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I AM principles by Harrison Klein

Audio one Mind Images Were going to talk about how life really works. Were going to talk about what nobody tells you in your growth period and that we dont realize that we go through all our lives not realizing and that is to understand to get anything in this life is to know how life works. In other words, how does this force of life take instructions and turn it into things and new moments of quantum energy. How does that actually work, what type of instructions do life takes that can create each new moment in our day, and in what format, what kind of specifications? I mean what process? Well, these are the most basic questions that we can ask and they have been asked since we have been human on this planet but they have to be answered fully before we can get progressively into the deeper essence of things like wealth and manifesting things, so were going to take a look at it, in fact many of you may have heard of some of these principles that we are discussing. You may have heard them before, they arent really new, but very few people understand them fully and even fewer people use them despite their simplicity. So heres the big insight your life is your imagination. You have imagined yourself into existence and everything in your experiences is part of your imagination. Your Life is your imagination. Thats the basic part of becoming anything and it is the integral part of becoming anything. So every other part uses this simple part at some stage. So our minds images are literally the blue-print from which our world is built. So with our discussion of quantum physics we actually know how physical reality is produced and were going to see how our imaginations interconnection with life lets us look at imagination in and of itself.. So were going to explore what is our imagination and our life is the images and thoughts of our mind expressed. What that means is that Life or the Source uses our images as the instructions by which to create our reality in the material world. So Life expresses our mental images into reality to express or make known, to articulate, to convey. 57.40 Life is imagination expressed into physical form. The idea is to feed our imaginations daily with new pictures. Life is the images of our mind expressed. To be effective we need to imagine our life in the way we want it to be. The conscious mind travels everywhere, all sorts of thoughts. The subconscious mind holds only what we think is true - our sponsoring thoughts which causes expression and only takes in affirmation not the negatives. It is a Yes universe, e.g. I am rich, wealthy and abundant. I AM Life is the mind expressed. Our external reality is the densest part of our mind without separation, i.e. as an extension of our mind. Stop believing in the illusion of separation the illusion that what is outside of us isnt us, our power rises dramatically. Eventually the illusion of separation falls of totally and what you have after you have mastered this, is reality, which is extraordinarily vivid.

Our world is really the densest part of our mind. So life is our thoughts and images expressed. The Source uses our thoughts as instructions in which to create our reality in the material world. How clear and certain are your thoughts of wealth and health as evidence of it externally? Life expresses all of our thoughts to the extent that we have and believe them. To the extent that our thoughts are clear and focused and non contradictory, our results will speed up. All suffering is due to an error of thinking being out of harmony with the laws of the Universe. A higher thought would serve us better. Repetition yields integration and internalization. We get what we are. What you plant creates the fruit. The Universe never denies us answers to our questions. It never denies what we want. Whatever question we ask believingly and earnestly we got an answer to how can I create a selffunded life where I am free to do what I like and I have my own house and food and water needs met? Nothing is difficult for the source and perfection and balance is the nature of the Source. Hence all laws are applied equally and universally and unfailingly to everyone and everything. So what that means, is ask the right questions believingly and earnestly and you will get everything that you desire as well as what you need. You will create your life the exact way you want it. Then the question becomes how do we do that really? How do we ask the right questions? Very simple we become specific and we dont change our minds. All thoughts count. Changing ones mind confuses the Universe. Attention is energy. Attention, consciousness and energy are all the same thing, and you cant get what you dont give attention to. Be conscious and deliberate. Intention goes along with attention. When you attend you give intention to something and we become what we think about all day long. We are the sum total of our thoughts and images in our mind. All the laws of nature work. What we call chaos are just things that we havent understood yet. The nature of the Source is perfection. We become what we think about without fail. Matter is materialized thought. Thoughts are electromagnetic fields. Thoughts attract like thoughts. Its a reciprocating dance. Thoughts attract like matter and matter is objectified thought, i.e. thought made into object. Dont let your mind dwell on dissatisfaction even if youre feeling dissatisfied. That only feeds the maintenance of the dissatisfying conditions. Change your attitude. Look at conditions as perfect outcomes of your past thoughts and an opportunity for recreating yourself anew. The act of creation is like the act of realizing that something was already there. We are making real what was already there. It is here right now. It all exists simultaneously all in one go. So ask yourself questions, expecting answers. You will develop a knack for getting answers inside of yourself and sometimes they will come as feelings. Sometimes they will come as thoughts, sometimes they will come as words, but you can get what they mean get the gist or the gestalt of what they mean, and the idea is to never stop learning. Learn to distinguish between genuine feelings and thoughts and emotions that mask themselves as feelings. Emotions are responses to

thoughts. They are energy in motion. Thoughts are ideas that go into motion. E-motions are the thoughts driven into energies, or energies that are driven into thoughts. Feelings are things that are indigenous experiences in our body. The come from within us and they ripple through our bodies. There is a difference, and our feelings are something we experience on the intuitive plane. The intuitive mind is the manifesting mind and the logical mind is the rational mind or particle mind, and the intuitive mind is the wave mind. Integrate your right brain and left brain or your intuitive and your rational mind. Practice detachment in the moment of now. Accept joyfully what is happening in the present because you brought it there with your previous thoughts. What we resist, persists, so dont wish youre present anything other than what it is. Live happily in your present. Be of present mind but make choices about your future and intend your future with one single mind, focus and precision. Never stop learning this process. The other thing is to not fool yourself. Dont go to a place, observe and affirm the truth and the truth will set you free. Look it in the eye then look at the errors in your thinking that cause it to be so. Always affirm the truth, what you resist persists, and what you face and bring into the light releases you. Be careful what you admit because it is more correct to say that I previously had thoughts and actions and states of being that has led to this gross manifestation that I am now observing and it is to say (for example) I am broke. Dont say that because it is negative. Change the cause not the effect. Thought is cause, physical is effect. This is critical to understanding all thought is a creation process. Everything is an illusion to allow us to create the next version of ourselves to design our growth. We are experiencing this world in order to expand. What we see with our eyes is an illusion designed from various stages of our past. The real you or Self is very much far ahead of where we are right now!! Our thoughts right now are extremely close to the real us dragging behind just a faction. The real us is that which causes the thought, the wordless us from beyond which springs or originates the thought for us, the observer or the Soul. The way to use this world is to see what we are experiencing as our past thoughts and actively using it deliberately to observe ourselves to know what we want to change and to grow into. Thats one way to use the illusion to see it as our past thoughts and to decide what we want to grow into, what we do want. The present results are the effects of our previous thoughts. When we are looking at the world, we are actually looking at ourselves as we were yesterday. So the world in any present moment of now reflects our thoughts and state of being before the present moment of now. Its all an illusion. Use it is the illusion it is and you will live in a rich tapestry of what you want to make happen. Insanity is doing something repeatedly and expecting the same result. You can change from here. Your I AM is the force and energy and intelligence behind your thinking. It sponsors what you consider your I AM so if you say I am a doctor your I am thought / your declaration of being sponsors your thought about being a doctor. This is the thought behind the thought. The sponsoring thought is what has more creative force than the sponsored thought. What we normally call thought is really sponsored thought. If we look at our thoughts closely we always have a sponsor or a cause for it. For example if we think that we need to eat thought, behind that thought is a belief (thought) that we are hungry. Start becoming away of your causal thoughts. Sponsoring thoughts are thoughts we truly believe in and hold true. It is our sub-conscious programming is

what sponsors our thoughts. If our thought and our sponsoring thought are uncoordinated, if they dont agree, if there are not in alignment, the sponsoring thought wins. Be aware of and correct your sponsoring thoughts if necessary. Meditation connects us to the vastness of our minds. It helps us to bypass the mind into the level of the I AM or Unity Consciousness. Expanded perception causes expanded everything. Forgiveness causes the expansion of our perception. We come what we think about most of the time believingly. You become aware by deciding to be aware. If a negative thought comes up, say Stop. Move onto a positive thought. Dont entertain a negative thought for a second. Think about the way we think about things then you are self aware. Thoughts are timeless and forever. You can intend and create into the past just as you can into the future. Time flows in all directions. Once we make an intention it goes into the past as well as into the future. I have fun with life. Life is joy. The essence of life is joy. Where there is joy, creation is abundant. So be happy, its only a decision. Everything you see around you was someones idea at some point. Look around you. Nothing outside you can exist before it first exists as an idea in your mind or some mind. The bible says as a man thinketh, so he shall become. Our minds are infinite. We saw how images are an aspect of thought and then we looked at the whole of thought itself. Next week we will cover the last aspect of thought.