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October 16, 1998


Safety Stand-Down Day set for October 28

On Wednesday, October 28, Ames Code Q website. Center’s Vidnet channel. Owen Brown, a
Reseach Center will celebrate Safety Stand- There will also be a lot of fun activities leading engineer for satellite propulsion
Down Day in response to a directive from on Safety Stand-Down Day, such as free systems, will present a very revealing, be-
NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin. refreshments and tasty ‘safety cake’ at the hind-the-scenes multimedia story on
“Safety is our most important value,” Safety Fair, where booths with safety and
said Center Director Henry McDonald, “and health information will abound. A barbeque
with that philosophy now at the core of our lunch for $3 should keep everyone satis-
mission, the Center will kick off the safety fied. Gary Plummer, recently of the 49ers,
accountability initiative.” will give a short talk on safety from the
Under the auspices of the new Code Q, stage at the Safety Fair on Durand in front
headed up by long-time NASA test pilot of the Ames Cafe. The 49ers ‘Gold Rush’
Warren Hall, Ames will host a variety of cheerleaders will kick off Gary Plummer’s
events throughout this year’s Safety Week, presentation and the fun run/walk. The
October 26 through 30. There will be over Gold Rushers will also welcome the run-
70 safety training classes presented on Safety ners/walkers back to more free refresh-
Stand-Down Day alone. Since many of ments.
these are legally required courses, it is a Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break “Apollo 13: The Rest of the Story,“ in the
great opportunity to get these obligations the sound barrier, will speak in the N-201 N-201 Auditorium at 8:30 a.m. and 10:00
accomplished, since Ames’ staff won’t be Auditorium at 1:30 p.m. for about an hour. a.m. This presentation will also be shown
engaged in regular work activities on that Seating is not just for managers but on a on Vidnet.
day. first-come/first-served basis with no 'sav- For the latest Safety Stand-Down Day
A schedule of safety training that will be ing' of seats for others permitted. This information, visit the Code Q website at:
available on that day is provided at the presentation will be played across the

Ames celebrates National Quality Month ‘98

National Quality Month ‘98 is being Champs Gang, and Death By Chili re- Training Center gathering. Co-sponsored
observed at Ames during October. Robert ceived the third place trophy. by the American Society for Quality, it
Navarro, Chief, System Safety and Mission In addition, judges were on hand to featured John Naber--the 1976 winner of 4
Assurance (Code QS) organized this year’s sample the chili entries and also award Gold and 1 Silver Olympic swimming
observance in recognition of the hard work trophies for special categories. The Ames medals--and Lee Norbraten of Johnson
of Ames personnel in the development and ISO program manager Rick Serrano se- Space Center’s ISO 9000 Executive, previ-
implementation of the ISO 9001 Quality lected Fahrenheit 2000! to receive the ous contributer to Ames’ successful Apollo
Management System. The celebration is world class quality chili trophy based on and early Space Shuttle programs.
well underway, with two of its three fea- their quality system level procedure (SLP)- John Naber gave an inspirational talk
tured events already completed: the an- like document which detailed their prepa- relating his personal experiences of prepar-
nual Chili Cook-off and the special speakers ration process. ing for the Olympics, and his post-Olympic
quality forum. The nationally renowned The Chef’s Choice trophy went to the experiences. He also inter-mixed personal
guest speaker event is scheduled for the South Bay Chili House. This team won a anecdotes of other Olympic champions.
28th of this month. second trophy for the Best No-Bean Chili. continued on page 6
The October 1 Chili Cook-off was en- The category 5 Alarm Chili first place tro-
joyed by over 2,000 Ames personnel. As phy went to Chili With An Attitude, and the
everyone arrived to sample the tasty chili second place trophy was awarded to Road
from 18 competing teams, they received Kill Chili. The BEANie Babies won the Best
voting tickets attached to an ISO 9000 Vegetarian Chili trophy. And, the Dude
questions and answers note card. The vari- and the Cowgirls received the first place
ety of savory tastes made the voting for trophy for the Best Presentation, with the
these homemade delights very difficult. second place trophy being won by Red Hot 7 Months to
However, participants voted the trophy for Chili Cat.
the Grand Prize People’s Choice to Dr. The second event--the October 6 spe- Certification
Dave’s Demons for the best chili. The cial speakers quality forum--set an atten- Ames ISO Web-site address:
second place trophy went to the Chili dance record with 175 joining this Ames

Oct 16, 1998 Communication for the information technology

Ames Astrogram — 1
Ames Activities
Ames wind tunnel sound insulation
project completed
Ames has completed a $33.8 million Ames engineers also upgraded the
sound insulation project in the world’s larg- wind tunnel’s control system to im-
est wind tunnel to help the U.S. aircraft prove efficiency; and National Electric
industry design quieter engines and test Co., Columbus, OH, modified the wind
advanced helicopters and other new air- tunnel’s main fan drive system to re-
craft. duce noise. The Scott Company of San
During the refurbishing that began in Leandro, CA, served as the project’s
September 1994, workers installed a dense primary contractor.
acoustic lining in the National Full-Scale Each of the wind tunnel’s six fan-
Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC). Project drive motors can produce up to 22,500
engineers said the acoustic modifications horsepower for a total of 135,000 horse-
were needed to reduce the test section’s power. The motors are capable of gen-
background noise and echoes, both of which erating air speeds in the 40-foot-by-80- photo by Tom Trower
adversely affect the accuracy of sound mea- foot test section of up to 345 miles per NASA Ames Research Center recently completed a $33.8 million
surement during jet engine tests. hour and up to 115 miles per hour in the sound insulation project in the 40-foot-by-80-foot test section of
“We now have an essentially anechoic 80-foot-by-120-foot test section. Each the National Full-Scale Aerodynamics Complex (NFAC). Joe
(no echoes) wind tunnel test facility, which of the six fans measures 40 feet in Sacco, the project's test and integration manager, is shown
standing in the wind tunnel's refurbished test section.
will allow us to conduct very accurate acous- diameter and contains 15 variable pitch
tic tests,” said project manager Joe Hurlbut. blades. The wooden blades weigh 800
Workers installed insulation material and pounds each and measure 15 feet in length. neers are scheduled to conduct a two-week
1,600 acoustic panels in the floor, walls and Hurlbut said a series of technical prob- test of the Wright Flyer replica constructed
ceiling of the wind tunnel’s 40-foot-by-80- lems, including the discovery of cracks in by a team of volunteers from the Los Ange-
foot test section. The new custom-made the fan blades in May 1995, delayed comple- les section of the American Institute of
metal gray panels are made of perforated tion of the project. The cracks have since Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Test
sheet metal bonded to stainless steel mesh, been sealed with an epoxy resin and the engineers will study the replica’s stability,
similar to that used in automobile oil filters. blades have been wrapped with a carbon control and handling at speeds up to 30
The insulation material behind the panels is and fiberglass composite to strengthen mph in the wind tunnel.
similar to the spun fiberglass commonly them. Test results will be used to compile a
used to insulate houses. Panels measure Tests are scheduled to resume in the historically accurate aerodynamic database
about four square feet by 42 inches deep. wind tunnel following completion of the of the Wright Flyer. Using the wind tunnel
The deeper the acoustic liner, the lower the integrated systems testing later this month. test data, a second Wright Flyer will be built
sound frequency engineers can measure In November, Ames engineers are sched- by the AIAA volunteers and flown on Dec.
accurately. uled to begin a two-month test of the 17, 2003, to commemorate the 100th anni-
“We needed to absorb the sound pro- Subsonic High Alpha Research Concept versary of the first flight of Orville and
duced by the jet engines and helicopter (SHARC) aircraft. Sponsored by the Depart- Wilbur Wright at Kitty Hawk, NC.
rotors tested here in order to meet our ment of Defense and the U.S. Air Force, Further information about the acoustic
research objectives,” said Joe Sacco, the SHARC is a design concept being studied to modification project is available at the
Ames project’s test and integration man- improve the maneuverability of jet fighter project website:
ager. aircraft. je/jeu2.html
In late January or early February, engi- BY MICHAEL MEWHINNEY

Professional Development Program (PDP) participants

honored and personal responsibilities.
A graduation ceremony was held on July Class spokesperson J.C. Duh,
20 for NASA’s 1997-98 Professional Devel- from the Goddard Space Flight
opment Program (PDP) class. This program Center challenged his classmates
provides competitively selected Agency pro- and Goldin “to continue to inspire
fessional personnel with developmental future generations with bold vi-
work assignments, usually of four to 12 sion, daring to take on questions
months duration away from their home that have occupied so many intel-
installations. lectual minds since the dawning of
The goal of the program is to provide civilization.”
future NASA leaders with a broader per- Ames had four participants in
spective of the agency and the impact of its the current PDP class.
programs upon developing technology. Further information about PDP
This year’s PDP class included 21 partici- NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin with Ames PDP 1997-98 opportunities can be obtained from
graduates from left to right: Tim Castellano, Mark Moore and Ames’ Human Resources Division.
pants from eight centers. In his remarks to
David Tomko. The kangaroo, complete with baby in her pouch,
the graduating class, NASA Administrator in Goldin’s hands represent Headquarters employee, Betsy
Daniel S. Goldin urged the graduates to Carter, who spent the PDP year at Ames and is currently on
become effective leaders through advanced maternity leave prior to taking up her new permanent
planning which accommodates professional assignment in the Ames’ Office of External Affairs.

2 — The Ames Astrogram Oct 16, 1998

Community Outreach

Ames exhibit at festival well received

The weekend of September 12 and 13 and Space Center. Visitors were able to
marked the fifth consecutive year that peruse two educational CD-ROMS devel-
Ames has reached out to our neighbors by oped at Ames by the education group in
participating in the Mountain View Art the Office of External Affairs, as well as
and Wine festival. This years exhibit in- using software to design their own aircraft.
cluded displays on the NASA Research Ames employees staffed the exhibit, inter-
and Education Network (NREN), Astrobi- acting with a public fascinated by the
ology, Information Technology applica- breadth of NASA's work and eager to talk
tions, Lunar Prospector, the Space Sta- to ‘real NASA people’.
tion Biological Research Project, NASA's The Mountain View show, and the
40th Anniversary, and the California Air exhibit at the Reno National Air Races the
following week, closes out this year’s
public outreach program.
This years effort touched the lives of photos by Astrid Terlep
more than 400,000 people.
The public outreach program includes Festival attendees seek familiar places in aerial
attending and staffing off-site events, run- photos of Ames and the surrounding community
displayed in front of the Ames tent at the recent
ning the Visitor Center, conducting tours
Mountain View Art and Wine festival.
of Ames, coordinating the Ames Speakers
Bureau and managing the traveling exhib- tions wanting a NASA speaker at their
its program. Off-site events include dinner or event. The tour program pro-
airshows, county fairs and art and wine vides the public with an inside view of the
festivals. The Ames Visitor Center is an research and facilities at Ames. The Ames
exhibit hall open to the public, that dis- traveling exhibits program provides NASA
Families shared the joy of learning about plays current and historical NASA accom- displays and Lunar Samples to organiza-
Aeronautics and Mars by sampling plishments. The Ames Speakers Bureau tions conducting public events within the
the Ames developed educational CD-ROMS. matches Ames employees with organiza- eleven western states.

Reno Air Show draws large crowds

Enthusiastic groups of air race at-
tendees flocked to the NASA tent and
exhibits at the recent Reno air races.
Youngsters of all ages eagerly viewed
the colorful exhibits, tried out the inter-
active software, asked questions and
gathered information about NASA and
Ames programs and missions. More
than 30,000 people a day attended the
gala event during its regular four-day

photos by David Morse

Oct 16, 1998 The Ames Astrogram — 3

Local student to study in rain Code JT Software
forest with JASON project Services
While most students are back in their learning, the JASON Project uses advanced Whether you're just upgrading your
classrooms, a ninth grade student at Fre- technologies to get students interested in Eudora e-mail software or you need to
mont High School in Sunnyvale will soon science and technology. Through a unique install Microsoft Office on fifty new sys-
be studying in the rainforests of the Peru- system called telepresence, the JASON tems, Code JT's Software management
vian Amazon. Project will bring the Peruvian Amazon and project has set up systems to help. From an
Felix Eisenhauer, 15, is one of five stu- its inhabitants live to classrooms world-
dents chosen from hundreds of applicants wide. The sites included in the study are the easy download at the ARCLIB web site at:
to become a “student argonaut” for the Amazon Center for Environmental Educa- to custom-con-
JASON Project X: “Rainforests – A Wet and tion and Research in Peru, the Hoh temper- figured CD-ROMs for a major deployment,
Wild Adventure” March 1-12, 1999. ate rainforest in Olympic National Park, WA their goal is to make it easy to use centrally
Eisenhauer, who is sponsored by Ames, will and Castle Rock, CO, the site of a 63- managed software.
travel to the expedition sites with Titanic- million-year-old tropical rainforest. Code JT provides a variety of commer-
discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard and other During the live telepresence activity, cial software for all major platforms. Offer-
prominent researchers. students will have an opportunity to climb ings include popular titles like Microsoft
“As a middle school student, Felix was to a height of more than 100 feet and Office 97/98, Netscape Communicator Pro,
recognized by teachers for his 3.7 GPA, explore the layers of forest and its inhabit-
musical talents as a concert pianist, and for Norton Antivirus and Eudora Pro, as well as
ants along a 1/4 mile-long canopy walk-
his science skills. We are thrilled to have him way. Back on the ground, they will peer special purpose software like MacX,
representing Ames and the students of inside an ant colony for an up-close and LinkUPPP, Hard Disk Toolkit and the
California,” said Ames PIN Site Coordinator personal look at life beneath the forest floor. Netscape Suite Spot server package.
Lisa Marie Gonzales of the Office of External Students will also learn how native peoples Most software is available via download
Affairs. have utilized the abundant natural resources from the ARCLIB web site. Many Windows
In preparation for the expedition, for food, shelter and even medicine. and Macintosh packages are also available
Eisenhauer is now visiting the Institute for To learn more about Eisenhauer and from a central file server known as the Ames
Exploration in Mystic Exploration in Mystic, the student argonaut program, visit the Server.
CN, and the Denver Museum of Natural JASON Project website located at: Windows clients can connect by choos-
History to study fossil rainforest specimens.
Eisenhauer also is scheduled to visit the Founded by international explorer Dr. ing Find/Computer from the Start menu
Gilford Pinchot National Forest and the Hoh Robert Ballard, the JASON Project is interna- and entering Ames Server in the search
temperate rainforest in Olympic National tionally renowned for its ability to incorpo- field. From a Mac use the Chooser to find
Park, WA. Eisenhauer is a member of the rate cutting-edge technologies, a multi- Ames Server in the ARCLAN AppleTalk zone.
Gate and Lyceum Program and a teacher’s disciplinary curriculum, professional train- Many of the larger packages can also be
assistant at the Sunnyvale Music School. A ing for teachers and Internet communica- provided on CD-ROM. For installations such
graduate of Sunnyvale Middle School, he tions into a comprehensive learning pro- as Microsoft Office 97, many organizations
was a member of the band and is an accom- gram. choose to place the installer on a local file
plished pianist. server for speed and ease of access from
Not the traditional textbook style of BY MICHAEL MEWHINNEY
within their domain.
Special purpose packages, such as the
Child Care Center to hold art auction Suite Spot servers and FWB's Hard Disk
Toolkit, are distributed on an as needed
An art auction and wine tasting event donation, to be paid at the entrance, will
will be held to benefit the Ames Child Care provide participants with a wine glass to basis to System Administrators or other
Center on Friday, Oct. 23, at 4:30 p.m. The keep, their first pour, and hors d’oeuvres. specific individuals. This type of software
Ames Child Care Center (ACCC) invites on- Additional wine will be available at a nomi- often has more stringent licensing require-
site personnel to view and acquire beautiful nal charge. ments than other packages and so is not
lithographs, etchings, watercolors and oil Proceeds from the art and wine sales will
paintings while sampling a variety of local be used for facility improvements at the made available on public servers.
wines. Ames Child Care Center. All are welcome. In conjunction with software distribu-
Art by masters such as John Kelly, Alaniz, Visitors who are not affiliated with Ames tion, Code JT also can be used as a clearing
Neiman, Wooster Scott, Krasnyansky, will need to obtain a visitor badge to enter house for software licensing information. If
Schofield, Erte, and Forrest will be for sale the Center. All checks for art purchased your organization is considering a major
as well as that by lesser known but equally should be made payable to the Ames Child software purchase or upgrade, Code JT can
exciting artists from around the world. Each Care Center (ACCC). Visa, MasterCard,
piece of art is beautifully custom framed Discover and American Express will also be help compare what you need to what's
and ready to hang. accepted. already available, or provide information
Come early, examine the art, question A sampling of the art is available for on NASA-specific deals from various ven-
the gallery staff on hand, and, at the sound viewing on the ACCC website located at: dors. In many cases, Code JT has been able
of the gavel...all are yours for the bidding. Work to help organizations save considerable
It’s an opportunity to start your holiday by any particular artist or pieces of art can money and time.
shopping early! The Art Auction will be be requested by contacting one of the
held at the Moffett Training and Confer- following people prior to the event: Kristine For more information on the software
ence Center (Building 3). Art will be avail- Lawrence at ext. 4-1308; Kathy Lee at ext. available from Code JT or for any software
able for preview at 4:30 p.m., with the 4-5051; Karen Traicoff at ext. 4-4066; Liz licensing questions, please contact the au-
auction set to begin at 5:30 p.m. Local Hendley at ext. 4-3873; Kim Hines at ext. 4- thor at ext. 4-2632 or via e-mail at acarter
wines and hors d’oeuvres will also be avail- 4911 or Rachel Khattab at ext. 4-5237.
able for attendees’ enjoyment. A $5.00 BY ALLEN CARTER

4 — The Ames Astrogram Oct 16, 1998

Technology and Events
NASA developing software to improve
spacecraft docking
Docking one spacecraft with another In contrast, the same spacecraft
will be much easier thanks to smart com- equipped with the neurocontroller would
puter software being developed at Ames. immediately learn the new "feel" of the way
The neural net software will ‘learn’ the the spacecraft rotates in space while firing
motion behavior of a spacecraft as it flies so its impulse jets. The smart software would
that it will not undershoot or overshoot then precisely slow the spacecraft's rotation
docking targets. by "burning" the jets for just the right
The Ames ‘neurocontroller’ will be able amount of time.
to automatically dock a spacecraft of un- The Ames neurocontroller has not yet
known mass with another by flying the been tested in space. "We hope to do space
spacecraft short distances in different di- tests eventually, but first we need to fine
rections and learning the handling charac- tune the software in the lab, making more
teristics of the craft, according to Dr. Rob- realistic simulations with test vehicles float-
ert Mah, an Ames research scientist. photo by Tom Trower ing on a cushion of air over a special granite
"The neurocontroller automatically en- table," Mah concluded.
ables precise, safe docking by learning just Spacecraft docking test vehicle floats More information about the Ames space-
as human beings learn--by experiencing on cushion of air over granite table in craft neurocontroller can by found on the
the handling of the spacecraft," Mah said. an Ames IT lab. Internet at URL:
The neural net software used in the con-
troller is similar to that used to automati- are known, according to Mah. "But con- neuro/SMART_SYSTEM/index.html
cally focus home camcorders. ventional automated docking doesn't work
"Current methods used to dock space- well when the exact mass is unknown or BY JOHN BLUCK
craft will be improved to make docking changing robot arm positions alter space-
easier for astronauts," Mah said. "Docking craft flight characteristics," Mah said.
a spacecraft by manual joystick control
depends on the skill of the operator."
A future ‘worker bee’ spacecraft that
would be used during construction in space,
Manual docking can be slower than
desired, and in some cases precious fuel
might grab a construction part and rotate
it, according to Mah.
technology expo
can be wasted. Conventional software has
been used to automatically dock space-
"The arm and the part held by the
spacecraft have a tendency to keep rotat- scheduled
craft, when the spacecraft mass properties ing," he added. A “SDB High-Tech Expo” for FY ’99 will
be held at the Ames Cafe’s Atrium and
Flu Clinic begins Galileo Room on Thursday, October 22.
The event will take place from 10:00 a.m.
in October to 2:00 p.m. and will feature the latest in
computing and communications technol-
Flu season is almost upon us, and it’s
time to get your influenza vaccine at the
ACCC fundraiser ogy. All personnel are invited to attend.
Exhibitors will be on hand to demon-
Ames Health Unit. Health Unit staff will be
administering the vaccine to all resident
to be held strate products and answer questions. Come
On Tuesday, November 5, the Learning see the latest in Y2K Solutions; Advanced
staff (contractors and civil servants) and Presentation Systems; Internet Imaging
retirees (no spouses) on Tuesdays and Fri- Express Toy Store will host an evening of
shopping for the benefit of the Ames Child Technology; Intelligent LAN Switches With
days from October 20 through November Proactive Security Monitoring and Attack
27. There will be two clinics a day, one in Care Center (ACCC). Everyone is welcome
to come and shop between 6 p.m. and 8 Detection; Infared Technology; Real-Time
the morning from 9:30-11:30 a.m., and 3D Terrrain Database Generation Toolkits;
another in the afternoon from 1:30-3:00 p.m., and Learning Express will donate
20% of the proceeds from all purchases to Computer Systems, Peripherals and Tech-
p.m. nical Software Including AutoCAD and AEC
The vaccines will be given on the fol- the ACCC.
Learning Express is an award-winning Imaging; Autodesk Software Training; Data
lowing dates: October 20, 23, 27, 30; Recovery; Data Visualization; Workstations;
November 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 27. toy store providing its customers with an
exceptional selection of domestic and im- Solutions For Operations, LAN and Tele-
Appointments are not required, how- communications Hardware Storage; Rug-
ever, vaccines will be administered only ported toys, books, games, puzzles, arts
and crafts and science-related products. gedized Systems and Removable Storage
during the specific clinic hours listed above. Subsystems; Data Management Including
The Health Unit staff requests that those The store is located at Hacienda Center,
781 East El Camino Real, Sunnyvale. Data Warehouse Development Tools; and
wishing to be vacinated wear short or other IT Products and Services!
loose fitting sleeves to eliminate the need Funds raised at this event will be used to
support the ACCC’s music and science pro- There is no fee to attend and comple-
for private rooms. mentary refreshments will be served. For
Be on the lookout for a centerwide e- grams and to purchase classroom and play-
ground equipment. This event is a great more information, visit
mail that will be distributed in October. It events, e-mail, call
will include an information sheet/consent opportunity to take care of holiday shop-
ping and support the on-site childcare cen- (800) 247-6353; or contact Tom Kolis
form that individuals should bring with at ext. 4-4690, or e-mail him at:
them when they come in. ter at the same time. Please join us! POC:
Debbie Wood at ext. 4-0256.
For more information, contact the
Health Unit at ext. 4-5287.

Oct 16, 1998 The Ames Astrogram — 5

On-site Events
Ames celebrates National Quality Month ‘98
continued from front page
He encouraged everyone to exercise their through new insights into the benefits of 9000, he believes successful implementa-
freedom, set goals, and follow specific ISO 9000 implementation to an organiza- tion can be achieved, and that it will reduce
guidelines for their achievement. He related tion. Mr. Norbraten suggested that, in- overhead and improve efficiency.
Eight Steps to achieving gold metal perfor- stead of working ISO 9000 as a project The final event for the month--the
mance that led to his success and offered which would end at some time, Ames should October 28 nationally renowned guest
them to Ames attendees. They are: 1) have implement it as a state-of-the-art manage- speaker event--will feature Chuck Yeager.
a dream with an emotional attachment, 2) ment system with an ongoing life. Norbraten Mr. Yeager is an aviation pioneer and an
set a realistic goal, 3) firm up a strategy, 4) believes that having a state-of-the-art man- original astronaut who recently celebrated
set a timeline for achievement, 5) have agement system is consistent with Ames his 50th anniversary of breaking the sound
intermediate stepping stones, 6) expect being a state-of-the-art research center. barrier. His visit to Ames and his presenta-
hard work, 7) maintain will power, and 8) Norbraten related that not only must tion will highlight Ames’ top priority--safety
deliver under pressure. everyone understand ISO 9000, they must and quality initiatives. Ames personnel are
In his presentation, Lee Norbraten spoke also feel they are a part of the implementa- invited to hear this aerospace pioneer share
about the Johnson Space Center ISO 9000 tion. With a mindset of “implementation” his historic experiences in the N201 audito-
certification success as he led listeners of ISO 9000 vs. “compliance with” ISO rium from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.

KRON’s Brian Hackney visits Ames

NBC’s KRON-TV Channel 4 science and technology editor Brian Hackney

visited NASA Ames Research Center recently. During his visit, he
broadcast five live updates from the Vertical Motion Simulator for the
Daybreak newscast and delivered a keynote address at the Combined
Federal Campaign (CFC) kickoff event in the main Ames Auditorium.
Hackney is a space enthusiast, and visits the Center frequenctly to inform
Bay Area communities about NASA and Ames programs and missions.
His live updates from the Ames Visitor Center were a key element in the
success of last year’s Open House event that drew nearly a quarter of a
million people to Ames.

photos by Dominic Hart

6 — The Ames Astrogram Oct 16, 1998

Intern requests now being accepted Ames employee
Requests for Foothill-De Anza Commu-
nity College interns are now being accepted
Students work 20 hours a week during
the school year and 40 hours a week during
receives ’97
for the winter quarter. These students will
start their internships in January, 1999.
the summer. Foothill-DeAnza staff mem-
bers who coordinate the program are lo-
H. Julian Award
Organizations wishing to sponsor a stu- cated in Trailer 23-B, ext. 4-5560. Dr. Jeff Scargle was recently selected as
dent must complete a position description the recipient of the 1997 H. Julian Allen
For additional information about the
Award for best technical paper. His paper
form and return it to the Internship Office program and to request position descrip-
entitled "Studies in Astronomical Time Se-
by October 27, 1998. tion forms, call Mary Conway at ext. ries Analysis. II. Statistical Aspects of Spec-
The cost for a new student for the 1998- 4-5560 or you can e-mail her at: tral Analysis of Unevenly Spaced Data" has
1999 grant year will be $11,500-$11,700. received over 480 citations since its publi-
Funding will be paid in two installments. Questions regarding commitment and cation in the Astrophysical Journal in 1982.
Forty percent (40%) of the annual cost will obligation of funds should be addressed to
be committed in December 1998 and the Maria-Elena Lopez (Mel) at ext. 4-6882 or
remaining balance of sixty percent (60%) of e-mail to:
the annual cost will be committed in June

Administrator Goldin’s statement on

NASA’s 40th anniversary
Forty years ago in 1958, the National months in advance. There are still many
Aeronautics and Space Administration was mysteries to be solved, but Voyager, Galileo, photo by Dominic Hart
created with the boldest and most noble of the Hubble Space Telescope and other
missions: to pioneer the future. We were planetary and astronomy missions have Dr. Jeff Scargle, left, recipient of the H. Julian
told to explore new frontiers and enhance circled neighboring planets, given us our Award, speaking with Dr. Henry McDonald,
life here on Earth. We were asked to in- first direct evidence that black holes exist, who presented him with the award.

The paper addresses the problem of detect-

ing periodic signals hidden in noisy data,
where data sampling is at unevenly spaced
intervals. Scargle redefines the
periodogram, a basic data analysis func-
tion, so that it has correct statistical behav-
This solution to the data analysis prob-
lem, and computer codes based on this
struct; we were expected to inspire. Forty and begun to peer back at the very begin- algorithm, have been widely adopted in
years later, thanks to an American public ning of our universe. A space program that the astrophysics community. This work has
with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge is forty years old has sent astronauts to the seen a renewed enthusiasm as the tech-
and a relentless sense of adventure, NASA moon, robots to Mars, spacecraft to the nique has been adopted for use in the
has delivered. furthest reaches of our solar system, and detection of extrasolar planets from mea-
Think about this: Forty years ago, jet soon will help build the International Space surements of the parent stars. Specifically,
passenger service was a novelty. Global Station. And for every step we take out it has been adopted by leading planet
communications meant a telephone line there, we have contributed to a better discoverers, such as Dr. Geoff Marcy, to
laid across the bottom of the Atlantic quality of life right here. That is true analyze radial velocity data. This work has
Ocean. When NASA was first getting started, whether it be the “spin-off” technology general applicability to a large number of
the only way to track hurricanes was to fly that helps us detect breast cancer earlier, or fields, as evidenced by citations from many
planes directly over and into the storms. the child who looks up and knows that no scientific journals.
Our universe -- even the cosmic neighbor- longer is the sky the limit; it is the stars and The paper is a landmark in its field and
hood just above our atmosphere -- was a beyond. very deserving of the H. Julian Allen Award.
mystery. In 1958, sending humans to the NASA has had a great forty years, but To celebrate this event, Dr. Scargle was
moon was pure science fiction. what the American people can be most
presented with the award on September
But we dared to dream. We imagined proud of is this: when it comes to pioneer-
what could be possible. ing the future, we are just getting started. 15 in the Space Sciences auditorium of
And then along with our partners in What will always define this aeronautics building 245.
industry and academia, we went to work. and space program -- and this country -- is
In 1998, hundreds of millions of people our firm belief that there will forever be
ride American jets each year and new de- something to invent, somewhere to dis-
signs for flight go higher, faster and farther cover, someplace to visit.
than ever before. Global space communi- Rest assured, NASA will do its best in the
cations have helped create a global com- next forty years to find out just what and
munity. Weather satellites can detect the where that will be.
early evolution of an El Niño condition -- Daniel S. Goldin --

Oct 16, 1998 The Ames Astrogram — 7

Ames News and Center Briefs
Center Briefs NIAC representative visits Ames in
Earth Sciences instrument program par-
ticipants announced search of new ideas
NASA's Office of Earth Sciences has begun In search of "revolutionary ideas" for six-month research grants ranging from
a new program to develop and demonstrate future aeronautics and space exploration $50,000 to $75,000 will be awarded to
new measurement technologies through projects, the director of a new institute validate the viability of the advanced con-
ground-based laboratory activities. The In- created by NASA to award research grants cept under consideration. During the sec-
strument Incubator Program (IIP) will reduce
the risk, cost, size, and development time of and contracts visited Ames recently. His ond phase, two-year research grants awards
Earth-observing instruments and enable new purpose was to meet some of the center's of up to $500,000 will be awarded to
Earth-observation measurements. advanced technology visionaries. enable the recipients to study in greater
Dr. Robert Cassanova, director of the detail their concept's cost, performance,
SeaWiFS completes a year of remarkable NASA Institute of Advanced Aerospace Con- development time and key technology is-
earth observations cepts (NIAC), met with Center Director Dr. sues. NIAC plans to seek new proposals for
For the first time in history, NASA is releas- Henry McDonald and other senior manag-
ing dramatic images documenting the Earth's ers during his Sept. 16 visit. Hosted by Dr.
changing biology, both on land and in the
oceans, as observed from space for one con-
Larry Lasher, the Center's representative for
tinuous year. NIAC, and accompanied by Sharon Garri-
The changing seasons of life, the "pulse of son, the agency's Contracting Officer's Tech-
the planet," are being monitored by the Sea- nical Representative (COTR) for NIAC from
viewing Wide Field-of-view Sensor (SeaWiFS), Goddard Space Flight Center, Cassanova
which was launched on Aug. 1, 1997, and has also toured Ames and met with numerous
produced data continuously since Sept. 18, aerospace scientists, engineers, and pro-
1997. gram managers.
Among the highlights of SeaWiFS' first "We're looking for innovative ideas--
continuous year of observation were new in-
sights into the impact of the El Niño climate concepts that stretch the imagination,"
anomaly on ocean life. Further, SeaWiFS was Cassanova said. He said NIAC was formed
able to monitor a variety of natural disasters, to provide an independent, open forum for
including fires in Florida, Mexico, Canada, the external analysis and definition of space
Indonesia and Russia; floods in China; dust and aeronautics advanced concepts to
storms in the Sahara and Gobi Deserts; and the complement the advanced concepts activi-
progress of hurricanes, such as Bonnie and ties conducted with the NASA Enterprises.
Danielle. "NIAC will have advanced concepts as
NASA contributes technology to war its sole focus," Cassanova said. "It shall
against cancer focus on revolutionary concepts; specifi-
In observance of October as Breast Cancer cally, systems and architectures that can
Awareness Month, NASA is releasing informa- have a major impact on missions of the
tion on new ways aerospace research and NASA Enterprises in the time frame of 10 to
technology is helping in the understanding, 40 years in the future.” photo by Roger Brimmer
detection and treatment of all types of cancer. During his visit to Ames, Cassanova re-
A NASA fact sheet available on the Internet ceived briefings on a wide variety of sub- Dr. Roger Cassanova, director of the
highlights diagnostic technology currently jects, including Information Technology, NASA Institute of Advanced Aerospace
available and features NASA research and tech-
nology that may improve cancer diagnosis, the NASA Research and Education Network Concepts (NIAC), is shown admiring a
surgical procedures and drug therapies in the (NREN), Numerical Aerospace Simulation display in the lobby of the Numerical
future. The website address is: http:// (NAS), space technology, Astrobiology, air Aerospace Simulation (NAS) Facility during traffic management, surface movement a recent visit to NASA Ames Research
Five critical cancer experiments will be advisor, and rotorcraft technology. Center. During his Sept. 16 visit,
conducted on the upcoming Space Shuttle Established earlier this year by the Uni- Cassanova met some of the Center's
mission, STS-95, currently targeted for launch versities Space Research Association, Co- advanced technology visionaries to discuss
on Oct. 29. A fact sheet describing these lumbia, MD, NIAC is funded by a three-
experiments will be available closer to launch. new ideas for future aeronautics and space
Cancer is the second leading cause of
year, $10.5 million contract awarded by exploration projects.
death for Americans. According to the Na- Goddard Space Flight Center. Although
tional Cancer Society, 564,800 Americans are the scope of the NIAC is based on the
expected to die of the disease this year--more National Space Policy, the NASA Strategic
than 1,500 people a day. Men have a one in Plan, the NASA Enterprise Strategic Plans each year of its three-year contract.
two lifetime risk of developing cancer and for and future mission plans of the NASA Enter- NIAC is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.
women the risk is one in three. The National prises, the institute is not part of NASA. Prior to becoming director of the NIAC,
Cancer Institute estimates overall annual costs "The NIAC has been formed for the Cassanova served as the director of the
for cancer at $107 billion. explicit purpose of being an independent Aerospace and Transportation Laboratory
Tremendous gamma-ray flare source of revolutionary aeronautical and in the Georgia Tech Research Institute.
blasts Earth space concepts that can dramatically im- Further information about the NIAC is
An intense wave of gamma rays, emanat-
pact how NASA develops and conducts its available on the project website: http://
ing from a catastrophic magnetic flare on a mission," Cassanova said. NAIC will focus
mysterious star 20,000 light years away, struck on advanced concepts for major systems
and architectures. BY MICHAEL MEWHINNEY
the Earth's atmosphere on August 27, 1998,
providing important clues about some of the Proposals will undergo a peer review
most unusual stars in the Universe. Scientists process to determine the winners of the
said the gamma radiation posed no health risk research grants. Grants will be awarded in a
to humans. two-phased approach. In the first phase,

8 — The Ames Astrogram Oct 16, 1998

Events & Classifieds
Calendar Ames Classifieds Ames Retirements
Ads for the next issue should be sent to by the Monday follow- Name Code Date
Jetstream Toastmasters, Mondays, 12 noon to
1 p.m., N-269/Rm. 179. Guests welcome. POC:
ing publication of the present issue and must be Janet Carson C 09-30-98
Jenny Kahn at ext. 4-6987 or Pam Walatka at ext. 4- resubmitted for each issue. Dale R. Costa FMM 09-30-98
4461. Housing Judith Vandonzel SS 09-30-98
Wanted: minimal living accomodations. Work at Stephen R. Kanally JFP 09-30-98
Ames, home in Clearlake. Gone weekends. $250-$375 Barbara R. McKeag JAZ 09-30-98
Ames Bowling League meets at Palo Alto Bowl Gloria 650-969-5250 4-2045 ghovde@mail Rod Bailey APM 09-30-98
every Tuesday at 6 p.m. The league is in need of Sukie Stanley SL 09-30-98
substitute bowlers. POC: Mina Cappuccio at ext. 4- Room for rent in SouthEast San Jose. Avail Oct. 16. Peggy M. Brown IHS 09-30-98
1313. $400 per mo. plus dep. and utils. Call (408) 729-1994.
Glenn C. Carle SSX 10-03-98
Share 3/2 house, private bed & bath in 1600 s.f.
Ames Ballroom Dance Club, Tuesdays, October
house in lovely Willow Glen within walking distance of
historic downtown district. Large 1/4 acre lot w/fruit '98 Harley Fat Boy, a piece of art. Limited Anniv.
6, 13, 20, 27, Beginning Waltz, 5:15 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.,
trees & quiet, shaded deck area. Prof. female seeks Edition, immaculate collectable, lots of extras, 1,200 mls,
Practice 6:15 p.m. - 7:15 p.m., Moffett Training and
responsible, clean individual to share my home. Male or moving/must sell, $23.5K or B/O. Call (408) 464-3036.
Conference Center, Bldg. 3/Showroom. POC: Deb
female, N/S, with no pets. Close to H280 & H87. Private
Narasaki at ABDC
phone line. $750/mo + 1/2 utils. Call (408) 971-6325. Miscellaneous
Website: Barbie collection, ‘95, ‘96, ‘97 Holiday, Peppermint
For sale: 4 bdrm, 4 ba, 3,314 sf, guest quarters w/ and Jewel Princess and Winter Fantasy Barbies. Sold
kitchenette, $409,000, 1035 Brookview Ct, Morgan Hill. together, $275. Call (408) 979-9107.
Ames Child Care Center Board of Directors Call (408) 683-0262.
Meeting, Wednesdays, 12 noon to 1 p.m., N-213/ Exercise bike, Schwinn Airdyne with reading stand,
Rm. 204. POC: Debbie Wood at ext. 4-0256. For sale: town house in North San Jose. 2 bd/ barely used: $300 or B/O; large oak coffee table (2.5 ft x 5
1 1/2ba, 988 sq. ft end unit in quiet neighborhood. 2 Car ft), light oak with herringbone pattern on top: $75.
carport. Includes washer/dryer/dishwasher/refrigerator, Rocelia (408) 246-8432.
NFFE Local 997 Union General Meeting, Oct and wall to wall carpeting. Low HOA. Priced to sell at
21, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Bldg. 19/Rm. 1040. $166,000. Nelly or Paul (408) 926-4033. Laquered, solid brass sink faucet for 8" hole
POC: Marianne Mosher at ext. 4-4055. separation. $25. Call (408) 295-2160.
For rent: 3 bd/2 ba house. 85/Camden San Jose.
N/S, pet OK. $1,775/mo + dep. Call (408) 978-7860. Large mirror, 100" by 72", you pick up from
Cupertino. Free. Sandy (408) 249-0920.
Ames Multicultural Leadership Council Spacious townhouse in Palo Alto for rent - 2 bd/2 1/
Meeting, Oct 21, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the 2 ba, large kitchen, din. rm, fam. rm, plus sep. rm for Bunk bed, black metal, single mattress top, double
Galileo Room of the Ames Cafe. POC: David Morse at futon bottom (makes into sofa). $75. complete. Call
office/extra bdrm. Attached 2-car garage, exc.
ext. 4-4724 or Sheila Johnson at ext. 4-5054. (408) 847-9106 in Gilroy after 6:30 p.m.
neighborhd for children, close to elem. schools. Cable TV
incl. Desirable mid-town location/easy access to freeway. Dependable, mature, NASA intern available for
Native American Advisory Committee $1850/mo. Call (408) 255-7346 or (408) 345-3263. house/pet/plant sitting. Very flexible, price negotiable,
Meeting, Oct 27, 12 noon to 1 p.m., Ames Café. For rent: NS, person to share 3bd/2ba with 2 of references avail. Katie (408) 860-6068.
POC: Mike Liu at ext. 4-1132. same. Incl. BR & LR w/fireplace. Kitchen and W/D access. Large solid (blonde) oak desk with regular and file
Digital Cable. Phone not incl. Avail now. $600 + 1/3 util. drawers, $200 or B/O. Stainless steel water distiller, $65 or
First/last month, plus $350 dep. Call (408) 297-8959. B/O. Futon couch/queen bed, very comfortable sitting or
Ames Contractor Council Meeting, Nov 4, 11
sleeping (pretty too), $75 or B/O. Call (408) 296-8182
a.m., N-200/Comm. Rm. POC: Greg Marshall at ext. Transportation (eve).
4-4673. ‘62 Chrysler Newport, 361cid V8, push button
gears, “space age” instruments. Not running. Not New Sharp MiniDisc portable recorder/player MD-
licensed. A restoration project! $250. Mike (510) 276- MS722. $340. Email: Call
Hispanic Advisory Committee for Employees,
9415. (650) 766-2384.
Nov 5, 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., N-239/Rm. 177.
POC: Carlos Torrez at ext. 4-5797. ‘72 VW camper with Adventurewagen top. 1.9L Nintendo 64, with 2 controllers & James Bond
rebuilt engine, 5K mls on new transmission. New clutch. GoldenEye game. Nearly new. $105. Call (650) 364-
Exc. cond. Sleeps 4 with sink, icebox, water tank and lots 9572.
Environmental, Health & Safety Monthly of storage. Great camper. B/O. Call (408) 378-2064.
Information Forum, Nov 5, 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., Two (2) tickets to Golden Gate Theater to see “Bring
Bldg. 19/Rm. 1078. POC: Linda Vrabel at ext. 4- '76 Ford Granada 4-door, 62K orig mls, V-8, AT, in 'Da Noise, Bring in 'Da Funk!,” November 21, 8:00 p.m.
0924. normal equipment, interior in good shape,everything Seats are lower balcony, row B, seat 108/110. $105. for
works, starts/runs strong, needs valve job on #7 cylinder both. Call (408) 395-8326.
to run perfect. $600 firm. Call (408) 395-6477. BMW 13" alloy wheels and tires for 320 series car. Set
Ames African American Advisory Group
Meeting, Nov 5, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., N-241/ ’77 Toyota Corona Wagon, 5 spd, 141K mls, good of four in great shape, $90 each. Tim (408) 241-1063.
Rm. 237. POC: Mary Buford Howard at ext. 4-5095. condition. $1,000. Call (650) 364-9572. Beautiful solid oak bunk bed set w/2-drawer chest
‘78 Pontiac Firebird Esprit, 231cid V6, ps, pb, am/fm (mattresses not inc.) by Stanley. $500 firm. Maytag
stereo, tilt wheel. Runs well, needs body and brake work. washer $85. Call (408) 247-3632 (eves).
Nat’l Association of Retired Federal
$500. Mike (510) 276-9415. Whirlpool apartment size washer with sink hookup
Employees, S.J. Chapter #50, Meeting, Nov 6, at
the Elk’s Club, 44 W. Alma Avenue, San Jose. Social ‘85 Corvette, wht/gry, 4-speed, 63K mls. Runs/ and electric dryer. Service agreement until October 2000.
hour: 10:30 a.m. Prog. & bus. mtg. follow lunch at Looks great, needs minor repairs & tires. $9,500, B/O. $500. Call (408) 773-1773.
11:30 a.m. POCs: Mrs. Leona Peery, Pres., (650) 967- Call (408) 377-4053.
9418 or Earl Keener, Public Relations, (408) 241-4459. Apple Powerbook 5300cs, 16MB RAM, 750MB HD,
‘89 Isuzu Amigo, 2WD, 93K mls. Hard top, Back Timbuktu Model/LAN card, all accessories + Targus
seat. Run’s great. $4,000, B/O. Call (408) 377-4053. deluxed carrying case included. $875. Ray (415) 285-
Professional Administrative Council (PAC) 8084 or email at:
‘89 Ford Aerostar XLT 7 passenger minivan,
Meeting, Nov 12, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Location Craftsman 10” table saw w/cast iron table extensions
burgangy-excellent condition, w/cruise control, A/C,
TBD. POC: Janette Rocha, ext. 4-3371.
computerized system, tilted steering wheel, $7,000, w/Sysmatic combination blade, Biesmeyer 28” t-square
negotiable. Call (408) 732-9309. fence system w/custom oak extension/router table w/
Ames Sailing Club Meeting, Nov 12, 11:30
router fence (w/switched power), contractor saw
‘91 Alfa Romeo 164S, 4-door, 6cyl, 79K mls, performance pkg pulley system, dust collection & roll
a.m. to 1 p.m., N-262/Rm. 100. POC: Greg cassette, A/C, leather interior, sun roof, all electric,
Sherwood at ext. 4-0429. around base. $700. Tom (408) 248-1281.
$7,950 or B/O. Tina (650) 563-9709.
‘94 Chevy S-10 Truck, 120K mls, white w/gray Vacation rental
Houseboat for rent on "Trinity" Lake in No. CA (Claire
Ames Asian American Pacific Islander Advisory interior, A/C, orig. owner, $6,900 or B/O. Ronald (650)
Engle Lake). Sleeps 8, kitchen, bathroom w/shower.
Group Meeting, Nov 19, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., N- 688-9202.
241/Rm. B2. POC: Daryl Wong at ext. 4-6889 or Brett
Floating heaven. $1,200 week. After Sept 9, $850 per
Vu at ext. 4-0911. '94 Saturn SC2, 55K mls, midnight blue, AT, a/c, week or $480 for 3 days (until October). URL site:
Pioneer CD detachable recvr, Bazooka bass tube, prem or email at:
sound, tint, bra, spoiler, K&N, Splitfire plugs, alarm, new
Ames Amateur Radio Club, Nov 19, 12 noon, battery, well maintained. $8950. Email:
Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley Townhse, 3br-2ba, View of
N-260/Conf. Rm. POC: Walt Miller, AJ6T at ext. 4-
slopes, close to lifts. Wkend $400, midwk $150 night.
4558. '98 Dodge Caravan, loaded, 5K mls, 7 year service Includes linens, firewd, cleaning service. Call (650) 968-
contract, $18,499 or B/O. Call (408) 257-5737. 4155, or email at:

Oct 16, 1998 The Ames Astrogram — 9

Event Briefs
"Halloween Get 10 K Fun Run set Gift Shop sale
Together" for Oct 20
Meet in Hangar One to register before
The NASA Exchange Gift Shop is pleased
to announce that beginning Monday, Sep-
The NASA Exchange will be hosting a tember 14 and every Monday until further
the 11:30 a.m. start. No cost/no pre- notice they will have a “Threat CON Bravo”
"Halloween Get Together" on Friday, Octo- registration. Since so many ask--a 10K
ber 30 from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the sale for all badged employees, including
translates into a 6.2 mile run. This race contractors, students and interns. A fifteen
Ames Cafe. Stop in to meet your friends, will take you from inside Hangar One,
wear a costume to scare your colleagues, or percent discount will be offered on all gift
around the air strip, through the golf shop merchandise.
drop by to have a laugh at your co-workers! course and back into Hangar One.
Wear a costume and join in the Cos- This is a great time to begin holiday
Come enjoy a great, flat, fun 10 K run. shopping! The Gift Shop is located in Bldg
tume Contest. Judging will begin at 3 p.m. Refreshments and prizes will be given out
Cash prizes will be awarded for the Best 223. Hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm,
Overall ($100), Scariest/Ugliest ($50), Fun- at the finish line. Monday through Friday. Call Janine Ciffone
niest/Cutest ($50) and Most Creative/ at ext. 4-4948 for further information.
Unique ($50).
Complimentary cake and punch will be Fall Fun Run and
served. For more information, contact
Deborah Renick at ext 4-0290 or e-mail at Walk (2 miles) Pumpkin Cutting
set for Oct. 28 Contest set
Holiday catered All Ames personnel and their guests are Yes, the Ames Exchange is sponsoring a
invited to participate. The walk/run begins Pumpkin Cutting Contest! Bring in your
lunch special
Eurest can provide catered holiday
at 12 noon on McCord Avenue near King.
Ribbons and refreshments will be available
carved pumpkin with your name and phone
number on the bottom (hidden from view)
lunches featuring carved turkey w/cran- at the finish line (near the Cafe). Fun Run by 10am on Friday, October 30th. Ames
berry sauce or baked honey ham. All din- T-shirts plus registration fee are only $11. employees are welcome to stop by the
ners include mashed potatoes with gravy, The registration fee without the shirt is Ames Cafe at lunchtime to vote for their
fresh vegetable, rolls with butter, and choice $2. Pre-register with an event coordinator favorite pumpkin in the Galileo Room. Cash
of pumpkin or pecan pie. Hors d'oeuvres or at the Fitness Center. Registration will prizes will be awarded for best overall ($50),
and holiday cocktail parties are a specialty! also be available at the starting line on race
Prices start at $5.00 per person. For reser- second place ($30) and third place ($20).
day. A sign-up form and registration fee
vations, call The Ames Café at ext. 4-5969. must be submitted for each participant.
We cater any day of the week! We cater Bring a friend to walk or run just for fun!
anywhere! Sponsored by the NASA Ex- Call Nancy Dunagan at ext. 4-5804 for
change. more details. Sponsored by the Fitness
Ames’ women’s Center.
The Ames ASTROGRAM is an official

team excels Moffett Hair Salon publication of the Ames Research Center,
The NASA Ames' women's team con- A salon for women, men and children National Aeronautics and Space
sisting of Lisa Marie Gonzales, Leigh Ann featuring designer cuts, highlighting, per- Administration.
Tanner, and Sylvia Chen finished 6th out of manents hair treatments, and coloring con-
68 teams at the Chase Corporate Chal- sultations. Call for an appointment at ext. Managing Editor.........David Morse
lenge. The 3.5 mile road race was held in 3-9916. Hours: Tuesday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sat 9 a.m. to 3 Editor..........................Astrid Terlep
San Francisco on August 12. Next year, the
team plans on running even faster! p.m.

National Aeronautics and Permit No. G-27
Space Administration

Ames Research Center

Moffett Field, California 94035-1000

Official Business
Penalty for Private Use, $300

Printed on recycled and recyclable paper with vegetable-based ink.

10 — The Ames Astrogram Oct 16, 1998