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Cloud Computing

Javier Salcedo Product Director


250.000 + customers 1.400.000 + services 100+ countries (mainly ES, FR, PT) 40.000.000+ revenue 5.000.000+ R&D yearly budget 15.000+ servers capacity in 3 Data Centers Cloud innovation (mainly IaaS) IaaS offering 3.000+ servers, 1.500+ customers

Customer drives everything What is happenning?

Cloud Computing & Mobility Internet & Mobile phones





IT Pre-history

Ive bought a PC for my children (only for homework). It has something called Wordperfect. Most people know that a PC exists

Ive bought a mobile phone and can talk everywhere! My children want to have Internet access, they have an email account in the university. Im getting one in my job too!

Ive just bought the very new iPhone 4S I can access everything in the world, everywhere! I couldnt live without it! I love it! Ive got 500 FB friends, 100 Twitter followers and Im receiving 50 emails/day Angry Birds record!

before 1990
Nobody knows what IT, a PC or mobile phone is IT doesnt exist for the world

Mobility is the new way of accessing the information

Multi-location Multi-device users

Technology adoption acceleration

Time to get 1 million users The birds story

9 years

9 months

9 days

Waste of 75 millions people's time 200 million minutes a day Three trillion pigs popped

Technology adoption acceleration




350.000 1 year

200.000 rst day 1.000.000 74 days

300.000 rst day 1.000.000 28 days 3.270.000 3 months

My experience
Just 8 years working 150+ daily inputs (emails, talks, meetings, calls, SMS, whatsapp), 30% requiring action 500+ projects in my professional life Everything changes constantly! None of this would have been possible 15 years ago!

So what is happening?
Technology is no longer optional; its rather part of our lives

Users drive innovation. IT companies dont do it anymore. Our digital life (personal & professional) is being accelerated at an unknown extent. We can now have much more interactions and do so many things.

Cloud Context

Cloud types

Personal cloud

Public cloud

Private cloud

Remember: end user drives everything!!!

Cloud Adoption


Just click-it!

So Simple!

Business focus

TCO Agility

End of problems

Its not that easy!!!!


Its not that easy

1st time in history better technology at home than at work BYOD users? security? data?


If I dont give them tools they will get them!

My data!!! How do I keep control?

Damn cloud!

Its not that easy

Lock-in & interoperability
Provider change
Provider interoperability Yes No

Time Days Weeks/Months Standard services Yes No

Service Electricity Mobile Phone ADSL Cloud

Automa.on Semi-automated Semi-automated

SLAs & Common Language become critical for cloud computing industrialization and massive adoption!!!

Its not that easy


My dear legacy

Remember what we talked about life acceleration?

I dont have time Its currently workingdont touch it! Cloud is much better but

Its not that easy

My team

and I!!!


Its not that easy

The 1.000 ways of doing a TCO analysis

Am I going to fire my employees? Am I going to provide value-added services to my business with the saved time? Am I going to sell my DataCenter space? Am I going to keep the same PUE? and many others!


Market at a glance

Market growth

Everybody wants to play

Telcos ISVs

Internet access

Non-IT services


Cloud services


Cloud providers

Personal cloud

Internet companies

IT Giants

Only main interactions drawn

Wheres innovation

Enabling SaaS ecosystems Interoperability & Migration from legacy systems Hybrid clouds to allow progressive onboarding Standard and measurable SLAs to provide confidence Apps virtualization to access anything, anywhere


Technology is now mainstream for everyone

Consumer drives innovation

Life is accelerating

but still significant issues to overcome for cloud mainstream adoption in the businesses space

Dreaming with 2020

Javier Salcedo
Product Director