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Final Year Project

Process Book


Final Year Project_61937F/4B HD in Digital Media Design Chan Man Chun James Chan Pui Yi Natalie Chan Yan Nam Yello Lau Tsz Wai Jaime Li Ching Wa Kozi Wo Wing Nam Da

MC Sun Oli Yip

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Part 1 Introduction Part 2 Interactive Glasses
Background Concept
Brainstorming Mind Map Drawings Photos Conclusion Issue Found

Kozi Jaime Natalie Yello James Da Logo Of White

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Making Process Output

Part3 Movie Interaction

Design World VS Film World

Further Development

Video Shooting Animation Drawings Interactive Glasses searching

Interaction Reference Video Content

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Part4 Communications Between People

Background & Concept

Project Items : Interactive Installation

Project Items & Definition Reason Of Choosing Different Kinds Of Interaction Visual Appearance

Objectives Target Audience Main Concept

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From Design to Movie


Project Items : Interactive Installation Further Development

Movie Influence to Human Movie Types Reason of Choosing Telephone New Movie Experience Content & Varies Local Films Characters: Sammi Editing movies

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Project Items : Interactive Installation Making Porcess

Do we listen to others enough? Listening is an important step for building a successful concersation Elderly: A Group that needs to be listen more Target Audience Issue Found Interaction Reference Content Visual Appearance Sensors And Interaction

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Promotion Items Reference

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Promotion Video

Urban Tour Newspaper Promotion Internet Printed Promotion Storyboard Of Promotion Video

Copyright of Movies Big Connections to people? People-movie or people-people?


Final Appearance

Preparation For The Video And Andio Grandma Model: First Attempt Problems And Solution New Visual Appearance Second Creation Problems And Solution Timetable and Budget Settings Interaction

P a r t 1


Meaning of Our Group-White_Kozi

Kozi T
Name : Li Ching Wa Kozi E-mail :

P e r s o n a l Information

Meaning of Our Group-White_Jaime


he unforgettable experience between white and me started on drawing paper.

fter some time, I found that there is thickness in the pigment, and that forms texture, which creates shadow when the picture is placed under sunlight. I feel that the white bit represents existence, just like I exist. hite is not always the obvious spot yet it makes the whole picture perfect only by existing. I am free to image anything on a white piece of paper and that is how I was inspired.

he Chinese concept of leave blank is to leave a white space in the drawing, so as to enrich the picture; while others say white is kind of a color, it should be filled in with white paint even on a white paper. And because of this, I filled white color in the leave blank area.

J a i m e W
hite, a snowflake-like color.Its pure and clear existence likes a supercilious and solely living person. Although it is normal and common to see, but it included many different colors in interior side. As long as you analyze deeply and understand its interior meaning, you will find the most plentiful and pretty rainbow in this world. This can apply to the person around us. or those being ignored, we should give them more love and attention, whose pure might need us to help it become colorful.

P e r s o n a l Information Name :
Lau Tsz Wai Jaime E-mail :

10 Introduction

Meaning of Our Group-White_Yello

Ye l l o P
Name : Chan Yan Nam Yello E-mail :

P e r s o n a l Information
eople always classify everything into black and white.

Meaning of Our Group-White_Natalie

P e r s o n a l Information Name
Chan Pui Yi Natalie E-mail :




ow can we convinced ourselves that the existence of the white in our mind represents a white thing? rusting the White in your mind needs your determination to do so.

ormally, black stands for wrong while white stands for right. During our life, we have to face a lot of temptations experienced many different lifes. After that, we dont have a clear line for black and white.

NatalieW A
y existence is similar as white. I am not the leader in the group, and I am not the most talented teammate as well. All I need to do is just analyzing and developing the concept and refining massive data to a more expressive way. s kind of color, white is common to use as a secondary color as it can reflect other colors in harmony, which is common and can be seem everywhere. However, there are not many people treated it as the main role in color world because of its normal appearance.

owever, I am not disappointed with that. Since I got the point that everyone is equally important to the group, without each of the member, the group cant become successful. hite makes me understand that there is no superman to safe the world, only a group of human beings to make a world.

hite keeps the balance between different colors, while everyone in this society makes the city keep growing.



Meaning of Our Group-White_James

P e r s o n a l Information Name :
Chan Man Chun James E-mail :

James W
e only live once. We might have wasted many chances and time already because we thought that there will be a lot more. However, when we look back, we would definitely find that there is something meant to be done but not yet has been so, and that is when we feel sorry for ourselves just because nothing can be changed anymore. read these words from the book 25 Things That You Must Regret Before Death and realized that most that we want to do but did not put into practice are usually

judged by our parents or seniors, and pressured not to make action to. But it should not be that way. We need to be clear of the meaning of living so as to search the goals that we want to reach for, and that is how we ought to live a great live. Never be afraid to speak our heart out, nor let anyone play with our mind. Catch every chance that you see and do not let go, make use of time to plan your own future. Achieve your dreams even though it is going to be difficult or even problematic, but at the end, who succeed without a cost. Just go for it or you will only regret that you did not do it when you grow old.


P e r s o n a l I n :f o r m a t i o n Name
Wo Wing Nam Da E-mail :

Meaning of Our Group-White_Da


e want to use white, the simplest and the most easy-to-ignore color, to introduce our work. The elderly is a group of being ignored in this society, their existence are being neglected, just like the existence of white. Through this work, we hope that they can have a chance to give off their sound in this society.

n this multifarious society, we always chased for white. During the childhood, we chased for a white rabbit stamp on our homework. After we grew up, we chased a pure white that represents an unpolluted justice. However, white can be further explained as a color that shows experience. Our life is just like a paper, we wrote our experiences in black, on the other hand, we could fix our mistakes in white.


14 Introduction

Logo Of White





P a r t 2





As we all have many different ideas about this restriction-free project, we brainstorm much to create an agreement. Various ways are used such as shooting photos and drawing mind maps.


A Ballerina

1 9

20 A Ballerina

Background_Mind Map

Mind Map M

Background_Mind Map

A Ballerina

ind Map is the most traditional and direct way for brainstorming. We started creating ideas with this method. We started with the same key word, and continue the mind map with each ones participation. One wrote a word, the next one wrote the ideas about that word and pass to others. Everyone is continuing others words to finish the mind map brainstorming, which makes us to see others point and think differently.


22 A Ballerina



A Ballerina


omparing to speaking, drawing is sometimes a more presentable and expressive way to tell the thoughts. Therefore drawings become one of our brainstorming ways to share the ideas. Moreover, it helps bring out some creative visual appearance as well!


24 A Ballerina

Photos W
Background_Photos e took many photos with different topics to help observe the surroundings. Topics like Texture, Fantasy and Filter are used and served as both daily-life observation and visual reference. Weve also found some photos which plays with daily-life objects. For Texture

example, a plug can be a funny face, the pattern on the wood door can be a seal etc e took 36 photos a week and discuss if which one is good for a specific topic. Its a fun part that we shared each others photos and exchange opinions, which also helps us to understand more about teammates thinking method. Filter



A Ballerina


26 A Ballerina


fter those brainstorming, we gather our thoughts and analyze the ideas with discussion on different questions like which one is interesting? or What kind of projects do we want to do? , we finally have a preliminary idea.



We should


A Ballerina


28 A Ballerina

he establishment of the West Kowloon Cultural District is suggested in 1998. After 15 years, what actual decision the government has made for this district? No, not at all. Moreover, this project needs 15 years more to go for the completion. West Kowloon Cultural District is the most influential project to Hong Kongs art and cultural development. It will be the most modern and significant cultural district in Hong Kong, with various kinds of museums and theatres, it also helps boosting Hong Kongs art and cultural establishment.

Issue Found
Background_Issue Found

n the other hand, the art related lessons for students are not enough. Many lessons are about logical side and knowledge of business but not many school are providing sufficient amount of art lessons. Students are therefore cant find out their interest of art and design but only focus on the economic

Kongs design market be developed well without governments official help? Therefore, we can see that there is negligence on art and cultural development.

Background_Issue Found

A Ballerina


his sluggish preparation showed that HK government doesnt care much about Hong Kongs art and culture development, as the significant project are already being ignored for many years, As the government doesnt put much resources, how can Hong

f this project is the most important for Hong Kongs art and cultural development, why HKSAR government acts so sluggish on the preparation for this project but not starting to build those museums and theatres? The project started in 1998 but the public consultation was being carried out once again in 2006, isnt it time wasting?


cateria. This kind of educational system directly leads to the negligence on creative ability of HK students, as mot much art lessons are provided for them to develop their own critical thinking and design skills.

o conclude, the concern on art and cultural development is insufficient and it leads to many problems. Firstly, the

aving own opinions on various topics is essential for developing creative thinking, but the subjects students are studying cannot help to expand the development of creativity. There are a large proportion of business or history subjects involved in our secondary education that force students to memorize huge amount of data mechanically.

negligence of West Kowloon Cultural development caused the slow enhancement of Hong Kongs art and cultural development, while the educational system also lower the creativity of students, therefore, we need to find our own way to spread our own creativity!



hrough this project, we want to deliver a message that encourages people being more creative and imaginative. After experiencing our work, audiences can get at least some inspirations from the work. This is what we really want to get from the project bringing a good influence to the audiences, and the audiences take the initiative for those influences.



A Ballerina


32 A Ballerina

Concept_Target Audience

eenagers are our target audience. Its because they will lead the society for the next and next generations, theyre very influential in changing the atmosphere of the society. As theyre a group that can be easily affected with good intentions, if we can input our concept to them, they can help us spread the concept out to their large social network.

Target Audience TEENAGERS

Concept_Main Concept

A Ballerina


s we want to deliver a message of being creative, we chose to make an interactive work at our school, HKDI. We wanted to express our creativity from a designers view, and HKDI is a design institute, which can attracts many target audiences to notice our work.

Main Concept


Interactive Installation

Project Items_Definition

A Ballerina



of Installation art
nstallation art describes an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. nteractive installation is a sub-category of installation art, which frequently involves the audience acting on the work.

here are several kinds of interactive installations; which includes web-based installations (e.g., Telegarden), gallery-based installations, digital-based installations, electronic-based installations, mobile-based installations, etc.

nteractive installations were most frequently created and exhibited in the 1990s, when artists were particularly interested in using the participation of the audiences to co-author the meaning of the installation.

36 A Ballerina

Project Items_Reason Of Choosing

Project Items_Reason Of Choosing

A Ballerina



hrough our research, we found out that the involvement of the participants is the most important element of installation art. We hope that through the active participation and input of the participants in order to change the effect on our works. Therefore Interactive installation really fit in with what we needs, in order to encourage them by using their own action.

Reason Of Choosing
e hope our works can encourage people to enlarge their own imagination, but not just follow the old rules.

38 A Ballerina
Motion Interaction

Project Items_Different Kinds Of Interaction

Project Items_Different Kinds Of Interaction

A Ballerina

oreover, most of them include various sensors to detect human movement. Sensors are used to measure and or detect a huge variety of conditions including: Light, motion, temperature, magnetic fields, gravity, humidity, moisture, vibration, pressure, electrical fields, sound, and other physical aspects of the external environment.

Different Kinds Of Interaction


Gravity Interaction

Sound Interaction Moisture Interaction

nteractive Installation art is a work with different sensors. With the appropriate action of the audiences, an interactive installation can express the concept clearly through audiences actions.

Light Interaction

40 A Ballerina

Project Items_Visual Appearance

Project Items_Visual Appearance

A Ballerina

Visual Appearance
t will be in a playful tone with simple patterns and clean lines, just like these 6 pictures shown. Wed like to make a imaginative video that helps viewers to get out of their cognitions.


42 A Ballerina

Project Items_Interaction Reference

he next one is a video called Dont Swim After Lunch. The combination of video and virtual digital image is fascinating, along with its skillful arrangements between affects and video. This videos camera movement and lighting can also be our reference.

Interaction Reference

he first one is called Shadow Monsters. This artwork can track our hands movement and form different shapes based on our motion. There is an interesting transformation and the changes are always out of expectations. Shadow Monsters serves as a good visual reference for our interactive design.

Dont Swim After Lunch

Shadow Monsters

Video Content

Content_Video Content

A Ballerina


here will be an animation displayed in our interactive device. We chose the word A of the HKDI, since its a design school to execute the power of design. Beside, there are many potential target students walk by, thats why we chose HKDIs A. n the video, the word A is not a word anymore, but a shape to transform and imagine. A shape is the main element of the video, it keeps changing shape from one to anothe one. The video will started with a ballerina with a A shape pose. When she dances, some effects

will come out along with her steps. Another important point is that we used different tools of design softwares to present the changes. We want to make a video that helps people to get more inspiration. Our mind should have the flexibility like transformation of this word A , can change through different envisions.



Video Shooting

Making Process_Video Shooting

A Ballerina


46 A Ballerina

Animation Drawings H
e selected some available shots and edited them into one clip. For the visual part, we thought many kinds of the effects on it. As we want to tell people that a designers life, we firstly decided to make some effects that are common used by various designers with

Making Process_Animation Drawings

AutoDesk Maya, Adobe Flash, Adobe AfterEffects. Those of the effects will appear in the outer space of dancing action of the girl.

owever, wanting the work to be more self-representative, we decided to draw the effects ourselves and you can see the result on the right.


herefore, we wanted to give the audience a unique and special watching experience, in order to bring another imagination through a sense difference. Its really a funny effect, so we have done some research on making Interactive Glasses.

Interactive Glasses Searching

Making Process_Interactive Glasses Searching

A Ballerina


e think that glasses is a good method to express our concept. Because people are so relied on what they see, they believe in their eyes more than any other senses!



A Ballerina





Further Development_Design World VS Film World

A Ballerina


alking creativity from designers aspects, we found that the topic cant be described in detail. Everyones thought on creativity is different. Its hard to make most of the audiences agreeing that our work is expressing the creativity they wanted to see. Moreover, not many people have get interested in design world, compare to visiting a design school, theyre rather see a movie in the cinema. As films are one kind of art of design world, and more people are willing to know about movies, we narrowed down the topic to communications between the real world and the movie world.

Design World VS Film World


P a r t 3
M o v i e Interactions




From Design To Movie_Movie Influence To Human

Movie Interactions



ovie is a type of audio-visual arts that is shooting with different views and attitudes of life of the human. Therefore we can say that movie is the reflection of oneself and the idealized life. lthough the plots inside the movie are imaginative, but life of human are more or less the same, audience can have similar feelings and they will get resonance from the movie plots easily.

Movie Influence To Human

56 Movie Interactions

From Design To Movie_Movie Types

Movie Types
Modern Romantic
Movie interaction

e use the plots of telephone communication between men and woman in the movie to create the interaction. Through the choice of the players by using the telephone to make their options, audience can change the ending of the movie.


alling through telephone is a direct way of expressing affection to personal contacts. Caller is doing the active side, while the other party can reject it.

Reason Of Choosing Telephone

From Design To Movie_Reason Of Choosing Telephone

Movie Interactions


f the other is not going to answer the call, it actually will affect the relationship between the two, and this unique result help us to express the connection between people in a clear way.

58 Movie Interactions

From Design To Movie_New Movie Experience


rom the re-edited clips, the player can control the ending directly through using the phone. Also, they can also understand the importance of making a suitable decision for building a good relationship.

New Movie Experience

e choose some scenes with calling plots. Plots with good ending and bad ending are used to produce different options for our audience.


Interactive Installation



Project Items_Content & Various Local Films

Movie Interactions


Various Local Films

e want to make a interactive installation that can connect people and the movie. Therefore, we use an interactive device that let audience to change the ending of the movie theyre watching. e chose various movie clips that are one characters calling to another side. Different options that lead to different changes of the ending will be available with an interactive telephone. That telephone let the audiences to help characters in the movie choosing to pick up calls or not, and so as to change the ending. t brought the players back to their own experiences and feelings, and affects the audiences ideas deeply.


K love-related film is our selection. Affair topic is the most touchable topic that can easily affect ones mood. Therefore it is the most direct way to show the importance of a communication between two persons. Moreover, we want to emphasize the local feeling of the movies, thats why we chose HK love films. We spliced different plots of the movies into some reasonable circumstances to assort with different endings.

n the selection of movies, we focus on age, audience preference, the role and the plot as a consideration.

fter our re-packaging, those known Hong Kong Love movies can bring a new experience to the audiences.

62 Movie Interactions
Project Items_Character


Character Sammi Cheng

Reason of choosing Sammi

ammi is not only a modern popular singer, but also an actress. The film of her in the last decade is very popular, and the movie she starred is mostly with the love theme.

he movies she took part are showing the views on love and the love story of the Hong Kong people lately. he multifaceted impacts on Sammi from music to movie are so representative to the Hong Kong local love films in the recent century. The above are the reasons why we choose Sammi as our main role.

er performance can be gentle, affectionate and also wildly. She can also handle it even there is exaggerated interpretation. Her acting helps to leave people a deeper impression to the movie. Also, the male actor whose had cooperate with her are well known in Hong Kong, they can achieve different effects in different combinations, the movie are always being controversial.

ur device is to make an interaction between hich means we have to choose movies people and movies. We will create different with good ending and also the bad endoptions that the audience can choose for, acing. For this, we watched plenty of movies that cording to the movie plot. There is a phone con- are played by the 2 actors, and discussed a lot nection between the audience and the movie. It on the scenes that are worth to play. allows audiences to develop the new ending by fter that, we discussed about how to make their action. the story logical and suitable with various or example, when Andy Lau is calling Sammi endings. Therefore we tried very hard to make Cheng in the movie, audience can interact a stable connection between different movie with them and help Sammi making a decision scenes. of picking up or not. If the audience choose option no, then Sammi Cheng will not answer the call and their relationship will go to a bad ending.

Editing Movies

Project Items_Editing movies

Movie Interactions


e choose Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng to be the main characters of the video. As they are famous couples of films that most of the Hong Kong people know, audience will concentrate more to the love scenes. In addition, they are famous and significant actor/actress in HK, which emphasizes the local HK films style.




Movie Interactions




Copyright of Movies

Further Development_Copyright of Movies

Movie Interactions


ince we are not the original owner of those movie clips, there are some copyright problems we need to solve before it publishes. We asked professionals for seeking their advices, contacted those film companies to discuss copyright fees and ask for the permission for public display.

owever, after our discussion, we afraid that those edited movie clips will still cause a copyright problem, we decide to change a different way to express our idea.

e are going to make a brand new visual effects and add some special effect for this movie, let the audience impressed by the sounds and new effect.

n fact, it allows the public to use of copyright works in a reasonable reason. For example, copying school papers in a certain amount for private study, referenced newspaper report, use for educational purpose, these are legal behaviors, which do not conflict with the Copyright Ordinance.

68 Movie Interactions

Further Development_Big connections to people?

hrough this movie, we hope that people can realize communication is comprehensive; passive will not lead a relationship to a deeper

Big Connections H to People?

level. With our installation, audience can think that they are the characters in the movies, and so as to enjoy the movie plot more.

owever, after our further investigation by asking the surroundings opinions, we found that people wont get much inspiration of own life from this installation. People will only treat movie world as a virtual world, which are stories or games that are not related to them. Therefore, we think that a more expressive way emphasizing the connection between people and people is important.


ovie People Connections or People Connections?

Further Development_Movie people connections or people connections?

Movie Interactions


fter our consideration, we think that communication and listening is the main purpose. No matter how great the movie idea is, social communication cannot be ignored. We use this way to let the audience knowing that face-to-face communication is the most important. So we are going to narrow down the scope, thinking about which type of people in the society who needed our care the most. Introducing the importance of listening to the public can enhance the connection between people and people, and so as to build a society with harmony and love.


P a r t 4

Communications Between P e o p l e




Do We Have Enough Listening?

owadays, communicating with others is convenient yet cant express our true thoughts. People sent a message to you and you quickly reply them back. However, is it a veryday we receive massive information from different ways. Sending words through Facebook, twitter, messages, Whatsapp, Weibo is convenient and fast, but do we really listen to others well?

Background & Concept_Do We Have Enough Listening?

Communications Between People


real conversation? A successful communication included understanding to others by their real feelings or some significant facial expressions at the moment, and these are something that messages from Facebook or phone can never tell. If we want to have a good communication, listen to others face-to-face is the best and direct way to understand oneselfs mind.

74 Communications Between People

Background & Concept_Listening Is An Important Step For Building A Successful Conversation

Background & Concept_Listening Is An Important Step For Building A Successful Conversation


Communications Between People
n a conversation, listening is important as it includes understanding. You can answer nothing if you didnt listen to others carefully and understand his/her words. However, from the communication method mentioned above, it didnt contains listening but only telling. Oneside keeps telling things to another side, while the other side receives and tells his/her back. It is an effective way for data transfer, but not suitable for a heart-to-heart conversation of human beings. herefore, we want to encourage people to listen more, but not to tell more.


76 Communications Between People

Reasons of Being Ignored

he communication method nowadays is too new to them, such as using Facebook or twitter, or maybe even sending messages to others. As a result, communicating restrictions built and it makes barriers between the public and the old people.

he old people are with different steps from us. They act slow and talk slow, which doesnt match with the public who requires fast speed communication. Everyone is busy for his or her own job, how could they listen to the old people patiently? The elderly with no jobs are therefore having no connections with the society, and they even become a social burden. he factors mentioned above make a big distance between the old people and the public and it became a social issue.

Elderly : A Group That Needs To Be Listened More

Background & Concept_Elderly: A Group That Needs To Be Listened More

Background & Concept_Elderly: A Group That Needs To Be Listened More

Communications Between People


his group is valuable to the society. Theyre like a history book, who represents the local cultures. Without their achievements, Hong Kong could never become a highly developed society like this. Their stories are worth it to listen and learn from it. Besides, the population aging becomes serious in Hong Kong; they are the group that we need to pay attention to. In addition, Most of them are come from lowincome family, by listening to them, we could know more about the low incomers life.

Their Experiences Are Worth It To Learn

78 Communications Between People

Background & Concept_Target Audience

eenagers are the new generations that leading the trend, who has the most different communication methods from the elderly. Teenagers mostly talk in Internet but not face-to-face. Therefore, we want them to get closer with the elderly and listen to their stories and experiences. From their experiences, teenagers can have a more easier to go as they can learn from the mistakes of them. n addition, if we can change their mind, they will be able to change the next generation, and so as to tackle this social problem directly. They will be the most conductive group in the society.

Target Audience TEENAGERS


oreover, There are lots of elderly suicides which of the percentage are higher than other countries. This is a serious issue that the society should concern. From the news mentioned above, one of the elderly interviewees said that he feels lonely and no one to talk to, which reflects the truth that what they need is someone to listen to their heart and pacify them. Its simple and worth it, why should we hesitate about it? o conclude, old people deserve to have more attention from the public. As a designer, we want to introduce this problem to the public and help enhancing the connections between the elderly and the public.

Issue Found

Communications Between People

10000000 9000000 8000000 7000000 6000000 5000000 4000000 3000000 2000000 1000000 0 2009 2014 2039

Background & Concept_Issue Found

e found some data from the government website and found that, there will be Hong Kong citizens are elderly after 27 years! That means we have one elderly to take care within every 4 Hong Kongers. Its important information that reminds us of the problems that this issue brings along. With the problem of population aging, we should have more facilities or social services provided to the elderly. Listen to their needs are surely one of those social services that we need to provide to.


under 65 year old above 65 year old total population


Above 65 year olds!!


Interactive Installation


Interaction Reference A
ncouraging teenagers to care the elderly more by listening to them is our concept, so we found a reference in the related concept. ts called Interactive Bench. It encourages social interaction by using the light movement under the public bench. It has similar concept

Communications Between People

Project Items_Interaction Reference

fter the inspiration, we can see that body language and interaction are important roles for delivering the concept. We decided to make a grandma model which you can interact with, and have 2 interactions in the installation. The eyes of the model will be some videos of real grandmas eyes that we filmed before.

with us but it cant really encourage people getting closer. However, it inspires us to make good use of the public tools.


82 Communications Between People

Project Items_Content Video of elderly eyes

ou can see most of the teenagers have their own smart phone, it attracts their eyes but its just an electronic product ,its have no temperature and even cant talk to you, so why dont we try to talk with a real person?

herefore, we want to make a grandma that people can interactive with. There are 2 interactions in total, while the face of our grandma will be a video that shows the face of the grandma. One of the interactions needed some audios that are about the past stories/experiences of the elderly, thats why we did a lot of preparations for both of the video and the audio. Interactions are very important, so we tried different types of sensors to test which one is the best.



Visual Appearance
Texture and Style :Iron

Communications Between People

Project Items_Visual Appearance


e want to present an electronic style and we choose iron to be the skin of the grandma. Iron is the common material of trendy electronic products that teenagers keep paying attention to. However, its just an electronic product and has no temperature. e want to express that the grandparents nearby are more worth for attention than those no feeling and no respond electronic products.

84 Communications Between People

Project Items_Sensors And interaction


n the interactive part, we tried many different sensors like Light sensor, Touch sensor and Pressure sensor. However, after seeing the differences we choose light sensor and pressure sensor to be the part of the interaction.

Sensors And Interaction

or the audio part, when the sensor detects certain data, it will transfer data to the computer, and then it will play the sound. e use Arduino to connect 2 Iphones for playing the video of grandma face.



Preparation For The Video And W Audio


Making Process_Preparation For The Video And Audio

Communications Between People


e also filmed some cry scenes with 2 close up versions for interactive model. Firstly, the elderly is afraid of being filmed, but after our explanation and detail description, they feel comfortable for this and finally filmed the cry scenes.

or the video, weve done many preparations. We hardly found 2 nursing houses and interviewed 4 different elderly to record their past experiences and stories, in order to record their voices during their speech of self-stories. However, at first they are too shy for the recording. Later, after our cheerful conversation, they agreed us to record their stories. We are so appreciated them for being so nice.

88 Communications Between People

Making Process_Grandma Model: First Attempt

Communications Between People

Making Process_Grandma Model: First Attempt


Grandma Model:First Attempt


irstly, we use plaster cloth to build the body shape of the grandma. Secondly, we covered the body with Iron. Thirdly, we combined sensors and the body together. As you can see, the model is hard to build with only plaster and newspaper, and the shape is not very clear. Besides, lacking related experience, we faced lots of problems as well.

e decided to use plaster cloth to build the grandma model.

90 Communications Between People


fter our discussion, creating a new one with right proportion and change the skin tone is the best solution.

Problems And Solution

owever, problems appeared. The face is not so clear to shows its identity as a grandma, and the model proportion is not very appropriate. In additions, there are difficulties in combining sensor and model. Moreover, for safety consideration, using a more touchable skin is an option.

Making Process_Problems And Solution

Communications Between People

New Visual Appearance

Making Process_New Visual Appearance nstead of being hard and cold, a soft and more touchable skin will fit its appearance as a grandma. Moreover, we want to emphasize the sense of local elderly, we choose local newspapers as the skin. Because firstly, its environmental friendly, and secondly, getting yellowish easily can increase the sense of elderly.


92 Communications Between People

Making Process_Second Creation

fter the making process of the first model, the second time is getting more smoothly. The steps are the nearly the same as the first one, but this time an Ipad is placed as the head

Second Creation

of the grandma model, to show a more clearer face.

hrough we have a smoother process this time, however, weather conditions are out of our control. We have to turn on the dehumidifier all the day to prevent the newspaper become moldy before finished. After finishing the whole body and installing sensors into the body, we put a lacquer on top for the newspaper protection.

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his time, we faced new challenges. Balancing the head and body is one of the problems. as the Ipad is too heavy for the head, we therefore made a steel container to connect to the core of the body for the force separation.

he second problem is the low flexibility of plaster for making hands. We tried many methods but we found the best way to do the details is to put the plaster cloth directly on a real hand.

Problems And Solutions

Making Process_Problems And Solutions

he final problem is about sensor and body combination. Although its difficult to put the sensor inside the body, but after drawing plans and study the model structure carefully, we tackled this and finally combined them.


Timetable And Budget

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Making Process_Timetable And Budget

Plaster Iron Chair Newspaper Sensors Oil Hiring cars Sound Speaker & cord Food & Drink Rigid Frame Wide Cart Total $0 $50


$100 $800

$600 $800 $150 $100


$1000 $200 $4200

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fter dealing with the model and sensor part, here we come to the setting part. The setting of our installation is very flexible and so as to bring our work out of street and let more people to experience the interaction. I Pad

Making Process_Settings Light

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Making Process_Interaction

he setting will be exactly the same with the picture shown. Its suitable for the exhibition in Grad Show or even on the street. The interactive grandma will sit on the left side of the public bench and there is a reception table that placed our promotion items on.

Step 1

Step 2


= Sensors


Sound Speaker

he place marked x is where the sensors located. When our audience sit next to the interactive grandma, just like the photos in step 1, the light sensor on the chair will detect its movement and therefore to play the audio of the grandmas past experiences and stories, because youre willing to sit with her listen to


her stories. If you have further interaction with her, like, hugging her like the pictures shown in step 2, the pressure sensor on the left shoulder of grandma will detect the amount of pressure and the light bulb of her heart will start to shine. It represents you warms her heart through your body language.




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Final Appearance




Urban Tour

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Promotion Items_Urban Tour


e choose Mong Kok as the first exhibition place. Why did we choose Mong Kok? There is an obvious reason. Since its a trendy place for teenagers, more comments from target audiences can be collected. Moreover, the high man-flow of Mong Kok helps gathering higher popularity and more people will know about our artwork. With different comments, we can refine our work better and faster.

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Promotion Items_Urban Tour

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Comments from audience

Promotion Items_Urban Tour


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Promotion Items_Newspaper Promotion

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Promotion Items_Internet


o our surprise, from 25/4s Hong Kong Economic Times, there is an essay talking about the event we held in Mong Kok. It described our installation concept and even the details of interaction. Actually we didnt know about this at first, but some audiences from Facebook cut the newspaper out and posted to our Facebook page.

Newspaper Promotion


ewspaper promotion will be our second promotion way. A journalist from Ming Pao has requested us for an interview on our work, but being busy for the installation lately, we will confirm a date of the interview soon. As a result, we can promote our work through this public channel, but not only by ourselves.

oreover, from the case mentioned in the Newspaper Promotion, It showed that there is actually someone who keep our work in mind and telling feedback with his/heart. We are so happy for this and it also proves that our Internet promotion works.

he big influence of internet world to teenagers make us to target two channels-Youtube and Facebook. As they are internationally popular among teenagers, we can tell not only Hong Kong citizens, but also able to reach foreigners and so as to enlarge our audience base. It helps us gathering more comments from different people.


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Promotion Items_Printed Promotion

Printed Promotion

rinted Promotion is useful for delivering our concept in words, so we created two versions of leaflets are there is a QR code for our promotional video. These two leaflets will be placed to the reception table next to the model, which helps explain our concept and the behind stories of our work.

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Promotion Items_ Storyboard Of Promotion Video


Storyboard Of Promotion Video

its an visual expression of our interactive installation. As you can see in the storyboard, it reminded a girl to care more about her grandma. The video shows that our installation encouraged a deeper relationship between juveniles and the elderly. It also captured some documental part of the installation, and some photos of different audiences in the event of Mong Kok.



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Promotion Items_Promotion Video


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