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This is the third time this week I have warned you 1)about not being on time for work 2)not to be late for work. It looks as though Anita has been dieting because she's quite slim now. Tom didn't use to like getting up early when he was a child. Having been to see the apartment for myself............. We would like to have continued on with our mountain trek, but the weather was too bad. I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the standard of service in your hotel. I would have sooner stayed in last night, but my flat mate insisted we go out. Would you rather I had not informed/told the staff about your resignation? It was only after reaching the safety of camp that I stopped worrying about the wild animals.

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10. The time he spent as a pilot was the only thing that Steve ever talked about. 11. It wasn't until we arrived at the airport that we realized our passports were still at home. 12. When Michael's boat began to sink, what he did was send a signal for help. 13. As soon as she had handed/given in her notice, Emi booked a package tour around Europe. 14. I don't get on very well with many people but Jason and I took to each other straightaway. 15. The holiday was so disastrous that I couldn't wait to get home. 16. I was hoping I would have the tent to myself on the camping trip but I had to share. 17. Not wanting to let down my parents, I agreed to go to medical school. 18. Having made the decision to leave home, Enrique immediately began searching for an..... 19. I suggest you keep an eye on your bag in this cafe, as there are many thieves around. 20. The more time / The longer you spend in front of a screen, the more likely you are to suffer from
eye-strain and .......

21. With that bad cold you'll be of no use to anyone so take the day off work. 22. It was a surprise to James to hear that his father had left all his money to his brother. 23. In my opinion, there is bound to be a new system of government after the election. 24. Most employees take no pride in working for the same company all their lives nowadays. 25. At Jeremy's leaving party, his boss made a speech and wished him all the best for the future. 26. Our attempts to persuade Alice not to give up studying met with no success and he left ....... 27. The interviewer told Belinda that he would let her know in writing whether her application ....... 28. We should buy all the bottled water we need now in case the shops run out of it. 29. We need to stop the sale of tiger products now otherwise they will die out within the......

30. Despite not knowing a single word in French, Diego managed to communicate ...... 31. Tom's tutor told him he would fail the course unless he made more of an effort. 32. I ought not to have lent my money to Max because none of his investments has shown a profit. 33. We would appreciate if you could pay in advance for the delivery of this special order. 34. According to scientists, there appears to be no sign of life on that planet. 35. ....... my emails, I told him I regarded it as an invasion of my privacy. 36. It is now 24 hours since Mr. William's boat sank and his chances of survival seem to be slim. 37. I wish I had had a sense of achievement after reaching the summit but I was too exhausted. 38. Jane can't help wanting to be the centre of attention every time we go out in a group. 39. I hoped to persuade the boss that a 10-day camping trip would do me good. 40. Although the job provided him with a regular source of income, Tony did not enjoy it. 41. The cost of electricity is getting higher and higher these days. 42. .......solution due to the considerable increase of unemployment over the last eighteen months. 43. ........... minister's role in the financial scandal led to his resignation from the government. 44. I was unaware of fact that you had gone out. 45. This has nothing to do with you so keep out of it, John. 46. I am really baffled by his inability to finish the project on time. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58.

Mr. Edwards' constant tardiness/lateness contributed to his being dismissed/getting the sack/being fired from the company. Going on safari isn't a decision you can make on the spur of the moment. You need to plan things very carefully. She has set her heart on getting that job. If your role in the incident comes to light, you'll go to prison. I am not nearly so good a tennis player as Harry is. There is hardly any difference between the two job candidates. That child's has doubled in size in the last two years. No sooner had I arrived than a fight broke out in the pub. There was virtually nobody who understood what the professor said in the meeting. There was no sign of the robbers when the police arrived. Unless you run out of gas, don't call me.

Keep an eye on the new secretary this week to make sure she doesn't make any big mistakes.

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It can't have come as much of a surprise that Kevin won that tournament. It is a foregone conclusion that the government will win the election. It is by no means certain that you won't be needed again on a Sunday. Under no circumstances should you let anyone into the building without proper identity. But for you arrogance, you would have gotten your promotion a long time ago. Can I read it in your eyes you are coming to the party Miriam? I just don't think you are cut out to be a lawyer. I have no idea whatsoever if he will be coming or not. His failure was blamed on his inability keep pace with the rest of the class. The government has come in for a lot of criticism over its unemployment record. He was bound to leave the house after the divorce. It's no wonder that nobody came to the party. Keep it to yourself what I told you about Elizabeth. Our boss has no intention of giving us the pay rise. Had you not lent me the money, I wouldn't have been able to afford the house. You are under no obligation to come and see the new house if you don't wish. You were supposed to immediately see the boss when you arrived. You might have told me she was married! I need not have gone into work but I did anyway. The top student will be awarded a prize by the headmaster. Johnson was detained on suspicion of being involved in the robbery. The new tax laws will come into effect in October. This is the last time I tell you what you have to do. You might have told me his losing his job! Tim didn't use to like getting up early as a child. We don't see eye to eye anymore, we've totally fallen out. They would like to have told you what had happened, but they were afraid you'd be angry I have no intention of saying anything unless required by law. Ian would sooner have left early, but his wife insisted they stayed till the end. Would you rather I told the boss about the drop in sales? She can't be feeling sick now.


87. 88. 89.


Harry is likely to be sunbathing this time tomorrow.


They plan to build a new road which will link both sides of the bay. Soldiers are not to leave camp unless they get special permission. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed/forbidden to go beyond this point. Jim doesn't have to get up early tomorrow, as it is a holiday. Readers can borrow books from the library if they fill in a form. You don't have to water the plants this morning. Arthur needn't have taken the train because his brother offered to give him a lift. It is not my fault theres no food in the house. It takes an hour to get to our house from the village.

92. 93. 94.


96. 97. 98. 99.

100. The curtains need washing. 101. They didn't advise us to book in advance. 102. He didn't arrive early enough to catch the 9.30 train. 103. She took 3 hours to prepare the meal. 104. These trousers aren't big enough for me. 105. Politicians were surprised at the results of the local election. 106. Would mind passing me the cheese? 107. She was made to pay 2,000 tax. 108. They let her stay at her friend's house. 109. He was too short to become a policeman. 110. He could hardly see anything in the dark room.
111. I'd rather go out than stay at home.

112. The runner had difficulty keeping up with the others. 113. It took them ages to reach a decision. 114. The suspect was allowed to make one phone call. 115. The tourists were fascinated by/at/with the carnival. 116. The jury had difficulty reaching a verdict. 117. The 17-year-olds were too young to get into the club. 118. She would rather speak French than write it. 119. He was made to work overtime.

120. It is no use crying over spilt milk. 121. It is not warm enough to go camping. 122. Youll find it easy to get out of the country. 123. We were amused by the film. 124. Im afraid we have run out of milk. 125. He still hasn't finished cooking the meal. 126. This is supposed to be the best film ever made. 127. Sally used to go to ballet classes three times a week before she broke her ankle. 128. I was going to phone you last night but I forgot. 129. I am not used to lying on the beach all day. 130. When I was young, I would pay my grandmother a visit every day after school. 131. I haven't seen him for a week. 132. How long is it since she moved to France? 133. Its the first time he has ever seen this film. 134. He hasn't paid her a visit for a week / he hasn't seen her for a week. 135. They waited until the last guest arrived before they started eating. 136. I have never driven such a fast car. 137. Sue tried on some shoes, none of which fitted. 138. Clare Spender is the author whose book became a bestseller overnight. 139. They were such a good team we couldn't beat them. 140. She had a very bad night's sleep as a result, she was exhausted.
141. He may be on time.

142. I find it difficult to understand his accent. 143. We met several people from Portsmouth, none of whom knew Dr Irons. 144. She has a class of twenty students, half of whom are of Canadian origin. 145. He need not have written to his mum because she rang him. 146. The car was too expensive for us to buy. 147. Could you keep quiet while she's talking? 148. Julie doesn't have to work today; she can have the day off. 149. She may come with us. 150. It was such strong coffee it was undrinkable.