usually want to be pampered, carried, dielus.dan loved.

E.Stage Of The Breeding Season: Different stages of development. Matings will commonly continue for up to three days once the queen enters her full heat. It is difficult to know right after mating whether she has become pregnant or not. Some cats experience pseudo-pregnancy or false pregnancy like dogs, but cats are much less likely to show symptoms. Normal queen pregnancy lasts about 65 days, though a range around this average is considered normal.

1. Anestrus Treatment of nature is a male cat is not interested in females and vice versa female cat is not interested in male cats. Occurred at the beginning of the rainy season.

2. Proestrus at this stage of the female cat will roll around and rub his body on the floor or ground. And will call in spite of it's male cat female cat is still allowed to touch stud. This stage lasts about a few hours, but for some breeders can be up to 2 days. But be careful of this stage is also rarely seen.

3. Estrus This stage lasts for approximately one week. Well at this stage that the female cat will actually teaching to mate. Her own marriage only lasted for about 5-10 minutes. After mating the female will lick his cock in order to clean the self. And inu occur repeatedly. And at this stage of the female cat will also sensitive. Having sex with males he will be aggressive and angry toward her partner. Therefore if you marry the cage make sure there is a place to exit.