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How They Lie

This is the latest lie being posted on conservative sites. It claims that President Obama is not holding his hand over his heart while observing the flag. As to what is going on, I do not know. However, here is my report. You decide for yourself. Aside from my commentary, I hope I present enough information for you to make an informed decision. To be clear, I support our country and our fairly elected President Obama. He should be scrutinized as we do all presidents. However, what I see is not scrutiny but treason in how he has been treated by the conservative politicians and their supporters. This type of behavior towards a sitting President has not occurred in modern history. One can only reason as to why.

XXX, Actually, I appreciate posts like this. I use them to teach my children how certain people purposefully lie to get their way. In this post, all we see is what the author offers as a picture of two people saluting and one person not. The author's caption is biased presuming a flag but showing none in the pix. Then, he asks those who think the same to repost. This is classic manipulation. Looking closer, at the bottom left of the pix, we see clearly that it is not a pix but a video. The video is paused, and this is clearly evident by looking at the right of the scrub line. This makes it apparent that the person posting this pix deliberately lied. He did not say it was a paused segment of a video. Also, he gave no source for independent investigation; but, when one is dishonest, the intent is to cover their tracks. When one intends to inflame another, they count on intensity of deep-seated emotions which in this case is hatred of President Obama. They continue by assigning undesirable traits to the object of their hatred. Here the original author projects his sense of doubt and disloyalty onto the president. The subsequent author projects his lack of respect for country onto the president. Is there a flag? Is the Pledge of Allegiance being said? Exactly what is going on? The pix does not say. The video does; but, the author does not present this evidence. All of this false emotion is invoked by a false picture from a frozen video frame. My question is who allows themselves to be so easily deceived? What type of person promotes dishonesty? Can America trust such a person? What happens to a nation who places their trust such people? Truthfully, the video is easy to find. It shows the singing of the National Anthem. Etiquette does not require the saluting of a song if the flag is not present. However, it does suggest respect. Respect is shown. I have posted a link to the video. Here is a link to that goes into a little more depth with an explanation from President Obama about the matter. It shows the date as September 2007. This site also shows President Obama leading the pledge with his hand over his heart. Does this make him acceptable to conservatives now? Hmmm This site is the law that was passed in May of 2007 as to flag etiquette. I find it interesting how former President Bush, Jr. responded to it. Does this make him unpatriotic? I think not.

If there are any doubts as to our Presidents leadership, they have been answered militarily with the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden and Omar Qaddafi, as well as two successful hostage rescues without loss to American life. Conservatives gave us two wars at a cost of $1.4 trillion dollars which happens to be the same as our national debt. For some odd reason, republicans thought we could engage in two wars without raising the revenue for it. Is this leadership? No wonder they failed where Obama succeeded. Conservatives gave us a stock market at depression levels (7000 and falling). Banks were failing at record rates (even with all of the deregulation in place that conservatives advocate). Obama has given us a stock market at near all-time highs 13,000. Over one million new jobs have been added to our nations economy. That being said, Obama has authorized severe budget cuts which conservatives say they want but refused to act on. The republican/tea party, being true to their treasonous word, has done everything in their power to see that a fairly elected US President fail. Conservatives have even been willing to sacrifice the good of the nation to do this. I could go on, but the 2007 picture, according to the authors opinion, implies that President could not have accomplished this because he did not have his hand over his heart during the singing of the national anthem. Another conservative stereotype seems to have been blown to hell.